Gestational Diabetes

by Chan Ly, Commerical Interior Designer, Brays Creek, NSW

Throughout my adult life I had always considered myself as being healthy. I thought I was looking after myself by eating healthy food. I never smoked, drank alcohol, coffee or took any drugs. I felt my body was in good shape and I had always been petite and I would often over eat at meal times because I wouldn’t put on extra weight. The first time I ever had to go into hospital was to give birth to my beautiful son when I was 25. My entire pregnancy was amazing; I felt a little bit of morning sickness during the first trimester only, and labour was natural and fairly quick.

I had my second pregnancy 3 years later. I went through a very different experience. I had suffered from severe morning sickness throughout the first trimester. I was mostly dehydrated and I constantly ate to try to get rid of the nausea. I was working full time and living on a boat with my partner and son. I struggled through the first 3 months and felt so much better when the morning sickness subsided. During the second trimester, I was feeling more tired than usual and I went to all the regular check-ups at the hospital. It was a standard procedure at 26 weeks of pregnancy to do a glucose test to check for diabetes. When the results came back, I got a call from the nurse while I was at work to tell me that I was just slightly over the borderline of being classified as having gestational diabetes. I didn’t quite understand what this all meant at the time, how it all worked and what I was going to enter into. I just remember getting off the phone and crying. I cried, not because I was afraid of having gestational diabetes, but because I was disappointed and felt extremely sad that my body wasn’t coping with the pregnancy. I thought I was healthy and well, but now my body was telling me something different. I was under the illusion that I was very healthy because I had never experienced any illness or disease, until now.

The gestational diabetes explained why I was feeling so exhausted, I didn’t have any energy at all. Washing up dishes at the sink was a major task, I had to lay down 2 or 3 times before I could complete the task. Simple daily chores became an effort and I was constantly exhausted. I thought this was just part of being pregnant, but I knew something was not right, and the test confirmed this. The nutritionist and doctors tried me on a strict diet and exercise to regulate my glucose levels. I was given a kit to do blood tests 6 times a day, a blood test before and after each meal, which meant I had to prick my fingers and extract blood into a device that did the reading for sugar levels in my blood system. The diet and exercise didn’t control my glucose levels, even though I actually lost weight during this trial, so the doctors started me on a very small dose of insulin. I was told to eat more and I was shown how to use the insulin pen and how to inject it into my system 3 times a day. I thought to myself, ‘lucky I am not afraid of needles’, I felt like a pin cushion.

After accepting that I had gestational diabetes I wanted to find out why. I did some research on the internet and asked my doctor why I had gestational diabetes, when I didn’t fit into the list of likely reasons for developing it. He simply replied: “It is your change of diet”. I knew exactly what he meant.

I grew up eating traditional Chinese meals that were gluten free, dairy free and very low in sugar and salt. When I moved to England at the age of 7, I was introduced to dairy, gluten, sugar and caffeinated tea. Slowly my diet had changed and I started eating food that I thought was healthy but was in fact making my body, heavy, dull and overloaded. I felt it in my body every time I ate food that wasn’t supportive, but I would override it because it was advertised as being healthy and I became addicted. For many years I had thought about giving up dairy, cakes and the occasional junk food because I often felt terrible after eating it, but I made excuses and justified eating this way. I felt it was going to be impossible to give up my addiction to gluten, dairy and sugar. I felt I was doing really well by not abusing my body with drugs, alcohol or smoking. I had this idea that I was healthy and I was looking after myself because I wasn’t over doing it with junk food.

The message my body was giving me with developing gestational diabetes did not lead me to change my diet by cutting out gluten, dairy and sugar. I continued eating the same diet for another 6 years with this nagging feeling that I needed to change it but I felt I couldn’t, the change seemed impossible. I was also aware that my chances of developing type 2 diabetes were now 25% higher than previously. I thought: “I’ll take my chances” and continued to live the same way.

I was introduced to Universal Medicine 4 or so years after my pregnancy. I started to attend Serge Benhayon’s presentations and workshops. Everything I was presented resonated for me as truth and love. I started having Esoteric Healing sessions from various practitioners and felt amazing every time. I started to feel lighter, more connected, gentle and tender. I was inspired to start taking care of myself, to be gentle, loving and nurturing. I started to learn about true health and vitality. I saw this in people I met at Universal Medicine and I became extremely inspired.

On New Year’s Day 2013, I decided to try something for myself, I wanted to see how my body felt by cutting out gluten, dairy, caffeine and refined sugar. I was very curious as to how I would go and I surprised myself by how amazing I felt after the first month. I felt energised, calmer, lighter and more clarity. I was feeling more myself, with less moodiness and I even started going to bed super early and waking up with vitality and no heaviness. I used to be the last person to get out of bed in the family and now I am the first. Two years ago I would never have dreamt I would be able to function getting up and starting my day at 3 or 4am, let alone feeling alert and energised that time of the morning.

I have learnt that although I didn’t abuse my body with other substances, like drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, I was actually abusing my body with food. I had received clear signs from my body at a very young age that certain food was not supportive and was actually harming, but I was overriding those signs. I had been using food for comfort to numb my hurts and to cover up the sadness I held in my body. I am now making loving choices, to listen to my body, to nurture and care for it. By listening to my body I am constantly readjusting to what it needs to feel lighter, energised and vital. I now see food and lifestyle as my medicine and preventative for developing diabetes later in life. I am not taking any chances; I am taking responsibility for my choices.

I am deeply blessed and grateful to have been introduced to Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon, his family and other students. They have inspired me to live life in truth and love. I am learning to reconnect to the amazing woman that I am, to express love and truth in everything that I do. To not hold back any more, but to express who I am every day.


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926 thoughts on “Gestational Diabetes

  1. Wow, it’s amazing how Universal Medicine has the ability to connect with people from all different countries – and walks of life – and supports them to do what they know is true for them. Before Universal Medicine I was a heavy drinker, drug user and smoker – I knew I didn’t want to live that way and did make some half hearted attempts to stop but they never worked. After meeting Serge Benhayon and going to workshops, it was like I was actually free to follow through with all the things I wanted to do but never had the will to do before.

  2. “I have learnt that although I didn’t abuse my body with other substances, like drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, I was actually abusing my body with food.”
    Chan, wow, imagine the changes in the health of society if this sentence was read, heard, understood and addressed.

  3. Chan thankyou, I feel that the bar for “healthy” for our own body could be ever changing, as the more we become attuned to and sensitive to our body’s messages, the more we can become aware of what is truly nurturing and supportive for our body and what is not. In this I feel that we may never reach a level of “this is it, switch off now as I’ve mastered the right diet for me”. It’s more loving to be connected continually to ourselves and constantly open to the communication from our body.

  4. We know what is truly right for us to eat, yet we so often override what we know in order to dull our awareness and continue to eat for comfort, it is lovely to read how you allowed yourself to listen to your body and change your diet.

  5. “I have learnt that although I didn’t abuse my body with other substances, like drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, I was actually abusing my body with food.” It is rather crazy when you stop and think about it – instead of using food for its intended purpose ie to nourish ourselves we tend to over-eat and suffer the consequences.

  6. I’d never considered how much heavier inside myself that I was as a result of eating Gluten and Dairy until I had given it up. Having made the leap, it is amazing to me how much energy I have, but also I’m more sensitive which opens up a whole world of feeling that was otherwise closed off just from the way I was eating.

  7. It is a continual process of listening to our bodies to see which foods support us to feel light and vital, instead of eating to numb ourselves. ‘I had been using food for comfort to numb my hurts and to cover up the sadness I held in my body. I am now making loving choices, to listen to my body, to nurture and care for it.’

  8. I find this article fascinating as in how a body that has been supported by food reacts more intensely to unsupportive foods. As it has a point of reference, a remembered clarity, that some foods just cannot support.

    1. Our bodies are incredibly wise but not so the reckless being within that seeks to override the universal wisdom contained in every particle, so as to take the human form on a joy ride through life. Our job here is to hand over the reins to the true self that lives and breathes within us all and who, by virtue of being love, moves in and with this love by taking the body with it and thus never moving out of accordance with this love, the Universal Order we belong to.

  9. When we choose to listen and feel what our body is telling us then any food we eat that makes us feel heavy, listless, racy, tired etc is junk food.

  10. When reading your words it becomes so very clear how much we know what is good for us and what not, and as you describe we are often presented with things that we know are not a wise choice for us but we do it anyway. So allowing ourselves to listen to what we know is true is a great stepping stone in becoming more confident and strong in our choices.

  11. Just yesterday I was having a conversation with someone and I realised that we can use food no different to drugs or alcohol to self-medicate and we can become addicted to food in the same way, and the impact is the same on our health and on everyone around us. However as a society we are yet to accept the fact that some foods are on a par with alcohol and smoking in terms of harm to health and harm to our relationships.

  12. It seems like the support you received from Universal Medicine and its practitioners was just what you needed to make those steps that you knew were right, or rather true, for you, and yet had not been able to make before on your own. It is amazing how much changing our diet can literally change our life and yet if we look at it scientifically, it absolutely makes sense and could not be any other way.

  13. What an inspiring turnaround Chan. I love how you have come to the awareness that food and lifestyle are your medicine. This is something that is becoming more and more obvious to me as I listen to what Serge Benhayon presents. Life is medicine but it can also be poison if how we choose to live is not in accord to who we truly are and the love that lives within.

  14. I can totally relate to your thoughts that you may not be able to cut out the gluten and dairy etc as I spent two years considering whether I could do so myself. Then when I finally did, it was no problem at all and like you I very quickly started to feel so much lighter and more healthy. The irritable bowel syndrome I had suffered from for 30 years just disappeared.

  15. Very powerful sharing how what we perceive as healthy and unhealthy – drugs, alcohol, cigarettes is commonly known to have adverse effects not only on our bodies but society as a whole, although acceptable to an extent by society. Yet certain foods and types of foods also do not necessarily support our body especially if it appears healthy, we accept. Maybe our focus needs to be more on the ‘effect’ the substance we put into our body has on us and not only defining it first as healthy or not and then take it in. If we really want to take something because it gives us a so called ‘pay off’ then possibly we do not want to know about the adverse effects. We are all very wise and knowing, and if something feels right or wrong we sense it, but it’s a choice whether we want to respond to it or push it aside, dull it, and so forth.

  16. After overriding my body many times with food and going for things that did not make me feel great I have now started to see and use food as medicine, listening to my body. It feels good. Also I would fall into the trap of thinking how much food I needed when in truth the body does not need much.

  17. Great comment that we don’t just abuse ourselves with the traditional culprits like, alcohol, drugs and the like, but we can and do abuse ourselves with food, all the time. It is so much more socially acceptable, but one just has to look around and see the affects of food abuse. Our nation is not one of the fattest in the world, so what does that say about us, that we are choosing abuse over choosing love.

  18. I love how you just went for it and decided to have a complete overhaul with your diet. It takes 100% commitment to make changes like these and keep to them but it is very much worth it as I can tell from reading your blog.

  19. How great it was that your doctor actually shared that the gestational diabetes was in part to do with the way you were eating then compared to how you ate when growing up, as in my experience there are few doctors who bring food into the health equation. In fact I have had several medical professionals scoff at the idea of removing products like gluten and dairy from my diet citing all sorts of medical reasons why this is a waste of time. Well like you Chan I have proved their advice to be lacking in common sense as by removing these products, sugar and a few other items I feel the best I have ever felt in my life; to me these life based results are true evidence based medicine.

    1. Our body certainly is the marker of all truth and where a doctors’ medical training might tell them one thing, the body might present another. Enquiring people, no matter what their profession pay attention to these moments, to understand what the body of the person who is presenting is trying to share.

  20. I can totally relate to believing that I was not abusing my body because i didn’t do drugs, drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes. But the truth is I compensated by abusing food. Whilst I didn’t think it directly, I was basically telling myself that I was better than others because I didn’t choose to ingest poison, and so believed that anything I ate was never going to be as bad and never considered that it was still a way of escaping. It’s so interesting how we manipulate the truth to justify our choices and how we measure and compare ourselves to others.

  21. The word that comes up for me when reading your blog Chan Ly is responsibility. To understand that it is not 100% the responsibility of the medics or those in the health service to keep us disease free but also we have a huge part to play in our health and well being. And what usually happens when we do is far greater then we first imagined for we see improvements in many areas of our life.

  22. I have found by not eating gluten and dairy, I feel much lighter in myself, I have more energy and my body always protests and let’s me know if there are other foods that don’t support it, the key is to listen to what your body knows.

  23. It is crazy that we compare ourselves with others in order to say “I am not as bad – so I must be okay”. The only true guide ever is our own body and we know it. In fact our choice to compare ourselves with a bad scenario to justify where we are, is a clear sign in itself that we are being dishonest about the awareness we already have that all is not okay.

  24. What is healthy? One persons’ interpretation of the word healthy can be very different to another’s but we take on beliefs and live by them and then find ourselves blaming either the media, system or another when we find out that those beliefs are not true for us. Eating food that supports me and my body is my own learning and unfolding. The food I eat is unique to me as to where I am at and is not because of a trend or something that another can advise me on. It is a constant refinement based on the connection to my body.

  25. Isn’t it fascinating how quickly our body responds to the choices we make, as in after just one month of changing your diet you felt completely different, and your chemistry, exhaustion levels and health adjusted immediately.. This highlights that when we feel down and stuck in a frenzy of, ‘I feel tired all the time’, ‘I’m over the weight I’d like to be’, ‘my body isn’t doing too well’, the best thing to do is put ourselves on a program and just feel the changes of treating ourselves with more love, respect and care.

  26. Abusing our bodies with food; how easily we can be ‘sucked in’ to numbing and abusing with food. A beautiful reminder Chan Ly to listen and respond to the innate wisdom of our bodies, thank you for sharing your experiences and your wisdom.

  27. I love that our bodies tell us exactly what is going on but feel so frustrated that our minds can justify, excuse or manipulate the messages so we don’t have to stop the behaviour that exacerbates the symptoms. I have fallen for the justification so many times!

  28. I used to be able to eat handfuls of seeds and feel fine but now I get mucous forming in my mouth and body very quickly. I could go on ignoring the discomfort this brings or just accept that my intake of seeds now is very limited and not really what my body needs. It seems we are forever changing and our bodies are telling us what supports us in these changes.

  29. There seems to be two agendas running, the one that can play the game and everything is normal and the other that ensures that this veneer is never cracked. The behaviours to maintain that veneer take effort and nurturing and can be fully self-abusive to the point of introducing disease into the body. Diseases that affect the heart, the liver, the gall bladder, the nervous system even our endocrine system. They are very real and yet the behaviours that lead to those physical illnesses are also considered normal by society. The dedication to choosing to see those patterns of behaviour needs to be appreciated as part of the medicine to support the change to behaviours that do not have such negative life-changing affects on the body.

    1. The behaviours that lead to illness and disease are considered normal by society and as a consequence we now have illness and disease escalating out of control being also normal.

  30. Almost all of us abuse our bodies with food and if my experience is any guide, we can ignore what the body thinks about what we are eating and tries to signal to us for decade after decade preferring instead the falsehoods spread by so called experts because we want an excuse to carry on with the same behaviours.

  31. Very interesting point you make here Chan that even when faced with the real possibility of developing a potentially life threatening and shortening disease, you still did not choose to change your lifestyle. I am sure many of us can relate to this situation. However when you started to reconnect to your tenderness and a quality inside of you that was loving and true and with the support of the inspirations from others, that this was the real turning point in terms of changing your lifestyle. This shows me that it is not about making changes as rules or even out of fear of consequences but from a deep sense of self love and care knowing that the divine preciousness that we all are deserves to be cherished and nurtured. True esoteric medicine at its best.

  32. I have noticed also that sometimes in my life I have made a choice to stop doing something self-abusive only to simply replace it with something else. This can give me the illusion that I am making progress in terms of my lifestyle, however what I have learnt is that unless the underlying energy driving the self-abusive choices has not been addressed then nothing really changes, just the way it appears.

  33. ” I wanted to see how my body felt by cutting out gluten, dairy, caffeine and refined sugar. I was very curious as to how I would go and I surprised myself by how amazing I felt after the first month. I felt energised, calmer, lighter and more clarity.” Our body gives us so many messages, but how often do we listen?

  34. It is extraordinary the vitality that is possible when we choose to remove harmful substances from our lives and stop abusing ourselves with food. It is always gorgeous to read of how people are inspired by the presentations or the students of Universal Medicine to adjust their lives in honour of their body and their health and as such find themselves living a love, truth and vitality not previously imagined.

  35. I must admit, when I stopped drinking and smoking etc…I seemed to replace my habits with a “love” for food. I am not really over weight, although I know I am not my true weight. I am not really unhealthy, in the sense that I am on no medication but I know that I am burying issues and I would be much more vital and less likely to develop a disease later in life if I took more responsibility with what and when I choose to eat. In saying that I am gluten, dairy free and caffeine free. I am pretty good with refined sugar free, although I am still eating some. The point is, I have just found maple and rice malt and substitutes to fill the sugar void and I know my biggest and most addictive challenge with food is sugar and chocolate. You have done so well to commit to yourself in a way that is responsible and also invests in the future you!

  36. I similarly thought it would be impossible to give up gluten and dairy and these thoughts stopped me from even trying for a few years after I understood that these things were doing me no good whatsoever. Thankfully one day I went for it and my health has improved vastly from a few months after that turning point.

  37. It’s amazing how we can delete things from our view when we perceive something. Like the article I perceived I was healthy because I exercised, it matter not what else I did because I exercised and occasionally ate a salad or greens and yet to someone else this may have been the same for them or completely different. There doesn’t seem to be a point where we all are on the same page and true health would need to have a consistent marker, a point we can ALL return to. This point has nothing to do with perception and everything to do with feeling, truly feeling everything that is happening anyway around us. As the article was saying the feelings are always there it’s just a matter of whether we are aware enough to listen and how we are, the quality we live and move in would have a direct impact on this awareness. This would be a constant marker, quality of movement, which would then bring awareness which would then allow us to hear our feelings, sounds simple.

  38. If our food is digested in the stomach, with other organs coming in to assist in the process, it seems sensible to allow our food choices to also come from our body. When we let the body feel what it wants/needs rather than listening to the shoulds or pushiness of the mind then we build a relationship with the body and it’s amazing wisdom, a body that is always there to balance and heal no matter where we are at.

  39. I can so relate to that feeling of knowing what you need to change but just not being able to fully break the pattern that holds you in that status quo.

  40. Serge Benhayon is a great role model and has inspired many of us to live a more loving life, the choice is down to us to either continue with our unloving choices or to make more loving ones which ultimately change our body’s ability to deal with illness and disease.

  41. When it comes to food we are so good at manipulating and sweetening the impact our choices are making in our self talk and convince ourselves, it’s better than……..only to feel the consequences in our bodies after.

  42. A clearer example of what sugar, gluten, dairy and processed foods do our physical body one cannot ask for; how good have we become at overriding what we are feeling and numbing ourselves out?

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