The Benefits of Complementary Medicine, Universal Medicine and Cardiac Surgery

By Amber Goodwin 


Complementary Medicine has been widely used since human beings existed. Herbs and different therapies have been used within all cultures to treat symptoms and conditions and this is where the current medical system developed from. However, within the current medical system which has become dominated by pharmaceutical and clinical intervention, it has become apparent that in our attempt to fix the disease of the person we have largely neglected the underlying cause. More and more, public health, primary health and the social determinants of health are asking us to look at absolutely everything that affects our wellbeing, as prevention is greater than cure and healthcare expenditure is now threatening the global economy.

Heart Disease, for the last 15 years running, has been the leading cause of death worldwide (1,2) and the costs involved are the highly burdensome to the Australian economy (2) and similar globally. Sadly, the 2017 Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) global burden of disease study (3) revealed that progress from reducing cardiac disease mortality has not only stalled but the situation has worsened.

My heart story

In 1997 at the age of 21 I was found to have a heart murmur. An MRI showed a congenital 50% shunt from the pulmonary vein to the superior vena cava, causing an enlarged right side of the heart and extra pressure of blood flow to the pulmonary circuit. The heart surgeons meeting at the time reported they were not able to correct this; however 5 years later after another MRI a cardiac surgeon said he had corrected something similar on a 7 year old and offered to do the corrective surgery. 

Since I was sixteen I had drunk alcohol in large volumes every weekend and smoked cigarettes. When I was told I would need to not have cigarettes or alcohol prior to and for 3 months following the surgery, there was no way I could feel this was possible. I was a staunchly independent single parent with no biological family close to me, and my cigarettes, alcohol and social life meant everything to me. So, I said: ‘No thanks, I’m okay, it’s not causing me any harm and it may never do’.

Seven years later my partner at the time took me, along with his two young sons, to see Serge Benhayon, an Esoteric Healing practitioner. In the session I was genuinely asked how I was and responded to with tender understanding and insight. After the hands-on healing session I had with him, I could not believe how different I felt. Not since I was around 10 had I felt so clear. I felt completely different. Over the coming weeks I had a few big deep cries when I realised how far away from myself and my inner knowing I had moved. 

I had tried acupuncture, being coached by an NLP life coach, massage, physiotherapy and chiropractic work before; however, nothing had helped my tension, inflammation and anxiety or left me feeling healed or resurrected or even empowered, only a temporary relief at best.

After the session with Serge however, I felt very solid as I could very clearly feel from deep within my body what was true and what was not – a natural ability we are all born with. I realised I had had a very true deep healing, one that cleared all the impositions that had interfered with my true knowing.

My life from here on changed, feeling how deeply settled I felt from the healing session, I did not want to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes anymore, I wanted to understand more and know how to live in a way to hold this connection. I attended further esoteric healing sessions and courses that delivered nothing but integrity, honest, truth-full wisdom and care towards lifestyle, relationships, health and wellbeing. My relationship with myself became more honest and self-caring, my mental and physical health improved considerably and so did my commitment to life. 

I had left home at 16 years of age, had done any ‘easy’ job for money including prostitution and moved house 15 times.  I had never accepted help from people very easily because I was deeply hurt and did not trust myself or others. Because of the integrity and care of Serge Benhayon and those whom he trained, I gained empowering awareness in my body, confirming wisdom to live by and true role models to see that I too had the same ability to be deeply loving, wise, solid and caring and actively engaged with my community and giving back in life as they were. 

I realised there was a lot more to me than I had given myself credit for and began a Bachelor of Nursing degree. It was here that I re-visited my heart condition. After a Chakra-puncture session I cleared the fears I was holding and because I now had many deeply caring people in my life, a supportive community group that came together regularly and I knew the support of the esoteric therapies, I said yes to open heart surgery.

Marrying conventional and complementary medicine

I did an esoteric yoga stillness program leading up to the surgery which helped me to settle and stay in my body, letting go of any anxiety and accepting that the surgery was going to hurt. I sought Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy the day I was admitted to hospital, again to prepare my body, to be at ease, release tension and be accepting of the surgery. 

Following the surgery, during the 5 days I was in hospital, I had two treatments of Chakra-puncture that were designed to release energy in the body; it was very powerful in clearing the effects of the anaesthetic and drugs. I no longer required pain relief from one day post-surgery, had a friend come and tenderly shower me and felt clear and well enough to go home within the 5 days. I had been encouraged and supported to accept help and create a roster to receive meals, personal and home care for the next 6 weeks, which I had previously done myself to support others when needed. I had weekly Connective Tissue and Chakra-puncture sessions that deeply supported my body to recover and rebuild. I also had an esoteric naturopath visit for supplement and nutritional support. My recovery was tender, vital and speedy, so much so that I was able to begin working full-time 3 months later as a Registered Nurse in the very busy local hospital, where I am now in my fourth year of work.

I appreciated that when I told my cardiac surgeon I had been having complementary treatment with Chakra-puncture and Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy and was going to have this pre and post operatively he did not negate my decision as he could see it was supporting my health, wellbeing and vitality. He and the team of doctors, allied health and nursing staff were relieved and surprised to see someone so accepting, responsible, vital and joy-full to work with. 

I have learnt that I cannot live recklessly or in reaction to life and shut down and cannot thank Serge Benhayon and myself enough for turning my life around. We all need true role models and solid consistent support to deal with our hurts and to be shown how to live in a way that is tender, caring, responsible, joyful, vital and vivacious that allows us to deal with the pressures and demands of life with consistent relative ease. This includes deeply enriching supportive relationships and the awareness of what affects our health and wellbeing and what pulls us down. Universal Medicine and The Way of The Livingness are offering the way of living that is deeply understanding, natural and true to the human being and the cycle of life we live on earth, and therefore the complementary therapies are deeply supportive to the human being. The therapies are performed by those who live and hold a quality greater than most because of the integrity they hold in the way they live.

Thousands of people have experienced the life changing support of Universal Medicine and the Esoteric therapies with research and websites making it very clear and easy to see and resource the profound benefits and studies that can show its benefits (4, 5, 6 & 7). Universal Medicine and the esoteric therapies are leading the way with an all-encompassing approach to life and prevention of illness and disease through inspiring change.  Mainstream medicine would do well to incorporate the esoteric therapies and the teachings about how to live given the profound benefits they have had on many people. It is up to each of us to take responsibility and challenge the status quo and question what is truly going on if our health system does not incorporate or resists that which supports and enhances our quality of life and prevents illness and disease.

From a forever learning and reignited lover of people and life.




3. INSTITUTE FOR HEALTH METRICS AND EVALUATION 2017. Finding from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017. Global Trends in Causes of Death. Retrieved From





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3 thoughts on “The Benefits of Complementary Medicine, Universal Medicine and Cardiac Surgery

  1. This is quite a turnaround – from saying no to heart surgery because you didn’t want to give up drinking and smoking to fully embracing life, taking responsibility and getting on with it, including the surgery and your amazing recovery.

  2. What an amazing story. i can truly see how easy it is to combine western medicine with complementary medicine for a whole body treatment protocol. There really doesn’t seem to be any reason not to!

  3. One healing session with Serge Benhayon and in a heart beat you responded to the call to care and nurture yourself and deepen your understanding of who you are and all you have to offer humanity.

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