Holistic Physiotherapy – Patient Testimonials

by Andrew Mooney, BPthy (Hons), Physiotherapist, Cornwall, UK

The following are testimonials from people who have received Physiotherapy treatment from a practitioner who has been inspired by Universal Medicine to bring an all encompassing holistic approach to how they live, work and practice medicine.  None of these clients are students of Universal Medicine. However, the testimonials demonstrate the wide-ranging benefits to patients who are in receipt of this form of physiotherapy expertly delivered by Andrew.    Continue reading “Holistic Physiotherapy – Patient Testimonials”

Universal Medicine and Conventional Medicine – A Physiotherapist’s View

by Andrew Mooney BPthy (Hons), Physiotherapist, Cornwall, UK

I felt it important to express my views on Universal Medicine and Mr Serge Benhayon and his relationship with modern mainstream medicine in light of the recent false, misleading and lazy accusations that have been made in the media.

I am an experienced Physiotherapist who has been practising in the mainstream medical system for 15 years. From day one as a practising Physiotherapist I came to the alarming following realisations: Continue reading “Universal Medicine and Conventional Medicine – A Physiotherapist’s View”