Healing my Heart condition with Western and Esoteric Medicine

In this interview, business owner Doug Valentine shares his experience of using both Western Medicine and Esoteric Medicine to address his heart condition and the benefits of each as he experienced them.

Esoteric Medicine is a different paradigm to Western Medicine and is based on the understanding of the human being energetically and combines science, religion and philosophy to present a truly holistic understanding of illness, disease, health and healing.

Western Medicine is increasingly confirming the importance of lifestyle choices in relation to heart disease such that now most heart disease is considered to be related to those choices.

Esoteric Medicine also affirms the same and takes it further to look at what led to the ill lifestyle choices in the first place.  With particular regard to heart disease, it also considers the importance of how loving we have been with both ourselves and each other and helps us to address and heal the hurts and traumas that have impacted our freedom to love – both inwardly and outwardly.


Disclaimer: Some of the understandings shared in this interview go beyond what is currently accepted in Western evidence-based medicine and are derived from the different paradigm of Esoteric Medicine and one individual’s experience of using both.

The views shared in this interview are NOT the views of the medical profession nor endorsed by them.

Eunice Minford is a Consultant General Surgeon who practices according to the conventional paradigm of evidence-based medicine and surgery. She is not a cardiologist. She has personally benefitted from the understandings and application of Esoteric Medicine in her own life.

It is for the reader/listener to discern if what is shared is, or could possibly be, true and beneficial or not.

This interview does not constitute medical advice and should not be taken as medical advice.

If you have any concerns about your heart or your health please see your doctor.

260 thoughts on “Healing my Heart condition with Western and Esoteric Medicine

  1. One of the great benefits that Esoteric Medicine brings is an energetic understanding of why we have a particular illness or disease, which enables the cause of the condition and not just the symptom to be treated. This results in a resolution rather than a solution: true healing rather than a cure.

    1. When we talk about the body, my sense is that most of us are talking about this dumb part of us that lets us down and holds us back. But what if our body contained far more intelligence than our heads? One day we shall know it to be so.

      1. When it comes to intelligence our bodies are able to run rings around our heads. Our heads really are incredibly basic when compared to the luminescent intelligence of the body. I am in utter awe of the body and yet acknowledge that I can only glimpse a teeny weeny amount of its literally unlimited capabilities and equally unlimited potential.

    1. So true, looking inwards rather than outwards is where we find the true answers, but everything in this world tells us to look outwards, where the true answers are not. Shouldn’t we consider this strange?

      1. I absolutely love the resonance of this blog post and all that it offers. The simple notion that western medicine and esoteric medicine can work together and be so incredibly amazing and unique together; I can imagine more stories like this coming out throughout time.

  2. It feels like as you learned to care more for yourself, you were surrounded so much more by supportive consultants who cared for you. The changes you’ve made allowing love in make such sense.

    1. Yes that is the case, but my part in it was required. If I had not asked for an ablation as I was not even informed that it was an option by those treating me. I was fortunate to have a friend who is a doctor who suggested that I investigate an ablation. The consultant cardiologist’s approach was very much a drugs for life approach to manage the condition and when it exacerbated it, to accept that I simply live with the condition unmanaged. It was not until I asked for an ablation that the subject was raised. Then I was referred to the very supportive consultant who carried out the two procedures.

      1. I find this very revealing Doug that the procedure that worked so well for you was one that you suggested. So many of us don’t do our own research when it comes to medical stuff because we assume that the medical professionals who are dealing with our conditions will naturally have all the information and solutions required. To be honest most of us have this approach not only with the medical profession but with any professional in their own industry.

      2. So many of us accept what we are told without looking any further. Your story is supportive on so many levels Doug, not least because you listened to yourself and honoured what you were feeling. The result wasn’t just a healed heart condition, it was a much deeper sense of self, a much deeper appreciation of self and a deeper settlement into the love that you are, that you are now sharing with us all.

      3. It is true that I did my own research but I was blessed to have a medical friend point me in the direction of these procedures that I had never heard of. And after a brief discussion with Serge Benhayon, I felt encouraged to explore what these medical procedures could do for me.

  3. When we learn how to truly love and care for ourselves, our relationship with ill health is transformed. It becomes a natural part of our healthcare to understand the multidimensional factors of the how and the why it has occurred and what is being cleared from our bodies, thus providing a vast resource with which to aid our healing.

    1. “When we learn how to truly love and care for ourselves, our relationship with ill health is transformed.” Yes it is, Rowena, understanding health as multi-dimensional rather than simple and one-dimensional merely scratches the surface. A potion may remove a symptom, but if it leaves the root of the problem unresolved, we are never fully healed.

      1. This reminds me of what my Dad said to me as I was pulling up weeds as a child, he said ‘if you don’t get the root up as well then it’ll just grow back’. And that’s it in a nutshell really, unless we get to the root of any issue, be it illness, emotional issues, monetary problems, racialism, judgement etc then our issue will simply resurface either later on or in a different place. Pull the root and it’s gone.

    2. For a multidimensional being to take a one dimensional view of life is a formula for staying stuck in the mud that we have long been stuck in. How long has it been since we knew, with no doubt, we were multidimensional beings?

      1. Yes and it has been proven in mainstream scientific research that stress has a significant impact and plays a contribution to many illnesses and diseases. It also has been my own anecdotal observations in health care that stress plays a big part in people becoming unwell.

  4. The miracles that happen when energetic understanding and physical awareness get combined are countless. There are many people who are a living proof of that.

  5. This is the real future of our medicine, taking responsibility of our health from the inside out, observing the effects of how we live on our bodies and consciously making new and self caring choices as a consequence.

  6. For me, there is nothing more powerful and inspirational as the lived experienced of another, and Doug’s story is no exception. How the face of medicine would change if people’s own experiences of healing were considered to be evidence that a particular modality, treatment etc works, no huge trials and tests needed, simply an honest sharing, like this one.

    1. Personally I feel there is a place for both case studies based on lived experience and also clinical trials and scientific tests. We don’t need to replace one with the other for both are important in research. The problem is that case studies and lived experience is generally not given the same weight or credibility as clinical trials.

      1. Yes well said Andrew, I agree that both are critical. I may be incorrect but my impression is that case studies are given little if any weight. Are they not written off as subjective by so called evidence based medicine?

      2. I totally agree Andrew, ‘there is a place for both” and what a huge change there would be in the medical field if this was to happen; if both were able to exist side by side. At this moment in time, I can see how so much is held back from being accepted by medical professionals and scientists as it just doesn’t fit the currently accepted model, a model which to me has been set up deliberately to do exactly that.

  7. It sounds amazing that you feel more vital at 67 than you did when you were 50. Yet there is nothing mysterious in the wonderful straight forward explanation of your choices in life that has lead to this inspiring change. Every one of us could choose this level of responsibility, joy and vitality.

    1. Can you believe this? I feel more vital at 68 than I did at 67. No question about it. Why, because I have built my body up and am working twice as hard at 68 as I was at 67. Anything is possible.

      1. This is a fabulous reflection. Many people count the days to retirement and less engagement with work. Yet here you are, building your body and rhythm so that you can work twice as hard at 68 years compared to when you were 67. And on top of that you have found that this has contributed to you living with greater vitality. This is hugely significant indication that we may need to reassess our attitude and relationship to age, work, contribution to society and vitality.

  8. Western Medicine and Esoteric Medicine … both are needed equally for true healing. For if we do not understand the energetic reason we have an illness then nothing can truly change.

    1. By not understanding why, are we not compounding our illness and creating the perfect conditions for the multi-systematic patient?

      1. I agree Steve, that is in fact exactly what we have done. Unless we understand the causes, our global health will continue to worsen as it has been and is. The energetic causes are known and available but we are as a whole preferring not to listen and keep our heads firmly in the sand. How bad have things got to get before we are willing to at least consider it?

  9. Knowing that changing the way we emotionally react to life and the way we are with ourselves will change our health, is obvious once it’s pointed out… but until it was explained to me I never connected the dots.

    1. Yes absolutely but I would say when rather than if. The way things are going we will have to eventually be willing to consider the energetic causes of illness and disease. The ironic thing is that at its roots, medicine knew all about energy and the energetic causes.

      1. True Doug, we may get to an impasse where science is ready to look at this and accept that everything is because of energy. It is ironic that ancient medicine was aware of this and but has long since forgotten.

  10. Western medicine is great at being able to fix the abuse we cause to our body. But, without finding out our part that exacerbated what we have caused to our body, we are condemned to live life like a race car that goes around in circles with lots of pitstops until the vehicle becomes beyond economical repair.

  11. Wow Doug what a great sharing! Your experience with your heart disease made it very clear that we are able to stop being a victim in terms of illness and disease. We can help the GP and ourselves with being honest about the way we have lived our lives till the illness occur and to be open to the fact that choosing to change our life style choices can have that great effect on our health.

    1. I am not sure what the current percentage that medicine accepts for how much death is from illness and disease that is lifestyle related but I have spotted that it keeps increasing. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/0/mapped-global-epidemic-lifestyle-disease-charts/ seems to be saying that globally it is accepted that 70% is the figure but in the UK 90% of deaths are attributed to it. The next step is to realise that all of this is preventable if we choose different lifestyle choices. Of course we all have to die sometime, but do we really want perhaps 20 to 30 years of needing others to care for us at the end of our lives? Or would we prefer to be vital and healthy to the end?

  12. This brings a whole new understanding to the phrase ‘hard hearted’. When we hardened our bodies up to keep the world at bay, it has to have a physical impact on what is a very tensile, flexible and dynamic part of us so it makes sense to me that it plays a contributing factor in all forms of heart disease.

    1. Not only do we cause our own heart disease through such hardening, we also guarantee that we cannot let love flow in and out of our bodies, thus capping our every relationship and every interaction with others. The effect of this is huge. Beyond our imagination because it not only affects us it affects everyone we interact with. This is where responsibility comes in to it.

  13. Our health is appalling, which is a simple reflection of our lifestyle choices. Our health acts like a direct mirror of the choices that we make in our lives. We then have yet another choice to make, we can either refuse to look in the mirror, we can project a different image onto the mirror or we can see the truth of what the mirror is reflecting. But regardless of what we choose, the mirror will continue to reflect our choices back to us in a completely non judgemental way. Beautiful isn’t it.

  14. What a deep healing you describe Doug, it’s a living proof that the combination of Western Medicine and Esoteric Medicine really does work and you were prepared to be open to embrace all that was offered to you.

  15. Often response to a physical issue tends to be to demand a quick fix from ‘specialists’ and then carrying on ignoring the body as before. Here we have a wonderful example of not dismissing what the body is showing us and instead working with it. The choice to pay extra attention to your what could be affecting affected blood pressure is a fabulous example of using our ingenuity to gain greater awareness that can support us refine our choices where required, and which could also provide invaluable information for the specialists supporting us.

    1. Perhaps the answers are always available if we are willing to ask the questions? So often in the past I wouldn’t ask myself the questions because I didn’t want to hear the answer. I thought I liked those irresponsible choices I was making and didn’t want to be aware of their consequences.

  16. Hearing about your experience for the first time, Doug for those that may not know about Universal Medicine may find it a challenge to relate to how we live and how we are with others manifests into our physical conditions. Your testimony goes a long way to show how traditional medicine and Esoteric medicine can align and work perfectly in tandem together to produce true healing.

    1. Generally we do not consider how what we live impacts our health. Yes- we are becoming more aware of obesity, smoking, drinking etc., but we never consider how our simple expression, our going hard in reaction, resentment or blame, getting emotional, etc., has the same deleterious effect on the body.

  17. Being open to western medicine and Esoteric healing we give ourselves the best of both worlds to truly heal. Western medicine doesn’t have all the answers and more and more people are beginning to recognise and accept this hence searching for other forms of healing. What is different about Esoteric healing yet I so appreciate to any other complementary or alternative modalities I have experienced is Esoteric healing asks us to take responsibility for our condition and as Doug shares make the necessary changes that assists western medicine for a true healing to occur.

  18. Make life about being not doing. A great reminder to us all. What an amazing fact that now at 67 you are stronger and fitter than you were at 50!!! Like thats a news flash right there.

    1. And it is a newsflash that should be plastered over billboards world wide. And I’m absolutely positive that the message will wake up a few people to the fact that the way they are living is not it! I have a similar newsflash and share it whenever I can, as it’s too valuable not to share.

  19. Living the choices we want to make and not just ending up making choices we don’t want – now that is a dedication to walk such love in the world.

  20. A great testimony to the fact that to achieve healing it occurs when the root cause is addressed and not by treating the symptom(s) alone.

  21. Doug expressed his journey of doing instead of being affected his body and how the marriage Western and Esoteric medicine can change our lives. This is a choice we can choose to make at any age.

    1. Beautifully said Steve, age is not an excuse to justify the conditions in the body and neither is age an excuse to avoid the responsibility of our choices. We can change the way we live at any age to support the body and Doug is a testament of the changes he has made.

      1. Totally agree, age is not necessarily a measure of the body giving up and breaking down. I have in many ways reversed the downward trend my body was on and now at 68 am capable of working harder than I ever did in my life. Also I love working more than ever too. This is not just something that is available to the lucky few, it is available to everyone who is willing to take a stock check of their lives and make changes how they care for themselves.

      2. While most look forward and live to ‘putting their feet up’ at 68 years old Doug is showing another way enjoying and loving his work more than he has ever done. I find this truly inspirational for every age especially in society today where checking out on technology in the workplace has become the norm.

      3. I totally agree. Being 67 years of age I now feel fitter, healthier and undertaking more strenuous physical work than I ever did before since applying the choices of Esoteric Medicine to my life.

  22. I love how you worked with your blood pressure Doug in order to find out what lowered it and kept it low, a real life experiment that enables us to fully appreciate how much our life style choices deeply affect our health.

    1. My wife Alison deserves the credit for this. After 15 years of taking the medication and having tried twice before to stop taking the medication and found that it seemingly rose as a result, I was quite sceptical that I could keep it normal without the medication. The key was do take a scientific approach, measuring it daily for a month whilst still taking the medication and then to measure it daily for three months after stopping the medication. Recording all the results in a spreadsheet and plotting a graph made it very simple for both me and the doctor to see the evidence.

      1. Superb confirmation of the combination of science, being practical, esoteric medicine and going with one’s heart.

  23. A beautiful example of one man’s choice to embrace western and esoteric medicine taking responsibility to heal and cure his heart conditions. When we take responsibility for creating illness and disease and change our ways miracles take place showing that it is possible to truly heal the body. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Understanding what is happening in the body energetically opens the door for such miracles. A huge part of my healing was understanding that when I chose not to love and not to let love in either I was contracting my whole vascular system putting my heart under constant stress.

  24. Doug I was so inspired to hear that not only did you monitor your blood pressure daily but that you adjusted the way that you were living to such a degree that you no longer needed your blood pressure medication. Responsibility in action. Brilliant stuff!

    1. Actually it was my wife’s inspirational idea that encouraged me to do this and she helped me with spotting events and activities that pushed it up. It is great to have support with these things, we don’t have to do it all on our own. I discovered that when there was some thing that I needed to do that I worried about i.e. introduced some anxiety into, even a small amount, this raised my BP for days not just an hour or two.

  25. Every choice we make supports us in our healing in life – and each illness we get is actually a blessing though it may not feel like it at the time.

    1. Most of us see illness as a curse and I have done so too, but when I have observed people who embrace it as a clearing and a healing they tend to be joyful and appreciative. Those that see it as a curse tend on the whole to be miserable. It is important how we are with illness as if we are joyful we will pull up everyone around us whereas if we are miserable, we pull everyone we meet down. So we have a responsibility as it affects everyone else.

  26. There is a marriage that is irreplaceable and it is the union of Esoteric Medicine and Conventional medicine – together they offer humanity the absoluteness of opportunities to truly heal.

    1. It is an unstoppable combination that is so much needed. It surprises me that we seem to be resisting something that would benefit us all. Why not at least test it? What have we got to lose?

  27. What a gift it is to the medical professionals when they get to work on someone who takes great care of their health and wellbeing. Not only does it improve our chances of success, it also confirms the effectiveness of our modern day advances in medicine, something that may not always be apparent in cases where the optimum success rates are not achieved.

    1. The particular consultant in my case certainly appreciated that I made his job easier by my self care and changing of choices and he told me that he saw many many people that he could not help because they had not made changes to their lifestyle and or they were carrying several serious conditions that made it impossible or at least too risky to go ahead with the procedures that I had.

    1. I recall saying to Serge after a course, “so much to do Serge” and his beautifully true reply was “and so much to be Doug”. These words have stuck with me reminding me that it is not about what we do but about who and what we are.

  28. This is a great interview that highlights that we have many great treatments and approaches to care by western medicine, but there are many things that we can do for our own health that can support this. But changing our lifestyles is much more than simple education. Understanding for example in Doug’s case why in particular he was having issues with his heart from an energetic perspective was essential to him making the changes he needed to make.

    1. It is true that just considering things from a functional perspective doesn’t do it, we need to take everything to a much deeper level and that means understanding ourselves from an energetic perspective as well. These are just words until they are lived and this is where The Way of The Livingness comes in. Everything we need is available if we want to find it.

  29. It only makes sense that if we don’t like the consequences we should change our choices – just a bit easier said than done!

    1. Michael, it is much easier to say than do because it is the doing, i.e. our movements that lock in the choices that we subsequently get given. Therefore if we have lived a certain way for our entire life then it’s simply not possible to suddenly do an immediate about turn. We can however slowly change tac by making one different choice at a time. In fact life can be transformed in this way, as Doug has so beautifully demonstrated.

  30. What a gorgeous practical interview that shows that when we take our health seriously and combine Western and Esoteric Medicine we can truly heal conditions that for many continue to affect their lives.

    1. Yes it’s taking our health seriously and starting to make different choices to the ones that led us to the illness. This is where esoteric medicine can help us identify how we caused the illness and this helps us see the changes we need to make to our lifestyle to avoid becoming another statistic.

  31. I love how Doug shares that he learned that it’s not just bad luck that makes disease happen and that there is always a reason for why we get a certain illness or disease. This takes away the victim feeling and can empower us to make changes.

    1. Beautifully said Leike – there is a blessing in each condition, illness or disease as it offers us an opportunity to hold more authority and empowerment in our lives.

  32. Through Doug’s clear and humble sharing of his personal experience of heart disease we are presented with another way to that which is generally presented and expected that we are victims to our illness and we need to be ‘fixed’ by another. Instead we are responsible for own state of health, both illness and wellness, and that we can achieve true healing with appropriate support where necessary.

    1. I would love it if this concept were seriously taught in schools. However the level of irresponsibility we allow in these institutions is massive, which reflects the level of collective irresponsibility we live with as a general rule. Arriving at this awareness before the irresponsibility breaks us completely would be great but I fear that we won’t allow ourselves to get there until we no longer have a choice but to go there.

      1. I agree with you Michelle that there is little prospect at present that this approach will be adopted in the near future in general society, let alone in schools. What a change there would be though, in so many ways, if it was.

      2. Yes agreed the irresponsibility that we allow in every field of life is massive and there are no signs of us being about to change sadly. A prerequisite to changing would be understanding what energetic responsibility is. Responsibility needs to be energetic responsibility otherwise it is a pale shadow of what is required to get us out of the quagmire we have got ourselves in.

      3. Yes – it is important to understand the difference between what we think responsibility is (paying the bills, being on time, commitment to a job etc.,) and energetic responsibility. The difference is vast as energetic responsibility demands an awareness that everything is energy and that all our thoughts, movements and intentions are registered by everyone on an energetic level. Nothing means nothing and everything is everything. A whole different ball game.

  33. The combination of Esoteric Medicine and Western Medicine is not some airy-fairy, wishful approach to health. Instead it is a practical, common sense approach that together deepens one’s understanding of both illness and healing.

  34. Western Medicine does an amazing job in dealing with symptoms, and with Doug’s story, I can really feel how Esoteric Medicine works so well with Western medicine in addressing the root cause of a disease so that we can be made aware of the choices we can make to bring about necessary changes to the way we live our life.

    1. Absolutely correct, it definitely needed both esoteric and western medicine to heal my condition. On its own neither would have succeeded. Without the understandings I obtained from esoteric medicine I would not have made the changes necessary to enable western medicine to succeed.

      EM for AM

    1. I thought I was on it for life and I was for 15 years. I also have never heard of anyone getting off of it once taking it although there may be some cases. It is amazing what is possible once we embrace taking true care of our bodies.

  35. There are a lot of presentations in the world that encourage people to change the way they live for the benefit of their health. What is presented here isn’t a sales pitch but living proof of how the lifestyle then supports one’s health. Getting to the root cause of a condition energetically and also being open to the support of conventional medicine.

    1. Conventional medicine is a key part of the mix but another key part is us playing our part in taking care of the one body we will have in this life. Sure you can get a new hip or a new knee, but will it ever be as good as the one you are born with?

  36. Miracles don’t often happen on their own! Taking responsibility for our conditions and hurts are the precursors to healing. This is such a beautiful example of what can happen when we do so.

      1. Ditto Doug. I used to think miracles were just stories from the biblical age but they have become my new normal. They may not seem like the parting of the seas, but because of their profundity, to me they might as well be!

  37. Western Medicine and Esoteric Medicine together with the person taking responsibility for their lifestyle choices offer a deeper understanding of healing.

    1. It is a winning combination, yet we prefer the paradigm of its bad luck, it just happened to me and all I want is a quick fix to the problem so that I can carry on living exactly as before.

  38. When someone speaks harshly to you or treats you in an abusive way it undoubtedly has an effect and hurts. To consider that this energy could have a detrimental effect on our health is simple common sense. The fact that we discount it so, says to me we’d prefer to avoid its effects because if we acknowledged this we’d have to take full responsibility for how we choose to live.

    1. I learnt to pretend that words didn’t hurt me when at I was at school and I kept the charade up for most of my life. Keeping the charade going wasn’t difficult at all, as I had made my body so incredibly hard that it made it difficult for me to feel almost anything. But now I am returning to the delicate responsive body that I had as a child I can feel the effects of so many things on and in my body, including both the tone and the specific words that others choose to use.

    2. Well said Joseph, there is also the huge factor of how we speak to ourselves albeit silently, that is usually even more abusive than anyone else does to us, and looking at the detrimental effects of this upon our health.

  39. A heart condition that comes ‘out of the blue’ is grabbing our attention 100%, what we do thereafter is 100% our choice.

      1. Yes I agree, it only appears to come out of the blue but there will undoubtedly be a causation trail that we can follow if we are willing to look at our role in our own illness.

  40. Thank you Doug. You are living proof that when we chose to take responsibility for our daily life choices and seek to see what happens when we alter our life style habits, we maximise the best of both models of healing with stupendous results.

    1. The results are stupendous. AF appears to be a condition that can end one’s working life from stories I have heard whereas I am working harder at 68 that at any time in my life. That is nothing short of amazing and thanks to the combination of western and esoteric medicine.

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