Healing my Heart condition with Western and Esoteric Medicine

In this interview, business owner Doug Valentine shares his experience of using both Western Medicine and Esoteric Medicine to address his heart condition and the benefits of each as he experienced them.

Esoteric Medicine is a different paradigm to Western Medicine and is based on the understanding of the human being energetically and combines science, religion and philosophy to present a truly holistic understanding of illness, disease, health and healing.

Western Medicine is increasingly confirming the importance of lifestyle choices in relation to heart disease such that now most heart disease is considered to be related to those choices.

Esoteric Medicine also affirms the same and takes it further to look at what led to the ill lifestyle choices in the first place.  With particular regard to heart disease, it also considers the importance of how loving we have been with both ourselves and each other and helps us to address and heal the hurts and traumas that have impacted our freedom to love – both inwardly and outwardly.


Disclaimer: Some of the understandings shared in this interview go beyond what is currently accepted in Western evidence-based medicine and are derived from the different paradigm of Esoteric Medicine and one individual’s experience of using both.

The views shared in this interview are NOT the views of the medical profession nor endorsed by them.

Eunice Minford is a Consultant General Surgeon who practices according to the conventional paradigm of evidence-based medicine and surgery. She is not a cardiologist. She has personally benefitted from the understandings and application of Esoteric Medicine in her own life.

It is for the reader/listener to discern if what is shared is, or could possibly be, true and beneficial or not.

This interview does not constitute medical advice and should not be taken as medical advice.

If you have any concerns about your heart or your health please see your doctor.

265 thoughts on “Healing my Heart condition with Western and Esoteric Medicine

  1. It is now easily excepted by society that eating a fat fried breakfast is not going to do your heart health any good, whats not yet excepted is that not letting in love in or out can be equally as harming if not worse.

    1. Rachel spot on, heal the root cause and apply self responsibility of your own health, then we are walking the talk…

  2. And this is where we need to willingly go. To marry the brilliance of modern western science and the ageless wisdom of esoteric medicine. It is then that we will discover the true meaning of healing.

    1. I agree Matilda, western medicine methods are very overloaded, but working together with esoteric medicine, the combination of the two makes total sense. I have had personal experience of healing from a severe bout of months of chronic low back pain and excruciating sciatica and made a fantastic recovery with the full support of the two methods together.

  3. What Doug is showing us is that true healing is possible with the help of both conventional and complementary health modalities. The medical profession is excellent in diagnosis and treating of the physical cause in body and esoteric healing is beneficial in dealing with the energetic cause of the problem eg.heart condition. Together with lifestyle changes true healing occurred.

  4. Great sharing, thanks Doug. Love is universal medicine and we have the capacity to self-love and to be love too. The world will be a very different place when we learn to embrace this as a race. And then perhaps the NHS will have less heart operations to perform.

      1. Having had a little involvement with the NHS recently I got the sense (even though I know about it through the media) just what they are up against. It is bad! Lightening the NHS load makes total sense, not by pouring more money into it necessarily, but by everyone taking responsibility for how they live and thereby taking responsibility for their health before they get to point where they need that medical intervention.

  5. It has been quoted in the news recently that preventable diseases like heart attacks and strokes could reduce if people had lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol. That of course is true, but there actually needs to be changes in our choices of lifestyles where stress is also reduced. This isn’t the present trend for many people, stress at work is increasing, and to relieve their tension, they may comfort eat or drink alcohol, and neither behaviours will lower cholesterol or blood pressure. Raising people’s awareness of course is great, but the solutions are not always so straightforward.

  6. Many people can be quite passive about their illnesses, and don’t realise they can have an open discussion with their GP. The GP has their expertise but we can also make our own choices about our own health.

  7. Having recently having had a general anaesthetic and having coming out of having a medical procedure I can whole heartedly share my deep-felt appreciation for the medical profession and the UK National Health Service. The level of care and treatment was amazing.

    1. I can also whole heartedly add, that because I have an understanding of energy and that how I live matters, I was able to recover much quicker from the procedure than I might have otherwise done. Esoteric Medicine supported me in the lead up to the procedure and in the recovery phase afterwards.

      1. I think your level of vitality after the op was a pleasant surprise for the team of carers. Certainly knowing why the procedure was necessary on an energetic level also helped you cope with the physicality of the treatment and its discomfort.

    1. Matilda I love the simple way you describe what happens to humans when we do not express and receive love. Our hearts hurt and we get sick, it is so obvious and if we look at how abusive we are towards each other, it is no wonder the health service is struggling and this is just in one country.

  8. It is interesting that the hospital didn’t discuss with you the possibilities of an ablation operation (because they didn’t do the procedure) ..this shows we need to be aware of what is available when we have a condition. You could have sat back and thought, ‘Well, that’s that’ Doug but your pro-active approach, being open and aware, told you something could be done and it was a great success. YOU have played a big part in your healing by taking it deeper.

  9. What I get a sense of when I listen to this interview is that the more open-armed we can be the less we blinker and restrict ourselves. For years I shunned western medicine in favour of alternative approaches and it was not until I brought them together that I started to have a real relationship with health.

    1. Yes I agree, shunning western medicine is not the way to go. Western medicine has part of the answer, the only problem is that it doesn’t have the whole answer, neither does esoteric medicine, we need the two working together.

  10. Great to consider here that the importance of considering our lifestyle choices may extend beyond what we eat and drink and how much exercise we do every week.That as well as these obviously important factors there may be other factors in how we are living that could contribute to ill health.

    1. To name but two, how we are in every moment and how we are in every relationship with another. These too are lifestyle choices that affect our health. Our choices also affect the health of others too.

  11. This is deeply inspiring, for it seems we all have some condition or other that needs the combination of the esoteric and conventional medicine.

  12. What an immense achievement to heal your heart condition, with the help of some extremely dedicated and skilled people, but also with a steadfast commitment to see and understand what you needed to change in order to step up your part in the whole health and healing equation.

    1. This is all true Rowena but there is no doubt that none of it would have been possible without Universal Medicine. I would have simply accepted that there was nothing that could be done and I suspect that by now I would have succumbed to a stroke or a heart attack, living with the AF untreated is a high risk of blood clots forming in the atrial chamber and then moving around the body.

  13. It’s a great interview Eunice and Doug. When you describe shutting down the heart in life, by being protected, Doug, it shuts down the physical heart, it shows that how we live impacts the body. Valentines Day comes along, and we know the heart is love but there is a much deeper understanding to how we affect the heart in our daily lives. When we live unlovingly, we hurt ourselves.

    1. Well said Gill, yes when we live unlovingly we do hurt ourselves and specifically our vascular system, so we are breeding our own heart disease. At some level we are aware of this, but like myself I chose to be unaware of the harm I was doing to myself and would still be unaware but for meeting Serge Benhayon.

    2. Valentine’s Day is potentially one of the most loveless days of the year. I know that I have often felt, need, obligation, expectation, duty and disappointment all to do with the expectations of this day. It’s almost as if we set ourselves up to enter into lovelessness.

    1. Yes. If you don’t let it in, how can you let it out? We need to realise that love is an energy and an energy that needs to be allowed to flow freely in and out of us for our health.

  14. Doug, your story is very inspiring, thank you for lighting the way forward with esoteric medicine and conventional medicine.

    1. I know there is no such thing as luck, but if there were then I am one of the lucky ones who has had their awareness expanded to see what is possible and the least I can do is share it in case it can help others.

  15. What is being revealed here is that our medicine and our healing is what we live, while we are supported by conventional medicine to heal the outcome of what we have not lived.

    1. Life, healing, medicine, evolution and illness are inseparable. They are all happening simultaneously. We are the ones who try to categorise everything. We love to segregate things when in truth there can be no segregation of anything. Everything is co dependant on the next and last thing and everything is interrelated. We are one united whole, an intelligence that is forever communicating with the rest of itself. Our view of ourselves as individual matchstick men and women swishing around over here and over there couldn’t be further from the truth.

    2. Yes – so interesting to observe and understand. As Doug expresses if he were not aware that true medicine is what we live then the medical procedures he had may not have had the same effective result that they did.

    3. Virtually all of us live disordered, unharmonious and dis-eased lives. It is true to say that it is more an existence than a livingness. This is what builds illness in our bodies. What I have come to understand thanks to Universal Medicine is that there is another way for us all to live that is true for us and therefore potentially prevents illness and disease. How we currently live is not true and very disharmonious and so therefore our bodies suffer and get sick.

    1. All health conditions offer us the opportunity to change direction. What they are in fact saying is that we have arrived at this point by going in a certain direction with an aspect of our lives and that if we continue to go in the same direction then our current condition will at best stay the same but that there is a possibility that it could get worse. Therefore we have the opportunity to look at different aspects of our lives and to choose to go in a different direction. I feel that in the future this is something that all health professionals will be trained in supporting people with. All health professionals will therefore be trained in the true art of healing.

  16. It makes perfect sense that if we live in a way that is shut off from letting love in and out that it will reflect in our health and well-being.

    1. Living in a way that is ‘shut off from letting love in and out’ is so incredibly damaging for our bodies because love is the very substance from which they’re made. Love is a fundamental building block of life. Therefore if we are shutting love out and not allowing love to flow from us, we are interfering with our bodies on a very fundamental level. Way more damaging than eating foods that are bad for us or even smoking cigarettes is to not allow our bodies to be the love that they actually are.

      1. Alexis, putting it in this light… that not letting love in or out is way more damaging to our bodies that eating wrong type of food… puts health into a perspective that globally we have not even begun to tap into.

    1. What I get from this Gill is that there is a constant and ongoing relationship with the choices we make and our health. I love this idea that there is always more, always deeper to discover.

  17. What you are showing here Doug, is just how important it is to be honest, tender, loving and caring of our bodies.

    1. Yes, if heart disease can be healed in this way… just how possible it will be to address all of our ill conditions. Understanding the root energetic cause of all things will enable us to look at health in a completely different way and with added bonus of our amazing medical advances, we truly stand a good chance of living healthier and more vital lives.

  18. I love the video that is with this blog, it gives so much to have a video to watch. An amazing presentation.

    1. It’s interesting isn’t it Rowena how we as human beings struggle to regain our trust and confidence in relationships once we’ve been hurt once and yet our dear old bodies are ready to enter into a deeper relationship with us, even after years and often lifetimes of being energetically beaten to within an inch of their lives (by us).

      1. So true Alexis and thus we are continually presented with real unconditional love, no grudges or trust issues in sight, just 100% responsiveness to every molecule of love received.

  19. So what could have been a 60% and 90% success rate in the operation both turned out to be 100% success rate!!!!! Woah so maybe there is something in looking after your health and body after all?

    1. It might be easy on the outside to be sceptical about your sharing, Doug and to say maybe the 100% success rate would have happened anyway…. BUT what if your story was joined by many others who have had the support of Esoteric Therapies and each one shared either; against the odds recovery or a joyful quality that was experienced whist being sick… the scepticism would be challenged?

  20. I agree Doug, there is a much deeper healing in the body with the combination of Western Medicine and Esoteric Medicine. The Western Medicine works on the physical level, correcting what has been presented, and you explain so clearly how the Esoteric Medicine understanding takes you to a place to know why you had the condition n the first place. Only when we fully understand that, can we learn to live in a different way and make the permanent changes.

    1. This is so true and spot on Gill, without that crucial understanding of why one got an ill condition how can one truly heal it, of course one is going to simply want it fixed so that they can continue the same harming behaviours that led to the illness in the first place. On the whole us humans prefer the story of it was bad luck or it just happened as these views seemingly absolve us from all responsibility for our own illness.

  21. There is nothing more tender and delicate than the heart which beats within us. It is showing us how to live with every beat.

    1. this is such a beauty-full hearty reply and a deep appreciation for how loving interactions can be when we come from our body.

    2. I used to just view my heart as a pump to keep my blood circulating as indeed did the first cardiologist that I saw, and I used to think my head was the centre of all my intelligence. All untrue. Our body is more intelligent than our heads and it is not hard to show how this is the case. For me the heart is the centre of that intelligence of my body. I used to live exclusively from my head and it never occurred to me that there could be another way, but there is so another way and that way is to live from my heart instead. It literally changes everything to do so and it is what mankind so badly needs to do, because the head controlled world is not working, if a truthful assessment is made.

  22. What if we don’t need more money to find what causes cancer; how we live our lives is the number one cause on the list.

    1. This is something super important to consider. The money spent on research that actually lets us avoid the elephant in the room – the fact that we don’t want to admit that our lifestyle choices impact our health.

    2. Yes and we indeed already know this, yet all the money and research is continuing to be ploughed into the same areas such as genetics. Billions of pounds have already been wasted in looking in the wrong places and the irony is that we have been given the root causes of cancer, completely free, i.e. at no cost to anyone over the past 19 years but we have refused to listen. Imagine what we could do with all the money so wasted.

  23. It makes perfect sense – all the associations we have with our hearts and love surely show us that when we close our selves off to this tender, sweet and compassionate quality inside, our hearts will surely suffer as a consequence.

      1. It feels to me that if we ‘close down our hearts’ then each and every organ and each and every cell in our bodies will be affected and not just the heart. Love is the underpinning vibration of life, it is the current that runs through all and everything and there is nothing that is not affected by holding it back. Subsequently there is nothing that is not affected by allowing it to flow.

  24. We have allowed the heart to be imposed upon by things that don’t belong, like ideals and beliefs of how things ‘should be’,, the ‘should be’s’ are killers, they wring all the love out of our heart.

      1. And, that is why we have ischemic heart disease as the number one medical problem in the world.

  25. What an immense journey to go through and come out of the other side looking so amazing Doug. Evidently the care you took of your blood pressure and understanding what affected it has had much deeper benefits than I suspect you had fully anticipated.

    1. When you start down the road of taking greater self care, you do have no idea where it may lead to. But from what I have experienced it is as if the body cannot thank us enough for stopping the abuse of it and instead starting to cherish it. My advice would be not have a picture of what you want from the changes you are making but instead simply allow things to unfold and be amazed at what is possible.

  26. In regards to healing health and understanding Esoteric Medicine is quite simply the answer we have been looking for.

    1. I can see how if one is trained in conventional medicine it might be hard to accept that all your unknowns are in fact known and can be known now. But this is the case so why not have an open mind and test it out to see if this is true?

  27. The heart is so tender and delicate, it takes esoteric medicine and complementary medicine to work with that level of delicacy.

    1. I am not sure how the incredible consultant who performed the ablation procedures viewed the heart, but it would not surprise me in the least if he shared your views on its delicacy. Those that I met on the way to him were more seeing the heart for the function that it performed and talked about the mechanical aspect of it and the electrical aspect of it. Of course valid concepts but missing the opportunity to really grasp the enormity of the heart in all its dimensions.

  28. The combination of Esoteric and Western Medicine gives us a full picture, Western Medicine uses the techniques required for surgery to repair or remove whatever is making us unwell, and Esoteric Medicine helps us to understand how we were living to get us unwell in the first place and be more caring of ourselves.

    1. Would there be the medical meltdown we are now experiencing if we all were caring for ourselves and listening to our bodies? So, at early stages of dis-ease could be treated with less invasive procedures.

  29. Before meeting Universal Medicine I avoided both Western Medicine and taking responsibility for the quality of my health. Post Universal Medicine it is a very different story. Now I take deep care of myself as well as having regular check ups and consulting my doctor when something is not right. This to me is true integrative medicine that brings the inner and outer realms of health care into one consistent and very effective approach.

    1. I never actually avoided western medicine but I definitely avoided taking responsibility for my health, believing that my body could deal with whatever I chose to throw at it. It is true that the body is amazing at dealing with the abuse it gets from us, but eventually if we persevere, it breaks down.

  30. I like what is said here that we can only heal ourselves and nobody can do it for us, however we can be open to support from outside to support us to make the changes we need to make.

  31. Knowing the mechanical side of things without going to the root cause is not a true cure. There is so much more healing to be had than what we can see on the surface and when we bring in the fact that our choices have contributed to our ills in the first place, then we can take a step closer to taking responsibility for our health.

    1. ……and taking responsibility for our own health is absolutely crucial. The days of abusing ourselves to the point of illness and then expecting someone else to fix it for us are coming to an end.

  32. I have the deepest appreciation for both western and esoteric medicine. Recently, I have needed support from the doctors about having a polyp removed and they have been great in their service and communications. With the support of Esoteric medicine I have a good understanding as to why I have this polyp in the first place.

      1. There is so much to discover about our daily choices and then the learning that comes from that… then the deepening that comes with understanding. Making different choices thereafter becomes easy.

      1. Not only do we create a life of struggle and misery but when life hints that it’s going to get better we become suspicious and nervous that ‘things can’t be that good’. We also resist them becoming better because we don’t want the expected disappointment of things not turning out. We think it’s so much safer to stay in the comfort of struggle and misery. A self imposed prison constructed out of our own choices.

  33. Esoteric Medicine has brought in a deeper responsibility to how and what we choose to live. The body is communicating all the time with us about our choices and the degree to which we make love our way. Western Medicine with all it’s amazing research and techniques can offer corrections or fixes. The offering is – are we willing to look more deeply at how and who is driving our living choices, our relationship with divinity and the truth we can bring in all our movements. Life is not just about keeping the ‘body’ operational till we die, there is more.

    1. If only we did make life about ‘keeping the ‘body’ operational till we die’ perhaps we would live a much truer life but as it is most of us aren’t even committed to that. We think nothing of certain bits breaking down or having to be removed entirely. We seem hell bent on continuing as we are, regardless of the fact that our lifestyle erodes our bodies. Most of us miss the link between our lifestyle choices and our ailments and illnesses, the link seems to escape us entirely. How very convenient for those of us who want to avoid taking responsibility for the state of our health.

      1. I love your humour Alexis. At least if we did care about keeping the body operational it would be so much better than the current situation but what is on offer is so much more than better, we can completely transform our health if we commit to listening to the wisdom of our body, living our truth and being responsible in every way.

      2. Our relationship with ourselves and our bodies have a direct influence on our relationship with life. The times in my life when I have intensely disliked my body, whilst also significantly lacking self worth and being in a permanent state of protection, are the times in my life when the life around me has been emotionally intense and difficult. Now that I am in a loving relationship with my body and myself, my relationship with others and the life around me feels equally loving and harmonious. I have changed my interaction with life by changing the dynamics between me and myself. Trying to change the life around me would have required a force that would not have brought permanent change, whereas changing my relationship with myself has brought gentle and long lasting change to my life and those who share my life with me.

  34. There is so much for us to learn how our emotional states affect our health. In my experience every thought we have has an effect, whether harmonious or disruptive and therefore cannot help but have an impact on our delicate physiology.

  35. I used to think illness and disease popped out of the sky and, just like you Doug, put it down to bad luck. Now knowing and understanding that every ailment is caused by previous choices has changed my relationship with being ill forever.

    1. When I used to come down with colds or flu I used to really enjoy the stop moments they gave me so that I could curl up in bed and take care of myself. Never did I once question the fact of them or that they were there because I hadn’t been taking those stop moments in the first place!

      1. A great realisation to have, Michelle. We deserve to take care of ourselves every single day and not just when we can fit it in, or when we have an excuse to do so.

      2. Talking of excuses, it is interesting to observe how much we use our busy lives as an excuse not to take those caring moments.. Those times when we say I’m just too busy are perhaps times when we are simply feeling a lack of worth. In a catch 22 we will never feel our worth if we don’t offer ourselves the loving nurturing care we deserve.

    2. I used to believe that I wouldn’t get sick because I was such a healthy person. I believed that my diet was great, I believed that my exercise regime was amazing, I believed that my relationships were fantastic, I believed that I had everything sewn up and in the bag. How incredibly wrong I was. Everything that I did was fuelled by an energetic source and that is hellbent on preventing humanity from feeling the truth of who they are. My movements were guaranteed to be disharmonious for my body and that disharmony built until my body literally broke down. The energetic source is known as prana and its intention is to prevent humanity from feeling the truth of who they are by keeping them in the false belief of separation from each other and from God. The other energetic source that exists works constantly to remind us all that we are the one United whole and that it’s impossible for us to ever be apart.

    3. I used to hate any illness as it put a stop to my ceaseless motion. I would never question why it had occurred just resent its presence instead. And so I missed every opportunity that was presented to me. Seeing life in this linear, contracted way means there is no learning. I just bounced from one situation to another without learning what was there to be learned. Understanding that there is energy behind all that happens in life and that there is always more going on that we can see, changed everything for me.

      1. I can relate to feeling resentful when being ill and being ignorant of the fact that there was indeed something to learn from the event itself. No appreciation can occur when we take this view. For me, I am learning to appreciate when things come up in my body and not to be too hard on myself for the choices I made that led up to the illness. Seeing it as a way of clearing ill energy from my body is something I can also relate to which is supporting me to shift my attitude.

  36. As you say Doug many people are ignorant of the fact they are causing their own ill-heath. Greater awareness is one thing, but much more is the willingness to understand the true meaning of health that creates inner harmony, taking loving care of ourselves as the precious beings we are. True health involves the whole person, body, mind, emotions and relationships, each has to be healed before we can fully live and feel its effects.

    1. I liked the explanation that ignorant derives from ignoring. Its not that we don’t know that we are causing our own illnesses, it is that we choose to ignore what we know.

  37. Inspirational Doug. I love the way you began your own research study on your body and high blood pressure by keeping a diary of readings of what contributed to raising or decreasing it. This really is an example of devotion to your body and willingness not to settle for less. You set a new standard for yourself and now live without high blood pressure and a dependency on medication.

    1. We do not need to act as a helpless victim and assume that we do not have anything too valuable to contribute in supporting ourself. This level of care, dedication and responsibility is a wonderful example of how we can be in relationship to our body and our health. In fact in every area of our life.

      1. I tried the helpless victim for most of my life and would still be doing so today but for gaining an understanding of esoteric medicine. The victim approach I can say never works in my experience.

      2. Doug and Golnaz, there is much about being a helpless victim I can relate to… a victim of life and of any sickness that came my way. I used to wholly prescribe to the ‘poor me’ mentality. What a breath of fresh air it was to discover that I was the creator of all my ills… truly self-empowering because with different choices comes greater vitality and health.

  38. It always amazes me what Western Medicine achieves with all the advances in surgical techniques and thanks to Universal Medicine I now fully appreciate and support all that this profession offers us.

    1. There was a period in my life where I frowned at taking medication or at least was reluctant to do so and would seek every ‘alternative’ practitioner rather than consult a GP. Now I consult the GP first and complement their advice and treatment by also working with esoteric medicine practitioners.

    2. I no longer consider it a failure to take prescription medication. In the past few months I needed to seek professional guidance from my GP and dentist for two separate conditions and experienced directly the benefits of accepting and embracing treatments plans offered.

    3. Its interesting how we view illness as a weakness or a failure and as such are reluctant to seek medical advice. I have learned that one of the most self loving things we can do is to seek that advice when we need to.

      1. This is a real problem with men, many of whom consider it a weakness to need support medical or otherwise. I knew one such lovely man who died of a brain tumour after not going to the doctor about the pains he was suffering.

      2. It seems crazy to me that part of our education isn’t about self nurture and to raise awareness that it is not just ok to take care of yourself, but totally necessary.

  39. Without esoteric medicine we don’t have the full awareness of how much our lifestyle and the choices we make are actually the cause of our many illnesses. Western Medicine is great at getting us back on our feet but without looking at the root cause we never truly heal anything.

    1. And until we truly heal then there ain’t no getting back to God because the things that cause us pain and grief act like energetic blocks in the body and the body is the way back to God. You can’t discount the body and get to God, the body is what he comes through and so the vessel (the body) has to be clear.

    2. I have been as guilty as anyone for making it about getting a quick fix so I can get back to getting on with it, but this is ignoring everything that the condition has to tell me. We can take such an approach but there is absolutely no learning in it and as you say no healing either, so it will return in another form.

      1. “but this is ignoring everything that the condition has to tell me” yep each and every condition has a lot to tell us, a whole story in fact about how we’ve been living and what we’ve been doing that has deviated from love. And as well as disclosing intricate detail about the detours and wrong turns we’ve taken away from love, the body holds detailed information about the way back to love, every single aspect is taken into consideration. There is nothing that the body doesn’t know or disclose, I am in loving awe of my body, I really am.

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