Spirit and Soul – what is their role in illness, disease and healing?

In this interview, Serge Benhayon shares the esoteric and energetic understandings of the spirit and soul and how they relate to illness and disease and healing. This broadens the whole sphere of discussion on illness, disease and healing, far beyond what is currently accepted in conventional medicine to include the spiritual dimension and its role in illness manifestation and healing.

Have a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy an enlightening exploration into the subject, that if accepted, expands and evolves our understanding of the human condition, illness, disease and healing.


The topics discussed in this interview go beyond what is currently known, accepted and practiced in the evidence based paradigm of Conventional or Western Medicine and are based on the different paradigm of Esoteric Medicine, that is inclusive of religion, philosophy and science and fundamentally based on the understanding that everything is energy. It is for the listener to discern whether what is shared, is true or could possibly be true or not.

Eunice Minford is a Consultant General Surgeon who practices surgery according to the paradigm of conventional evidence based medicine.

She has found personal benefit to her health and wellbeing by applying the understandings of Esoteric Medicine and Esoteric Philosophy in her own life.  She speaks here from personal experience and NOT on behalf of the medical profession or evidence based medicine as it is currently understood.

This interview is NOT a substitute for medical advice and if you have any concerns about your health you should see your GP.

402 thoughts on “Spirit and Soul – what is their role in illness, disease and healing?

  1. I can remember in my mid 20’s being upset over a relationship issue and drank a lot of alcohol as a way of relieving the emotional tension I was feeling and then spent two days in bed recovering from being so sick from all the alcohol I had consumed. Not only was I still upset but felt dreadful in my body too. I can now look back and see how I allowed myself to be fooled by my mind into thinking that drinking so much alcohol was a way to resolve my un dealt with hurts. Letting my spirit run my body and not my soul led to me being very sick unnecessarily so. Having reconnected back to my soul there is no way it would want me to be so abusive to myself ever again or abusive to anyone else it is a completely different and harmonious way of living.

  2. Beautifully said ‘what is it about reincarnation and karma that we do not like?’ This whole interview is a discussion that is very needed. As with the understanding of ‘The healing of the spirit’, ‘the spirit we need need to heal, the body to cure and the soul is the blessing.’ And can I just say amputee factories!!!! Gosh when looking at the sociological future let alone the constant increase in illness and dis-ease it is definitely time to stop and truly reconsider and re-evaluate everything in a very sensible and truthful way.

  3. It feels true to treat the whole body rather than just the body on its own. When I was growing up, just fixing the body never felt just it, as the illness would recur. How I was living was not supportive of my body and if anything I was abusing it more than loving it, thinking I was healthy. It’s only since the presentations from Serge Benhayon, and Universal Medicine that I truly am understanding more about healing than before.

    I have grown up around reincarnation, and karma, and it certainly was misrepresented. If you were good, then your next life was set up with riches and if you were bad, well you will repent…

    We have so much to consider with what has been presented in this interview, and many people would no doubt react. Ok so if this is the case, how on earth are we ever going to heal? Because the systems we have in place are not working and if anything have worsened? If you think there is another way, then please present this…

  4. Coming to Universal Medicine presentations and understanding the truth of the difference between spirit and soul – in contrast to the bastardised versions I’d hear about on the various spiritual courses I’d attended previously – made so much sense to me. Thus I can make sense of the illnesses we have. Making new lifestyle choices can be instrumental in returning to good health.

  5. In the future it will be known that illness and disease have everything to do with whether we express from spirit or from soul.

  6. This is the type of discussion we should be having worldwide that the root cause of all illness and disease comes from the spirit and its wayward disregard of our bodies. We have without a doubt the most amazing medical system the best it can be. But I also ask the question why is it we still suffer from such ill health? Is it now time to explore the possibility of the actions of the spirit and our health before it’s too late. For example if all medication including ‘across the counter drugs’ where to be withheld for just a month around the world how many people would be able to cope for just a week? This would show us our over reliance on medication to get us through the day.

    1. Mary I agree, we need to be having these discussions about how there is a spirit and a soul and the two are separate. One loves you unconditionally and the other, well, it runs you ragged when it is allowed to have its own way.

      And you have also brought to our attention that if drugs were withheld, how would people cope? A very good question to ponder over. And here’s another to consider, what would happen if social media, newspaper, etc. was also withheld, what would life look like then? Just look at Christmas time and the shops are forced to close, there is a frenzy to shop because people think there’s going to be a shortage of food over a 24 hour period…

  7. This is a very meaningful discussion about spirit and soul. It explains the causes of our illnesses as humans to a depth of understanding where no-one else goes. It’s for anyone to read and agree or not, but the clarity here cannot be underestimated.

      1. Sueq2012 I agree with you but I also feel this discussion should be taking place within families and be integrated into the School curriculum at an early age. The deeper our understanding of the difference between the spirit and the soul the more aware we will become. It should not have been left to mainstream religion to teach this as I feel that we have been led astray by the improper religious teachings on this subject.

  8. This understanding of sprit and soul is the only thing that makes sense to me in any of the teachings I have ever tried to understand. When we understand the psychology of the spirit, it works. The spirit tries to rule our lifestyle choices, but when we expose it, we can feel the connection to our Soul.

  9. So mastering the spirit and living the soul – this is very practical and all to do with lifestyle choices.

    1. The spirit and soul are two words that we use in our language all the time, but for me, (until I came across the teachings of Universal Medicine) I didn’t truly understand what they meant in practical terms. Now I have this understanding I can observe and know, in me which one at any time, I am expressing and which one, at any time, someone else is expressing.

    1. I agree with you Matilda that we can tell from how we interact with each other whether we are coming from our soul or our spirit. You can feel the disregard of their spirit, we feel unsettled by its total lack of love.

  10. The straight talking discussion about spirit and soul and the part they play in illness and disease is so needed today. If we look at the global health situation, we cannot ignore how this plays out for us all.

  11. It makes so much sense to me that the root cause of all illness and disease comes from the spirit and its wayward influence on us, and the body has to correct that for us to learn and heal. The body has the wisdom to show us how we have been living has not been supporting us. I look forward to this understanding being more acceptable as a combined medical team with Western Medicine and Esoteric Medicine working together, then will we have true deep healing.

  12. Spirit or soul, it’s crazy how our consciousness is structured to not distinguish between the two. Serge Benhayon has been teaching the difference for nearly 20 years and although it makes complete sense, it can be a difficult concept to grasp simply because our minds are so polluted. This topic shows that we cannot just understand things with our heads and own the knowledge, but when a concept is grasped with the intelligence of the body there’s no temporal mind that can say something to disprove what is known.

  13. It is becoming more and more difficult to deny that our emotional and mental health are related to our physical health and that in order to heal our emotional and mental health we need to look at and be willing to change some of our behaviours.

  14. Based on our current situation with illness and disease as a human race it is clear that there is much more going on than just the physical condition and so this is a very interesting discussion that may hold some of the answers to our current condundrum.

  15. There is so much expansion in this conversation and line of questioning; just being open to considering that there might be a whole lot more to life that we can see, hear and/or understand.

  16. In a way I am not surprised that many are convinced of a random theory because there is so much that simply does not make sense however cleverly you package it and attempt to explain it away – that is until you start to bring in the fact of the energetic factor, our relationship with spirit and soul, as well as free will.

  17. It makes sense to me that there could be a spiritual dis-ease or dilemma that is driving human behaviours which on the surface look completely self-destructive and bizarre. What other species on earth harms itself so stubbornly?

  18. Letting ourselves have a bigger and richer relationship with our bodies and what they show us when illness or conditions arise, opens up a relationship with life that is so much more than our human existence. It is our folly to ignore and avoid this.

  19. I love this video, it explains exactly what we are doing to ourselves and will continue to do, until we wake up and understand there is much more going on beneath the human condition of illness and disease.

    1. I agree with you Gill the video is a real opportunity to get a basic understanding on the waywardness of this part of us we call our spirit and it explains this waywardness we have when we think we are indestructible that we can abuse our bodies and other people in whatever way and get away with it.

  20. Once you understand the difference between spirit and Soul and the significance of this awareness and our relationship with them on every aspect of human life, you realise the extent to which humanity is choosing to hold on to blind spots about the actual causes of the ills and issues we are facing.

  21. With this discussion it is very clear that illness and disease is not punishment and never has been, but a correction, and adjustment, a clearing and an opportunity to be able to connect to and feel who we are, and an opportunity to connect to the love that we are and the love that is in our life.

    1. I agree completely. It is predictable If we keep choosing to be blind to the crucial difference between the two and how this impacts everything even our thoughts, that we would have so many issues and the world we create would be in the mess that it is.

  22. Incorporating the extra element of the esoteric energetic understanding to western medicine is what is needed on a global scale for deeper healing to be truly taking place. Understanding the original energetic cause to any illness and disease, as Serge Benhayon describes here, is definitely the way forwards.

  23. There are so many things that remain a riddle as to the why and how of ill health. As far as I am concerned simply labelling a condition, finding the symptoms that tend to go with it and being able to log the related systems and the pattern of deterioration, does not constitute an understanding of how and why the situation has arisen. Nor is claiming a virus or a gene is the cause a conclusive explanation, since it is well known that the presence or absence of these never guarantees a particular outcome.
    I find Serge Benhayon’s explanation so very useful and expansive. It is high time that those who profess their intention is advancing medicine and science, broadened their view and considered what is presented here – information that is ironically not new, but very ancient.

  24. One of the most important understandings we can have in life is that there is spirit and there is soul. One is about us knowing who we are and they other is about delaying that knowing.

    1. I agree Jennifer, ‘One of the most important understandings we can have in life is that there is spirit and there is soul.’ This is a fundamental of life that we have ignored for ions. It’s like ignoring that we need to breathe. I wasn’t aware that the soul and spirit were two different things entirely until I came across the teachings of The Ageless Wisdom. Once explained life suddenly made a whole lot of sense!

      1. I was the same Rachel. I had certainly heard of both but though that they were the same thing. I though the 2 words were interchangeable. I am so pleased that this belief has been corrected for me.

  25. It certainly was a deep unsettlement that I was wanting to avoid but deep down I knew it was there. So to be able to gain clarity with the teachings of what Serge Benhayon presents everything started to make so much more sense. From the first moment I met Serge every cell and particle in my body knew it was truth and from there have worked on arresting what is not of my divine make up.

  26. One of the key understandings is that spirit and soul exist and they are not the same. If both of these are true, then it opens up a vast area of further understanding for us.

  27. We are all big on gadgets and technology, most of us have cars and other finely-tuned items. We are all familiar that if we run the items contra to how they are designed to run we are in trouble.
    What if we have been running contra to our own true nature, and out of sync with the whole Universe that supports us? And what if the escalating issues we have with our health, in our personal, societal and worldwide level is because of our refusal to stop and heed the reflections we are offered?

  28. What we have in the world has not worked, we are sicker now than ever before, so yes it is time to look at ‘spirit and soul and how they relate to illness and disease and healing.’ If nothing else has worked, isn’t it time to face up to the truth of what is at play?

  29. Addressing our Spirit and Soul as part of the healing process completes the missing piece in Western Medicine.

    1. I agree HM, this understanding is crucial to be able to change behaviour which is leading to us being unwell in ourselves and in life.

  30. For many years I considered religion as a mixture of dictated dogma and disjointed fiction, most of which did not make sense. The words spirit and Soul seemed to be owned by religion so they were easily dismissed as nothing of any significance to my daily life. I wonder how much this gets in the way of people’s openness to listen and consider what is being presented here to start with.

    1. Golnaz, agreed. There are many moments where I can catch myself with these words in the consciousness of one who has rejected mainstream religion. I rejected Catholicism as a teenager and threw the baby out with the bath water – I simply couldn’t filter those words in any way that made sense to me, so coloured were they by my experiences of the church. Serge Benhayon not only grounded the meaning of those words for me in a way that made simple sense, that awareness exponentially grew as I began to observe more closely how it felt when I was connected to soul – a quiet, still, but deeply expansive and beholding sensation, compared to when I operate from the spirit – a much more closed, centric form of expression – a tightness and a tension born of an investment or anxiety that just wants to get noticed or heard – simply for self.

  31. The understanding of our spirit and our soul and the choices we make from this is fundamental to the truth of illness and disease and the way we can heal ourselves and live in connection to our body lovingly.

  32. The more I develop and deepen a loving relationship with self in my every day the more the spirit is being exposed. To expose the spirit in my movements is something to be appreciated and celebrated for I am giving myself an opportunity to stop its momentum, to live in harmony with my body, the essence of who I am and the universe.

  33. This understanding brings a whole deeper meaning to healing, not just popping pills to take away symptoms but getting right underneath the root cause of illness and disease energetically.

  34. Again and again I am astounded by how obstinately humanity chooses to hold on to some very significant blind-spots. One such area is spirit and Soul and how our relationship with them impacts every single aspect of our life.

    1. Who’s in the driving seat, spirit or soul? The answer will dictate where we end up. We can either end up in a dead end street, even though it might look like a super highway to everywhere or we can end up in a truly open ended street with the paths of expansion and evolution stretched out endlessly in front of us.

  35. What Serge Benhayon offers about illness and disease not being a punishment but an offering to us to ask is there another way, is so important. This stop and way of questioning ourselves opens us up to the possibility that not only there is more but that we are more and that they way we have been living is not allowing us to be aware of this.

  36. Some may react and find this presentation very confronting. The truth is is that we do need to get very serious and real with our current situation as a species as Serge wisely says. Ignoring the real rot within society as many of us have been for a long time is also in itself a form of illness and disease

  37. When we live from the fact that we have both a spirit and soul- it makes sense that when we align to an energy that is not loving – our soul calls in an adjustment. Illness and disease is actually a healing to the body of what needs to come out.

  38. We are so willing to keep finding things that we can point at and make the cause of our illness, disease and issues in life. Yet when it is suggested we look closer to home, most of us seem to run a mile.

  39. This philosophical presentation may well be dismissed as hocus-pocus by many, but like many truths that were dismissed in their time, they were found to be spot on and accurate in later generations. This may take a long time before we are prepared to really look at what is being shared here on a wider scale.

    1. We are loath to look too carefully at how we really feel and how we have generated a society we all dislike immensely. We are far from ready to yet take personal responsibility for it, preferring instead to blame the nameless them, out there. With this our preferred choice, we would rather numb ourselves to the hurt we feel, justifying our behaviours accordingly – anything in fact rather than admit to the fact of spirit and soul and that we are what we are energetically aligned to.

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