Healing my Heart condition with Western and Esoteric Medicine

In this interview, business owner Doug Valentine shares his experience of using both Western Medicine and Esoteric Medicine to address his heart condition and the benefits of each as he experienced them.

Esoteric Medicine is a different paradigm to Western Medicine and is based on the understanding of the human being energetically and combines science, religion and philosophy to present a truly holistic understanding of illness, disease, health and healing.

Western Medicine is increasingly confirming the importance of lifestyle choices in relation to heart disease such that now most heart disease is considered to be related to those choices.

Esoteric Medicine also affirms the same and takes it further to look at what led to the ill lifestyle choices in the first place.  With particular regard to heart disease, it also considers the importance of how loving we have been with both ourselves and each other and helps us to address and heal the hurts and traumas that have impacted our freedom to love – both inwardly and outwardly.


Disclaimer: Some of the understandings shared in this interview go beyond what is currently accepted in Western evidence-based medicine and are derived from the different paradigm of Esoteric Medicine and one individual’s experience of using both.

The views shared in this interview are NOT the views of the medical profession nor endorsed by them.

Eunice Minford is a Consultant General Surgeon who practices according to the conventional paradigm of evidence-based medicine and surgery. She is not a cardiologist. She has personally benefitted from the understandings and application of Esoteric Medicine in her own life.

It is for the reader/listener to discern if what is shared is, or could possibly be, true and beneficial or not.

This interview does not constitute medical advice and should not be taken as medical advice.

If you have any concerns about your heart or your health please see your doctor.

265 thoughts on “Healing my Heart condition with Western and Esoteric Medicine

  1. Thanks Doug and Eunice for your interview, be great to see more of these. Doug I would be interested in reading or hearing more about the program you packed yourself on regarding your high blood pressure and what you discovered. It’s incredible that you now don’t need medicine for blood pressure and also how successful your heart ablation was, and the vitality you now feel. Esoteric Medicine is showing the world how able the body is to heal if we work with it. Congratulations Doug on turning your health around, and for all the work you put into it.

  2. Conventional medicine is great for helping to heal our conditions and Esoteric medicine is brilliant for healing the energetic root cause of any condition.

  3. Doug hearing that your life is different to how you felt in your 50’s to being in your 60’s, is completely opposite to the ageing population. I totally agree that having the choice to do something about your life is often unheard of. Coming off lifetime of medicines, the pharmaceutical companies would have been disappointed to hear about this, but could you imagine the enormity of the effect, if heart condition patients changed their lifestyle, where would we end up. If the demand dried up, the supplier well, would certainly be affected.

    A combination of Western and Esoteric medicine is the way forward and there are many testimonials, it’s a matter of allowing these people to be heard.

  4. I just came from visiting a friend at the hospital tonight and wow are those nurses good, we definitely as society do not appreciate them as much as they deserve.

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