We see what we want to see … Part 2

by Gabriele Conrad, Goonellabah, NSW. 

A few days after  the incident with the rogue ‘r’ that didn’t exist and had me running around in circles, as described in https://medicineandsergebenhayon.com/2018/08/05/we-see-what-we-want-to-see/ I was on an early morning walk with a friend on a wall by a river that leads to the ocean.

On the way we had been pointing out the birds and other creatures that graced our way – Willy Wagtails, Bluetongue Lizards, Magpies, even a Kookaburra. When walking back from the very tip of the wall which overlooks the ocean, my friend and I were again aware of the wildlife around us. A beautiful cormorant caught my eye and I pointed him out to her. He was well below us, at the water’s edge, preening himself and taking his time, giving us ample opportunity to admire the sleek lines, the long beak and his settled and sanguine demeanour.

We continued on our walk back to the cars, chatting at times and silent other times, until my friend said, “There’s another one!”

‘Wow! Great’, I thought. ‘How lucky can you get’ and looked around, or more specifically, I looked to my left and towards the water’s edge. I looked and looked and looked and finally had to admit to my friend that I could not spot the other cormorant.

Well, what had made me think that there was another cormorant? As it happened, I then spotted a Bluetongue Lizard right in front of me, in the middle of the path – the creature my friend had tried to draw my attention to.

And here I went again – I had been tripped up by my preconceived idea, the image I held of what I thought it must have been she was referring to. We had seen one cormorant, many other birds and a few lizards on our way. But I had immediately jumped to the conclusion that she must be talking about another cormorant.

Why? How? On what grounds other than a purely mental construct that doesn’t take kindly to what is really there to see but wants and needs it as it wants and needs things to be. And thus, again it was a case of seeing what I needed and wanted, what I expected to see rather than being open to what was there to be seen.

I wonder how frequently this happens in daily life and without the offered correction? Mefeels more often than we care to admit.

To elucidate further and just in case you harbour the tiniest of doubts about what is really going on with our five physical senses and especially our eyes, I will finish with a quote from Sermon 43, delivered to a live audience on 1 January 2017 (The Way of The Livingness Sermons 31 – 43):

“In the ‘looking’, that is, in the predetermined dictation, we cast or project what to ‘look’ for. In other words: we are seeking to match the preconception.” – Serge Benhayon


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89 thoughts on “We see what we want to see … Part 2

  1. “ … it was a case of seeing what I needed and wanted, what I expected to see rather than being open to what was there to be seen.” We are great editors! Imagine the wisdom and power we could express if we actually just received what we saw, read it and then responded? It’s such a mix up changing what we see to our preferred perceptions, instead of being real with what’s there to respond to.

  2. I could not agree with you more, and this was the perfect read following on from what was discussed in a group just recently. Our eyes are simply there to receive, and yet we project an image before the image has even appeared, so it kind of feels like the picture or scene has already been set.

    It’s also like that blind date you go on, you may have a photo of this person and your mind takes you away on some fantasy and when the date occurs, it’s not what/who you thought they would be in your mind.

    The eyes feed the mind, if we allow the eyes to just receive and have no other construct, we would be amazed what we can see and feel and allow what needs to be seen and felt.

    1. Yes, when we make up pictures and have expectations we are setting ourselves up to be let down. Just receive and feel – what is there to be seen and felt. Be good to follow my own advice!

    2. Shushila I agree with you when we say
      ‘we project an image before the image has even appeared, so it kind of feels like the picture or scene has already been set.’
      I can remember talking to a client over the phone over a period of time so that I built up a picture of this person based on my mind. When I eventually met this honey toned voice they bore no resemblance to the picture I had built up. It feels to me that we are more often tricked by our minds than we realise.

    1. Exactly Greg, simply receiving images is so much different to seeing images which we have polluted and been polluted by with ideals and beliefs. I observe newborns and when they look around after being born, their eyes aren’t actually seeing much, but I observe them looking around and past the body in front of them, they appear to be just looking but they are actually also feeling around that person, it’s very hard to miss…

      1. Thank you Shushila, I will remember this next life time and look for and see more energy than what is physical, and as a new born deeply remember this life!

      2. Yes I’ve noticed this too on the maternity ward. On meeting my firstborn I knew he’d been here before – and told him so – although I didn’t know much about reincarnation at the time. Although newborns can’t see far, they definitely pick up on energies around them.

  3. Just yesterday I was on a walk and we had been seeing and hearing parakeets. My companion said there’s a parrot. I looked, expecting to see another parakeet, but there was a parrot in a cage. Since reading your post I am becoming more aware of the pictures I hold of how I expect things to be.

  4. It seems that we should be more precise with what we mean and to explore exactly what another is telling us because of late I have noticed that all too often within a conversation we say ‘I get it’ or ‘I know’ but do we really or is it preconceived picture. Have we watered down the full extent of what is being shared and the opportunity to evolve.

  5. I had to look up the word preconception as didn’t really know what it meant and after finding out what it means yes I am sure this is done a lot of the time all over the world, especially in and with relationships. It is like being a step ahead of ourselves but with a lie and not the truth … why do we do this? Why do we not want to be aligned with and see the truth? Very exposing, even something as simple as you have shared shows us where we are at in order to make an assumption.

  6. I’m fascinated that when the universe wants me to see something I can see it. My eye sight is not as sharp as it was when I was young but this is the fascinating part. When I’m asked to see something by the universe it’s so sharp. For example I was walking along with a friend and suddenly from looking ahead my eyes were drawn down to the road and there was a squashed Hornet in the road to my left. Why suddenly were my eyes drawn down to the dead Hornet? The universe was conversing with me at that moment and wanted me to see because it had a meaning for me. This is the alchemy of symbology. The universe is communicating with us all constantly but for many we are too busy to notice or just don’t realise that this is happening. This is just one of the many ways we miss out on this stream of magnificent communication.

  7. Do we find what we want to see? Oftentimes yes. Having a preconceived picture we may block out truth in the process. I feel sure my early onset myopia as a child stems from my not wanting to ‘see’ what was going on in my family.

  8. The eyes lie and trick us and we are constantly fed lies. A much needed correction in my own self is to break all perceptions of people as in any way other than being equal, one and the same.

  9. What happens when our mind jumps to a conclusion and it is not corrected? It is like being on a train, and it changes tracks, all you may hear or feel is a momentary clickily clack and life can be on a direction away from who you are and when you discover how far you have travelled, do you blame?

  10. The speed by which this takes place in our lives, automatically leads up in a different direction to what is actually present in front of us. How easily we can be deceived by it all. Thank you Gabriele for your insights.

  11. It’s the saddest story known to mankind – how we have spent most of our lives trapped in an impression of what we think life is, instead of living our glory. We don’t even think in the first place but are simply fed lies.

    1. The sad thing is we seem to have a veracious appetite for lies, we gobble them down in their millions and then still end up looking for more. We all lie and if we don’t think that we do then guess what? Yep that’s just another lie.

      1. I know someone who has realised just how much they wanted to see something that they had built as pictures in their minds. When we have pictures of how life should be or could be we are completely taken by the images and then it is very easy to go off track and end up behaving in a way that is harmful to our bodies. They have discovered just how much their mind is tricking them into doing something that they now realise goes completely against what their body would want. We cannot rely on our minds as it has been corrupted by our spirit to get its own way to indulge in its own creation. It cares little for the body it resides in.

    2. Do we constantly lie to ourselves because we don’t want to admit that we are so far from living who we truly are? It’s as though we have gone down a rabbit hole and have lost our way, so stay stuck in the rabbit hole while all the time missing the fresh air and sunshine.

  12. Thank you Gabriele for another clear and brilliant reminder to watch out for our tendency to manage what we see and hear, rather than stay open in each moment to receive what ever is there… and actually this makes life so much simpler.

  13. So many people view those from other countries as less than themselves and even if they’re presented with the clear and seemingly undeniable evidence that those people are no different from them and in many cases more tolerant and open minded, they still cling rigidly to what it is that they want to see. Many of us have an almost non negotiable determination to see what it is that we want to see.

  14. Our desire to control, to protect and to be secure we allow to override everything. In so doing we fail to appreciate on any level the love, wisdom and space that is on offer, if only we were to choose to align to it!

    1. Good point Michelle. When we start to deal with our hurts we can start to let go of the protective shield we hold around us and begin to see others as our equal.

  15. As part of my work I have to carry out an assessment that will determine an important decision. Even though i haven’t done the assessment yet I have ‘written’ the report in my head already (many times) because I think I already know the outcome and would prefer it to be a certain way. How unbiased can my assessment possibly be if a part of me seems to have already decided the outcome?

    1. Repetition and experience kills the natural curiousity and openness we had as children, instead of responding to what is before us, we’re driven into auto pilot as you say thinking we already know.

      1. Kehinde your comment caused me to reflect on the difference between repetition and consistency. Repetition feels like the almost unconscious repeating of behaviours that keep us stuck whereas consistency feels like the conscious repetition of rituals that support us to evolve. There’s a world of difference between the two.

  16. We use to look for what we want to see and if we don’t find it, our mind adapt the shape we have in front of us to our preconceived image, even though that image doesn’t match with the true form that we are watching. It’s interesting to observe this phenomenon for what it is, as great disencounters are feeded by this.

  17. Not only do we see what we want to see but we show others what they want to see. We’re shape shifters extraordinaire, constantly changing roles dependant on who we’re with and what we’re doing, as opposed to being the constant truth of who we all are, which is the consciousness of God. One consciousness that remains constant with all people across all situations, the constant terminal of God.

  18. It sounds stunning where you live. There again it is stunning where we all live if we truly allowed ourselves to connect to the truth and love within ✨ #innerconstellation #magicwithin In the last few days I have seen where I get caught up in life and not hold first our connection to the all and who we truly are. It so needs to be our multidimensionality first and then living from here.

  19. In actual fact I don’t think that we always see what we want to see, not deep down want to see, because what we all most want to see is the truth of all things and that’s rarely what we see.

    1. We have all learned in the past how we dealt with hurts in life to the point of just avoiding things. And, we paint the whole with the same brush even if it was one small thing that was painful. As time passes, we can even forget why we do not like something. Values and beliefs fit well into this category. Being open and willing to see afresh repairs our self-inflicted blindness of what we refuse to see…

  20. Oh, I just sigh when I consider how much of my life I have spent confirming pictures I have constructed!!!! Big ouch, and I wonder how many people I have judged, how much stubbornness and energy I have wasted convinced I knew the truth!!!

  21. We are cocooned in our own fortress peering out of tiny window slits of eyes unable to look right or left, up or down and as a consequence are living a narrowed down existence of what could otherwise be a grand and expansive life.

  22. Have you ever lost something in the house and can’t find it anywhere? The harder you try, the more focused, or narrow-focused you become in your search. You backtrack in your mind to remember your steps from the last time you had it and where it usually sits. The worst part is if it is not small, so that leaves the couch ate it, or in the junk drawer, we all deny we have, limits the places it could be. In the end, was in plain sight because it was moved from where you had left it because someone had moved it to someplace safe. Your picture of where it had always been, made you ignore it when it was in plain sight.

    1. Yes and looking again in the same place – and there it is! Oftentimes if I give up looking for a while and then when I start hunting again it becomes obvious. ‘But I already looked there’ is my cry!

  23. It’s easy to see how one person would swear they saw something totally different to another and nothing will budge them from their stance. So, how much of what we see with our eyes is the truth and can it be trusted – somehow I don’t think so.

  24. By having pictures and expectations, why would we ever go to a museum or art gallery? Are these places with lots of space offering us windows to our world?

  25. This exposes how rare it is to be fully present, so busy are we, inwardly marching forward with assumptions, pictures and projections. A great reflection of how easy it is to be deceived or deceive ourselves that what we see is true. Constantly staying in the present with what is before us and not be buried in our heads, an essential quality to have.

    1. Agreed and thank you Kehinde. The more present I am the more I am aware of what is really going on around me rather than having veils of my perceptions on everything. And I love how it feels when I am more receptive than controlling.

  26. We very often make a judgment on something based on what we see. The way someone looks at us. Even the stories we hear, how we navigate ourselves to take one side or another. Believing what we want to hear and see. Its no wonder that there are so many polarising views on various issues around the world. I can see the immense value of examining the pictures we have on life, the world and how we think things should be.

    1. We come at life with so many preconceptions, pictures, ideals and beliefs that we fail to see what is right there before us – quite often misinterpreting to a great degree, which just shows our predilection for drama and hurt. The irony is that we create what isn’t even true and then react to what we have created.

  27. We are all here for a short time, so why do we waste that time jumping to conclusions? We are the one that creates our space. We can use it to expand the time we have and smell the roses on our journey, or become the lemming heading for the cliff.

  28. Similarly when we assume something about another or anything really we are tainting it and not allowing it to be or allowing the true truth but instead making it about what ‘WE want’ to see, or hear or feel! mmmm I wonder how much this goes on in the world!

    1. Yes, I can’t help but consider how much Love, Truth and dare I say magic of unexplained wonder, we all miss when we assume or have pre-conceived pictures.

  29. Love the way Soul steps in to show the way, inviting us to reflect on other areas of our lives where we’re choosing to only ‘see what we want to see’

    1. I love your candour Alexis. The spirit can play some really insidious games. The manipulation you talk of here is a double whammy as what you may have been seeing may not have been true in the first place.

      1. Absolutely Michelle, I put my hand up in the air for spending most of my life lying in an attempt to sustain lies, there’s been very little honesty let alone truth in most of my adult years.

    2. Yes me too. What has changed recently is that when I do this (doctor the facts) I am much more willing to be honest about the script that I have written (the control I have attempted to impose) and let it go. This is when mistakes stop being things to punish myself for but moments to learn.

      1. “This is when mistakes stop being things to punish myself for but moments to learn”, Matilda I can feel the love that you have built up for yourself in the way that you are with yourself, it’s beautiful to feel the holding.

  30. I have often felt it is dangerous to assume and that is what is suggested here. Assumptions arise out of past experiences and narrow our understanding and offering in what is truly there

  31. We cast our minds and project far more than we realise – I feel Gabriele this is a great discussion to have, to ask the question why do we do this. It is only by asking such questions and picking away at our preconceptions of life will we be able to just be with life.

    1. I don’t think that when we look out that we are even free to see what’s truly there, I feel that what we’re going to see has long since been decided and that it is our movements leading up to that point that have already locked in what we’re going to believe we’re seeing.

  32. ‘seeking to match a preconception’ gosh that says just so so much and indeed how many of us in the world do this and how many times a day!

  33. It’s so true what you are presenting here Gabriele. Countless times I have approached situations expecting to see something in particular and found out I had been completely off track. It’s such a big realisation when we find out we have narrowed down our ‘vision’ by getting locked into expecting things to be a certain way.

    1. That is it Helen, being tricked if you like but what is completely off track, narrowing our vision and perception of what is truly going on here in this particular situation.

  34. Well observed Gabriele. There are many ways we’re tricked by self-created pictures, we then hold dearly to. Seeing what we want to see traps us with false perceptions, creates complication and conflict. Great to have it exposed in this way.

  35. Having worn glasses from an early age, I have been pondering on what truth I didn’t want to see in my family, as opposed to what I ‘wanted ‘ to see.

    1. I really, really wanted to see ‘happy families’ when I was growing up and I made sure that that was exactly what I saw regardless of what was actually in front of me.

    1. I agree Sue, this happened to me this afternoon. I was in a very complex medical case conference and because I have a picture that I’m not ‘medically trained’ and most people in the room were incredibly experienced in their fields, I found myself almost writing myself off as to what I can offer but it’s not true. We all have access to the Heavens, literally and the Heavens are more experienced and trained in every single aspect of life than all of us put together. Therefore by staying connected to myself in a very practical way I can sure up my connection with Heaven and what’s needed will come through.

      1. I can relate to “almost writing myself off as to what I can offer” as that was what I found myself doing when I started the job I am in, nearly two years. Most of the other staff have social work and psychology degrees while my only degree is a PhD in life. But it didn’t take too long before I realised that I actually had so much to offer in the form of life experience which I have in bucket loads and which comes with a deep understanding of people, an attribute really needed for the work we do. And it was the day a new staff member said to me that I must have a degree in Psychology that had me smiling – for that was her perception of me.

  36. I agree that this happens far more than I’ve cared to admit. Wanting what I see in life to match a mental picture. I’m wondering how I could experiment with not doing this…

  37. Wow Gabriele, you have made such a great point here, we have a projection ‘ in our mind’s eye’ so often as to what another is talking about, we just jump to conclusions from that rapid projection. It is a great reminder to not jump to conclusions, have no projection, and question the other as to what exactly they are talking about if it is not absolutely clear. This is a very simple situation, but taken to an extreme this can lead to some very unfortunate misunderstandings or arguments.

  38. If we really truly saw everything in its entirety we might be able to see and sense the energy behind the physical world that we have knowingly “shut out” in our endeavour to “fit in” and cope with this world we have all created. The more I give myself permission to ‘truly Be and see’, the more I see there is more to this reality than meets the eye.

      1. And very young babies do not see clearly beyond a few feet but they do feel everything that’s going on. Do we lose out when we strain to ‘see’ and disregard what we feel?

  39. Reblogged this on and commented:
    “In the ‘looking’, that is, in the predetermined dictation, we cast or project what to ‘look’ for. In other words: we are seeking to match the preconception.” – Serge Benhayon

  40. So beautifully said Gabriele, an awesome detail to observe that changes everything. And we can ponder much more deeply on if we allow ourselves to receive … or do we project.

    1. It is fascinating to think about how often we project in a day rather than simply seeing what is in front of us without bias. How often also must we feel slighted and hurt at something that was never intended as such but because of our hurts or preconceptions, we see in others an insult where there was none.

      1. Michelle I’d say that we’re projecting constantly because how often do any of us look out and see the consciousness of God everywhere? The fact that we all look out and see millions of separate people, all with different identities is an indication in itself that our vision is warped.

      2. Yes and pre-judging people and events. Ouch. Its so important to bring understanding in and with an increased awareness this will happen less. Just observe…..

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