Spirit and Soul – what is their role in illness, disease and healing?

In this interview, Serge Benhayon shares the esoteric and energetic understandings of the spirit and soul and how they relate to illness and disease and healing. This broadens the whole sphere of discussion on illness, disease and healing, far beyond what is currently accepted in conventional medicine to include the spiritual dimension and its role in illness manifestation and healing.

Have a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy an enlightening exploration into the subject, that if accepted, expands and evolves our understanding of the human condition, illness, disease and healing.


The topics discussed in this interview go beyond what is currently known, accepted and practiced in the evidence based paradigm of Conventional or Western Medicine and are based on the different paradigm of Esoteric Medicine, that is inclusive of religion, philosophy and science and fundamentally based on the understanding that everything is energy. It is for the listener to discern whether what is shared, is true or could possibly be true or not.

Eunice Minford is a Consultant General Surgeon who practices surgery according to the paradigm of conventional evidence based medicine.

She has found personal benefit to her health and wellbeing by applying the understandings of Esoteric Medicine and Esoteric Philosophy in her own life.  She speaks here from personal experience and NOT on behalf of the medical profession or evidence based medicine as it is currently understood.

This interview is NOT a substitute for medical advice and if you have any concerns about your health you should see your GP.

402 thoughts on “Spirit and Soul – what is their role in illness, disease and healing?

  1. Illness, disease and the situation of how we are all living world wide is exposed beautifully for all mankind with the medicine of understanding our spirit and our soul as part of health, well being and our harmony within.

  2. It is so clear to me that we are in trouble; that humanity is not doing well and that this is because we do not have a truly well rounded understanding of who we are and what is behind the behaviors we know are not serving us.

    Serge offers a perspective directly from the Ageless wisdom that brings a great understanding to what is going on for us and how we could live in a more loving and harmonious way.

    Nothing else has put it all together or offered truly effective answers to our ongoing issues but I find that when I apply this understanding of spirit and soul to myself, my life and to the world it all makes simple, practical sense and I can see the way out of all the struggle and suffering we create when surviving in ignorance of who we are and how these different aspects of ourselves behave and work.

  3. We are getting sicker and not just because of an ageing population. Each new generation puts weight on faster than the previous generation and gets more cancers as just two examples.

    1. This is so true and knocks out the “we’re living longer therefore more illnesses crop up” argument. If that’s the case then why do we now have people as early as 40s experiencing dementia?

  4. The world has never been able to clearly explain the crazy way we abuse and mistreat ourselves. This presentation of the fact of our Spirit and Soul is the only one I have heard that makes sense. And if our spirit resists responsibility it makes sense that it prefers to deny it even exists – hence the human history we see.

    1. Prior to hearing Serge Benhayon speak about Spirit and Soul, and the energetic aspect of life we seem to by and large ignore, I was getting more and more frustrated with how nonsensical our world and human behaviour was. My whole body made a sigh of relief when it all started to make sense and I started to understand my part and my responsibility in the whole scenario.

  5. Listening to a radio programme this week on mental health and illness I felt that if psychiatrists knew about the spirit their treatments would have so much more understanding of the patients – as would patients themselves – knowing illness is not who they truly are.

  6. I love how Serge does not hold back on presenting the truth, but equally he is very understanding of the reasons why most are not that open to approaching medicine and wellbeing in the way he is presenting which is often because of the immense amount of lies and rubbish that are out there which not only cloud the water but plant seeds of doubt which deter us from the truth

  7. To get that illness and disease stems from our emotions, ways of behaving and the fact that it doesn’t randomly drop from the sky; that it is not a question of bad luck; is huge. It means that we have to start being more responsible for our own health via the choices we make.

    1. So true Rachel – and taking back responsibility for our health,rather than blame and bad luck for our ill health can reduce the chance of recurrence too. A great preventative measure. .

  8. This interview is the much needed expansion of our relationship with and understanding of medicine. When conventional medicine embraces esoteric medicine we will be on our way to true healing.

    1. Roll on that day. The return of the embracing of esoteric medicine by conventional medicine (as ironically esoteric medicine is the original roots of medicine that conventional medicine was born out of) will offer humanity not just greater health, but a far deeper awareness, understanding and relationship with all aspects of our lives.

  9. The Ancient Wisdom teachings about spirit and Soul are a must if we really want to understand and solve our health care crises worldwide and not go bankrupt over the ever-escalating rates of illness and disease. We need answers and not more solutions, policies and fix-it approaches.

  10. It is really worthwhile knowing the difference between spirit and Soul and being able to discern when we are under the influence of one or the other, as well as how this impacts the body. Of course like everything else there is no guarantee that we will overnight cease everything that is harmful and only embrace what is useful and supportive, but it is a great starting point.

  11. For me understanding that there is both a spirit and a soul supports me immensely to understand life. It also supports me to look at myself and my own behaviour and to keep it super simple. I am able to look at everything that I do, say and think and know who has set it in motion, my spirit or my soul. My spirit has the intention to constantly drive a make believe wedge between me and others and my soul is constantly looking to remind me that there is no gap between me and another.

  12. It fits that if a disease is born before the physical symptoms then the treatment should also be about what happens before the physical symptoms.

  13. Despite all our technical expertise we have not found a way to cure the ills we suffer from, it is an endless game of cat and mouse. When we introduce the science of soul and spirit, we open the door onto the missing realm of wisdom that once applied to the human condition will accelerate our medicine existentially. What stops Humanity from embracing it with opens arms is our own greed, because this science cannot be patented, it is freely available to everyone.

    1. So true Rowena. And not only greed but also recognition, identification and validation have become so sought after. The filling of oneself from the outer at the cost of our inner connection with ourselves.

  14. It’s huge to understand what is behind us making unloving choices to our bodies. You don’t see animals taking up smoking or overeating in the wild. So we have to consider that a spirit who is trying to keep us in creation is indeed a possibility to how we treat ourselves.

  15. I tried to stop smoking but as Serge presents it wasn’t until I truly healed the root issue of why I was smoking that I actually didn’t want one again. I absolutely love working with myself in a way that isn’t just about the function of my body but also going deeper with my soul and calling out the patterns, behaviours and beliefs my spirit are attached to.

    1. It’s very difficult to stop doing something if we haven’t understood and healed why we were doing it, what we were trying to medicate. Willpower for some is one thing but the likelihood is, we will just take up another habit that is possibly not as harmful and might even look good in the eyes of others (like extreme exercise) but still, we haven’t adressed what took us down the road of the addiction in the first place.

  16. What if our physical being was only a part of the picture? What if we are so much more than this? If we were multidimensional with non physical parts such as a spirit and a soul, we would be a bit daft not to take this into account when considering our health would we not?

  17. We have been led by the nose by the character running the show – this is beautifully exposed in this interview. It’s time for us to wake up and become aware of how we are living.

  18. All I know is that 12 years on the quality of my health has vastly improved as a consequence of this science. The long term trajectory of my health at 40 did not bode well but today I have established a strong foundation of health, vitality and wellbeing I never, ever anticipated I could experience. When the teaching here is sincerely applied, it works without question.

    1. I agree, Rowena, if I were to think about my chronological age, I would have expected to be really slowing down and pretty exhausted. Sure, some days I am tired by the end of the day, but I am still really busy at work, well past retirement age. I feel I have so much more energy, vitality and zest for life since applying the principles discussed here.

      1. Gill, this is absolute music to my whole body, we can look to you and what you have expressed here to show us all what retirement can look like when the principles of health (as in the video) and lifestyle are applied.

    2. Completely agree with you Rowena. I am unrecognisable from 7 years ago, with chronic health conditions, extreme exhaustion and much more; I am now healthy, and have energy and vitality I never dreamt I would or could have, from applying these teachings and addressing why my health and well-being was as it was.

  19. After listening to this informative interview with Serge Benhayon it is obvious to me that the face of medicine would change out of all recognition if those in the medical field would be prepared to take a seat at the “table of consideration” Serge talks about, to discuss the state of the world’s health. After all what is there to lose when the global ill-health statistics are rocketing out of control. Humanity deserves to know there is an answer.

  20. We all need a dose of living the medicine we all have within. The mind may not like that simplicity, but the power of it cannot be denied. The Benhayon family are living examples of living medicine.

  21. The tension and awareness we feel in life and the rising dis-ease all makes sense when we are offered the truth of what is really going on and who we are with true understanding of our sprit and our soul so clearly and simply heard here and the responsibility we all have with this and how we are living.

  22. Unless we look at how the human spirit affects the way we behave and how it influences the choices we make, we will remain in the dark for that much longer and watch illness and disease continue to rise.

    1. So true Kev – until we expose the spirit its influences will still seek to keep it hidden whilst gratifying its existence.

    2. And, being in the dark we lose our senses and cannot see what our choices are doing to us. Have we just accepted, being in the recycle process of self-invoked illness with its forever increasing pattern?

    3. Mental illness particularly is going to explode, even more so than it already has, if we don’t start to take the spirit into consideration. Many professionals must silently suspect that possession plays a big part in mental illness, but I suspect that they feel unable to say so for fear of being torn apart by colleagues.

  23. At the end of the day, the truth presented here is evident in the quality of those who, to the best of their abilities, embody these teachings in every day life. Resuming responsibility for our arrogant spirits is sound medicine that quietly and resolutely heals many toxic and un-necessary ills.

  24. More and more people are accepting that we have a spiritual aspect to us and that it is worth looking into. Yet it is still by and large the way people seem to relate to this area of our life in an airy fairy way. The way Serge Benhayon has always covered the topic of Spirit and Soul is well explained, down to earth and very practical. The fact that he is talking about the relationship with illness & disease here is great. This is an area the medical system has been really struggling in, so bringing greater understanding is immensely valuable.

  25. It would be great if we ever get to know what spirit and soul actually are as there is so much literature on these matters.

  26. What I appreciate most with this science is that it explains the un-explainable. When we fully acknowledge the arrogance of the Spirit and the extent of its dis-ease in this world, all the weird things we do suddenly makes sense. It is this dis-ease that is the root cause behind all our self damaging habits and crazy pursuits that end up in those bizarre health conditions that our current medical sciences struggle to fathom out and find an answer for.

  27. Its true, conventional medicine is top notch. We are very blessed in Australia also to not have to pay upfront fees for our consultation and further health services in the public system. I have been through the medical system a number of times. Recently I went as far as I could go via a specialist with many many tests and then onto surgery to check inside of me. From a medical perspective as far as medicine could go I was cleared. I was amazed because I had been experiencing a pain that was consistent and became intense at times. So with the support of esoteric practitioners and the amazing modalities, there is an energetic side I now have to deal with and be responsible with applying my full commitment to change the energy I have been living in to cause this dis-ease and dis-harmony.

    1. Together, conventional medicine and its technical and diagnostic marvels and esoteric medicine and its energetic depth can assist us to have a much more complete and all around serving health care system.

  28. Every time I listen to this, there is something I haven’t heard before, or if I have already heard it, the understanding sinks deeper into my body especially about how the spirit’s dis-ease dumps in the body, but this in itself is a great healing. It is such a profound understanding to illness and disease.

  29. This view on illness and disease feels to me quite pioneering; ancient, yet very new to the modern western world. If true and accepted, we really may have found our answer to the current magnitude of health and well-being difficulties.

    1. Yes this view may appear new, yet it has been repeated so many times with different flavours throughout the ages. With our health system on its knees with the extent of illness and disease, it is time that we revisited what is shared by the Ageless Wisdom. Yes it may not fit neatly within the limitation of our currently accepted science, yet the more you lift the self-imposed blind-fold, the more everything in life starts to make sense.

      1. For me, today, having taken off the blind fold, it makes complete sense. Yet, I know if I were to rewind back 20 years ago I know I wouldn’t have been ready to hear it or see it and could well have dismissed it as hog wash. That blind fold, blinkers and even ear muffs are very restrictive!

  30. Of those who have applied the teaching of the Ageless Wisdom as a way of life the most if not all will testify to the life changing effects for the better, returning to a way of life which makes sense on every level.

  31. Spirit and soul and their manifestations in the body – not love and love – could be very important and even decisive ingredients in illness and healing.

  32. Imagine how our young doctors might feel if this science formed the basis of their medical training. I wonder if it would reduce the high suicide rate that plagues the profession or make any difference to the rate of burn out so commonly experienced?

    1. It’s an intriguing question that you ask. Doctors are under so much pressure to meet deadlines and budgets – what does it feel like at the end of a working day when you are utterly exhausted and yet also have a niggling feeling that you didn’t deliver what your patients truly needed?

      1. The same can be said of the teaching profession, and I am sure of many others. There is a rising tension in the awareness that how we have set up our systems are counter productive to the innate love that we are and the innate love that is there and needed to be expressed.

      2. Great point Michelle – and so we have thousands of thousands of people accumulating a momentum of huge tension, exhaustion and depression at the fact that they are not able to give their all. Holidays, TV, alcohol and a score of other distractions can seem to bury this pain for a period, but it is all there and building and will eventually explode – through illness, disease, or mental health or breakdown in relationships..or…

    2. The fact of these suicide statistics amongst doctors is a sure sign that it is a known that current scientific paradigms do not have all the answers, and not only does it not have all the answers the consciousness that comes with it is limiting and imposing and is harmful in its avoidance of delivering in full what is true.

    3. If we miss a deadline at work the worst that can happen is you can get fired. What pressure must there be to have a person’s life in your hands literally? Are we not responsible by our, ill choices that now require their skills to attempt to fix us and place the burden of life and death in their hands!

      1. I like the humility in what you say here Steve. To take responsibility for our own well-being to our medical professionals when we need their support is very healthy in my view.

  33. It’s not surprising that the scientific world is not interested in exploring the spirit and soul aspect of the human being when there is a multitude of new age modalities out there which promise the earth and deliver very little in the way of true healing.

    1. The scientific world demands proof and uses a literal scale that requires A to Z physical proof. Most people want Z the quick fix, is this where new age modalities come in to play?

    2. Having disappeared into the false and tantalising world of spirituality for many years I can state categorically that not only did the ‘new age modalities’ that I tried ‘deliver very little in the way of true healing’ but they were directly responsible for adding to what I already did have that needed healing.

  34. I know that there are distinct moments in my life that I can feel I have an option over how to behave, which quality to go with so to speak, to be open minded, steady and receptive, or reactionary, emotional and driven. One choice supports my health, the other drains me, so gradually I come to know the differing qualities of my Soul or Spirit and hence guide more of my choices towards the former in favour of how bright and vital it makes me feel as a consequence.

  35. One thing I like to do is to explore what is true for myself so I can be sure where I am at. So, over the past few years I have worked on deepening my connection with my body as fully as possible to see what a difference it makes. What I can say is that in my experience, in that ‘as full as possible’ connection with my body, I feel much more settled, more calm, more present and even more joy-full than I do when I am not in that connection. If I allow my thoughts alone to ‘take over’, there is a sense of unsettlement and tension, more angst and worry. To me, perhaps obviously, the former is much preferable to the latter. I suppose we can wait for science to prove things one way or another…or we can be our own explorers of truth. Personally, I don’t want to wait.

    1. If you do that, Richard, I found that I then get the distinct impression that I am more than my body.

  36. What are we waiting for?! Let’s get to the ‘table of consideration’ and have the conversations needed to address the dis-ease we are drowning under. There is so much in this interview to inspire deep consideration.

    1. I’m with you Matilda but in being in the place to consider the truth here presented we are asked to be open to the wider truths of life which may expose us in our own choices and this is the cause of resistance in many others. Great that there are a growing number of people showing how a different way of living makes this so easy to do.

      1. The 7.5 billion of us took a while to get where we are today. The growing number of people living a different way of life may take a while to build our momentum. We may be few in numbers but our ripples are being felt by many!

    2. I totally agree the ‘table of consideration’ is well needed now, right now, but it seems things are going to have to get a lot worse before everyone jumps on board.

      1. Kev, I agree that “things are going to have to get a lot worse before everyone jumps on board”, the only real question is ‘how bad will we allow them to get?’

    3. The wider the table and the more who take a seat bring a deeper conversation of truth and understanding for all.

    4. Agreed Matilda. We should be setting up “tables of consideration” in every conceivable place possible to integrate this science into our everyday understanding about illness, disease and true wellbeing. Our health statistics are too alarming for us to ignore this God given opportunity.

  37. I know many would probably find this interview challenging, and I certainly at times have found Serge’s numerous presentations challenging too but as he rightly puts, something has to change as we are out of control as a species blinded by the comfort of our ignorance and indulgences and this trajectory cannot continue indefinitely. Being open to seeing a different way is indeed a very needed approach to life.

  38. I have absolutely no doubt of the multi dimensionality of the human being and thanks to Serge Benhayon once again for presenting with such simplicity and understanding, the relationship between illness, disease and our multi-dimensional nature.

    1. Yes, we are very powerful and can use that power for or against us and even simultaneously in different aspects of our life.

  39. I have always had a knowing about re-incarnation, that I have lived many lives all over the world, spoken many different languages and lived in a variety of cultures. What Serge Benhayon has contributed to this immutable science empowers me to deeply appreciate that the quality of my choices go beyond just this lifetime, the more I embrace this the deeper my purpose grows to take immense care of myself, as the quality of my health and lifestyle choices establishes the foundation of my next life.

    1. Now THIS is what health plans should look like! Knowing that we can by the way we live lovingly, contribute to good health and a life of vitality and productivity well into the future. This could be said to be living the future now.

  40. ‘The esoteric and energetic understandings of the spirit and soul and how they relate to illness and disease and healing’ – the understandings shared here are very needed in the world where health care systems are breaking down around us due to spiralling costs. We have much to learn from the esoteric.

  41. Perceiving and appreciating an illness as a blessing is a radical one by today’s standards. However, although it does not alter the physical symptoms it is a paradigm shift of focus whereby true healing, and not just a cure, can occur.

  42. Such an important distinction to know that a blessing can come with illness and disease, not the illness itself (which needs the medical attention) but the blessing is in the possibility that is presented at the same time, that leaves us more open to reviewing the choices we make.

  43. It is a remarkable re-education about illness and disease to understand that the many conditions we suffer arise from our own wayward disregard. What it enables me to see is that the true way to eradicating illness and disease arise when we live in a very self regarding and respectful way, something that at present is poorly studied and researched.

    1. I want to ask myself ‘do we really need to study and spend years researching that fact that living in a self-regarding and respectful way’ is a good idea and supportive of our well-being…or is it just pure common-sense?

  44. The very fact that the interviewer is herself a practising medical surgeon and yet can also engage with and relate to much of what is being said here, proves that the two ways of addressing illness and diseases are not mutually exclusive. Indeed both she and Serge Benhayon repeatedly say that the two must work hand-in-hand. I find this really inspiring and ‘realistic’ in contrast to some alternate ways of treating the body that seem to reject all conventional medicine. When I’m ill, I want fast, effective and well-tested treatment to get better…BUT…I also want to go deeper; to fully understand and address the root cause of the illness so that I can truly and absolutely heal myself.

    1. Yes, the fact that the interviewer is a practising medical surgeon is not only very confirming that the two approaches work hand-in-hand to bring about true healing, the interviewer is able to be very insightful in her questions and by doing so draw out from Serge Benhayon the depth, wealth and wisdom that he has to offer on this subject.

    2. Yes, Otto, I love what you share here. The fact that a surgeon is open to what is being shared by Serge Benhayon shows that the two can work together. For myself too, I know that going to the doctor, consultants or specialists is so super supportive and I couldn’t manage without them. (I saw a gorgeous doctor just yesterday about my thyroid condition). But to have another angle and root cause as to why my symptoms have occurred and what steps I need to take in terms of making different choices is very empowering for my own health and wellbeing. It’s like I can take responsibility for my health without demanding that the doctors do it all for me. It feels more like a team effort.

      1. To admit that it is not working the way we are doing it, is to have to acknowledge that there is something that we are choosing or doing that overrides the bodies natural harmony.

  45. I find it really interesting how Serge Benhayon describes the spirit with its own problems and its own levels of emotional suffering, giving it the deep unsettlement, which plays out with us as humans, when it’s the spirit all the time in dis-ease. It’s a whole different understanding to emotional and psychology teaching elsewhere.

    1. When you put it like that Gill, that ‘it’s the spirit all the time in dis-ease’ we can see both why the disease manifests in the body and how we need to start to view illness and disease to bring about the deeper consideration and healing.

  46. In this interview, Serge Benhayon talks about reincarnation in relation to the manifestations of illness and disease and as such, the behaviours of the spirit. And I can understand how and why this may be difficult or challenging to watch or listen to because it does go beyond many of the current beliefs we have about the human body and reincarnation itself. Which is why it is important to take your time with these teachings by Serge and to discern for yourself how you feel about them and to be honest about this too, about perhaps what they may stir up or make you feel uncomfortable about. There is no right or wrong here, just the potential for a journey – your journey of exploration and discovery about yourself and your body.

    1. So much is offered in this interview and an opportunity to view health and ill health from a different perspective. Personally, I find it fascinating, but quite understandably as you say, Shami much about this may be difficult or challenging to hear.

    2. Yes Shami. I have heard much spoken about reincarnation, much of which made a lot of sense…but it wasn’t until specific things happened in my life that I became very sure of the fundamentals of what is being presented here. I imagine it is an almost infinite subject and I suspect that my understanding of it will deepen as I go along.

      1. Staying open allows us to apply new awareness to experiences we may have had and in this application I have found that confirmation has come from my body itself rather than the mind. It is hard to doubt something when you have felt it strongly.

    3. On any long journey, you discover what is not needed, and you discard all except what is needed. When we refuse for whatever reason and continue to carry what is not required, we wear our out the vessel that is transporting it. With reincarnation, do you just pick up where you left off?

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