Congratulations! You have Cancer

by Eva-Maria Anja Daniela Förtsch, M.Sc.Klin.Psych., Psychologist, Neuropsychologist, Psychotherapist, University Lecturer, Bochum, Germany

Hello. My name is Eva-Maria. Lovely that you choose to read these lines. If you read this because you have cancer, your life might not be easy right now. Perhaps you are worried, in anxiety, angry, sad or even in desperation. If yes, I am totally with you because I have also gone through that. But also if you don’t have cancer and you are just interested, I would like to invite you to read on and feel into what it might offer to you. In the following I want to share with you my experiences with cancer and how it changed my life and my relationship with my body through a big clearing and healing process.

The Diagnosis

I was diagnosed with a very dangerous form of skin cancer (melanoma) when I was 28 years old. This diagnosis came all of a sudden, after the removal of a birthmark on my upper back in between my shoulder blades. When I heard the word “cancer”, I was shocked. Panic arose in me and countless thoughts flooded my mind – and not a single one of them helped me to cope with the situation; all of them were full of anxiety. I was frightened of what would happen next, of the cancer spreading in my whole body, of chemotherapy and of dying. I already saw myself in hospital, thin, pale and with no hair, believing that I would not have much time left. The emotions coming up were overwhelming. I had already spent so much time in hospitals and had had so many surgeries in my life. Hospitals were horrifying to me and reminded me of much pain, anxiety, sadness and helplessness. ‘Why again me?’ ‘This was not fair!’ ‘Why can´t I have a healthy body like others at my age?’ These thoughts did not stop and my anxiety grew.

Although I am a successful psychotherapist and well-trained at supporting others in dealing with their difficulties, I had no idea how to cope with this situation.

Choosing to ask for help and support

Because I needed help I called my closest friends and my parents. All of them were shocked and worried. They wanted to help me but they didn’t know what to say or do. I could feel their helplessness and anxiety. This made me even more emotional.

At that time I had been a student of Universal Medicine for about four months and so I decided to ask Serge Benhayon (the founder) and his family for support. Through the e-mails I exchanged with Serge Benhayon I realised that all my panic did not help me at all. Far from it! It made everything much worse and kept me from dealing with this big issue. But, still, I did not manage to get out of it. The upcoming time in the clinic and the surgeries were frightening me too much.

At that time Natalie Benhayon was in Germany and I asked her for a session. This session was huge for me. Within two hours of talking and bodywork I was able to really embody what Serge already offered me in the e-mails. I understood that cancer was my body’s way of clearing harmful energies I had taken on. By that I mean, that I had for years been living in a way that was not very loving, indeed it had been quite abusive and those choices had consequences for my body. All of those choices had been energetically harming for my body and cancer was my body’s way of getting rid of them. I knew that I could now support my body and this process by accepting everything that comes with it, loving my body more and trusting in its deep wisdom.

I suddenly knew that my time in the clinic was given to me to heal my numerous experiences with surgeries, pain, anxiety and helplessness in the past. This time I would not panic, I would stay with myself and my body, and I would get all the support I needed.

Finding true support

And it happened exactly like that. Students (of Universal Medicine) were visiting me every day, supported me with sessions, especially Connective Tissue Therapy, and brought me healthy food that supported my body very much throughout those days. This healed some big issues in my life such as doing everything on my own, never asking for support, not showing that I can be weak and fragile and also my anxiety about being in hospitals healed deeply. It was an amazing feeling to be held in true love by the Benhayons and the students during the whole process. The energy also noticeably influenced the doctors and nurses. They treated me in a very loving and caring way and stayed for a chat with me and other students quite often.

Although the doctors removed a big part of my lymphatic system and therefore expected that it might not be able to compensate after the surgery, that my arms and hands would be swollen and life long lymph drainage would be necessary, my lymphatics never caused any problems like that. After the cancer was all cut out, the doctors put me on a strong medication regime to boost the immune system so that it fights with all its power against any malignant cells left in the blood that could turn to new metastases. They said I would have to have three injections per week for the next one and a half years. After the first few injections I experienced very strong side effects like severe exhaustion, fever, shivering and headaches that made me feel weak and depressed. Therefore I was quite frightened of this medication. To be honest, I hated it. But I kept on taking the medication because my anxiety that the cancer might come back was too big. Some weeks later I was in the UK to attend a course of Universal Medicine even though I felt totally exhausted. The Benhayons supported me with healing sessions, which really helped me, and I rested a lot and strengthened my connection to myself.

Talking to Serge Benhayon about the cancer and my anxiety felt more calming than anything I have experienced before. I came to realise that the cancer is a way of my body showing me choices I have made in the past, and that it offers me a huge possibility to heal important issues. Then I knew deep inside of me that if I am willing to really face these issues and change my life in a way that I truly love and honor my body, come to a stillness within (something I had always avoided) and allow myself to be who I truly am, there would be no reason to be afraid of cancer anymore. Even if I were to die, I would know that my body would have cleared the harmful energies I had taken on.

Accepting and Deepening

I came to the point where I was able to accept everything; even the possibility of dying. I understood that my body had already tried to show me essential issues for so many years and that I have never really listened to it. I have been so absolutely ignorant and tortured my body through loads of work, permanent self criticism, never really going into stillness, being hard, smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs and in many more ways… and nevertheless I expected my body not to cause any health problems and to function in the way I wanted it to; quite blockheaded of me, considering the fact that I have an excellent university degree, wasn’t it? Suddenly all my surgeries of the past began to make sense and I felt that now it’s time to stop all of that disregard and to commit to love in its true essence.

I started to be in my body, instead of just being in my mind, and build up a connection with my body which felt absolutely new and amazing to me, especially that I was more and more able to read what my body was telling me. With the help of Serge Benhayon I was able to see that in terms of Esoteric Medicine it made a lot of sense that my cancer was right between my shoulder blades (wings) and in my lymphatics. Our lymphatics are the physical representation of our Divine “light”, and I have attacked my light during my whole life. Serge then also helped me to understand that it is important that I let my medication in as a support, instead of having the injections and hating them at the same time. This led to a shift of energy and an enormous reduction of the side effects, so that I was able to really live and also work again – with much more stillness and loving choices.

So I learned in a very fascinating way to connect to the deep wisdom of my body and to trust it even though it was very ill. I feel better now than I have ever felt before in and with my body. This huge clearing and healing has been one of the most amazing experiences in my life.

A profound Healing

The cancer has not returned, yet, physical healing is not the purpose of true healing as I understand it now. True healing is much deeper, much more profound and really life-changing. I feel that without this deep understanding and without addressing the root cause of cancer, which is always a certain way of being with oneself and others, it is possible for the cancer to return.

This True Healing is possible for each and every one of us.

No matter which illness or disease we have, we can choose to accept it, to look at what our body shows us and to clear and heal deeply. It is absolutely amazing to have such a chance.

Thank you, Serge Benhayon.


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1,008 thoughts on “Congratulations! You have Cancer

  1. The honesty you share that in spite of your university degrees all that knowledge did not stop you from abusing your body. Is it possible to say that all that book knowledge was actually more harming because it gave your mind an arrogance that it knew better than your body? But it was the body that informed you of your choices? So this poses a question what is more intelligent, our minds or our bodies?

  2. I really appreciate your honesty Eva-Maria, how if we do not listen to our bodies but override what we feel, then at some stage in our lives our bodies will break down, they are not machines after all. Why is it that we seem to treat for example our cars with more respect than we do our bodies.

  3. When we allow support and love in, it is amazing how in the admission of our vulnerability we allow ourselves the space and the learning that is there for us to truly heal and move on.

  4. Why are we not educated to understand that any form of illness is our body’s way of managing ill energy that we have let into our bodies? We live such a fast paced life now of our own making which has an impact and to try and keep up with this pace we use many kinds of stimulants to keep our bodies working. Imagine if we took away all the medicines and the medical profession for say just 6 months, then I feel we would get to feel how sick we really are.

  5. Our body is a clear bridge to come back to our divine nature, that keeps inviting us to surrender and remove any barrier we may have put in the way of our return

  6. Eva-Maria, what a journey you have been on. Most people would go into sympathy and I feel that wouldn’t have helped in how you were feeling. You needed the true support of what was required at that time.

    As I read your experience, you can feel how you accepted the cancer rather than it being doom and gloom, any illness or disease is a clearing, it is how we perceive it. The body will naturally say it has had enough, no different to mother earth having her clearing from time to time.

    This is an inspirational and supporting read for all.

  7. “if I am willing to really face these issues and change my life in a way that I truly love and honor my body, come to a stillness within (something I had always avoided) and allow myself to be who I truly am.” Thank you Eva-Maria for sharing your story, with the support of Universal Medicine you were able to bring understanding and purpose to your illness which inspired a new way of being with yourself, others, and life. You went from confusion to clarity and many healing experiences. There is a simplicity also to what you have shared, that life is about love, our stillness, and being ourselves. One of the keys is also listening to the body, something that has changed my life also.

    1. This is an amazing account of Eva- Maria’s journey in discovering for herself that her body was clearing harmful energies. And that the support she received from Serge Benhayon and his family was so supportive, and I know so many people who have turned to Serge Benhayon in their darkest hour and received the understanding that has supported them through surgery and recovery. The ability to truly love ourselves and find the stillness within that is there in every one of us waiting to be rediscovered.

  8. ” I understood that cancer was my body’s way of clearing harmful energies I had taken on. By that I mean, that I had for years been living in a way that was not very loving, indeed it had been quite abusive and those choices had consequences for my body.” Understanding this is pure gold. How many cancer patients try to fight the disease without understanding and dealing with the energetic cause? No wonder there are so many secondaries arising in cancer patients.

    1. Sue, not only are ‘there so many secondaries arising in cancer patients’, but the multi symptomatic patients are on the rise too. More than one organ is packing up at the same time.

      At the end of the day, it boils down to the abuse and choices, and when they are unloving, then it is a no wonder the body will eventually clear, big time. No different to Mother Earth cleansing from time to time.

      We are accountable for our choices and as much as modern medicine supports us, the root cause also needs addressing too, we need to consider this in any illnesses.

  9. The title of this blog is enough to start a tidal wave of reaction and understandably so. It’s going to take a very long time for the majority of us to agree with it but one day we will. We have locked ourselves away in an illusion, blindsided into believing that we are small human beings living a teeny tiny life here on planet Earth. But we’re not. We are majestic beings, eternal creatures that have temporarily got waylaid down here for such a long time that we have temporarily forgotten that planet Earth is not where we’re from. It is not our true Home, not at all.

  10. “So I learned in a very fascinating way to connect to the deep wisdom of my body and to trust it even though it was very ill. I feel better now than I have ever felt before in and with my body. This huge clearing and healing has been one of the most amazing experiences in my life.’ Amazing Amazing Amazing what a journey to share and now we all get the blessing of hearing this miracle and the beauty of acceptance and responsibility.

  11. “So I learned in a very fascinating way to connect to the deep wisdom of my body and to trust it even though it was very ill” Learning to trust our body rather than blame it in any way or think somehow it is letting us down is the most loving way to look at our illnesses. Our body is the truest marker we have and when we are able to be honest with ourselves and see that we are the ones that contribute to our illnesses we will see that our body is our most loyal partner.

    1. Well said Alison. Our body is the only things we have that is with us throughout our lifetime. We would do well to listen more to its messages and take the necessary action if we want to try to stay well and healthy.

  12. “To connect to the deep wisdom of my body and to trust it even though it was very ill” – this line really stood out for me. How often have I seen my body as ‘broken’ or ‘out of order’, when in fact it was the only thing that knew the absolute truth, therefore showing how the consequences of my ill choices can be healed and corrected?

  13. Eva-Maria thanks for sharing with such an honesty and openess your healing process. The moment you accepted what you were experiencing in your body feels very freeing to read. Love the fact that what could be seen as a curse transforms in a beautiful opportunity to see and heal the old ways in how you were treating yourself. A very life-changing experience who leads a new and a very different way to approach an illness.

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