Universal Medicine and Conventional Medicine – a professional’s perspective

This blog has been set up by some of the doctors and a variety of healthcare practitioners associated with Universal Medicine. It will be used to discuss articles pertaining to health along with practitioner and client experiences with respect to the understandings of esoteric healing and whatever else we feel to discuss.

Recent articles in the news have made claims concerning Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and esoteric healing that are simply false and misrepresentative. This is not about defending Serge and Universal Medicine but about letting the truth be known. We all work at some level in healthcare and we all care deeply about the health of humanity. Despite all the advances in the understanding of the human body, physiology, illness, disease, nutrition, pharmacology etc and the amazing technology available to us today, we are aware that there remain unanswered questions regarding the health status of humanity that Western Medicine at this time does not appear to have full answers for.  The rising levels of obesity and diabetes (diabesity), mental ill health and a cancer rate of 1 in 3 are just a few examples that concern us greatly. Thus, we have been prepared to look outside mainstream medicine, to explore areas that we recognise might be considered unconventional, or a bit weird by some but which we have come to know and experience for ourselves as resulting in true and lasting health benefits in our own lives. So no, we don’t have ‘evidence-based’ research to support the esoteric healing modalities but we do have the evidence of our own lives and countless others. We know that will not wash in the scientific community but for those who need it we feel confident that the scientific support will come, the evidence will come and in many ways some of it is here already. The fields of psychoneuroimmunology, psychosomatic medicine, epigenetics, neuroscience and neurocardiology are some areas that do have ongoing research that lend support to the esoteric understandings and these may be explored in more detail through this and other blogs The Soulful Doctor. However, that is for a later date.

We endeavour to work and live with a deep level of integrity and we take a stand for what is true and truth. In that vein, some of us contacted the journalists involved in writing these stories, Byron Kaye for the Medical Observer and Heath Aston for the SunHerald with details of our experience of Serge Benhayon,  Universal Medicine and esoteric healing but the information  we provided has not been utilised in articles to date. We would like therefore to state clearly the following regarding the current allegations with respect to Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and esoteric healing based on many years experience of all three:

  • Universal Medicine clinics and practitioners do not make nor claim to make medical diagnoses.
  • Serge Benhayon is definitely pro-medicine.
  • Serge Benhayon is supportive of Doctors and Nurses and other healthcare practitioners.
  • The esoteric healing modalities are not claimed to cure cancer or necessarily prevent it, be that breast, ovarian or other cancer, as there is a much bigger picture to consider. The emphasis in esoteric healing is about the quality of our daily living, not just having sessions and there is much more to consider. Esoteric students are aware that having sessions contributes to and forms part of healing but are by no means the whole picture.
  • Esoteric Breast Massage is ONLY performed by women for women. Serge and his sons Michael and Curtis have NEVER performed Esoteric Breast Massage.
  • Serge Benhayon supports the medical approach to the management of breast cancer that includes surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. A number of his clients are patients undergoing chemotherapy for such conditions.
  • Craniosacral pulse readings are not a test for cancer and are not used to diagnose cancer.

We will endeavour to dispel the myths, lies and mistruths that have been or will be written about esoteric healing and to further expand the understanding of what esoteric healing is in-truth through this and other blogs.  We do so in the awareness of the words of Arthur Schopenhauer:

“All truth passes through three stages.
First it is ridiculed.
Second it is violently opposed.
Third it is accepted as being self-evident.”

For us, the truth of the esoteric teachings has become self-evident, although we appreciate that for many people including the medical profession it is at the first stage. However, it is worth noting that this is only if the esoteric aspect is looked at in a cursory or sensationalist way as has recently been witnessed in the one-sided headline grabbing ‘cult’ press of late.

As healthcare workers the most useful insight we have introduced since attending Universal Medicine courses is greater self-responsibility for our lifestyle choices which in turn has resulted in greater health and well-being for us.  These are simple changes that most people know make sense but which we often struggle to implement – like eating a healthy diet, going to bed early, not drinking alcohol, in fact taking care of the body in every way. The esoteric understandings helped us to realise why we previously struggled with making these common-sense changes and helped us to implement them in our lives.

We understand that some of these choices may seem extreme, like cutting out dairy, gluten, caffeine and excess sugar, but we do so based not on a belief, or an instruction by Serge, but on how these substances affect and feel in our bodies, as something that can be felt and known. The medical profession and people at large could now say it is self-evident that smoking is bad for you … yet it wasn’t that long ago that doctors were being used in advertisements promoting cigarettes – something that today would be unthinkable. So perhaps it is worth pondering what in 50 years will be self-evidently harming to the body, supported by medical research, which today is considered ‘normal’, ‘ok’ or even healthy? Could it be alcohol? Gluten? Dairy? Excess sugar?

Whilst we support the use of medical research and evidence based medicine, we are also aware that for us personally, these understandings do not require research to know the harm they cause in our bodies, for example, bloating with gluten or sinus issues with dairy. One of the core esoteric teachings is that ‘the body is the marker of truth’, in other words, it is through listening to the body and its responses to what we eat or other choices that we can be guided to a more self-caring way of living.

116 thoughts on “Universal Medicine and Conventional Medicine – a professional’s perspective

  1. Thank-you for this blog site, it gives us the opportunity to write about how the quality of our lives, our health and vitality has changed by listening to and having regard for the way we choose to live. Universal Medicine has brought an awareness to the importance of taking responsibility for the way in which we choose to live, and that this also includes the importance of having regular medical check-ups from the medical profession.

  2. I have really enjoyed reading this medical blog. There is something about medicine which I just love. I believe this begins with the fact that at some stage it all comes down to our bodies, where it becomes black and white. Universal Medicine when studied will show how needed it truly is: The missing complementary piece. Universal Medicine presents the importance of the basics of life, which we have not been taught. Arthur Schopenhauer has summed it up well…But why do we need to wait so long to accept something as being valuable, when if studied from the start correctly it could be more clearly decided then? “What in 50 years will be self evidently harming to the body, supported by medical research, which today is considered ‘normal’, ‘ok’ or even healthy?” Something wisely to consider. The medical industry has already come a great way, let’s keep going 🙂

  3. This is a great article that’s breaking down the myths that we can make up in life to suit our lifestyles and behaviours. We are being lied to all the time, but the worst thing is, that we lie to ourselves. I can remember being told ‘red wine is good for you’ one week and then told it’s not the next. If we rely on others in this way, we can decide what we want to, to suit our lifestyles. So after drinking far too much alcohol, I told myself that a balance of a little bit of everything shouldn’t do any harm, because that idea suited me at the time. But what made me think some poison is ok for my body? This is ‘normal’ thinking that I have done and know others do, that takes no responsibility for finding the Truth. We can feel the effects within our bodies if we choose to. Medical professionals who practice their profession and Universal Medicine teachings combine a balance of their science, art and Truth to reflect this for their patients to see.

  4. The body is the only impartial expert, unlike advertising, health organisation and various experts, everyone now days either seems to have an agenda or vested interest, or is promoting information that eventually changes. We’ve seen low fat diets spruiked for ages, now controversial. Don’t eat eggs, eat eggs, carbs are healthy/not healthy, dietary pyramids changing etc, and all along we’ve had a wonderful expert gently guiding us – our own body. I’ve found my life simplified since working with Universal Medicine because they have truly supported me to connect to and listen to my body. We have more experts and medical advancements than ever before, but more illness and disease. For me what’s missing is truly listening to the body and honouring it.

    1. When it comes to nutrition, Universal Medicine has restored trust in my body. Today my diet is far more in tune and suited to me than when I used to read numerous books on the subject. Removing gluten from my diet has really helped me to become more sensitive and honest about how foods feel in my body and to ascertain what foods work for me and which do not. I don’t always get it right and might eat a few foods that no longer suit me, but overall I feel far lighter fumbling along and discovering my diet than I did when I was trying to follow a diet from a book.

  5. Indeed, evidence based practice is important, however if there is something that hasn’t become a standardised measure measurement, do we wait for science to prove it?

    Or do we respect that the confirmation the body tells us that we are living much more healthier and vital lives?

  6. This is a great blog for exploding a lot of untruths about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon’s teaching. We all need to be more responsible for what we put into our bodies and the effect that these foods and substances such as alcohol and drugs have on us. We are all encouraged to listen to our bodies and see our own General Medical Practitioner in the event of any illness, I know that I feel so much better for not having dairy and gluten in my diet.

  7. All truth passes through three stages.
    First it is ridiculed.
    Second it is violently opposed.
    Third it is accepted as being self-evident.
    Esoteric Medicine has gone through these stages many times and will continue to do so until conventional medicine opens itself up to the possibility that there is more happening in our bodies than the evidence based research that is so far on offer. For me all the evidence I need comes from my body, it truly is the marker of all truth, I may over ride the signs but in the end my body will speak as loudly as it needs to. A bruised elbow or a swollen ankle, are asking me to stop and look at how I am living, before this accumulates into illness and disease. For many this may be far fetched, but the more I understand about the body esoterically, the more I know that my body is the best research tool I have.

    1. Beautiful comment Alison. The 3 stages truth passes through certainly apply to Esoteric Medicine. I, for one, won’t wait for conventional medicine to catch up with the evidence delivered by my body. The communication offered by my body asks me to deepen my awareness on how my body feels and this in turn supports me to make beneficial choices for my body, my vitality and overall wellbeing.

    2. The more I understand about my body by paying closer attention to it, by actually stopping and listening to what it is telling me, the more I appreciate and respect that it is an absolute marker of truth: it feels and deals with each and every one of my choices. There’s no hiding: everything is felt by the body. The state of our bodies is a direct reflection of the way that we have been living, and an opportunity to make different choices, if we don’t like what is being reflected back to us.

  8. It is beautiful to read of medical professionals not only coming together to set the record straight with regards to the lies written about Serge Benhayon but to also allow people to consider that perhaps they are still believing the world is flat when it comes to certain aspects of medicine just because the evidence isn’t currently there to support thinking otherwise. I look forward to reading the blogs within this website and the wisdom people have experienced through truly listening to their body, which cannot but tell the true story.

  9. Awesome foundation on which to build an amazing site that reflects the experiences of the many medical and health practitioners who today are choosing to look more closely at the choices they are making in their day to day life and the impact this is having on their health. It is amazing to feel how beautifully the esoteric modalities marry with western medicine and it is these blogs that lay the foundation for what I feel will be the way we approach health care into the future.

  10. Thank you all who contributed to this blog as it is so important that health care professionals who are associated with Universal Medicine express the truth about how amazingly effective the teachings of Serge Benhayon are.

  11. It is so great to have this blog site sharing the experiences of healthcare professionals who are seeing the healing that can be available when conventional medicine is working alongside Universal Medicine. As these articles prove many times over it will be clearly seen that this is the way forward for true healing for humanity.

  12. This example of a doctor advertising smoking is a very powerful reminder that if we leave things purely up to medical know how and advice and ignore the wisdom of our bodies, there will always be new standards and practices offered which will later prove to be harming. The Esoteric is simply about learning how to trust and read the signals coming from our bodies that offer a way to live in harmony with them. For most, after a clearing of the momentum of disregard of our past, this means consistently living with amazing vitality, wellbeing and joyfulness. It is great to have this website to explore the ways we can take responsibility and begin to lessen the burden on conventional medicine and return to a way of life where the norm begins to shift back to a true quality of wellbeing, beyond not being sick.

  13. Thank you to the health professionals who have written this blog. As someone who feels their health and well being has improved since attending Universal Medicine, I can only say that what Universal Medicine offers is something that mainstream medicine should be welcoming with open arms as it has the capacity to complement their work. The outcomes are very significant in terms of health for the individual, reduction in demand for already over burdened health systems and a way of life that extends out to every part of a cohesively functioning society.

  14. The esoteric brings into the picture the reasons why and the energy behind the choices to not accept the very obviousnesses in life such as healthy lifestyle choices, this is a huge healing in itself. What I love about this blog site is that there is a feeling of a wholeness in the picture of health and well-being as apposed to the great but still a fragmented part that conventional medicine brings. The spiritual stuff claims to bring the other part as there is a part of us that knows that healing is far more than the physical body but even then it fails to deliver if not make matters far worse. I enjoy reading the accounts of where conventional and the esoteric have married and what results have come about, events that could be considered miracles are becoming the norm when the two come together to support a person to heal.

  15. I like the fact that as doctors you are able to express the benefits of Universal Medicine’s teachings on lifestyle from your own lived experience – tried, tested and adopted as a way of life. This is the best form of evidence – those who are their own living experiment who also happen to have professional credibility in the field, simultaneously practising what they preach and reflecting to any who care to look at the vitality this brings. Using our bodies as chemistry labs in the long term is not the way, but in the short term it’s a great means of gathering our own evidence on what truly works for our body and what does not.

  16. It is great to hear the voice of medical practitioners who are also familiar with the principles expressed by Serge Benhayon through Universal Medicine, and to get the full picture of how this fits into current practice to support true healing. I too can say that the esoteric understandings helped me to realise why I previously struggled with making these common-sense changes and helped me to implement them in my life. For example, for years it had been suggested to me that I was wheat and dairy intolerant. I did try removing them from my diet on occasions to test this out, but it was like taking on a diet, and in the energy of missing out and being different. When I removed these items from diet gradually and with the curiosity to see how it felt, it was not hard at all. I stopped looking for gluten and dairy free substitutes and focussed instead on eating fresh real foods, nothing pre-prepared and after the initial rearranging my life to allow space to shop and prepare my food, it was ridiculously easy. My body is now able to tell me when I make an ill-choice, whereas before it was in a constant state of discomfort and it was hard to know what to choose from that space, so I’d go for comfort.

  17. “As healthcare workers the most useful insight we have introduced since attending Universal Medicine courses is greater self-responsibility for our lifestyle choices which in turn has resulted in greater health and well-being for us.” This is amazing and so important because if our healthcare workers are not taking care of themselves and understand what this means how are they going to be able to offer this to their patients and clients.

  18. It is absolutely true that the changes I have made to my diet are a result of how what I eat and drink has affected my body and this is the greatest evidence base that can be connected with each day. What a great and humbling photo of the doctor holding up a packet of cigarettes. A true scientist will always be open to change and never defensive of current research or pieced together facts as the whole truth.

  19. ‘We will endeavour to dispel the myths, lies and mistruths that have been or will be written about esoteric healing and to further expand the understanding of what esoteric healing is in-truth through this and other blogs.’ Thank you for writing this blog, I have always been very well supported by Serge Benhayon, throughout any surgery I have needed, and from my own experience I know he is very pro-western medicine.

  20. I relish this sentence as it says something everyone deserves to know about Esoteric Medicine. ‘The esoteric understandings helped us to realize why we previously struggled with making these common-sense changes and helped us to implement them in our lives.’ If we take dieting and weight loss as an example, most people have a basic idea of what to cut down on but simply struggle to stick to eating like this. Likewise, cigarette smokers these days are well informed of health risks, we all know exercise has health benefits and that too many late nights are not good for our health – we might plead ignorance but it would be more honest to say we do have an idea what the healthier choices are. So, if there is something that works, something that gets us over the biggest hurdle when it comes to healing and making healthier choices then everyone deserves to know about it and that is what makes this very website something to share and treasure.

  21. Thank you for offering your perspectives as health professionals who have also chosen to embrace an esoteric way of life. It is clear that Western Medicine, despite the many amazing advancements in recent decades, does not have the answer to our current explosion of lifestyle related diseases and that anything that supports humanity to make changes that promote greater wellbeing would benefit us all as our health services buckle under the strain of ever increasing demands. Thank you for speaking up and sharing your experiences and offering an alternative both in your writings and the reflections of each of you in your workplaces.

  22. Absolutely brilliant blog, ‘the body is the marker of truth’. I wanted to highlight this because it is so true, I have been hugely inspired to connect to how my body feels with regards to food, health, relationship and work. To trust and honour what I feel has been deeply empowering and this quote above supports and inspires me continuously. The esoteric understanding has helped me immensely to live with more vitality, clarity, connection, and joy. I have now embraced a way of life that assists me to take responsibility for my health and wellbeing, whereas I was irresponsible in this aspect of life in the past. I have relinquished many ill patterns and behaviours with ease since embracing the esoteric teachings and this was all due to my own choices with the support of using my own body as a marker of truth.

  23. This is a great blog site to have as it is interesting to hear from both patients and doctors the impact that truly caring for and listening to our own bodies has.
    When I was a child we had a family GP we all loved dearly who always chained smoked as he was consulting; often lighting the next one before the one in the ashtray was out. I recall having to be with my younger sibling while she was receiving stitches, as my mother didn’t have the stomach for such things, watching the ash building up on his cigarette perched in the corner of his mouth wondering if it was going to fall into the wound. This lovely man died of lung cancer. Smoking then was considered the norm as you say. Those who dared question it were possibly ridiculed also. Today it seems unbelievable that this was ever considered something that could benefit your health as it was often advertised to do in the 1940’s and 50’s with ‘ the Doctors recommends’ advertisements in newspapers and magazines.

  24. “All truth passes through three stages.
    First it is ridiculed.
    Second it is violently opposed.
    Third it is accepted as being self-evident.”
    This is exactly what happened to the British Professor who in the 1970’s presented his extensive research on the damaged sugar has on the body with his book “Pure, White and Deadly” He was ridiculed out of a career as he posed a threat to the giant corn syrup industry in the US. The ferociousness of the ridicule protects those who have the most to profit from peoples’ disregard. It seems that taking care of our selves poses a great threat to those in the big business of catering to our indulgences.

  25. The rise in illness and disease is telling us that there is something wrong with the way we are living. There are now hundreds if not thousands of students of Universal Medicine who by choice and inspiration have changed the way they are living and in so doing are going against this tide. What more evidence do we need than cause and effect. It’s very simple.

  26. It is not rocket science or ‘weird’ to connect our lifestyle and listening and responding to how our body feels to improving our overall health and feeling of well-being. I find it interesting that since Universal Medicine has been presenting and esoteric students have been choosing to take greater responsibility for their own health and well-being that almost every newspaper article or news item on health talks about the benefits of lifestyle choices in relation to health.

  27. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are pro-medicine. I worked in complementary therapies prior to studying with Universal Medicine an I have to say that there was always an undercurrent of not being pro medicine. In fact it was part of my ‘uniform’ to not go the doctors and not have regular preventative tests and scans. Now I know this is not the case for all complementary therapists. But I did know quite a number. This has changed markedly for me. I still see a naturopath, but I absolutely see my Dr every year for a check up and not only that I love seeing her. I also see Esoteric Practitioners too; from my perspective we all work beautifully together in harmony.

  28. This is a brilliant platform through which to openly discuss the health of humanity. Our bodies are the petri dish and we are the scientists. We need only observe and discuss what it is we see and feel. From such discussion, the parameters of medicine can be redefined so that they begin to encompass the full picture of what is truly going on within us all.

  29. Thank you for this website ‘dispelling the myths, lies and mistruths that have been or will be written about esoteric healing and to further expand the understanding of what esoteric healing is in-truth through this and other blogs.’ and for your dedication to truth for humanity. The esoteric understandings such as eating a healthy diet and taking care of what we eat, going to bed early, not having alcohol or any intoxicants are indeed common sense understanding that enable us to take a deeper level of love and care for ourselves and our body. It doesn’t take a ‘genius’ to know this just self love for the individual to live it and realise true health lies within our very own hands, it is just a matter of choice. And thank you for exposing the false allegations that have been made about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine letting instead the truth be known. Media have a lot to answer for.

  30. Making lifestyle choices is not so easy to be consistent with and hold from my experience. In the past before my esoteric lifestyle change I struggled and always fell back into my self-abusive ways. Having an understanding of the esoteric wisdom and knowing why we make certain choices that harm ourselves and therefore others is not in mainstream medicine. Self-responsibility is and was not taught to me by any doctor or healthcare practitioner I visited unless they were esoteric.
    What I love about Esoteric Medicine is it goes to the root. Why wait for the evidence-based medical science and live in the past…? The future is how much we choose to be aware of and the body is the support to be in tune to this awareness. I’m in deep appreciation and awe what is available to us now through the vehicle of Universal Medicine. We have it all .. and like all before me, and all after me depending on how responsible you choose to be, will determine your own unfolding back to the truth we all cannot escape just delay.

  31. Wow that cigarette packet is from another world to today, just goes to show how the beliefs and ideals have altered since then. Yet there is still a long way to go before medicine is commonly practiced from a loving true wisdom that was its origins.

  32. “The body is the marker of all truth”… is the best foundation for establishing what it is we can and can’t eat, can and can’t do and the ways we can and can’t be. If our starting point is harmonious, loving and aware… our most expansive and natural state, then anything that strays or blocks us from it… is therefore not ‘good medicine’.

  33. A commitment to true health that expresses the truth of the human psyche. We all know what is need to care for ourselves deeply, but do we honour and live by it? Why we don’t is the plague of humanity. Illness is a direct result of this plague.

  34. It is interesting that the medical profession is now aware that sugar is one of the most harmful and addictive substances to the human body. When conventional medicine and esoteric medicine work together in harmony it is universal medicine.

  35. “Thus, we have been prepared to look outside mainstream medicine, to explore areas that we recognise might be considered unconventional, or a bit weird by some but which we have come to know and experience for ourselves as resulting in true and lasting health benefits in our own lives.”
    This stands out to me tonight on re reading this article, as it exudes true dedication to the health of humanity. To look outside what is deemed normal and to have the willingness to explore and experience it for self, to then with the deep knowing of the healing you yourself have lived, bring this clearly to others. Not necessarily with words, but with the unmistakeable vitality and health that is simply shining from your body.

  36. I understand that esoteric medicine as presented by Serge Benhayon will not be everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to medicine and healing, however the public does have a right to the accurate facts and the truth so that they are free to make up their minds without being lied to or bias.

  37. What a blessing this blog site has been since 2012, and continues to be – in furthering our understanding and appreciation of all that true medicine is, and offering all the opportunity to accept what so many today do accept to be ‘self-evident’, i.e. that for all the sheer amazingness and capability of Allopathic Medicine today, without Esoteric Medicine, we are missing an essential part of the equation in regards to all that true healing is and means for us all.

  38. Thanks to Universal Medicine, I am learning about the energetic side of all things in life and responsibilities/power we have over our own choices – this has helped me in a big way to reconsider conventional medicine as integral part of taking care of myself, as well as seeing doctors as my equal, and not someone up on a pedestal, and start trusting them again.

  39. I love that with the deep care you have for humanity coupled with the desire for truth to be told, you have developed this website to offer both. There are few places that have the best interests of people as their foundation and do not work from an agenda based on recognition or money. I humbly look forward to learning from the wisdom of both conventional and complementary medicine combined within this blog site for it is already walking the steps of the future of medicine ahead of the research of the day.

  40. As healthcare workers the most useful insight we have introduced since attending Universal Medicine courses is greater self-responsibility for our lifestyle choices which in turn has resulted in greater health and well-being for us.’ Yes and a great inspiration for those that seek support to know that lifestyle choices can make a big difference.

  41. “As healthcare workers the most useful insight we have introduced since attending Universal Medicine courses is greater self-responsibility for our lifestyle choices which in turn has resulted in greater health and well-being for us.”
    This is the case for many. Before becoming a student of Universal Medicine I was putting on weight, feeling uncomfortable in my body and suffering from Asthma. I knew that I needed to change how I was living, but the world around us in no way supports this. There is a constant barrage of advertising, peer pressure and our own emotions that hold us in the downward spiral of ill health. Universal Medicine shows us another way and brings a fresh honest understanding to our physical and mental health. Life becomes not about becoming better, but instead about understanding, honoring and loving the body we live in.

  42. I love how so many of the blogs show the necessity for Esoteric and conventional medicine and how both support the body equally when we take responsibilty for our issues.

  43. If ‘’the body is the marker of truth’, we already do have in ourselves the most direct and verified research we could need to know what is supportive or harming for us.

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