Heart Failure: a message about love

by Julie Goodhart, human resources, United States.

I was pregnant several years ago and had a healthy baby, who was delivered seven weeks early. The experience of being pregnant and giving birth was difficult, nearly disastrous, and I learned a great deal – and am still learning – from that experience seven years ago.

I was not healthy during my pregnancy, and didn’t realise this fact until I ended up in the hospital at 32 weeks with a mysterious case of cardiomyopathy. By this time, my kidneys were shutting down, I was retaining water in enormous amounts, I could barely breathe due to fluid building up in my lungs, and my heart was enlarged dramatically and could not keep up with what was going on in my body, beating at a constant 150 beats per minute (talk about being racy!).

After several days in the hospital in this condition, I went into heart failure and gave birth by emergency C-section. There was a point during this whole event where the doctors told my husband that either myself or my baby, or both of us, may not make it.

But we both did, and after a few more weeks of a variety of different drug treatments, a second hospitalisation, and months of rest, my heart came back to normal size, the water retention cleared, my heartbeat returned to normal, and I could breathe more easily. Was it just the drugs that saved my life? I owe a lot to the doctors and staff who treated me and helped my husband and I through this experience, but I can’t say that it was just the doctors, the treatments, or the drugs that helped me recover. What I can say is that, even in the midst of everything going on in the hospital, I trusted in my body’s natural ability to heal, and in my ability to make different choices to help with my own healing. I’ve often felt it’s true that no one knows my body better than I do, if I’m willing to pay attention.

And the fact that I actually wasn’t paying enough attention was something I realised with honesty while in the hospital and in the weeks afterwards. I reflected on how I was living during my pregnancy – how and what I was eating and the fact that I was not really taking care of my body. The signs were there, and I noticed some of them, but chalked it up to just another odd thing that happens during pregnancy. I understand now that I was not honouring what my body was telling me.

While pregnant, I was hungry all the time and ate often. Without paying much attention, I regularly consumed large quantities of salt, mostly in prepared food that I ate as a ‘snack’ between meals. At work, there was a big project I was in charge of, and I was in a total push every day to finish it before going on leave. There were many other stressors at work, and I chose to deal with them all myself, instead of asking for help. I realise now that I was taking on everyone else’s stuff, giving my power away, and doing what I thought everyone else wanted of me, instead of doing what I felt was right for me. I was exhausted beyond words, and in overwhelm about the thought of being a mother. I felt that I could barely look after myself, so how was I going to look after a baby?

Even though my body healed physically from this experience, it was about two years later that I started to understand that there was more to the cardiomyopathy than just the physical healing. It was then that I first heard about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, and attended a Heart Chakra workshop. I started to learn about the relationship between the heart as a physical organ and the heart as an expression of true love. I began to understand that I have a choice to live a life of true love, which begins with a commitment to self-love. What was being presented at this workshop was different from anything else I had ever heard a practitioner or teacher say. Although I could feel that what was being shared was the truth, it took a long time for me to admit that the way I had been living was definitely not true love and not the truth.

In time, I started to see how it was not only my lifestyle choices – the food I ate, lack of a steady sleep rhythm, giving my power away, prolonged stress at work that I actually had some control over – that may have led to having a heart disorder but also the fact that these choices stemmed from a fundamental lack of self-love and the fact that I neither expressed love in a true way, nor allowed others to truly love me. This, I’m still learning as I go about the day – making choices and reflecting on the reasons why I make them – and I understand for perhaps the first time that it starts with my connection with my body.

I am gentler with my body now, and am listening more and more to what my body is telling me every day, such as when it’s time to rest, when I need to eat and what to eat, how to dress for the weather so that I do not get cold and so forth. I am developing more awareness of how my body responds when I exercise, go out in the cold, or even just how I sit at my computer. For me, listening to my body is also about not dismissing seemingly random aches and pains, which are simply offering opportunities for me to develop a deeper understanding of how I go through each day in this body of mine.

I’ve noticed that the more I practise basic self-care, and the more I pay attention to the signs my body is constantly offering, I begin to feel a deep love within me, and the stressors in the world can’t touch that.

There is more to learn every single day, and I am grateful for the choices that led me to the teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………… You may also be interested in reading this article on the connection between heart disease and love. 

771 thoughts on “Heart Failure: a message about love

  1. I feel from what you are saying Julie is that the doctors and medicine you received played a vital part in getting you better, but there’s more, your body was telling you something is amiss. To then find Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, and attended a Heart Chakra workshops gave you the opportunity to look at life from a different perspective. That there is more to the heart than it just being a physical organ it is the first step to reconnecting back to our soul and the universe. We are not taught this as part of our current education but that doesn’t stop it from being an immutable fact and one day we will all know this to be true.

  2. I just read this on the UniMed Living page “The greatest form of medicine is to be love and to express it in all that you do.” Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings and Revelations, p 623. How amazing is that, and it ties in exactly Julie with what you are sharing here of your experience, also how beautifull is it that the greatest form of medicine is one of love and expressing this love in full … very beautifull indeed and of course shows just how much our own health and wellbeing is truly in our own hands and of course how we live on a day to day basis.

  3. There is no doubt that Universal Medicine presents life in a totally different way to how humanity has been taught life should be. We have allowed ourselves to be fooled that this life we lead is it and that there is nothing more. This from my own experience is a complete and evil lie. I know this to be true because I have reconnected back to the deep love that resides with in me and each and every one of us and from this reconnection I can feel how stresses of life cannot touch the reconnection. It’s a bit like wearing a waterproof coat, stress just slips off the coat like rain would.

  4. I’ve been listening to my body for a number of years now and my health has most certainly improved. However, there is no peak where one achieves maximum body listening skills and it’s said enough so I can stop listening. The body always has something to say and constantly knows the next levels of love.

  5. This statement stood out for me, ‘that no one knows my body better than I do’. I ponder on the many conversations, the disapprovals etc. I’ve received from others, when I ask for gluten and dairy free foods. Its as if, because I’m not having an allergic reaction I must be ok then, and yet they do not witness what is occurring internally.

    We need to honour what is occurring for our bodies. The signs doesn’t have to be in your face either, they can be subtle at first. then they come banging on your door. It’s what we do with it afterwards, is the question we need to ask ourselves more often.

  6. ‘I’ve noticed that the more I practise basic self-care, and the more I pay attention to the signs my body is constantly offering, I begin to feel a deep love within me, and the stressors in the world can’t touch that.’ The power of this love is such that stressors roll off like water off a ducks back …I know this to be true …..and yet I can justify behaviours that go against upholding this awesome power. However if I do that it’s as if I have switched a button and more truly disregarding ways present themselves to me….until I switch back again and allow myself to feel the depth and breadth of that love and say yes to only that.

    1. I love what you have shared here Elaine, ‘practice basic self-care’. This is where it all begins from the ‘basics’ and it unfolds and develops to other levels of healing your body is offering. It is true love and support for the wellbeing of our bodies.

  7. Everything that happens to our bodies like the heart attack is always a message. Most of us prefer to be unaware of this and blame it on bad luck, but there is no luck good or bad, only messages we needed because our behaviours were incongruent with how they needed to be.

  8. Sometimes, and sadly so, we have to experience a shocking bout of illhealth to bring us back to our body and what really matters in life.

  9. I lived with a huge lack of self-love for a very long time and my wonderful body paid the price for my love-less, mind driven choices. These days, although my care for myself is so much deeper than it ever has been, my body still bears the ‘scars’ of this long-term, disregarding way of living. I cannot change the choices, and the consequences, made through many years of my life, but I now know that in every moment I have the freedom to make very different and love-filled choices, and most of the time, those are the choices I make, and my body is very loud in its appreciation when I do.

  10. It’s pretty hard to admit that we have not really been living true love when we try so hard efforting in life – I guess that is why we keep reinterpreting the words love and truth in attempt to distracting ourselves from the hard truth, but lying to ourselves hurts more than anything and humility is actually a very beautiful, healing step we can take to start walking back towards the simplicity of who we truly are.

  11. ‘I’ve often felt it’s true that no one knows my body better than I do, if I’m willing to pay attention.’ Although this may seem very obvious, it is something worth remembering, we are the main and first receptors of our own body signals, so when we honestly listen to them, we simply know what is happening within us and why.

  12. “I’ve noticed that the more I practise basic self-care, and the more I pay attention to the signs my body is constantly offering” A simple and beautiful appreciation of the healing messages offered by our body.

  13. “no one knows my body better than I do, if I’m willing to pay attention.” Bingo….that last bit is the real gold and raises a great question – are we really willing to pay attention to our bodies?

  14. I don’t think we consider our hearts enough – they beat every moment of the day and we take this and all its virtues for granted. If our heart could be related to our ability to love – then surely it needs the best possible care in the world.

    1. Undoubtedly our hearts are related to our ability to love. When we open our hearts we can love more, when we close our hearts and protect ourselves we cannot love, we block its pathways.

  15. It is interesting how we often clock signs of something amiss with our body yet convince ourselves we can ignore it until our body sends us a big message that holds our attention and focus and the opportunity to realise the true impact our lifestyle choices are having and that there is another far more loving way to be with ourselves.

    1. Totally true! We are like – everything’s fine even when we have a pain or we know something is amiss until the diagnosis is serious. Imagine how many serious illnesses we could prevent if we paid attention earlier…

  16. A great reminder of how many messages our body gives us that we choose to override, our body is a great communicator and I have found the more we listen to it the more it guides us to make supportive choices and when we shut down the communication our body gives us a nudge and another one if we ignore it, and if we continue it eventually brings us to a stop that we are unable to ignore.

  17. It’s a truly amazing story Julie of a deep and profound healing, from being so skilfully supported by the medical staff at the hospital, to making so many changes to commit to self love and self care as inspired by Universal Medicine. You’ve inspired me too as I feel to continue working on taking more care to listen to my body.

  18. I love how this blog takes it beyond self care and self love and asks what is underlying our care and love or lack of it. If we truly develop a relationship with us and our bodies which is self loving and express that love in our lives, our choices come from that foundation and that changes the game completely. At the end of the day we live in our bodies 24×7 and they show us always how we’ve been and the impacts of that, so we have this amazing tool which shows us how we are loving with us and asks us to be more so – isn’t that amazing.

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