Healing a catalogue of illnesses through making different choices

By Julie Matson, UK

I feel blessed every day for the good health I have in my life right now. I have more energy, am up at 4 am to read and write, I am on no medication for illnesses or pain (except the occasional headache), no longer overweight and am eating healthily, working and studying, and enjoying a full life which continues to expand.

This has not always been the case as I, like many women (and men) of my age, was in pain and discomfort from something or other every day, with things like;

  • IBS – bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, lethargy, headaches, stomach aches
  • Sinusitis – headaches that could last for months, painful swollen cheeks, blocked nose
  • Sciatica – sharp pain running down the leg (sometimes both legs) making it difficult to stand or walk
  • Chronic lower back pain – started at the age of 30 and became something I lived with and managed
  • Asthma – shortness of breath on exercise or hill walking and using an inhaler to control it
  • Over weight – three and a half stones over my natural weight for my height, comfort eating with all the wrong foods, legs chafing and obsessive yo-yo dieting
  • Chronic fatigue – tiredness on the slightest exertion, painful joints – this lasted for eight years off and on and I was taking high doses of painkillers everyday
  • Depression – when the fatigue became too much – people who have experienced the black hole of depression will know all too well what that feels like
  • Lock jaw – could not yawn as my jaw would lock, another very painful condition
  • Frozen shoulders – right shoulder froze for 24months, left for 10 months and any sudden jolt was excruciating
  • Ovarian cyst – burst ovarian cyst which ended up with me in the ER overnight receiving shots of morphine for pain relief
  • Neck injury – unable to work for six months and on anti-depressants as pain management
  • Mastalgia – years of extremely painful breasts
  • Complications giving birth – haemorrhaged during labour
  • Knee pain in both knees – three years of pain when I injured both knees whilst doing yoga
  • Giving up and resigned to a life of suffering.

These conditions did not just all start at once, they manifest over many years from the age of four, starting with constipation and slowly building one on top of the other.

Could it be that my body was trying to tell me something? 

If so, what, and why was I not listening?

The funny thing is or maybe not so funny, I considered myself quite fortunate because I did not have anything that I considered serious compared to other people in my family, as in:

  • Diabetes (three of my family members have this illness – one being insulin dependent)
  • Breast cancer (my mother had breast cancer and her sister died after having had a double mastectomy)
  • Leukaemia (father died of this)
  • Lung cancer (mother and grandfather died of this)
  • Heart disease (both of my parents suffered with this)
  • Thyroid dysfunction (my sister has had her thyroid removed and is on medication)
  • Brain tumour (a close relative)
  • Obesity (many of my family members are or have been obese)

As I consider myself typical of many men and women out there in the world, how can it be that we can have all these conditions and still think we are doing ok?

I went into finding a solution in the attempt to manage and control my conditions and I felt at the time that I had exhausted the usefulness of the medical profession and that the answers could be found within alternative therapies or diet. So I tried them all, from Yoga, Reiki, spiritual healing, vortex healing, crystal healing, acupuncture, wheat grass and blue algae, colonics, raw food diet, eating clay, vegetarian, every fad diet available, to mention but a few.

How does a person go from using inhalers, anti-depressants and strong painkillers to no medication (except the occasional headache tablet from the chemist and multi-vitamins)?

Answer = Choices

I chose to:

  • Attend courses and presentations run by Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine team.
  • Have treatments with Esoteric Practitioners, who never judge but lovingly support me along the way.
  • Attend Esoteric Women’s Development Groups in London.
  • Do the Gentle Breath Meditation as taught to me during Universal Medicine courses.
  • Look at and feel how my body reacted with gluten and dairy. IBS and sinus symptoms subsided and disappeared very quickly.
  • Go to bed when I am tired and not override the need for sleep. Naturally, I am at my best when I go to bed at 8.30 pm and find it very beneficial to do so, waking refreshed and rested the next day rather than feeling chronically fatigued.
  • Practise being with me during my day and breathing my own breath, which helps me to stay with myself and not react if a situation arises which I may feel pulled to get involved in.
  • Introduce gentleness and tenderness into my life. This has changed the way I am with my body and I recognise sooner than later when I have gone into protection now.
  • Look at things I avoid dealing with i.e speaking up instead of holding back.
  • Question any negative thoughts I may have about myself or others, and to change these into thoughts of appreciation which helps enormously.

Plus, much more……

Living this way helps me to recognise the signals from my body when something does not feel right and to pay attention well before I have to get sciatica or achy knees. I am starting to realise that the body has its own intelligence if I take the time and pay attention to listen to it – the benefits are a thousand-fold.

Serge Benhayon has restored my trust when it comes to seeking Western Medicine and I now have a new appreciation for the medical profession who have helped me out with tests and treatments over the years, and now I am willing to listen to the doctors and not just dismiss what they have to say, as I would have done in the past. I would say I have a whole new level of appreciation for the medical staff and have renewed my original love of medicine and the workings of the human body.

I may not have a medicine cupboard full of pills and lotions any more but I do have at my disposal a healthier lifestyle, Esoteric Practitioners and the whole of the NHS, for the times when I do need to go to the doctors. Looking after myself is my way of doing my part and not just expecting others to fix me when things have gotten out of control, or my body is giving me another message.

For me, the improvements to my health have changed my life but I know there is more to come as my commitment and deepening relationship to myself is part of an ongoing process that is forever unfolding. And that as I change from the inside and am willing to let things go, allowing myself to show more of who I truly am, that quality will reflect to other people that they can also live a different life, a more true and healthy way of living. How great is that 🙂


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245 thoughts on “Healing a catalogue of illnesses through making different choices

  1. The illnesses you describe Julie are often what people tend to get as their lives progress, and become what is termed medically as co-morbities, that is, illnesses we have not recovered from but make us less healthy as we age. You have turned the trajectory around completely by healing yourself of these types of illnesses, this is totally against the trend of how life is lived by the majority.

  2. It is quite extraordinary how our bodies can bounce back when we treat them with tender love and care. This needs to be our first port of call when we feel unwell, to look at where we are not treating our selves with absolute tenderness and address that aspect of self care, before we go trotting off to the doctor expecting them to do it on our behalf.

  3. More and more I am getting to understand that the body has an intelligence far greater than that of the mind and every little choice we make towards good health the body will recognise it and respond accordingly.

  4. We can either choose to stay with who we already are or choose to be who we are not. Every movement, every thought and everything that we say falls into one of those two categories, there is no third category.

  5. We can very easily resolve a great many of our ill conditions by changing our diet and lifestyle. What is harder to address is our attitude towards our selves but a great deal can shift very quickly when we are encouraged to make self-loving choices because we are worth it and always have been.

    1. When I connect to the immutable living fact that we and everything else that exists in life is made from the consciousness of God, the question of whether or not we are ‘worth it’ simply disappears. We are the living consciousness of God and that consciousness never contemplates the topic of self worth as it simply just is. Just is everything and just is God.

    2. You are so right, action is easy. Making a decision to try something new is easy, what is harder to address is the ‘why’ and until we are willing to understand what impulses our movements and our thought patterns I suspect we will not be able to address the outcomes we see in a lasting way. From my experience it is a constant unfolding of awareness, so what once felt like a healthy way of living to me, now feels less healthy and more restricted.

  6. Life choices are so powerful, because the choice to walk with what is within us is like rocket fuel for our evolution.

  7. I’m sure if we all look at our family histories in detail, there would be a similar catalogue of illnesses we would consider to be genetic and hereditary. But the changes you have made have to disprove this (and you are not the only one) because you have changed nothing other than your choices to feel what is happening and care more for yourself.

  8. We are slowly beginning to join up the dots here in relation to our way of life and the quality of our health. On one visit to my Doctor we had this amazing conversation whereby he started with looking at lifestyle habits in relation to my presenting symptoms. Did I drink alcohol, coffee, eat lots of sugar, did I exercise and so on. It was the best conversation I have had with a Doctor, one I felt equally in charge of because I was being offered the space to look at everyday habits being a causative factor and in that ones I have a choice to pursue or not depending on their impact. Real medicine in action.

  9. Once we start to embrace and live the fact that everything is something and nothing is nothing then we will start to truly understand life. As opposed to what we’re currently doing, which is to take a stab at the answers.

  10. In answer to your last question… properly great. That from the catalogue of debilitating ailments you had, against the current trends, you have got healthier and more vital as you have aged. Super inspiring. Thank you.

  11. There is the Darwin award for making terrible choices that allow us to hit the reset button and try this life thing again. But, how many of our choices are just slow suicide; drinking, smoking, overeating and generally living an unhealthy lifestyle? When we begin listening to our body, we choose how we go forward in life, no matter what our age is!

  12. That certainly is a catalogue of illnesses and awesome that you were able to change the illnesses into a healthy body thanks to your choices which require a commitment and devotion to yourself. Letting go of what does not support you to live this way and stepping into the light, the limelight even, where you are easily seen and appreciated is a gift not just to yourself individually but to everyone. ,

  13. I’m pretty sure that you would not like your life to revert back to how it was, looking at where you were with your health a few years ago. The changes you have made for yourself have been nothing short of a miracle in terms of your health now, it shows how lifestyle related diseases can be reversed.

  14. “Giving up and resigned to a life of suffering.” I too had reached this dead end in my life, resigned to a list of illnesses and injuries, feeling dull, flat and listless. Meeting Serge Benhayon was the turning point, the opportunity to realize it was worth loving myself and equipped with some extremely simple self help tools, have also transmuted a range of health issues just by changing my lifestyle habits. Stunning to say the least, extraordinarily effective and extremely self-empowering.

    1. Wow Rowena that’s also incredible to hear. Simple choices big changes. Stunning and empowering. Your photo looks very far from listless! Vibrant, warm and shining. Here’s to simple lifestyle choices.

  15. When we consider ourselves healthy because we have the absence of cancer, yet we are carrying a whole host of aliments, chronic conditions and a deep lack of vitality we could say that our definition of health has become very skewered.

      1. This is shocking, isn’t it? We put something down as normal because a large majority is experiencing the same. If we keep going on our current trajectory we may get to the point where we say that cancer is normal… this would sound ridiculous wouldn’t it? We are getting so far down the slippery slope of what we consider good health to be we have lost actually, what it means to be in good health.

      2. Agreed Matilda Bathurst. There is a big difference between ‘normal’ and ‘common’. It is a dire indication that our markers of true health have been abandoned when we accept chronic states of ill health as normal rather than truly identifiying them as the widespread states of disease they really are.

    1. True Rachael.
      When folks fill health forms now I notice time and again it’s only the huge ticket items, or the ‘worst’ items that reach the list….’oh and there’s just my arthritis’, ‘oh and there’s just the IBS thing’ and more. The whole scale of unwellness has slid so far we are using it to define wellness against an ever diminishing ‘averaging out’ that makes it seem ‘not That bad’ – but what if we measured against a truly vital life of feeling refreshed, deeply content, whole, and full of love and purpose. Our markers of health and ill health have become greatly skewed in an ever downward sliding scale.

      1. For most of us the marker of a ‘truly vital life of feeling refreshed, deeply content, whole, and full of love and purpose.’ seems way off the radar, including having a healthy body. Although this is a bit of an anomaly to our current way of thinking, even with some ailments we can be vital. I have seen many a person who has life threatening conditions be full of sparkle, joy and vitality. There is a whole different way we can approach our health.

  16. It always amazes me how much we stagger on when our bodies are giving clear signs that the way we are living is seriously hindering our health and well being! And how when we clean up our act and start loving our selves from the inside out, incredibly vital, bright and fresh we feel. Feeling bright and bonny is how we are supposed to feel, it should be our norm not the exception.

  17. I was talking to a lady on the check out at a supermarket and she was telling me that she is very ill and she is fed up with solutions that she is being offered she wants to know the root cause of her illness so that she can work from that foundation to bring herself back to health. It was a fascinating conversation to have as she can feel that the medical profession with all they have at their disposal cannot tell her what the root cause is but she knows there must be one.

  18. Illness and disease are created by our walking away from God and our healing is our return. Both our outward journey and our return journey are made up of choices. Each individual choice that we make is a step away from or a step back towards God, even though in truth we can never step away from that that we are.

  19. Serge Benhayon predicted many years ago, that people would have multiple illnesses and conditions as you have described here. You are a living case study this does not have to be permanent.

  20. “… how can it be that we can have all these conditions and still think we are doing ok?” Maybe its because we have lost the template of what it means to be healthy? I know I had. Meeting Universal Medicine has definitely enabled me to re-orientate my understanding of what healthy is and how to re-establish my own health based on the quality of how I live each day. What a blessing.

  21. With the rise in illness & disease today, despite great advances in medical/surgical technology, one has to question what is truly happening? Why are diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, mental illness and obesity on the increase? Everyone is looking for a quick fix and solution. People are becoming more multi-symptomatic now so even the medical profession are becoming more baffled.
    What you share Julie how you have changed your life from being chronically unwell to now feeling vital and committed to life in full is “nothing short of a miracle”. The key- all about choices.
    Very inspirational personal account.

  22. “Looking after myself is my way of doing my part and not just expecting others to fix me when things have gotten out of control, or my body is giving me another message.” Many of us find this simple message hard to accept: it is the part we play in looking after ourselves that is the key to true health. Seeking help after an ill-health condition presents is necessary, but last resort. Doing what we can to prevent ill-health through self care and nurturing is always our first priority.

  23. What has become the norm we have made it the norm and hence don’t think twice about experiencing conditions such as what Julie has experienced in life. This is because we compare ourselves with one another instead of living the joy and taking responsibility for what is true for us on our path of return.

    1. Have we accepted a sliding scale of what is acceptable? I only have X number of things wrong, and someone else has more so, I am better but, stuck in a groove! Is this what life has become from our choices?

  24. The way you have dealt with a good number of your previous conditions show that turning to orthodox medicine to resolve them is not a ‘have to’ option, but a preferred one that is sought only after you have taken it on board to deeply nurture your self first.

  25. As I read through your ‘catalogue of illnesses’, it got me to thinking on what it must have been like to visit the doctor, knowing you probably only had 15 minutes with them and so the decision would arise as to what you shared first. I realise that you wouldn’t have had all those conditions manifesting at once, but even with one or two the brief appointment really wouldn’t have supported you to share what was going on for you in great depth. And you would not be alone, as it is obvious that we as human beings are becoming multi-symptomatic, presenting our medical professional with several issues at once, along with the question – “what issue comes first?’. With our world-wide situation of rising ill-health, it is certainly imperative that humanity starts to make different choices as to the way we are living, as you have, sooner rather than later.

  26. It is quite astonishing that your long list of illnesses have cleared up just from changing your lifestyle habits. What else could we achieve if we made this a foundation in our health care system, we so could simply turn the trends on the rising levels of illness and disease that our currently bankrupting our health systems.

  27. I love the power of choice and thank God for it, for we can bury ourselves deeper or lift ourselves up and transform ourselves by the power of choice.

  28. Illness and disease, pain and ailments are living reflections of the choices that we have made in our lives. Healing therefore is also a living reflection of choices that we have made in our lives. Absolutely everything in life is something. No-thing can come from nothing. Everything can be traced back to its preceding choices which brings in accountability and responsibility. Two qualities that the soul absolutely loves.

  29. Julie, you are an inspiration. Looking at you where you are today I had no idea you had been through the conditions you have listed – there is no resemblance of them in you. I love how you described how we can look at others and compare ourselves to others as to not look at what is happening to ourselves, as to ignore the communications from our body – communications that are tailored specifically for us at each split second. I am in awe of the intelligence, humbleness, patience and precision of our bodies – plus our bodies is with us 24/7, mind blowing.

  30. There is only one way of life until you discover that there is another way of life. This difference is only made through our choices and how we are with ourselves each and every day.

  31. Julie this is an excellent blog, crazy how the world is accepting so much less in the way of their own health, it now has become normal to have some sort of aliment or illness – you are re-writing the book. Thank you Julie, very inspiring.

    1. It is actually a very crazy situation we find ourselves in, where having some ‘sort of ailment or illness’ is considered to be normal. Whatever happened to true health and why are we now accepting a life much lesser than the one which is always available to live? I love the fact that there are people like Julie who have begun to make different and more self-caring choices and the wonderful results that she has experienced are not just available for her, but for all of us, if we make the same, or similar, choices.

  32. “Looking after myself is my way of doing my part and not just expecting others to fix me when things have gotten out of control” an essential responsibility that begins from within us and will be an integral part of our health care in the not too distant future.

      1. My sense is that it is a lack of self-worth and not treasuring ourselves to the bone. The more we love ourselves the easier it is to make self-loving choices. I know from experience that having self-loathing brings ‘a not caring attitude’ and wanting to choose anything and everything that dulls and numbs the intensity of the feeling.

  33. It had been accepted that illnesses like diabetes, heart attacks, and strokes are mainly caused by lifestyle choices, but you have written a case study here of the changes made in your life to now bring you the excellent health and healing from all those the past choices. We can all follow your example and make a similar record of this journey so there will be true data for the future.

  34. ‘I may not have a medicine cupboard full of pills and lotions any more but I do have at my disposal a healthier lifestyle, Esoteric Practitioners and the whole of the NHS, for the times when I do need to go to the doctors. Looking after myself is my way of doing my part and not just expecting others to fix me when things have gotten out of control, or my body is giving me another message.’ This paragraph is a beautiful summation of how far it is possible to come in a few short years in terms of health, commitment to life, appreciation, self love and responsibility.

  35. It is such a ‘normal’ of today’s present society to just accept one’s state of ill-health, yet that does not have to be the case as you so lucidly share, Julie. Thank you.

  36. What’s amazing is that you can’t get much more in your face than an illness and yet we still manage to kid ourselves that it has nothing to do with us. In some ways you have to marvel at our dogged determination to keep ourselves out of the equation, we’re absolute masters at looking the other way. ‘Who me? I don’t think so!”

  37. Your tenacity to discover the source of your list of illnesses is motivation for others. But, for how many of the other 7 billion plus people that are multi-symptomatic and treat it as a part of normal life?

  38. “… a catalogue of illnesses” I never stopped to question my catalogue of illnesses until meeting Universal Medicine, but through the process of studying Sacred Esoteric Healing, began to fully appreciate just how wayward I had allowed my health to become and just how much can be done to bring it back on track by simply changing the way I live.

  39. It’s becoming normal, as in very common, to be suffering with all sorts of illness and disease but thinking we are ok because we have it somewhat under control – that is the symptoms are not as bad as they could be. This actually leaves us living well under par and putting up with a level of energy that is way beneath what we could otherwise be experiencing. Great example you share with us here of how it does not have to be like that.

  40. Not making self-loving life style choices earlier in life has ripple effects as we age. Consider elders who reach old age with quality of life severely restricted because they have multiple ill-health conditions. They generally feel unwell, with days consumed firefighting various ill-health conditions: adjusting to declining mobility, sight or hearing, self medicating, attending medical appointments, experiencing and recovering from falls and broken limbs. The choice to self neglect in mid-life or earlier is compounded as we age when other so called ‘age-related’ illnesses kick in on top of existing chronic ill-health conditions. If more of us understood that true wealth is health, we would take better care of our bodies throughout our lives.

  41. Julie, you expose a common trend, how many of us accept and live with a catalogue of ill-health conditions and yet consider ourselves fortunate because we don’t have a life threatening condition like cancer, heart disease or diabetes. With every ill-health condition, the body signals to us something is out of balance and warrants our full attention and failing to do so, can lead to ill-health conditions building one after another. The road back to true health is the path you took: self love, appreciation, simple, supportive, practical life-style choices. An inspiring blog that offers to others what can be achieved when we’re ready to change the relationship we have with our bodies.

  42. Just resolving one medical problem is impressive, but 16 is nothing short of a miracle and one that has to be broadcast far and wide, because your are demonstrating that there is a way to permanently resolve our ills starting we how we choose to live and building outwards from there. Simple, effective and available to all.

    1. Absolutely. One may be considered by the outsider as a good thing or even two, but when we are talking 16 there is surely enough evidence here to suggest that the choices we make really do impact on our health and well being and that it is a model we would all do well to pay heed to.

  43. Wow amazing Julie, wow wow wow what changes you have made! this is super inspiring to many many people who read this. Life does not need to be gloomy!

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