What does it mean to have a fungal infection?

by Anon. 

Some time ago I had a diagnosis of a fungal infection on my skin. This started out as a red mark, a rash on one of my breasts, which I initially thought may have been something to do with breast cancer or an early warning sign of it and this really scared me. I went for a check-up and was told it was a ringworm, a common fungal infection, which I could have contracted from touching animals, and then passing it from my fingers or nails onto my skin. The doctor gave me cream to help it clear, which it did.

Then about a month later, I noticed a few red dots around my hips, something that could have potentially been there for over a year, as I have seen them before, but dismissed them. I thought it was just from my skin reacting to the metal of the buttons on the inside of my jeans, as they would come and go, and be in roughly the same place where the inside of the buttons touched my skin. Then these dots got worse and spread all over my hips, up the inside of my ribs, just under where my arms hang down the side of the body, onto my tummy, under and onto my chest, and then parts of my back.

When I noticed how bad this was, I decided to call the doctor to book an appointment, and at the suggestion of my partner, asked if they had an appointment for the same day.

I got an appointment for a few hours later and was told by the doctor it was a common fungal skin infection, and that we all have fungi on our skin and it can affect us at any time. I was given a medicated shower gel to help clear the infection.

Being a student of The Livingness I knew there was a deeper energetic root cause to this, and it was reflecting something about the way I was choosing to live and I wanted to know what it was.  I could use the creams to clear up the infection and continue living my life as it was, or I could go deeper into the energy behind the infection, and address the root cause of this, and work on clearing that from my body and my life.

As with everything in life, there is always an energy behind it. Initially I thought it was dampness in my body as I equated a fungal infection to damp, but I wanted to be absolutely clear and sought support from an Esoteric practitioner.

With support, I came to the understanding that energetically a fungal infection is a deep disregard for myself and my body. Basically, I was poisoning myself from the inside out.

We often assume we poison ourselves by the food or drink we consume, but, have we ever considered we can poison ourselves from the inside out by taking on others emotions, indulging in emotions, living in any way that is not in our true light, for me this played out in the choice of deep disregard.

This was a HUGE wake up call for me! Like a WOW!

For me, to disregard simply means to ignore.

Now by no means am I out of this, nor have I cleared the energetic root cause fully from my body, but the combination of the energetic truth and the support of western medicine is allowing me to looking at it from a whole, not in parts. Not just looking at the marks on my skin, and passing it off as an infection, but looking at my part in it, how I have chosen or am choosing to live. Western Medicine looks at the end result, the marks, the rash and deals with that very well; the Esoteric asks me to look at the energetic root cause from the inside out, to look at how I have been living, the choices I make, and the energy I have been choosing that has led to this infection.

I have found it quite confronting to look at the underlying cause of this condition.

Energetically, the hips are where we store ideals and beliefs, so I have been looking at how I use other people’s beliefs or the beliefs I have taken on, pictures that are not true, to dismiss and disregard myself, to fight my truth, ignore my body, ignore my feelings and give my power away to other people. How I look outside myself to others and the world for answers and choose to live my life by other people’s ideals and beliefs, reactions or responses, living in fight or flight, instead of living my absolute truth, solidness and strength, in my power and knowing.

For me, the not listening to myself, to my truth, plays out a bit like a teacher asking a child in the class a question about the child that only she knows the absolute truth to, then turning their back on that child, ignoring her, not listening to what she is saying, even if she is shouting and jumping up and down, as she is so clear and knows the answer, (of course she would, as it’s about her), but the teacher turns their back on the child and looks outward to the whole class for the answer, none of whom truly know because it’s not about them. That’s what I do to myself, to my truth and my body.

Then there are my ribs, which for me is about my light, constantly fighting it, sabotaging it, and the energy I am choosing to live in, there’s more here for me to become aware of and that will unfold in time. I also feel there is a deep sadness here that is to be cleared.

My breasts for me are about not living my fullness as a woman, lack of self-nurturing, not being and living the delicateness, the nurturing tender woman I am first with myself and then with others, sometimes I still go back to that little girl. When I look back, I’ve always tried to out-do or prove myself to others. I also hide my chest, my sexy, gorgeous body, my curves, and myself by dressing in a way that hides all this, to avoid unwanted sexual energy or being looked at. If I were to allow myself to express in full I’d dress in sexy tight clothes, showing off my body and not holding back an ounce of sexiness or hiding my divine curves.

Then there is my tummy and my back, where the rash spread. For me my tummy is to do with my lack of accepting the divine truth that I am a Son of God, and not accepting my light, how amazing I am, the fact I bring so much to the world, and reflect so many amazing qualities, it may also be me fighting my light, fighting the love that I am, and the love that is all around me, from myself and other people. It’s interesting as my tummy has for years been constantly bloated and gassy, nothing I am given helps, so there is more from an energetic perspective to look at here, definitely around not accepting something – for me it feels like love.

As it spread onto my back, over my shoulder blades, I looked at me fighting my own light, my truth again, all the angelic qualities I bring, yet do not live. And also the hardness and protection I live in, the fight or flight mode coming in. It’s an exhausting way to live, constantly changing myself, my energy depending on others responses or reactions, trying to work out how people will be with me, instead of holding myself and the quality of my energy no matter what, living from my tenderness, no matter who I am with or where I am.

This is all new to me, and something that’s going to unfold over time, in its own time,  and with that my deepening understanding and learning from it.

But I do know that without the support of the Esoteric I could have simply had a cream from the doctors, which is fine and very much needed, a very self-loving choice to make, but dismissed the opportunity to go much deeper and see the energy that’s playing out behind the infection. But now with my willingness, and openness to go there, and ask for the support, I have an opportunity to really look at, feel and heal the deep level of disregard I live with in many areas of my life.

With deep thanks and appreciation to Esoteric Medicine in combination with Western Medicine that enables me to heal not only the physical aspects of the condition, but also the root cause and my way of living. 


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235 thoughts on “What does it mean to have a fungal infection?

  1. To ask – what does this sickness mean – this is a great step to take in considering that everything matters, every small behaviour pattern, every nuance of speech, every turn of the body, note all matters and produces the conditions we have with our body.

  2. So much is missed with only a single understanding of health from medicine. It is bringing a truly holistic approach, made possible with an understanding of universal medicine that we can begin to understand the true causes of our ills and heal them on all levels.

  3. The journey you share here Anon is both inspiring and informative to support others to look further than the surface as to why one has a health issue, which can also be applied to any issue we may have.

  4. The body is always giving us so much to learn, so anything that happens to it, is a great opportunity for us to sit with it and feel what that might be. Understanding a disregard or a holding onto emotions is fantastic, because once we feel that, we can do something about it.

  5. Thank you Anon. It takes humility to realise we are ‘students’ of life but the payoffs are worth it. Being open to the messages that our bodies offer us brings another important dimension to self-care and well-being. And the combination of the conventional treatment and the energetic understanding is in my view a crucial one that will be truly supportive of our health going forward.

    1. Staying really open to the many angles of learning on offer in every situation we encounter makes life so rich. The confines of my brain never serve me as well as the awareness of my whole body intelligence.

  6. It’s funny … or not so funny how many things that are a complete imbalance of the body are seen as common or normal ‘I got an appointment for a few hours later and was told by the doctor it was a common fungal skin infection, and that we all have fungi on our skin and it can affect us at any time’ this is the same as lumps in breasts or painful periods all of which are happening because the body is saying something is not right. The thing is when we are told it is ‘common’ or ‘normal’ it is kind of a ticket or get out clause that has been given to carry on as we have been and not investigate the deeper root of the cause or accept something more for ourselves. We definitely need to change this consciousness.

    1. Good point Vicky. I wonder if this is why ‘common sense’ has been undermined in our world – because we don’t value things that are ‘common’ to everyone – just things that make us different or special. I’d like to re-label common sense as ‘innate wisdom’, because we all have it in truth, and that does not make it anything lesser or unimportant. Quite the opposite in fact. Our innate wisdom is crucial to a true appreciation of all that we are and of life itself.

    2. Very true Vicky – it’s the wrong way around when there is an acceptance of an illness or disease because it has become so common that it is now considered normal. It only goes to show that more people are ill not less.

  7. I have noticed lately that I am much more likely to get bloated from things other than food. I am exploring this to see if I can pin point thoughts and/or activities that lead to this.

    1. I have noticed this also Matilda. I used to feel bloated and have other symptoms such as a blocked nose from eating certain foods but now these things happen even without eating those foods. Great to explore what our bodies are showing us.

  8. Taking responsibility for our health, our part in the equation of healing and getting the medical treatment needed is where it’s at, otherwise it feels like the issue may go underground and pop up elsewhere.

  9. The body is such a great messenger for us to understand whatever is happening, happens for a deeper reason. And the messages are all there, waiting for us to take notice, which works out when Western Medicine and Esoteric Medicine complement each other together.

  10. We can take it at surface level, and get the help to address that, but we can also go underneath and understand what has led us there, and what we are being shown by our bodies in how we live and how we are, no blame, just a willingness to see and be where we are and to notice what truly supports us.

    1. Very cool to be reminded of the ‘no blame’. When I am critical with myself my curiosity and learning is restricted. Life is super interesting and there is so much on offer for all of us.

  11. What this shares is the absolute connection to how we live in our bodies and the level of vitality we have. How we move, what we think and how we treat our bodies and how such bodies respond is a science that needs way more attention.

  12. Having this understanding that there is a deeper energetic ill to address has redefined what it means for me to heal from a condition. Previously the physical would be addressed but I wouldn’t feel fully well once ‘healthy’ again. Sometimes after an Esoteric Healing session the physical symptoms get worse! but because the energy is no longer rooted in my body it can be released in a greater amount (and it goes all out!) but I feel amazing afterward.

  13. ‘…have we ever considered we can poison ourselves from the inside out by taking on others emotions, indulging in emotions, living in any way that is not in our true light, for me this played out in the choice of deep disregard.’ Now this is what I’m working on currently because I’m just absorbing other people’s issues through sympathy and not seeing karma at work and how it offers correction so harmony can be restored and healing.

  14. Poisoning ourselves from the inside out with thoughts or others emotions that we take on shows how everything is relevant, everything we think, every move we make, every word we speak… does it nurture us, or does it poison us?

  15. We don’t often think of emotional energy as poison that can enter our bodies no different to food or drink but they can definitely be ingested into our bodies and cause all sorts of problems if we allow it.

  16. We miss so much if we just see the symptom, when we look at the root cause we find out so so much more about ourselves.

  17. If we always had a medicine which make the symptoms go away we would never find the answers underneath our ill health – such is our search for new medicine and technology rather than true answers.

  18. This blog has expanded understanding about how we can choose to bring a deeper and enriched awareness of the many existing layers we are and how we can support not only our own true healing but also the healing in others. Thank you Anon for sharing your deeply personal experience and wisdom.

  19. Paying attention to the body and what it presents is gold, it’s what we are taught not to do, so doing it is rebelling against the norm – I always was a rebel, so this is great fun to do.

  20. We’re often very secretive about our conditions and illnesses. The reasons are many and varied. Shame, embarrassment, guilt, regret, dishonesty, pride, fear, sadness, despondency, despair, panic, frustration, nervousness, anxiety, anger, resentment and bitterness are all emotions that can accompany being unwell and all of these emotions also contribute to ill health. If we were able to change our attitude to being unwell then we would be able to change the way that we feel about being unwell. If we could see illness as a forum for learning, a medium through which we could bring change into our lives, an opportunity to open up and share more with others, a time to become more tender and honouring with ourselves, a time to bring more love into our lives and allow more love out, a time to deepen our relationship with ourselves and others, then through that process we would be able to address the feelings that are associated with being what we currently term as ‘being unwell’. Perhaps in the process we would also change our description of ‘being unwell’ to something like ‘an opportunity to change’.

  21. As a health practitioner, I LOVE skin diseases – now let me explain what I mean about this: When a condition involves the skin, you can see it and you can touch it and you can feel it – it is literally in your face (and often is – pun intended). This means that you can work with something and see how it develops or unfolds in front of you – you know where the condition is and you can see it. You can take pictures and see how the skin changes over time. So, as a practitioner when I go to treat or work with someone with a skin disease I explain how special this is – the body is clearly showing that something is out of balance and that the body is trying to restore balance (homeostasis) and get rid of something that does not belong in it. And so if our focus is simply to get rid of the symptoms on the skin (and not support the body in its arduous task of bringing balance), we risk driving the condition deeper in the body and can turn it into a condition that is more hidden and harder to treat. This is actually an old school naturopathic philosophy that is very much in line with the Ageless Wisdom and its approach to illness and disease and that rings much truth to me. Whilst the condition is on the skin, we can support the body with what it is trying to do, and this will support the true healing which in turn, once balance and homeostasis is achieved, will no longer need to use the skin as its organ for detox and balance – at this point the symptoms can resolve as true healing has happened. How cool is this!?

  22. I love how we can look at illness and disease of any kind and see it as the body doing its best to clear something within that does not belong, something that is not natural. And so it is not about trying to remove symptoms only – to truly address the problem we want the symptoms to go away because of the root condition having been treated and healed. This is the depth we have an opportunity to take with every single condition, illness and disease that we encounter.

  23. As we become more open to our sensitivity, we are less dismissive of what our body is showing us, and can receive a much deeper healing as a consequence. It’s so great to learn so much from the body and how everything affects us, how our thoughts, our emotions or our reactions negatively have an impact, and how we can choose differently instead.

  24. Great question “What does it mean to have a fungal infection” we can ask this question of anything – when we ask the question and open to the answer we are on are way to true healing.

  25. True healing empowers us to make deeply loving shifts in the way we live each day, effortlessly. Nothing has empowered this in me to the degree that the Universal Medicine Healing Modalities have done, very real and solid miracles that to this day still astound me.

    1. Spot on Rowena, every illness and condition is an opportunity to change something in our lives that has been waiting to be changed for a while in order to allow us our natural growth and evolution.

  26. The marriage of Western Medicine and Universal Medicine is a match made in Heaven. The two combined give us an understanding of the physical and the energetic backdrop to the how, what, where and why illness and disease happens.

  27. ‘living from my tenderness’ – this is a great motto and as things are at the moment a great way to live – reflecting something into the world that is an alternative to the hardness, disconnection and cruelty.

  28. What a different relationship we build with illness and our bodies when we recognise our symptoms as a clearing of an ill energy that we have chosen to live, and therefore what an immense blessing it is to be clearing it from our bodies.

  29. When an archer’s bow is left with the bowstring left in tension, it will over time change the shape of the bow. What happens to our body when we live a life of self-imposed force from outside sources that we hold within us? Do we become the strung bow?

  30. When we do choose to look beneath the surface, we discover so much more about our selves than we ever realised was there. The love and beauty that is locked inside is totally awesome. All it takes is a bit of esoteric healing to bring it to the fore, pushing out as it does so all that does not belong to it.

  31. The thing about just getting a quick fix to the problem is that because the root cause has not been looked at, the body may have to give us an even bigger message to give us another option to look at the root cause.

  32. To look at the truth of our ills allows us to bring healing. To refuse the awareness that is already there takes us deeper into the ill.

    1. Absolutely, well said Ariana – we cannot make choice to stay the same, they either are supporting us to heal and let go or to bring more harm in holding on.

  33. I was talking to someone yesterday who totally understood about what you describe here, the deeper meaning to illness. She had had a lot of recent anxiety but understood how her body was giving her so many healing messages through a skin condition that had started as the anxiety started, and there was a deeper connection with the physical body. People are slowly becoming more aware of the messages from their own bodies.

  34. The key ingredients in good health are: a good dose of self-responsibility, heaps of self-respect, a superb Esoteric Practitioner to call upon and a positive relationship with your doctor. Mix well altogether and administer on a regular basis and enjoy the results!

  35. The body is amazing at giving us signs large or small to show us that something is out of balance. For instance, I get a sore toe if I eat too much sugar, it never fails or I would get a headache after eating something too sweet. The key is to heed these warnings and to stop overriding the messages.

    1. So true. All we need to do is ask ourselves the question what could this mean, but we prefer so often the idea that it is random and that we are just unlucky. But the body doesn’t do random and unlucky, it has no less intelligence than our brain, in fact it has far more in truth.

  36. Beautiful how our body speaks to us all the time – all we need to do is learn the language and then respond by altering the quality of our inner world to align to our body’s immense intelligence.

  37. Wake up calls, revelations or aha moments can be a very much needed part of our journey; a stop moment or turning point to guide us on our way to return to the love that we are.

  38. When we get any illness, we often want the cure to get rid of it, but if we can understand the deeper energetic understanding on offer, like you have here knowing that the fungal condition was a disregard for your body, attaching to emotions, we can take the healing offered to another level. The body loves as much healing as possible.

    1. Revealing the gift in an ill or disease is our opportunity to clear what is not of us from our body and to learn how it came to be so that we can live less of what we are not.

  39. Understanding that emotions and thoughts can be just as toxic, if not more so, than the substances we consume is an eye opener in itself, but then being offered a way to clear these toxins from our bodies with the support of the Esoteric Healing Modalities is even more incredible.

  40. “living in fight or flight, instead of living my absolute truth, solidness and strength, in my power and knowing.” I can relate to this line. It takes time to get to know ourselves and realise we can respond to life instead of feeling what is happening around us is bigger than we are.

  41. I’m very inspired to look at all my ailments and go deeper with asking myself, ok what is my body showing me about how I am living?

    1. It’s such an amazing opportunity once we are aware of what is offered to us to listen more closely isn’t it. Our body holds all of the answers which we seek.

  42. After a while of working with the body in this way, it can lead to a greater sensitivity about how reading the messages offered by our body, the deepening our understanding and awareness, and the choice itself of dropping some old hurts/beliefs/strategies, are a form of medicine and can start to shift what is being experienced in the body.

    I am finding this to be the case with an issue in my body that needs surgery. While I am waiting for a surgery procedure some time in the future, I am also deepening my connection with my body and healing the non-physical aspects connected with what is being shown up by my body. Astounding how at times you can keep peeling back layers and layers.

  43. I have a wise friend who coined the phrase “Everything is everything and nothing is nothing.” So yes, it is good to ask what is going on with our bodies, it’s time we knew.

  44. Every part of our body represents such a beautiful aspect of our expression. What a huge shift it is to begin to appreciate the depth of this expression and choose to start letting it all out, with such a gorgeous grace and delicacy, such an important part of our health and our well being.

  45. Amazing potential of western medicine and esoteric healing to support us in truly healing our ill ways.

    1. To consider and embrace that we are more than our symptoms offers the opportunity for healing at the root cause, the source of the symptoms.

  46. There is so much to explore within us, in relation to our health, well being and purpose in this world and the Esoteric Healing Modalities are an incredible support that take us straight in to the real action of why we get ill and how we can support our selves through the process.

    1. Truly, the Esoteric Healing Modalities are an incredible support to get to the bottom of any illness or problem. I find that bringing it back to my choices and how I have lived and understanding the illness as a correction for that, takes out the emotion and feeling a victim or poor me. Instead I can gently nurture myself through the health issue, feeling more steady and reassured. Understanding is a huge healing in itself.

  47. Realising that we can poison ourselves with emotions, and even our thoughts was a huge revelation for me, but makes total sense. We all know how wretched we can feel if/when we let our emotions get the better of us, and how clear and bright we are when we don’t let them. Living in a way that supports us to stay steady is a great way to prevent the body from being poisoned by toxic emotions.

    1. When we start to entertain negative thoughts our bodies can very quickly become heavy and thick with the emotion this stimulates. I often used to indulge in thoughts as a form of escape but if I ever catch myself doing this now the initial heaviness feels too horrible to take it any further and I find that by not paying the thought any heed, the energy of it isn’t allowed in.

    2. As human beings we are constantly streaming energy through our bodies. One source of energy supports us immeasurably to move in a way that is in keeping with God and the other source of energy ensures that we stay out of step with God. Our movements then, in turn, dictate that we keep drawing in energy from the same energetic pool and so it goes. Humanity as a whole is out of step with God, hence the turmoil that we can see and feel all around us.

  48. If you’ve got an itch, scratch it. But look beyond the itch and see why it’s there in the first place. Nice work on looking at the root of the issue.

    1. Great way of putting it Nick. We can so easily stop at the satisfaction of scratching it without asking why and yet it is in this which we find the truth.

    2. And scratch it with great care and respect. I have been so critical of myself in the past and it is very amazing to realise that this is a pattern that can be changed and that I can be gentle and honouring with myself.

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