Spirit and Soul – what is their role in illness, disease and healing?

In this interview, Serge Benhayon shares the esoteric and energetic understandings of the spirit and soul and how they relate to illness and disease and healing. This broadens the whole sphere of discussion on illness, disease and healing, far beyond what is currently accepted in conventional medicine to include the spiritual dimension and its role in illness manifestation and healing.

Have a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy an enlightening exploration into the subject, that if accepted, expands and evolves our understanding of the human condition, illness, disease and healing.


The topics discussed in this interview go beyond what is currently known, accepted and practiced in the evidence based paradigm of Conventional or Western Medicine and are based on the different paradigm of Esoteric Medicine, that is inclusive of religion, philosophy and science and fundamentally based on the understanding that everything is energy. It is for the listener to discern whether what is shared, is true or could possibly be true or not.

Eunice Minford is a Consultant General Surgeon who practices surgery according to the paradigm of conventional evidence based medicine.

She has found personal benefit to her health and wellbeing by applying the understandings of Esoteric Medicine and Esoteric Philosophy in her own life.  She speaks here from personal experience and NOT on behalf of the medical profession or evidence based medicine as it is currently understood.

This interview is NOT a substitute for medical advice and if you have any concerns about your health you should see your GP.

357 thoughts on “Spirit and Soul – what is their role in illness, disease and healing?

  1. It certainly was a deep unsettlement that I was wanting to avoid but deep down I knew it was there. So to be able to gain clarity with the teachings of what Serge Benhayon presents everything started to make so much more sense. From the first moment I met Serge every cell and particle in my body knew it was truth and from there have worked on arresting what is not of my divine make up.

  2. One of the key understandings is that spirit and soul exist and they are not the same. If both of these are true, then it opens up a vast area of further understanding for us.

  3. We are all big on gadgets and technology, most of us have cars and other finely-tuned items. We are all familiar that if we run the items contra to how they are designed to run we are in trouble.
    What if we have been running contra to our own true nature, and out of sync with the whole Universe that supports us? And what if the escalating issues we have with our health, in our personal, societal and worldwide level is because of our refusal to stop and heed the reflections we are offered?

  4. What we have in the world has not worked, we are sicker now than ever before, so yes it is time to look at ‘spirit and soul and how they relate to illness and disease and healing.’ If nothing else has worked, isn’t it time to face up to the truth of what is at play?

  5. For many years I considered religion as a mixture of dictated dogma and disjointed fiction, most of which did not make sense. The words spirit and Soul seemed to be owned by religion so they were easily dismissed as nothing of any significance to my daily life. I wonder how much this gets in the way of people’s openness to listen and consider what is being presented here to start with.

    1. Golnaz, agreed. There are many moments where I can catch myself with these words in the consciousness of one who has rejected mainstream religion. I rejected Catholicism as a teenager and threw the baby out with the bath water – I simply couldn’t filter those words in any way that made sense to me, so coloured were they by my experiences of the church. Serge Benhayon not only grounded the meaning of those words for me in a way that made simple sense, that awareness exponentially grew as I began to observe more closely how it felt when I was connected to soul – a quiet, still, but deeply expansive and beholding sensation, compared to when I operate from the spirit – a much more closed, centric form of expression – a tightness and a tension born of an investment or anxiety that just wants to get noticed or heard – simply for self.

  6. The understanding of our spirit and our soul and the choices we make from this is fundamental to the truth of illness and disease and the way we can heal ourselves and live in connection to our body lovingly.

  7. The more I develop and deepen a loving relationship with self in my every day the more the spirit is being exposed. To expose the spirit in my movements is something to be appreciated and celebrated for I am giving myself an opportunity to stop its momentum, to live in harmony with my body, the essence of who I am and the universe.

  8. This understanding brings a whole deeper meaning to healing, not just popping pills to take away symptoms but getting right underneath the root cause of illness and disease energetically.

  9. Again and again I am astounded by how obstinately humanity chooses to hold on to some very significant blind-spots. One such area is spirit and Soul and how our relationship with them impacts every single aspect of our life.

  10. What Serge Benhayon offers about illness and disease not being a punishment but an offering to us to ask is there another way, is so important. This stop and way of questioning ourselves opens us up to the possibility that not only there is more but that we are more and that they way we have been living is not allowing us to be aware of this.

  11. Some may react and find this presentation very confronting. The truth is is that we do need to get very serious and real with our current situation as a species as Serge wisely says. Ignoring the real rot within society as many of us have been for a long time is also in itself a form of illness and disease

  12. When we live from the fact that we have both a spirit and soul- it makes sense that when we align to an energy that is not loving – our soul calls in an adjustment. Illness and disease is actually a healing to the body of what needs to come out.

  13. We are so willing to keep finding things that we can point at and make the cause of our illness, disease and issues in life. Yet when it is suggested we look closer to home, most of us seem to run a mile.

  14. This philosophical presentation may well be dismissed as hocus-pocus by many, but like many truths that were dismissed in their time, they were found to be spot on and accurate in later generations. This may take a long time before we are prepared to really look at what is being shared here on a wider scale.

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