Healing a catalogue of illnesses through making different choices

By Julie Matson, UK

I feel blessed every day for the good health I have in my life right now. I have more energy, am up at 4 am to read and write, I am on no medication for illnesses or pain (except the occasional headache), no longer overweight and am eating healthily, working and studying, and enjoying a full life which continues to expand.

This has not always been the case as I, like many women (and men) of my age, was in pain and discomfort from something or other every day, with things like;

  • IBS – bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, lethargy, headaches, stomach aches
  • Sinusitis – headaches that could last for months, painful swollen cheeks, blocked nose
  • Sciatica – sharp pain running down the leg (sometimes both legs) making it difficult to stand or walk
  • Chronic lower back pain – started at the age of 30 and became something I lived with and managed
  • Asthma – shortness of breath on exercise or hill walking and using an inhaler to control it
  • Over weight – three and a half stones over my natural weight for my height, comfort eating with all the wrong foods, legs chafing and obsessive yo-yo dieting
  • Chronic fatigue – tiredness on the slightest exertion, painful joints – this lasted for eight years off and on and I was taking high doses of painkillers everyday
  • Depression – when the fatigue became too much – people who have experienced the black hole of depression will know all too well what that feels like
  • Lock jaw – could not yawn as my jaw would lock, another very painful condition
  • Frozen shoulders – right shoulder froze for 24months, left for 10 months and any sudden jolt was excruciating
  • Ovarian cyst – burst ovarian cyst which ended up with me in the ER overnight receiving shots of morphine for pain relief
  • Neck injury – unable to work for six months and on anti-depressants as pain management
  • Mastalgia – years of extremely painful breasts
  • Complications giving birth – haemorrhaged during labour
  • Knee pain in both knees – three years of pain when I injured both knees whilst doing yoga
  • Giving up and resigned to a life of suffering.

These conditions did not just all start at once, they manifest over many years from the age of four, starting with constipation and slowly building one on top of the other.

Could it be that my body was trying to tell me something? 

If so, what, and why was I not listening?

The funny thing is or maybe not so funny, I considered myself quite fortunate because I did not have anything that I considered serious compared to other people in my family, as in:

  • Diabetes (three of my family members have this illness – one being insulin dependent)
  • Breast cancer (my mother had breast cancer and her sister died after having had a double mastectomy)
  • Leukaemia (father died of this)
  • Lung cancer (mother and grandfather died of this)
  • Heart disease (both of my parents suffered with this)
  • Thyroid dysfunction (my sister has had her thyroid removed and is on medication)
  • Brain tumour (a close relative)
  • Obesity (many of my family members are or have been obese)

As I consider myself typical of many men and women out there in the world, how can it be that we can have all these conditions and still think we are doing ok?

I went into finding a solution in the attempt to manage and control my conditions and I felt at the time that I had exhausted the usefulness of the medical profession and that the answers could be found within alternative therapies or diet. So I tried them all, from Yoga, Reiki, spiritual healing, vortex healing, crystal healing, acupuncture, wheat grass and blue algae, colonics, raw food diet, eating clay, vegetarian, every fad diet available, to mention but a few.

How does a person go from using inhalers, anti-depressants and strong painkillers to no medication (except the occasional headache tablet from the chemist and multi-vitamins)?

Answer = Choices

I chose to:

  • Attend courses and presentations run by Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine team.
  • Have treatments with Esoteric Practitioners, who never judge but lovingly support me along the way.
  • Attend Esoteric Women’s Development Groups in London.
  • Do the Gentle Breath Meditation as taught to me during Universal Medicine courses.
  • Look at and feel how my body reacted with gluten and dairy. IBS and sinus symptoms subsided and disappeared very quickly.
  • Go to bed when I am tired and not override the need for sleep. Naturally, I am at my best when I go to bed at 8.30 pm and find it very beneficial to do so, waking refreshed and rested the next day rather than feeling chronically fatigued.
  • Practise being with me during my day and breathing my own breath, which helps me to stay with myself and not react if a situation arises which I may feel pulled to get involved in.
  • Introduce gentleness and tenderness into my life. This has changed the way I am with my body and I recognise sooner than later when I have gone into protection now.
  • Look at things I avoid dealing with i.e speaking up instead of holding back.
  • Question any negative thoughts I may have about myself or others, and to change these into thoughts of appreciation which helps enormously.

Plus, much more……

Living this way helps me to recognise the signals from my body when something does not feel right and to pay attention well before I have to get sciatica or achy knees. I am starting to realise that the body has its own intelligence if I take the time and pay attention to listen to it – the benefits are a thousand-fold.

Serge Benhayon has restored my trust when it comes to seeking Western Medicine and I now have a new appreciation for the medical profession who have helped me out with tests and treatments over the years, and now I am willing to listen to the doctors and not just dismiss what they have to say, as I would have done in the past. I would say I have a whole new level of appreciation for the medical staff and have renewed my original love of medicine and the workings of the human body.

I may not have a medicine cupboard full of pills and lotions any more but I do have at my disposal a healthier lifestyle, Esoteric Practitioners and the whole of the NHS, for the times when I do need to go to the doctors. Looking after myself is my way of doing my part and not just expecting others to fix me when things have gotten out of control, or my body is giving me another message.

For me, the improvements to my health have changed my life but I know there is more to come as my commitment and deepening relationship to myself is part of an ongoing process that is forever unfolding. And that as I change from the inside and am willing to let things go, allowing myself to show more of who I truly am, that quality will reflect to other people that they can also live a different life, a more true and healthy way of living. How great is that 🙂


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271 thoughts on “Healing a catalogue of illnesses through making different choices

  1. It is so important to document the changes we experience when we make changes to our lifestyle, as you have done Julie. Although personal experience is disregarded currently, in time this will change and these stories will really count to show mankind what is possible.

  2. Taking responsibility for our health – as you did – is key. That was quite a catalogue of illnesses you had – and in your family. Making changes in our lifestyle counts for so much. I was amazed when I had surgery a few years ago when asking my consultant about dietary changes she said there was no evidence! Yet I know many students of The Way of the Livingness who have healed from serious disease and whose lives are healthier than ever before, despite ageing…. Why isn’t personal evidence taken into account? Its empirical evidence which I was told counted when I was at school.

  3. Are we setting a new marker for illnesses and diseases? There are many things out there that are taking us out, thinning our herd. By being more aware of how we are living and loving ourselves, it is reducing the impact on our body. Could these maladies, simply be clearings we need?

  4. ‘Could it be that my body was trying to tell me something?’ Once we stop dismissing symptoms as an inconvenience and learn to read why they are there, we can start to see them for the positive communications they are -signposts to what our choices have been so that we can begin to address them and, underneath, the hurts that drive them.

    1. So often we ignore pain and discomfort because of a pressing need to keep going. We seem hellbent on carrying on regardless of how tired we feel or often regardless of the pain we’re in. We’re like robots who have been programmed to keep going no matter what. Some of us even get a kick out of our ability to battle on and ‘go it alone’ or ‘keep going whilst sick’. The fact that we hold sportsman up as heros when they keep playing with broken bones is a prime example. Many of these behaviours can be traced back to beliefs that we hold and it is these beliefs that engineer our bodies to perform in a certain way. Disband a belief and the body has more freedom to move.

  5. Interesting here that you say the thing that turned your health and well-being around was your own choices and not some ‘magic’ modality or session or practitioner. It is my experience also that we cannot be rescued by anyone or anything else from our ill health but only supported to make different daily lifestyle choices which are what really change our health and well-being even in the case of an incurable condition.

    1. And knowing that it is our choices that can make the difference is way more empowering than feeling we need someone else to fix us.

  6. I am sure that anyone who knew you before when you had all of those ailments and who still knows you now and has witnessed the turn around in your health and well-being that you have created for yourself could not help but be inspired.

    1. This is true, I do have a friend who lived next door for nine years and she often remarks on how different I am compared to back then. These days she has also given up drinking, lost weight due to watching the types of foods she eats and is looking at ways to help herself in different areas of her life.

  7. I wonder just how many ailments we have but consider them as normal? One example would be lumps or cysts on breasts … obviously not normal or part of our true wellbeing, definitely not part of our anatomy when you look in medical books, yet many doctors tell women this is completely normal to have! I’m not getting at medical professionals here, but instead seeing just how much we have accepted things that either should not be there or are not okay as okay or normal and this goes far beyond our health to what we have accepted in our society as well as being okay.

    1. The more who do this will support the gradual normalisation of it. To me it is no longer normal to dismiss and deny what the body is plainly communicating. After a while and with some practice it becomes very natural to do.

  8. That is an amazing list of ailments to be essentially now gone, all because of changes to how you live. This is remarkable and one would, think the medical profession would be wanting to investigate to see if such changes to how one lives could help all their patients. Are they too busy firefighting to take a step back and see the bigger picture?

  9. The catalogue of illnesses you describe can be seen as ‘silent’ conditions, often accepted, identified with, considered normal and part of everyday. To have the awareness that no health condition is intrinsically who we are and consciously walk a path to clear them one by one, confirms the deep love you have for yourself.

  10. Healing can only come through connection with ourselves. As long as we are going walkabout, roaming around here, there and everywhere but ourselves then no true healing can take place. But as soon as we come back to ourselves then true healing is underway, whether we are conscious of it or not.

  11. “Could it be that my body was trying to tell me something?” It’s not so much that our bodies are ‘trying’ to tell us something, they actually do tell us everything loud and clear, it’s just that we’re hard of hearing.

  12. Having a multitude of symptoms like you describe, Julie has become the accepted normal for many people today. Because a lot of these conditions are chronic, we live with them and as we age, the list grows and grows and the number of pills to take increases simultaneously. The financial costs are evident but the cost of ill health to ourselves is life changing. By changing our choices, we don’t need to follow this route.

    1. Sadly true, as very few people will say they feel vibrant and healthy when you ask how they are. Living with pain and or illness has become the norm. Doctors and nurses are taken aback when asked what medications I am on – in my late sixties – when I reply ‘none’.

    2. It’s true Gill, it has become the norm to have a long list of ailments and in the end that long list of feeling unwell takes its toll and life does become more of a struggle and something that has to be managed. We are told to live with our illnesses and just carry on taking the medication. Where’s the joy in living like that?

  13. It’s so simple to make the link between obesity and life-style choices, yet we still host cake sale for charity & have our chocolate go-tos for comfort.

  14. I love the relationship we can choose to build with ourselves.
    Not one of judgement and demand but one of patience, understanding and willngness to listen.
    There is a lot to appreciate when we take the time to feel what is truly going on within and
    become aware what is available to us.

  15. What a great change in your life, Julie. Your experience clearly exposes that being responsible for the role we play in our health is something worth considering.

  16. A classic example that confirms that the first medicine we should be reaching for is the nature and quality of our daily choices, which in turn will deeply support the services of our medical profession a thousand fold.

  17. How come the power of our choices to influence our health for better or for worse is such a well kept secret? Especially as you could say it’s an obvious. Could it be simply that on the whole we don’t want to know this as it takes away all our excuses and ability to blame anything but our choices for our situation?

  18. It is common sense really (but something we don’t always use! 😶) in that of course if we are with our bodies, listening to them and taking care and looking after them it is going to benefit our health and wellbeing. I can relate with what you shared as I used to do loads of different diets and colonics and things in order to be ‘healthy’ but if I have no true connection or honesty with me and my body it just ends up being like a tick list similar to everything else I was doing in my life and that is exactly what happened. My learning, with the support of Universal Medicine has been to learn to truly listen to me and connect with my body building a relationship from within. This is definitely not perfect and never will be as I am always learning with this and trustfully deepening but since living this way it is the first time I have noticed an actual difference in many areas of my life. True health really does come from within … our connection within ✨

  19. We are sick en masse. Sick of not expressing the truth, sick of being a ridiculously reduced version of our true selves, sick of living in a constant sea of lies, sick of this ludicrous charade that we live in. And yet. And yet we keep choosing it. Moment by moment it’s what we choose and until we choose something else we won’t be well again. And being ‘well’ is still a watered down version of our true selves. Our true selves are stunning resplendent beings capable of things that currently we can’t even imagine.

  20. It is pretty unusual to have healed some very persistent long term conditions that reoccur many times in people’s lives, like low back pain, asthma and chronic fatigue. These diseases usually worsen as we age, so it shows there is more to illness than is recognised, as you describe, there is so much that is dependent on our choices.

  21. Great sharing Julie. It is going to sound too good to be true to many people but I know it is true because I too had such a list of ailments and now I no longer have them and its thanks to how I am living and all the healing that I have experienced from Universal Medicine practitioners. The changes to how I am living is also thanks to Universal Medicine. Without UM I would be a very sick individual whereas on the contrary I am at 69 now more healthy than I can recall at any time since I was a teenager.

  22. We have a medical model rooted primarily in giving prescription medication, (although social prescribing is now also now offered). Whilst pharmaceutical drugs have their place, total dependency on them limits our willingness to live in a way that prevents disease from forming in the first place. True healthcare supports people to take ownership of their own health, care for their body and work as equal partners with medical and healthcare professionals.

    1. Most of us are dependent on so many things to get through our day. Caffeine, sugar, recreational drugs, entertainment, alcohol, sex, computer games, relationships, being needed, drama, exercise, work, hiding, there is a vast and endless array of things that we all use to get through our days. And we have a habit of judging other people’s coping mechanisms as well as ranking them but they are all in fact interchangeable and they all exist as substitutes for missing our connection with ourselves. They are glorified temporary gap fillers, nothing more. And when we close the gap between us and ourselves the need for fillers naturally disappears.

      1. We have become dependent using ‘fillers’ to mask the emptiness we feel, not knowing we’re only a step away from experiencing the magic of fullness within.

      2. It’s a real reflection of the depth of the illusion we’re in, that we can feel pitifully empty for a lifetime whilst all the while being full to the brim.

  23. In one family, a father and aunt died as a result of diabetes related conditions. Three of the next generational group, in their sixties were diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Two of the three who changed their lifestyle, diet and introduced gentle exercise are now classed as being prediabetic. Consider it a blessing when an ill-health diagnosis serves as a wake-up call and compels us reflect on our lives and make more loving choices.

    1. That is awesome that people literally broke the chain here by taking care of themselves, loving themselves more and listening to their body … very cool.

  24. Many have proved that despite a family history of a particular disease like diabetes, through self care and loving life-style choices, it is possible to not become diabetic. It’s often too easy for people to attribute genetics, race or other factor as the cause of their disease or illness rather than take responsibility and live in a way more likely to prevent the onset of an illness or disease.

  25. “Introduce gentleness and tenderness into my life.” A quality that naturally resides in all of us, men and women alike, and one that restores true harmony to the body when expressed through our movements, integrity and relationships.

  26. Where many would have gone under or become victims of ill-health conditions, your intention was to find answers and you did. A powerful testimony of what is possible when we get back into the driving seat and steer a steady and loving course back to true health.

  27. If Julie could turn around her life from one loaded down with a laundry list of medical conditions, exhaustion, and pain to one of health, vitality and commitment to serving with purpose, it sure seems that paying attention to what Universal Medicine has to offer in regards to these matters is in order, for all of humanity really. Because considering the situation we are in with these types of scenarios becoming more of the norm than the oddity, and with whole governments being on the verge of medical bankruptcy trying to deal with them, there certainly needs to be something we can all look to in order to approach life and self-care in a different way, as what we are doing now is most certainly not working. I was just feeling the other day such appreciation for how settled my body feels, having so much more energy, rarely getting sick as I used to in the past, and most importantly, feeling such an amazing connection to the Divine source that I come from. Without the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom as represented by Serge Benhayon, I don’t feel this would be the case at all, because I was shown a completely different way of relating to myself and others with true responsibility for every movement, which then flows back to my body in such a powerfully healing way when it is done with love at its core.

    1. It is odd that the world is not ready to listen to what Serge Benhayon is offering with regard to health and wellbeing, we are in dire need of it but we still don’t want to listen. How bad does health need to get before we are even willing to explore if what he is saying might be correct?

  28. There is much to appreciate when we choose to take responsibility for our health and heal in a world where there is much resistance, arrogance and victim hood. Unless we listen and make that choice to heal we are left at the mercy of the ailments, disease and illness within the body.

    1. The multi-symptomatic man and woman will continue to proliferate our world and the people that reside on it as long as we refuse to accept our part in the dis-ease we are causing it.

  29. I too feel incredibly blessed by my quality of health today and I know that the vitality and consistent feeling of wellbeing is a direct result of my engagement with Universal Medicine and the Esoteric Healing modalities. The teachings and presentations have provided me with a proven model of true health that I have been able to re-orientate my living standards to with incredible results.

    1. I feel the blessing too of feeling well-being as a direct result of my engagement with Universal Medicine and the Esoteric Healing modalities. What I also love is the understanding that is brought when I do get sick and what lies underneath the condition which enabled me to get it in the first place.

  30. It seems to me we have a major problem with misunderstanding what true health and well-being is. We have, as you have illustrated, so many chronic illnesses that get measured by severity and we make decisions about what constitutes serious health and what we should pay attention to based on its ‘life-threatening- factor.

    1. All the way through my childhood and into adulthood I suffered from constipation, very stiff shoulders and as a young adult I would wake up with a blocked nose every morning. All of these symptoms I dismissed as normal, as things that were inevitable and just had to be put up with as they seemed very minor. I knew that if I went to the doctor they wouldn’t be met with anything other than take laxatives, go to the physio for the shoulders (which I did, but it didn’t work) and for the nose.. well I was never sure. At no point before I began to attend Universal was I fully claimed in feeling that this was not acceptable and that there must have been something about the way I was living that meant these symptoms were playing out. It didn’t take long after I gave up the gluten and dairy, started to self nurture more and learn how to handle tension more, letting go of long held hurts that those other symptoms disappeared.

      1. That is amazing and well worth celebrating. The way we live and what we consume has an effect on our body. It is entirely logical to me, and I am learning that the only people who don’t want to hear that or want to discount it are those who do not want to change their behaviour and therefore mock those who do.

      2. The mocking is very telling, because when it is done it can come laced with resentment, jealousy, hate and more. Not much more needs to be discerned other than the quality (or lack of it) that it comes with to be able to handle it.

  31. I have had a tendency to really go for negative moaning. It really gets me and those around me down! It’s not like I pretend what is, isn’t, it’s appreciating the lessons I’m learning. Even when these lessons don’t feel fun I’m appreciating the letting go of what isn’t fun so I can come back to being at ease with myself and others. The energy put into keeping up appearances is no longer needed, I can be me, learning all that I didn’t whilst I hid away from the world.

    1. Understanding we are not our issues and moans supports us to detach from them. To release these tendencies allows a new flow of energy into our body and we begin to embrace, not hide from the world.

  32. Where many would have gone under or become victims of ill-health conditions, your mission was to find answers and you did. A powerful testimony of what is possible when we get back into the driving seat and steer a steady and loving course back to true health.

  33. Simply healing one of these illnesses like sciatica, is nothing short of miraculous, but healing yourself from 16 conditions you had is completely mind blowing. Your choices have changed beyond recognition, proof of what we can do when we focus.

  34. Funny how we tend to measure our health in relation to a drop down menu of horrendous illnesses, rather than a multiple list of beneficial qualities such as joy, vitality, clarity and ease of movement to name but a few. Seems to me we are looking in the wrong direction.

    1. That is such a great point. What would our life look and feel like if we did build a greater level of health according to those “beneficial qualities such as joy, vitality, clarity and ease of movement to name but a few”? And what would then be our relationship with the list of horrendous illnesses that are abound, even if we did experience them in our life? Worth considering.

    2. Well observed Rowena. When the drop down menu of ill-health conditions becomes a daily reality and we accept it as our lot, we’ve lost sight of the potential in all of us to feel much more: light, energised, vital and purposeful. Instead of living life with joy, we settle for less, survival and struggle becomes our normal.

  35. Julie many will be inspired by what you share knowing it’s never too hopeless or late to start a health programme founded on deep self care. Your experience confirms that there is a healing way to be in life that is self re-generative even as we age and well into our our elder years.

    1. It is never and can never be too late to heal as it is something that each and every one of us has to eventually do. We can put it off for what feels like an eternity but there will come a day when each of us starts the journey back to where we’ve come from.

  36. We often take good health for granted or put up with ill-health conditions without question.
    When in optimum health, it’s important to appreciate and keep doing all the things that keep us well. Equally, if illness appears be super attentive and respond in a way that brings understanding and ultimately healing.

    1. The whole of life provides us with a constant opportunity to heal and then once we’ve healed ourselves the way that we live then offers a healing to others. We reflect that which we are and so we are either reflecting an aspect of life that has been healed or an aspect of life that has not. The beautiful thing is that all of us know what it feels like to be whole and complete and so when we receive that reflection from another, it appears as a reminder and not an impossibility.

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