What does it mean to have a fungal infection?

by Anon. 

Some time ago I had a diagnosis of a fungal infection on my skin. This started out as a red mark, a rash on one of my breasts, which I initially thought may have been something to do with breast cancer or an early warning sign of it and this really scared me. I went for a check-up and was told it was a ringworm, a common fungal infection, which I could have contracted from touching animals, and then passing it from my fingers or nails onto my skin. The doctor gave me cream to help it clear, which it did.

Then about a month later, I noticed a few red dots around my hips, something that could have potentially been there for over a year, as I have seen them before, but dismissed them. I thought it was just from my skin reacting to the metal of the buttons on the inside of my jeans, as they would come and go, and be in roughly the same place where the inside of the buttons touched my skin. Then these dots got worse and spread all over my hips, up the inside of my ribs, just under where my arms hang down the side of the body, onto my tummy, under and onto my chest, and then parts of my back.

When I noticed how bad this was, I decided to call the doctor to book an appointment, and at the suggestion of my partner, asked if they had an appointment for the same day.

I got an appointment for a few hours later and was told by the doctor it was a common fungal skin infection, and that we all have fungi on our skin and it can affect us at any time. I was given a medicated shower gel to help clear the infection.

Being a student of The Livingness I knew there was a deeper energetic root cause to this, and it was reflecting something about the way I was choosing to live and I wanted to know what it was.  I could use the creams to clear up the infection and continue living my life as it was, or I could go deeper into the energy behind the infection, and address the root cause of this, and work on clearing that from my body and my life.

As with everything in life, there is always an energy behind it. Initially I thought it was dampness in my body as I equated a fungal infection to damp, but I wanted to be absolutely clear and sought support from an Esoteric practitioner.

With support, I came to the understanding that energetically a fungal infection is a deep disregard for myself and my body. Basically, I was poisoning myself from the inside out.

We often assume we poison ourselves by the food or drink we consume, but, have we ever considered we can poison ourselves from the inside out by taking on others emotions, indulging in emotions, living in any way that is not in our true light, for me this played out in the choice of deep disregard.

This was a HUGE wake up call for me! Like a WOW!

For me, to disregard simply means to ignore.

Now by no means am I out of this, nor have I cleared the energetic root cause fully from my body, but the combination of the energetic truth and the support of western medicine is allowing me to looking at it from a whole, not in parts. Not just looking at the marks on my skin, and passing it off as an infection, but looking at my part in it, how I have chosen or am choosing to live. Western Medicine looks at the end result, the marks, the rash and deals with that very well; the Esoteric asks me to look at the energetic root cause from the inside out, to look at how I have been living, the choices I make, and the energy I have been choosing that has led to this infection.

I have found it quite confronting to look at the underlying cause of this condition.

Energetically, the hips are where we store ideals and beliefs, so I have been looking at how I use other people’s beliefs or the beliefs I have taken on, pictures that are not true, to dismiss and disregard myself, to fight my truth, ignore my body, ignore my feelings and give my power away to other people. How I look outside myself to others and the world for answers and choose to live my life by other people’s ideals and beliefs, reactions or responses, living in fight or flight, instead of living my absolute truth, solidness and strength, in my power and knowing.

For me, the not listening to myself, to my truth, plays out a bit like a teacher asking a child in the class a question about the child that only she knows the absolute truth to, then turning their back on that child, ignoring her, not listening to what she is saying, even if she is shouting and jumping up and down, as she is so clear and knows the answer, (of course she would, as it’s about her), but the teacher turns their back on the child and looks outward to the whole class for the answer, none of whom truly know because it’s not about them. That’s what I do to myself, to my truth and my body.

Then there are my ribs, which for me is about my light, constantly fighting it, sabotaging it, and the energy I am choosing to live in, there’s more here for me to become aware of and that will unfold in time. I also feel there is a deep sadness here that is to be cleared.

My breasts for me are about not living my fullness as a woman, lack of self-nurturing, not being and living the delicateness, the nurturing tender woman I am first with myself and then with others, sometimes I still go back to that little girl. When I look back, I’ve always tried to out-do or prove myself to others. I also hide my chest, my sexy, gorgeous body, my curves, and myself by dressing in a way that hides all this, to avoid unwanted sexual energy or being looked at. If I were to allow myself to express in full I’d dress in sexy tight clothes, showing off my body and not holding back an ounce of sexiness or hiding my divine curves.

Then there is my tummy and my back, where the rash spread. For me my tummy is to do with my lack of accepting the divine truth that I am a Son of God, and not accepting my light, how amazing I am, the fact I bring so much to the world, and reflect so many amazing qualities, it may also be me fighting my light, fighting the love that I am, and the love that is all around me, from myself and other people. It’s interesting as my tummy has for years been constantly bloated and gassy, nothing I am given helps, so there is more from an energetic perspective to look at here, definitely around not accepting something – for me it feels like love.

As it spread onto my back, over my shoulder blades, I looked at me fighting my own light, my truth again, all the angelic qualities I bring, yet do not live. And also the hardness and protection I live in, the fight or flight mode coming in. It’s an exhausting way to live, constantly changing myself, my energy depending on others responses or reactions, trying to work out how people will be with me, instead of holding myself and the quality of my energy no matter what, living from my tenderness, no matter who I am with or where I am.

This is all new to me, and something that’s going to unfold over time, in its own time,  and with that my deepening understanding and learning from it.

But I do know that without the support of the Esoteric I could have simply had a cream from the doctors, which is fine and very much needed, a very self-loving choice to make, but dismissed the opportunity to go much deeper and see the energy that’s playing out behind the infection. But now with my willingness, and openness to go there, and ask for the support, I have an opportunity to really look at, feel and heal the deep level of disregard I live with in many areas of my life.

With deep thanks and appreciation to Esoteric Medicine in combination with Western Medicine that enables me to heal not only the physical aspects of the condition, but also the root cause and my way of living. 


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235 thoughts on “What does it mean to have a fungal infection?

  1. It makes sense to use Western Medicine to support the healing at the surface level but to also look deeper to understand the energetic cause of the rash, so many of us reading this very honest blog will be able to relate to the non acceptance of who we truly are – this to me is the root cause of all our ills, we fight our truth.

  2. If we are not looking to the energetic root cause of an infection, illness or disease the body has to bring in something else and we get another chance to truly make other choices to heal what needs to be healed next to what Western Medicine can offer us on a physical level.

  3. I love your example of how not listening to ourselves is as a teacher asking a child a question he or she only knows the absolute truth of and then turn their back to the child, ignore the child as if he, she is not there. Makes sense our body starts shouting.

  4. It would be easy to just get some cream and see the rash clear up but how much more responsible is it to get to the bottom of an illness by looking at the energetic root cause. Awesome sharing, thank you.

  5. There is much to ponder over this blog, it’s highlighted so much to how we treat our bodies. But the key is the energetic quality behind any disease, ailments or illnesses that needs to be explored, exposed and healed.

    I’ve always had a podgy tummy and the most disliked part of my body from a young age, (I could write loads about), and when I read ‘not accepting something’, it feels like more then love. To me it feels about life, accepting what is going on around us and instead of observing it, I have absorbed and probably protected myself with that padding so I don’t become part of life’s disarray.

    Yes I agree there is much more to heal than the symptoms alone, and the medical profession is needed to support the physical parts of our bodies. But the other aspect of the energetic component is needing to be addressed too.

    Maybe one day we will have specialists that will come under the umbrella of energetic doctors that complements the medical profession and assist with the healing, we are so far yet so close to it too, if we are open to it…

  6. This is what is on offer as a student of The Way of The Livingness, to become more aware of the energy that is passing through us and surrounding us. This allows for a far greater responsibility in the way we live, rather than just seeing life from a surface perspective there is an understanding that there is so much more to life. Life is very rich and it is absolutely fascinating discovering the depth and quality of the richness on offer to everyone.

  7. The oh so many ways we disregard our body not only through food and drink but by thoughts and the way we live. I can really relate to this right now. Not only is it so unloving to disregard ourselves but so unproductive as well, for if we disregard ourselves how can we hold another in regard or be there to truly support another.

    1. Vicky I loved what you have shared, it’s not about the food and drink but how we think. Destructive thoughts are just as poisonous than the what we put in our mouths, the thoughts are still feeding something, and that feeding something continues to grow and it keeps you in that state or place – ponder on that…

      1. Currently most of us aren’t even aware of our thoughts even though they’re running through our heads constantly. Incredible isn’t it when you really think about it, that we can have a running dialogue going on in our heads and not be aware of it, especially when the majority of our thoughts are either critical of ourselves, critical of others, concerns, fears or worries. How must our bodies feel to have such negativity streaming through them almost constantly? As much as possible I try to catch any negative or repetitive thoughts that I have as soon as I can and pull the plug on them. I have learnt that trying to ‘think them through’ doesn’t work, I never manage to get to either a conclusion or a resolution, best to simply abandon them half way through.

    2. Vicky thank you for this comment because on reading it I was able to see that I had been running with some incredibly negative thoughts recently and you are right they were very disregarding and very unproductive. You have provided a great stop moment so that I can ask myself why am I allowing my mind to run away with me.

  8. “But I do know that without the support of the Esoteric I could have simply had a cream from the doctors, which is fine and very much needed, a very self-loving choice to make, but dismissed the opportunity to go much deeper and see the energy that’s playing out behind the infection. ” I love how Esoteric Medicine supports us to go to the root of an illness. When we get a superficial ‘cure’ there’s every chance it will return, getting underneath the symptoms enables us to heal.

  9. I’ve had between my toes crack horribly in the last few months. Nothing would clear it. I was told it was down to too much sugar. Sure enough, I stopped the sugar and it cleared up. But I did not read it energetically which this blog has reminded me of. Thank you.

  10. Because we are more than just flesh and bone and have a being, understanding how we treat both is important to our health, as is understanding how each affects the other. If I am hard with my body then that can compromise my ability to express the love I am, and if I hold back that love for some reason then my body also feels the consequences.

  11. Thank you Anon for so clearly illustrating through your sharing how “…. we can poison ourselves from the inside out by taking on others emotions, indulging in emotions, living in any way that is not in our true light ….” as to consider this is truly significant in the understanding of what can be the underlying cause of an illness.

  12. Could this be why we need stimulants like coffee because we are exhausted from constantly calibrating ourselves to fit in with other people rather than holding ourselves no matter what is presented?

  13. It is really important to look at the deeper energetic reason of an illness, disease or accident etc as this is when true healing begins.

  14. ‘…have we ever considered we can poison ourselves from the inside out by taking on others emotions, indulging in emotions, living in any way that is not in our true light…’ We don’t often associate poisoning ourselves this way, but I can feel for myself just how much doing this affects my body in a negative way.

  15. There is a deeper understanding to all illnesses, so it is a great question to be asking… ‘what does this mean, what else is happening as well as the physical illness?’

  16. Our body is truly amazing and has all the wisdom within, just waiting for us to deeply surrender and connect to our inner heart where truth is found. Our body is indeed a marker of truth. We just need to get ourselves out of the way.

  17. Thank you for writing this blog anonymous there is much in what you say and it makes sense to me that we should look into our part in our illness or dis-ease while also accepting the amazing medicine that is on offer; rather than just going to the doctor and asking to be ‘fixed’.

  18. When we get sick, or have a condition of any kind, a mix of curiousity and taking responsibility opens us up to learning more about life, cause and effect and the impact of our choices. This is super interesting and empowering.

  19. For a long time I have overlooked the brilliance and wisdom of our bodies. And the more I open up to this the more I marvel at the way our bodies communicate with us – consistent, patient, resourceful – they are like the wisest, most loving teacher you could imagine.

    1. Yes our bodies are truly amazing. They give us small messages and when we ignore them the messages get louder, resulting in illness. The body is always trying to heal itself. It’s up to us to listen and act on the information it gives us.

    1. Attending Universal Medicine presentations opened me up to viewing illness in this way. As a former nurse it was always about trying to get rid of symptoms. Nothing was learned about their meaning energetically – or looking at the part of the body that was affected.

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