Universal Medicine Restores Conventional Medicine to its Healing Roots

by Dr Anne Malatt MBBS, MS, FRANZCO, FRACS

Modern medicine is amazing. What we are able to do to support the human being in existence is incredible.  The recent advances in technology, surgery and pharmacology that we work with today and the research that will bring us new advances in the near future are nothing short of miraculous. Doctors and allied health professionals are dedicated and hardworking individuals who practise their professions with the greatest integrity they can.

So, why are the rates of illness and disease rising?

Why are people getting sicker quicker, and younger?

Why are we getting multiple symptoms and more complex illnesses that are becoming harder to diagnose and treat?

Why are we, as individuals, as health practitioners and as a society, becoming more exhausted, even given up?

These and other questions led me to search outside my traditional training for answers.  This search eventually led me back to my roots.

The roots of modern medicine are ancient.  They are grounded in the work of the ancient Greek philosophers.  Pythagoras proposed that there was a way of life, which if lived on a daily basis, would not only largely prevent us  being sick, but would lead us to true health.

What is true health?

Most of us consider health to be the absence of serious illness and disease.

We say we are healthy, or well, but do not consider how we would feel without that coffee to jump-start us in the morning, the pain killers to dull the niggling aches in our bones and joints, the other tablets we take to manage our chronic conditions, the sugar and caffeine we ingest to fuel us through the day, and the alcohol we use to pick us up after a hard day and to take the edge off the pain we are feeling. We also do not consider how we would feel if we could not have the “treats” we use to reward and distract ourselves- cake, movies, sports, holidays, etc.

True health is a state in which we feel joy-full, loving and harmonious, every single day.

Anything less than this, is living less than who we truly are.

What if there was a way of life that could lead us back to true health?

The ancient Greeks proposed that there was, that there was a way of being that could lead us back to our true selves.  This was not a set of rules, but a way of living connected to the body, listening to the body, understanding that the body was a marker of truth and that if we listened to it, we would learn how to live.

This way of living leads to a simplicity of being.  It may not look so exciting from the outside to begin with, and some of the things your body tells you may be hard to hear, but if practised with dedication and love, it leads to a feeling of joy you would not have dreamed to be possible. From the outside, your life may look much the same, but living from the innermost out, changes everything.

Medical and scientific research is starting to support this.  Much of this research (psychoneuroimmunology, epigenetics) has been around for decades, but it has not been embraced by the mainstream, because it tells us that the way we live matters, that what we think, say and do affects ourselves and everyone else, and this is a level of responsibility that most of us are not yet ready for.

Medicine is slowly coming to the understanding that the way we live makes a difference.  Research is finally focusing on “lifestyle” factors and their contribution to illness and disease.

But why wait for research to prove what, in truth, we already know?

We all know what heals us and what harms us. We have just chosen to ignore the truth of what our body knows and feels. We all know that alcohol is a massive sugar hit and it numbs us and takes the edge off our pain. We all know that coffee picks us up, but we feel even worse (and hungry) half an hour later. We know that gluten makes us feel tired and heavy, often bloated, and can upset our digestion. We know that dairy increases mucus secretion and can block our sinuses, ears and lungs. We know that sugar makes us racy, running our body faster than its natural rhythm, and in a way that leaves us feeling exhausted, so we crave more. We know that we start to feel tired around 8-9pm, and that we need to eat, drink, watch TV or do something stimulating to keep us up past this hour.

If we know all this, why don’t we live this simplicity?

We also know that if we take away all the stimulants, the distractions, and the things that numb us, we will have to feel the pain we are truly in. Most of us don’t want to feel that. Most of us don’t even realise we are in pain, because the way we live numbs and distracts us from this fact. The pain is deep and old and buried under layers of coping mechanisms, and we have been living this way for so long that we think it is normal.

If we were to truly feel and focus on the pain, it would be overwhelming, so we do everything we can to avoid it.

But what if the pain was on the surface and nothing compared to the greatness of who we truly are?

Where we get stuck is thinking the pain is everything, but this is the grand illusion.

We are amazing. Beyond our understanding. All we need to do is take the time to stop, be still, and feel who we truly are. It just takes a few moments each morning, before we get caught up in the day, to stop, be with ourselves and breathe gently, so that we are breathing our own breath.  This will allow us to feel who we truly are, and if we live from this knowing, we will make true choices in our daily lives, that will bring us back to true health.  It is just a choice, to live from within.

My life and work have been inspired and informed by the life and work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.  May you be inspired, too.

169 thoughts on “Universal Medicine Restores Conventional Medicine to its Healing Roots

  1. It sounds crazy that the ill lifestyle choices, that come with their own pains is preferable to the spirit that avoids the true energetic pain. But when you work on your hurts and heal it’s not that crazy after all. Ill lifestyle choices start to make more sense.

  2. Anne the questions you have posed to us are very much worth pondering about, these are serious events occurring for many people around the world.

    I observe this more and more as a health professional too, and I have never observed this in my former years as a profession. The impact it’s having on the health care system is high, sometimes it kind of feels like a conveyor belt, get them in and get them out.

    I agree with your statement that true health is, ‘joy-full, loving and harmonious, every single day’. Now what would the world look like if we were living from this point onwards?

  3. “True health is a state in which we feel joy-full, loving and harmonious, every single day. Anything less than this, is living less than who we truly are.” The presentations by Serge Benhayon on making self-loving choices that support our overall health and well-being just make sense.

  4. “We are amazing. Beyond our understanding.” Love this in the simplicity of these words and your blog Anne lies the reason as to why we don’t fully appreciate who we are and what we can bring and instead choose to get attached to physical things such as pain to distract ourselves from accepting how amazing we are and how simple life can be.”True health is a state in which we feel joy-full, loving and harmonious, every single day. Anything less than this, is living less than who we truly are.”

  5. So true – we know so much, yet we choose the retardedness, deliberately so, and act lost and powerless, and we even forget that we were just play-acting. This way of holding back eats us up from inside, and our body eventually shows that ill-ness ourwardly. We are so much much more than we give ourselves a credit for.

  6. Our definition of health has dramatically slipped, we consider ourselves healthy when we still have a bad back or get headaches or any number of ongoing illnesses – or – if we are absent of any major problems but discount that health is actually a vitality and having a bounce in our step and having a nourished and fresh body that wakes up not tired but ready to embrace the day.

  7. True health is now a modern marvel of the Ageless Wisdom thanks to the modernisation of these works by Serge Benhayon. Now we have many Living examples that have turned their health and vibrancy around by a simple life style changes that is being respect-full of our bodies and what we are doing to them on a daily basis.

  8. One of the things I’ve learned from the work of Serge Benhayon is that we are human beings – we have a body and a being and each plays their part in our health and well-being. Knowing who I am and living the true essence of my being is already a step into preventative medicine because I’m more able to make loving and nurturing choices that support my body and take care of me (the being).

  9. We often experience stressful situations in life and it is whether we respond to these from a steadiness and strong foundation or we go into an emotional reaction that determines the degree to which we are affected and the impact on our body. Taking responsibility for ourselves puts us on the front foot of looking after our health and well-being rather than giving our power away to the healthcare system wanting a quick fix and not willing to look at the part we played in reaching that situation ourselves.

  10. It makes sense that establishing a way of living connecting and listening to our body and how we are feeling enables us to makes choices in true respect and care for ourselves that is key to our quality of health and well-being.

  11. Pythagoras proposed that there was a way of life, which if lived on a daily basis, would not only largely prevent us being sick, but would lead us to true health.’ Pythagoras was correct, we all have a responsibility to live a life that lovingly supports ourselves and making changes to our life maybe difficult at times but the outcome outweighs everything else.

    1. I love your comment Sally – Pythagoras’ approach to life has a lot to teach us today still, what if there is a way to live that enables us to enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life and not be weighed down by everything that goes on around us in the world.

  12. Every single one of us has this huge resource of our own body just waiting to be tapped into. The more I have deepened my relationship with my body the more the outside distractions have fallen away and I have felt the different areas where I have imposed on my body and have needed the support of conventional medicine to heal. For me the learning has been to embrace what I am being shown and adjust the way I live accordingly so that my body does not need to get sick to heal.

  13. “The pain is deep and old and buried under layers of coping mechanisms, and we have been living this way for so long that we think it is normal”– I agree, and anything that would put us in touch with the reality of tension we are actually living in gets labeled as ‘negative’.

  14. “But why wait for research to prove what, in truth, we already know?” Too true, to which I’d add that that currently the state of evidence based medicine isn’t all its cracked up to be, as fraud and corruption are now being shown to be the case is some research trials. Yet empirical evidence, based on real people living extraordinary yet ordinary lives are not deemed to be worthy of consideration.

  15. It is interesting that the roots of medicine go way back in time and back then it was understood that you had to look at the whole not simply at a part of the body. The wisdom of the ancient Greeks and of the Egyptians was vast but we have merrily dropped their wisdom without even noticing it. We think we are now more intelligent but the truth is we have dumbed down massively.

    1. Yes we have chosen to forget/ignore so much wisdom from the past because it calls on us to take responsibility for the way we are living and this is challenging but the joy and simplicity in living from our bodies is gold when we are willing to go there.

    2. With roots of medicine going way back, were there stimulants to keep us functioning back then? Or did we eat simple foods, untarnished by additives, sugar etc? What ever mother earth provided us, we consumed and back then, no doubt they weren’t fortunate enough to have the modern medicine that we are fortunate to have now.
      Why not combine the two together?

  16. That the pain is not it, that we are so much grander than it all, what a great prompt for us to consider how we are, what we avoid and to understand that avoiding that pain takes us away from the grandness of who we are.

  17. Our lifestyle has a massive influence on our body, the more we live in tune with how our body feels, the more we tend to change the way we live, from my own experience my lifestyle has changed enormously from what it was and I feel amazing for having made those changes.

  18. Yes Bryony, just taking one step at a time with a commitment to stay with it and sure enough things begin to change. I experienced this, going from multiple health problems and withdrawing from life and the world one step at a time I turned my health and life around. Breathing my own breath from the Gentle Breath Meditation supported me hugely with this.

  19. I appreciate that Serge Benhayon has always respected and been pro-medicine. Having turned my back on the medical system many years prior I was inspired by Serge’s presentations to develop a relationship with some incredible medical practitioners. I now am experiencing greater health and well-being with the support of both western medicine and Universal Medicine, as it is a perfect combination that can allow for a true healing for the body.

  20. ‘It is just a choice, to live from within.’ And as a choice that it is, our health it’s at our hands

  21. “We all know what heals us and what harms us.” We can argue and deny we don’t, but we do, we just don’t want to change our life style to accommodate what we know to be true. Working in a super market I am beginning to see this change, people are trying alternatives to milk, they don’t know what it is, but they feel that milk is affecting them in some way. They are doing it for themselves and not because the doctor told them to.

    1. Once we give our power away to an ‘expert’ who says we must drink milk rather than listen to what our body tells us, we are lost and it is not easy to find our way back. Great to hear that people are starting to experiment with alternatives.

  22. Yes we all know about all the harmful things we do but how many really look at why? No, no instead we look everywhere for answers except where they obviously are.

  23. I was approached by a couple of men yesterday that saw and expressed pain as a ‘bad’ thing. In my response I said that pain was a message from God to help us because we had chosen to separate from God. It is interesting what we choose to bury ourselves in to not only avoid the pain but also see it as something that has been put on us. We cannot blame or escape pain. It is there and will always be there within unless we choose to feel and deal with it.

  24. I used to write off conventional medicine completely, and I am actually beginning to wonder if it was more to do with my personal experience of doctors and the system, rather than the medicine itself. I knew where the lack was, it was so easy to find fault with what was available and I was also unwilling to take my part of responsibility. It would be wonderful if all the doctors had the level of awareness as you have, Anne, but from this end, we as general public also have to be willing to be honest and actively participatory in our own healing to see where the root cause might lie.

  25. True health is not the lack of illness, it is a vitality that can be felt in every cell and a gentle strength that effortlessly supports all others that you interact with.

    1. Absolutely Sarah Karam – and by appreciating this and the support that we have to live this way we allow ourselves more space and let things unfold so we can contribute in full rather than being concerned about how we do things and by trying kill the access to what we know is true.

  26. Anne your sentence here sums it up for me ‘Medicine is slowly coming to the understanding that the way we live makes a difference. Research is finally focusing on “lifestyle” factors and their contribution to illness and disease.’ It is definitely time we started to take responsibility for the choices we make and the effect that has on our body.

  27. I love that you have exposed the pain and hurts that for many lie under layers of coping mechanisms…for this is often so normal that there is little awareness of it and therefore little pull to do anything about it. With out having the veil removed we will continue to walk in the ignorance of being well when we are only in the illusion of that, propped up by our many vices that stop us from seeing the truth of our ill health.

  28. Technology and Medicine can only take us so far. The rest is up to us to choose a living way that does not repeat the circumstances. Otherwise we end up as we are now, multiple diseases with multiple symptoms that can only be temporarily halted.

  29. Deeply amazing Anne Malatt, thank-you. The thing that strikes me is the simplicity offered here in regards to what a true relationship with our body can offer us: “if we listened to it, we would learn how to live.”
    I am struck by the fact – something I’ve felt since quite young – that most do not appear to be ‘truly living’. There is not a vibrancy, a joy and an inherent connectedness to the divine, and to a purposeful sense in life that runs in our veins as a whole – and yet, this is very, very possible… if we but listen…

  30. Such a clear and concise account of what true medicine is and what it originally set out to do – true medicine is universal medicine and Universal Medicine delivers it and shows the way.

  31. “We are amazing. Beyond our understanding.” A bold statement one may think, when we look at today’s society and all the horrors that take place. But so very true and we all know and glimpse some moments of it. There is so much beauty in each of us but we do not let it out and shine brightly in every moment; instead we get sucked into the daily treadmill of getting things done and over with. There is so much to appreciate in one another and we deserve to be adored and cherished, always.

  32. I am totally inspired by this blog Anne, and equally-so, the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.
    “My life and work have been inspired and informed by the life and work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. May you be inspired, too”.

  33. As you say Anne, research is now accepting that at least 50% of all illness and disease is avoidable and totally down to lifestyle choices. One day it will be accepted that at least 80% of illness and disease is caused by us to ourself by our lifestyle choices. When we consider the financial costs of this as a whole there is a mind boggling amount of money being wasted because people don’t take care of themselves. Said without judgment because before Universal Medicine helped me to become aware of what I was doing I was equally if not more so making myself ill though my choices.

  34. Thank you Anne, and the responsibility that resonates within the ancient ways is certainly what is needed now, where the buck always seems to stop with someone else, never with the result of our own choices

  35. Serge Benhayon presents the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom and is an inspiration to us all that true health and vitality are restored by the choices we make in the way we live as in The Way of The Livingness.

  36. The pace of life is generally pretty hectic and there is a lot in the day that can disturb us, so having these times during the day when we regroup with ourselves and just allow ourselves to breathe gently and connect to ourselves on a deeper level are invaluable.

  37. What strikes me about your point about most of us not being ready to be responsible for all our actions is that whether we are ready for this level or responsibility or not, we nevertheless affect everyone else with all that we say, do and think.

  38. It seems that those of us who swim in the main stream of life are not so willing to have pointed out that the way we live is not conducive to our true health and vitality because we are not yet willing to take responsibility for the wayward way that we are choosing to live. All this because we have made living from the head at the expense of the body our alarming ‘normal,’ in complete denial of the truth that we are held in a universal rhythm that pulses from within and is reflected all around us in all that man has not created. With our current rates of illness and disease, the choice to ‘live from within’ is a choice that we cannot afford to live without. You have presented this wisdom exquisitely Anne, so simple and so true, thankyou.

  39. “True health is a state in which we feel joy-full, loving and harmonious, every single day.” When we choose to live in harmony with the rhythm of our body we can feel a return to a true way of living.

  40. “What we are able to do to support the human being in existence is incredible.” And therein lies part of the problem – we accept merely existing and function as a normal way of living believing that the pain of dealing with our hurts would be too much but in reality isn’t at all.

  41. Modern medicine is amazing at fixing us but it doesn’t get to the root cause. Only we can do this. By looking at our hurts, dealing with the pain that is there and living in a way that supports and nurtures us. This way of living, combined with medicine is incredibly effective.

    EM for AM

  42. Universal Medicine presentations have supported and inspired me to live a life of love, joy, have deeper connections with others, and have more vitality and energy than I ever thought was possible – allowing my body to truly heal.

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