What does it mean to have a fungal infection?

by Anon. 

Some time ago I had a diagnosis of a fungal infection on my skin. This started out as a red mark, a rash on one of my breasts, which I initially thought may have been something to do with breast cancer or an early warning sign of it and this really scared me. I went for a check-up and was told it was a ringworm, a common fungal infection, which I could have contracted from touching animals, and then passing it from my fingers or nails onto my skin. The doctor gave me cream to help it clear, which it did.

Then about a month later, I noticed a few red dots around my hips, something that could have potentially been there for over a year, as I have seen them before, but dismissed them. I thought it was just from my skin reacting to the metal of the buttons on the inside of my jeans, as they would come and go, and be in roughly the same place where the inside of the buttons touched my skin. Then these dots got worse and spread all over my hips, up the inside of my ribs, just under where my arms hang down the side of the body, onto my tummy, under and onto my chest, and then parts of my back.

When I noticed how bad this was, I decided to call the doctor to book an appointment, and at the suggestion of my partner, asked if they had an appointment for the same day.

I got an appointment for a few hours later and was told by the doctor it was a common fungal skin infection, and that we all have fungi on our skin and it can affect us at any time. I was given a medicated shower gel to help clear the infection.

Being a student of The Livingness I knew there was a deeper energetic root cause to this, and it was reflecting something about the way I was choosing to live and I wanted to know what it was.  I could use the creams to clear up the infection and continue living my life as it was, or I could go deeper into the energy behind the infection, and address the root cause of this, and work on clearing that from my body and my life.

As with everything in life, there is always an energy behind it. Initially I thought it was dampness in my body as I equated a fungal infection to damp, but I wanted to be absolutely clear and sought support from an Esoteric practitioner.

With support, I came to the understanding that energetically a fungal infection is a deep disregard for myself and my body. Basically, I was poisoning myself from the inside out.

We often assume we poison ourselves by the food or drink we consume, but, have we ever considered we can poison ourselves from the inside out by taking on others emotions, indulging in emotions, living in any way that is not in our true light, for me this played out in the choice of deep disregard.

This was a HUGE wake up call for me! Like a WOW!

For me, to disregard simply means to ignore.

Now by no means am I out of this, nor have I cleared the energetic root cause fully from my body, but the combination of the energetic truth and the support of western medicine is allowing me to looking at it from a whole, not in parts. Not just looking at the marks on my skin, and passing it off as an infection, but looking at my part in it, how I have chosen or am choosing to live. Western Medicine looks at the end result, the marks, the rash and deals with that very well; the Esoteric asks me to look at the energetic root cause from the inside out, to look at how I have been living, the choices I make, and the energy I have been choosing that has led to this infection.

I have found it quite confronting to look at the underlying cause of this condition.

Energetically, the hips are where we store ideals and beliefs, so I have been looking at how I use other people’s beliefs or the beliefs I have taken on, pictures that are not true, to dismiss and disregard myself, to fight my truth, ignore my body, ignore my feelings and give my power away to other people. How I look outside myself to others and the world for answers and choose to live my life by other people’s ideals and beliefs, reactions or responses, living in fight or flight, instead of living my absolute truth, solidness and strength, in my power and knowing.

For me, the not listening to myself, to my truth, plays out a bit like a teacher asking a child in the class a question about the child that only she knows the absolute truth to, then turning their back on that child, ignoring her, not listening to what she is saying, even if she is shouting and jumping up and down, as she is so clear and knows the answer, (of course she would, as it’s about her), but the teacher turns their back on the child and looks outward to the whole class for the answer, none of whom truly know because it’s not about them. That’s what I do to myself, to my truth and my body.

Then there are my ribs, which for me is about my light, constantly fighting it, sabotaging it, and the energy I am choosing to live in, there’s more here for me to become aware of and that will unfold in time. I also feel there is a deep sadness here that is to be cleared.

My breasts for me are about not living my fullness as a woman, lack of self-nurturing, not being and living the delicateness, the nurturing tender woman I am first with myself and then with others, sometimes I still go back to that little girl. When I look back, I’ve always tried to out-do or prove myself to others. I also hide my chest, my sexy, gorgeous body, my curves, and myself by dressing in a way that hides all this, to avoid unwanted sexual energy or being looked at. If I were to allow myself to express in full I’d dress in sexy tight clothes, showing off my body and not holding back an ounce of sexiness or hiding my divine curves.

Then there is my tummy and my back, where the rash spread. For me my tummy is to do with my lack of accepting the divine truth that I am a Son of God, and not accepting my light, how amazing I am, the fact I bring so much to the world, and reflect so many amazing qualities, it may also be me fighting my light, fighting the love that I am, and the love that is all around me, from myself and other people. It’s interesting as my tummy has for years been constantly bloated and gassy, nothing I am given helps, so there is more from an energetic perspective to look at here, definitely around not accepting something – for me it feels like love.

As it spread onto my back, over my shoulder blades, I looked at me fighting my own light, my truth again, all the angelic qualities I bring, yet do not live. And also the hardness and protection I live in, the fight or flight mode coming in. It’s an exhausting way to live, constantly changing myself, my energy depending on others responses or reactions, trying to work out how people will be with me, instead of holding myself and the quality of my energy no matter what, living from my tenderness, no matter who I am with or where I am.

This is all new to me, and something that’s going to unfold over time, in its own time,  and with that my deepening understanding and learning from it.

But I do know that without the support of the Esoteric I could have simply had a cream from the doctors, which is fine and very much needed, a very self-loving choice to make, but dismissed the opportunity to go much deeper and see the energy that’s playing out behind the infection. But now with my willingness, and openness to go there, and ask for the support, I have an opportunity to really look at, feel and heal the deep level of disregard I live with in many areas of my life.

With deep thanks and appreciation to Esoteric Medicine in combination with Western Medicine that enables me to heal not only the physical aspects of the condition, but also the root cause and my way of living. 


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224 thoughts on “What does it mean to have a fungal infection?

  1. “As with everything in life, there is always an energy behind it.” When we bring this immutable truth into the equation, our understanding of ill health, medicine and healing takes a quantum shift as we are empowered to embrace our own responsibility in the healing process, starting with the quality of our energetic health first.

    1. Understanding that everything is energetic before anything else makes a lot of sense to me. It makes sense also that we learn to read energy, see it for what it is so that we can live life with much deeper awareness of what’s going on.

      1. In being more aware that everything is energetic I have been supported to explore it by considering my body more. It is only through the body that we can understand energy. It is interesting how I have felt energy coming towards me and energy that is flowing through, energy that is stuck and energy being released. My body has been a marker of all of this and the more aware of energy I become the more appreciative I have become that I can feel it.

  2. ‘living from my tenderness, no matter who I am with or where I am.’ This for me is really important, I am a very tender woman but I can go into rushing and being hard if something needs doing quickly, rather than staying with this tenderness no matter what, this is definitely worth working on,

    1. This rings true for me as a man too – I can quickly let go of those things which I do to support myself in this getting caught in the feeling of having to get things done.

  3. Sometimes we just need to be patient in our development and the answer to what we have been searching for will come, in its own time and pace and when we have let go of our attachment to the outcome.

  4. Not being emotional can be sometimes labelled as not getting involved or not being caring, but it can be felt quite strongly when people get caught in emotion, especially emotion from others’ issues. It is certainly not caring, it is being drawn in, ensnared and entrapped. It is so caring to hold someone with love without the emotion.

  5. What does it mean to live a body that constantly communicates with us and yet it’s signals are largely ignored by the vast majority? When we’re in the thick of things, driven by pressures of work and family, we routinely forget self and don’t hear these messages until they can’t be ignored. To adopt a way and pace of life that keeps us connected to our body, creates space that allows us to listen and respond.

  6. Have you ever read the fine print on hazardous products? The simple instructions about avoiding skin contact by wearing gloves? This simple ignored caution caused me to absorb a poison which started a process in my liver to not control the iron in my blood, that caused my skin to react to sunlight and cause painful small blisters and my favourite phrase, skin fragility, where if you scrape your skin the top layer of skin comes off. It is like if a scab comes off, more pain. I was like a vampire for two years avoiding the sun. It took two years to find the root cause and reduce the iron in my body, all from a moment of disregard, for myself.

  7. To be able to gently dig beneath any symptom, big or small, is the power offered by Esoteric Medicine. So often we take something at face value and don’t even consider looking deeper and asking why. I have found that asking why has revealed so much more to me than I ever thought was possible.

  8. The level of communication as the rash spread to different areas of your body is to be truly appreciated as it shows how a number of different aspects of the way of living have affected you.

  9. From some time to now I’m having dermathitis in some areas of my skin. After reading such an open sharing like this I feel ready to look at what’s really going on…it’s all about not living my light in full as a woman and the way my body has to show me the result of my choices. I appreciate its constant communication, the clarity and the willingness to clear all that doesn’t belongs to our natural state of being.

  10. The reading you made about you – like an open book – and what you were experiencing in your body feels very inspiring to me. There is an enormous clarity and a willingness to see the deeper root of this fungal infection. Also a choice to opening up, trust and ask for help when was needed. A truly healing way to approach an illness. Thanks for sharing

  11. Why do we wait for a condition to get worse before we sometimes seek medical advice? The body speaks, but we don’t listen until it shouts.

    1. There are some conditions that give us a hint early of a potential problem, but without understanding, desire to question or check it out, it turns into something much worse. Responding to small signals, is the stage we often miss out.

  12. How many people want to know about the energetic reason for their disease- not many. This is great that you are up for seeing that how we live affects our health. That’s true responsibility.

    1. and it’s that understanding of how and why life is the way it is that we lack. Not only the reasons behind illness and disease but the reason behind life as a whole. And the reason why we are stumbling around in the dark is because we haven’t brought in the energetic factor. As Serge Benhayon has clearly outlined ‘everything is energy, therefore everything is because of energy’, so to leave out the energetic contribution to everything is to miss out a very vital component and explains very clearly why we’re simply not getting on top of so many aspects of life.

  13. Food and what we eat can easily become the main focus when we are unhappy with ourselves. The mistake is made when we see losing weight as the fix all for everything else in our lives (speaking from experience).

    1. Losing weight, gaining weight, getting bigger boobs, fuller lips, highlights, lowlights, longer eyelashes, firmer buttocks, bigger pecs, defined abs etc., change nothing whatsoever on the inside but I know from my days of dedicated gym workouts that the pursuit of them are in themselves an indication of what’s on the inside.

    2. Our tendency is to want to rid ourselves of an outer problem, for example, weight gain, this is the fix the visible problem route, rather than dig deeper to look at what led to the weight gain in the first place. In a similar way when we stop smoking cigarettes (and this is great) it is only part of the answer, if we don’t also start to clear long held insecurities that led us to start smoking cigarettes.

  14. So true, the root cause will always tend to elude us if we just get the cream and apply it without considering all that the esoteric can tell us. Western Medicine is brilliant at dealing with symptoms but rarely in my experience can it offer the root cause for us to consider and without that how can we change the behaviours that led to the illness? For sure we can adopt the “it just happened” or “I am unlucky” posture but this guarantees that we will not really deal with or learn from it.

  15. The more I am prepared to go beyond what is seen on the surface (of our bodies and life) the richer and more inspiring everything is… there is so much more than our human existence and to be open to exploring this, brings a depth and understanding to life that makes so much sense.

  16. It’s an important question to ask ourselves whenever something comes up with our health. “What does it mean for me?” and “what is this telling me about how I am living?” It’s only when we ask these kinds of questions are we open to what we may need to change.

  17. “For me, to disregard simply means to ignore” One day this maybe diagnosed as an illness in its own right, particularly when we realize just how amazing it is to really honour our body by paying attention to the minutest of details and the appreciating the quality of vitality and health that arises when we do.

  18. When we get ill or experience an illness or disease how often do we stop and ask what does it mean?…or do we only see it as an annoyance or problem that needs to be got rid of? Of course we want to get rid of painful or uncomfortable symptoms that is natural but can we go deeper than that to explore the why factor?

  19. I deeply appreciate the combination of the esoteric with conventional medicine and in my experience to date they have made sense of the non-sense. I also feel I am a much more responsible patient for the doctors to treat.

    1. I know from 20 years of clinical experience that it is a completely different experience to treat or support a client who is willing or committed to taking some responsibility for their health and wellbeing.

    2. So true Lucy and this is why I reckon we are struggling as a race to heal illness and disease, we are leaving out one major aspect of healing and that is taking responsibility by at looking at healing from an energetic aspect as well and not just the physical aspect.

  20. ‘We often assume we poison ourselves by the food or drink we consume, but, have we ever considered…’ this is a profound point to make. Everything we do and thinks affects us and is something which is in and through our body. We choose the quality of this in what we choose to express.

  21. I had a fungal infection on a toe nail that I had ignored for a while hoping it would go away, but of course it didn’t, so I went to my GP and his response was did I really want to bother with treating such an insignificant thing? The treatment was expensive he said and it took a long time to work. He really made me feel I was wasting his valuable time and that I should just live with it. The fact that I wanted to deal with it surprised him as perhaps others would be put off treating it by his attitude.

  22. Whenever the balance of the body is compromised by illness, it can come as a surprise and prompt us to appreciate its preciousness and realise how much we take it for granted.

  23. Our bodies are amazing reflections of how we choose to live … if we honour their messages we are able to bring true healing to not only the physical aspect of our lives but also our mental, emotional and spiritual – and in the process be an inspiration to many others.

    1. Yes, Paula, I agree. When we are unwell or have a condition of some sort, there is so much more on offer than the alleviation of symptoms… an opportunity to bring greater depth and understanding to our relationship with our body, others, life, everything.

  24. The energetic cause of illness and dis-ease used to be taught a long time ago and it is something that needs to be brought back into Western Medicine – until we look at the energetic cause there is no true healing.

  25. Wow, what an inspiring way to heal. If we all took this same approach, imagine how much we can learn from our illness, disease and infections. This is a great example of healing on a deeper level and willingness to take responsibility and listen to our body.

  26. Understanding the areas of the body and what they energetically mean is a great support in being able to look past the physical illness and see how and why and where we may have contributed to it, and from there look at what we need to do to heal it from the inside out.

    1. It is such an important step to get out of the “it just happened to me`’ mentality and to start to realise that we are in one way or another responsible for any and all ailments we experience. Esoteric medicine is the missing link that we need to be able to gain greater understanding of how our behaviours lead to our illnesses.

  27. With the deepening level of understanding and care that I have embraced as a result of esoteric medicine, I have also ended up being more responsible and caring on the physical level, so I am more actively seeking out the support of conventional medicine.

    1. Amazing Golnaz, I love how this works and the marriage of conventional medicine and esoteric medicine is what I call true healing.

  28. Who would have thought for a minute that illnesses could show us so much and that if we take the time to dig a little deeper more would be revealed? I love the fact that the body does not just get sick because it feels like it but can show us what needs clearing and why.

    1. Seeing illness and disease as the body’s way of healing is entirely logical and yet I always felt it was a punishment or my body letting me down. Turning it around, I now realise that the body has more love than my head chooses to remember and sometimes a correction is needed to maintain the fine balance of harmony, love and joy in the body.

      1. I also used to have a negative attitude with my body when it got sick and felt like I was being punished. It was like being at war with my body. Giving the body a voice to what it is attempting to clear makes sense now when I look at it from a different perspective.

  29. To look at a diagnosis and ask – what can I learn from this? – this is a great way to live. Not to champion illness, but yes to championing how we can learn from it. Then we can start to listen to our body before we get sick, which is a whole different way of living.

    1. Great point Ariana – ‘Then we can start to listen to our body before we get sick, which is a whole different way of living.’

  30. We get poisoned so much when we take on others emotions, just because we cannot see this does not mean it’s not there. We can feel them in the body and they literally weigh us down and make us unwell. Thank you for the understanding how the body clears to raise our awareness with this.

  31. Credit to you anonymous, for your willingness to go there and look beyond applying surface creams. In my experience many are not ready to dig deeper “to see the energy playing out behind the infection”.

  32. Western medicine and energetic knowledge is a perfect marriage which provides both sides of the equation for our health and wellbeing.

  33. Our body is a resource that we have ignored for so long – and I am finding that within it lays a depth of love and understanding that far surpasses anything that my mind has thus far come up with.

    1. Whist I understand this I realise that I still don’t choose to connect with or acknowledge in full the depth of love and understanding my body has to offer. It only takes a moment to connect with the exquisite stillness within and yet I realise that much of my movement still comes from a drive and a push to get things done that come from the head. Learning to be with my body, the recourse needed to access wisdom and love is an unfolding process but the more I read comments like yours Susan the more I am reminded to settle back into it and simply allow myself to be. Thank you.

  34. As with anything that grows, when given the right conditions it will thrive, whether that’s in nature or within the body. So it’s always important to consider what we are feeding ourselves with both physically and energetically when we have any health problem that has taken a hold.

  35. Consider it a blessing when Soul steps in and presents us with an ill-health condition as a prompt or stop that re-directs our focus inwards.

  36. Our bodies are telling us so clearly all the time what the outcome of our behaviours are doing to us, but we refuse to listen. It’s great you listened and learned from it – that’s such a great healing.

  37. Taking on other people’s poison is indeed a deep disregard but when in our younger years are we told of this and in fact, we are encouraged to do the opposite and take on others woes – we are told to be sympathetic and have empathy and are looked upon strangely if we do not have those characteristics.

    1. Our body is constantly working hard to protect us from illness and disease but if we work against our body it will show us what is taking place. Our body is amazing at what it does and it is constantly healing without us consciously instructing it to and it just naturally heals. Our body is highly intelligent and it will let us know when we have been living in disregard.

  38. What amazing insights you have gained from reading the messages offered by your body. It would be hugely supportive if, as well receiving the welcome medication for their symptoms, everyone was also assisted to read the messages their body is reflecting in the same way as is described here.

  39. ‘…have we ever considered we can poison ourselves from the inside out by taking on others emotions, indulging in emotions, living in any way that is not in our true light…’ Until I came across Universal Medicine I hadn’t been aware of this fact, but to me it makes sense as to why we might get ill. Being stressed, for example, we know it damages our health – so taking on emotions of others seems to follow this line of thinking.

    1. This is something that we really need to educate on as living through and by the emotions is considered absolutely normal. We are simply not aware that when we take on the emotions of others, as well as indulging in our own, we create health issues for ourselves. It would make for interesting research as we begin to learn that specific emotions correspond to specific conditions in the body.

      1. Yes, we do need to really feel what we do to our bodies when we get emotional. Being emotional is often championed as a good thing, but we need to develop awareness of our emotions without taking them on. I know my life has changed fundamentally by taking this approach.

      2. Since being mindful of any reactions I may have had and being open to the awareness of the hurts that lie underneath them, my life has indeed fundamentally changed. Whilst some may say that without emotion there is no value in life, I would say that emotions have drained me – I have indulged in them, I have felt insecure as a consequence and whilst I may have had some highs (not too many of them to be honest) and a number of lows none of it has felt true or steady. In between the highs and lows I have checked out and numbed. Since letting go of my hurts and in saying no to emotions I have said yes to an even steadiness that connects me increasingly with truth with joy. To me, a much more preferable foundation than living by the tenuous instability of emotion.

    2. And we can support others to not poison themselves in this way. Whenever we feel someone indulging or in reaction, we can gently offer an alternative response, that they focus on self and their part in it, rather than attach to an emotion or blame another. Whatever we experience is precious and an opportunity to deepen our understanding of self.

  40. “Basically, I was poisoning myself from the inside out.” A powerful realization that supports us to see that simply the thoughts that we privately entertain about our selves can be pure poison for our bodies.

  41. A timely blog Anon. For five days I have had a painful viral infection that presented on my skin and spread to different parts of my body, affecting my back, chest, shoulders and under and upper arms. Like you, I’m having to go beneath the surface to understand its causes as well as treat it directly with medication. Although the skin eruption appeared to come suddenly, these things rarely do, but are the tip of an iceberg becoming visible so we take notice and offer a precious opportunity to heal and deepen my relationship with self.

    1. I love the example you offer here of how to observe the condition and work with it – to uncover its root cause and to become aware of the choices that have been made or uncover false ideals and beliefs that often we have dismissed or been in denial of.

    2. Embracing our bodies’ sign posting and maximising the opportunity to deepen our understanding of ourselves and life, makes sense. The way we ignore and override our bodies is one aspect of our madness.

  42. Embracing conventional medicine with the esoteric is a perfect combination to support the body. I don’t think twice about going to my doctor or nurse or taking my children to the medical practice these days if something shows up in the body that needs further investigation. They are there to help us and all we have to do is be open to what is offered.

  43. Anon, you gave a great example of the teacher not listening to the child, I can feel how we do this to our bodies – they shout loud and clearly and often we ignore them and override the signals – such as tiredness, bloating, aches and pains. This article is a great reminder to listen to what our bodies are communicating.

  44. Anon, I love your honesty and that you are willing to get to the root cause, this reminds that there is always a reason behind everything and something to learn.

    1. There is always either the consciousness of God or the consciousness of Not God behind every-thing and life is about returning to a time where the consciousness of God is the leading impulse behind everything. And when the consciousness of God is the leading impulse behind everything then every-thing will be impulsed by God.

  45. Why do we accept small things in our bodies that are not normal? We find/make-up reasons to justify the source and move on. I know most men are experts on accepting lots of small and big messages the body sends us! Why do we refuse to look at the causes of these messages constantly given to us, for they are the stepping stones in our evolution!

    1. It feels to me that our eyes are permanently fixed on the horizon. We seem determined to keep moving what we perceive to be ‘forwards’. It takes something pretty major to actually stop us in our tracks but until that happens our wheels keep on mechanically turning until one of our wheels actually falls off.

    2. We would need to face our own pride and ignorance to the fact that we are making choices which are perpetuating a way of living which is not it and therefore making us ill, despite the illusion that we feel it protects us in some way or keeps us comfortable in avoiding true responsibility.

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