Coming Back to Truth

By Anonymous, Lismore, Australia

In my mid-twenties, I was living with a couple of flatmates in Byron Bay. I was living an apparently idyllic lifestyle, with close friends, many hours spent walking on the beach, going surfing and being creative. I worked part-time as a graphic designer for a local newspaper and in odd retail jobs.

It looked like an easy fun-loving life on the surface, though I felt there was something amiss in my life. I felt a deep sense of sadness that I was not living my full potential and that my relationships were not working. My intimate relationships never seemed to last and I would usually be the one to run away. I was in a poor mental state and recall feeling very lost and alone, often calling Lifeline for someone to talk to.

I remember speaking with my flatmate about these issues and she suggested I could go to see Serge Benhayon, a healing practitioner who lived nearby. After living in Byron Bay for many years, I had tried many healing therapies, including different styles of meditation, yoga, chiropractic, natural therapy, acupuncture, psychic readings and massage. I was interested in crystals and energy, and read many spiritual new age books to try and find a deeper understanding of what was missing in my life.

My appointment with Serge was yet another attempt to find something that I thought would ‘fix’ me, in much the same way as I had approached other healing therapies in the past.

I saw Serge for a few sessions and was always met with a level of care and clarity and a level of integrity that I had never experienced before. At times, I felt disappointed because he did not pander to me or sympathise with my problems, but would respond in a simple and clear way with the truth of what he felt was going on, without ever trying to coerce me to accept what he said. Over time I found this to be a true sense of love and care, though initially I found it very challenging. This was because I was so used to looking for relief from my troubles, not taking responsibility for where I had ended up in my life, and I wanted someone to prop me up with what I wanted to hear to please me and appease my emptiness inside. Serge did not do any of this – he delivered truth that was not always comfortable to hear, but that I knew was true by the way I felt inside.

Regardless of my inner struggle, meeting a man with such a high level of integrity and care was a huge blessing, as it was something I had not experienced previously in my life. Despite this, there came a point when I decided not to continue to go to see him for any more sessions. Looking back, it was because I was feeling confronted and I did not want to go any further with going within and returning to what I already innately knew, to uncover what was being presented to me.

A fair time later, at the age of 27, I experienced some significant mental stress after putting too much pressure on myself and not caring for myself deeply or dealing with my inner turmoil. I was trying to fit the picture of what life should look like. I was studying, moving house, starting a new job, and having a long distance relationship. In order to try to alleviate my tension I was self-medicating with homeopathy treatments from the naturopathy course I was studying. I ended up in hospital for 3 weeks before I was well enough to return home and to care for myself. This was devastating and it shook my confidence very strongly. Despite this wake-up call, I continued to not commit to relationships, though I desperately longed for real intimacy. I felt like my life was not going anywhere. I continued with poor mental health over a number of years and was hospitalised again after my father passed away.

One day my mother went for lunch with a group of friends and met a woman who was offering healing sessions in Sacred Esoteric Healing. My mother suggested that I would possibly like to have some healing, as I was struggling with relationship issues. My mother gave me her number and I called the lady, and decided to go and see her, as I knew I needed support.

When I met the woman, she explained she was practising a Universal Medicine modality taught by Serge Benhayon. I was a bit taken aback with this because I had already seen Serge years before, but had decided not to pursue this line of healing or any other healing for that matter. However, with where I was at in my life, I knew I needed something to support me and decided I would re-commit to my own healing. I ended up having regular sessions of Sacred Esoteric Healing and Esoteric Chakra-puncture for a year with this woman, which supported me greatly. Because she was so real and practical, I began to open up to her and began feeling safer expressing myself with others.

I began to attend the monthly presentations held by Universal Medicine which were a great opportunity to get to meet other people who were also interested in health, wellbeing and true healing. The presentations supported me to understand living well through the connection with my body and having healthy relationships – firstly with myself and then with others. This was beautiful for me to feel, as I had longed to be with others who also cared about these things.

In my 30’s I started seeing a psychologist who supported me with regular sessions. Their approach also supported me, since I was never pandered to but rather lovingly supported with truth. With this truth as a foundation, and the chance to feel and express my feelings, I began to take more responsibility for my life and my choices. I then started seeing an esoteric practitioner who supported me to develop my relationship with my body and stop living so much from my head and the raciness and checked-out state I had been living in.

All in all, I began to find the inner life and love I so longed for and began to live it in my outer life.

Through Serge Benhayon’s teachings and the regular support of esoteric practitioners of the modalities of Universal Medicine, along with regular visits to my GP and developing a loving relationship with myself and life, I have found another way of living life from the fullness and potential of who I am, with health and vitality and purpose. Living from an inner-most self that I always knew was within me, means I am now living and enjoying life more than ever before.

It’s not perfect, and I still struggle with the pressures placed on us by society about how we think life should be, or what we should be doing with it, and how we should be looking and what we should have. I also know it’s not about being perfect either – none of us are or will be. But with the ongoing care and support I am now giving myself and taking responsibility for my life, along with the loving people in my everyday life, and the support of Universal Medicine practitioners, I feel I have had the chance to go deeper within to find the gem that I am and to live it in the world.


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325 thoughts on “Coming Back to Truth

  1. Coming back to truth a beautiful marker in ones life thanks to Serge Benhayon who offered this back to me again also .

  2. “Coming Back to Truth” – I came back to my truth that is also my love because of and with deepest thanks to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

  3. It is remarkable that Serge Benhayon’s presentations of the Ageless Wisdom and everything offered through his business Universal Medicine there is not an ounce of I know better or telling anyone what they should think or what anyone is expected to do.
    I am often moved by the deep honouring of the fact that we are all on a path of return to our Soulful expression, and that where we are on that path and the pace of our return is determined by our past and present choices. And also the greatest level of care and dedication put into offering as much support as possible, by sharing personal lived understanding and awareness, so that any and every one is able to also connect deeper to their own love and awareness as and when they wish to go there.

  4. Meeting someone who treats you with so much respect, care and love can be at first a little weird. I know I didn’t know how to digest what Seege Benhayon was presenting, yet my body and a voice inside of me was say ‘finally the truth and your home’.

  5. ‘I felt a deep sense of sadness that I was not living my full potential and that my relationships were not working.’ Many of us have felt this and once we start to become more aware and deepen our relationships with ourselves first, then with others, we can begin to heal the sadness.

  6. I hold very dear all of the Sacred Esoteric Healing modalities as with their ongoing support I continue to reconnect to the deeper aspect of myself which isn’t affect by the challenges of life. Realising this aspect of myself (my being) has provided me with such a solid foundation and internal strength I never used to have. In short I can relate to all you have shared here. Everyone deserves to experience this level of freedom from their bodies.

  7. It is so common for people to look for healing for someone to deal with their problems for them but this is not true healing – great that you have found this true healing offered consistently from esoteric practitioners.

  8. The search on the outside can be relentless and never-ending, seemingly going everywhere and trying everything but in truth circulating in the same spot. We know that the answer is within, within the cells of every part of the body yet we are forever on a mission to find the guru, teacher or enlightenment from the outside.

  9. ‘I feel I have had the chance to go deeper within to find the gem that I am and to live it in the world.’ Beautifully said anonymous – living our true selves in the world, what beautiful medicine!

  10. ‘Because she was so real and practical, I began to open up to her and began feeling safer expressing myself with others.’ I felt this too when I started having sessions of the esoteric modalities – I could let go and express exactly what was going on for me.

  11. When we finally begin to realise this ‘gem’ within we can unfold an understanding of who we are and how we arrived at this point where we can begin the process of embracing a life that is true love and thereby a life that is on the steady path of return.

  12. Esoteric Healing and the other esoteric modalities have never been about fixing one’s life or getting rid of a problem. Rather they are about supporting us to realise and understand how the issues happened in the first place and hence empowering us to make the needed changes. Often we are drawn to healing modalities because things are not going well – the real blessing that is offered with the Esoteric Healing is the self-empowerment and growth and true evolution!

  13. “I began to find the inner life and love I so longed for and began to live it in my outer life.” To come to this understanding of ourselves is such a great step towards our true healing, as it is only through this inner connection that we have with ourselves that our outer lives will change in ways we could never have imagined possible.

  14. True support comes without pandering or the need to fix the problem for the person. It is simply holding that person in absolute love and be open to listening without any judgement which allows them to come to their own realisations and healing.

  15. An important part of your beautiful sharing Anon is that we are not always open and ready for what is presented to us and that at this point in time the majority is looking for relief and pandering rather then true answers, one of the reasons that Universal Medicine is not (yet) discovered and embraced by the masses. When presented with the truth we will find that our woes are of our own doing and therefore we are the ones that need to undo them.

  16. ‘All in all, I began to find the inner life and love I so longed for and began to live it in my outer life.’ Well said, it feels like this is what we all yearn for, the deep settlement within as we live in the world.

  17. I love the way you came to the understanding that it wasn’t about being fixed by any practitioner but about being supported to make the necessary changes in your life and visits to both conventional and complementary health practitioners that made the difference. Self-responsibility in healing is very empowering and powerful.

  18. The familiar way of thinking: there is a problem so we seek a solution (fix it) as the way to move forward. The esoteric way: instead of moving forward turn inwards, reconnect to the truth that was missing and hence led to the problem in the first place, restore and move onwards in and with the truth so that truth is the way and thus the outcome.

  19. When we look for anything on the outside of ourselves to ‘fix’ us it never works. We can be inspired by a reflection of another in how they live but it always has to come from within ourselves for true change and healing.

  20. “All in all, I began to find the inner life and love I so longed for and began to live it in my outer life.”

    I love this line. It is the inner life that nourishes and enriches the outer life and never the other way around.

  21. ‘I also know it’s not about being perfect either – none of us are or will be.’ and from this comes the freedom to make choices and learn from the results, being guided by what we feel within.

    1. And this is simply because Truth is a living and breathing quality of the Soul that we all have access to but may not be living. When it is spoken from one who lives it, it reignites in us the will to do so also, or the will to resist it.

    2. So true Carmel, we all know truth so well because it resides in us all. How much we are willing to embrace and reflect truth depends on how much we are willing to live it.

  22. Coming back to truth should be easy? So why do we find it so hard to be more by doing less? Is it in our nature to complicate our lives to keep us in separation?

  23. I find the way the Ageless Wisdom teachings answer all my questions completely blows my mind, literally, nowhere else is there anything else that does this. This understanding of truth is not always what we want to hear, but the consistency and love presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine practitioners cannot be questioned.

    1. As the saying goes ‘the truth can be a bitter pill to swallow’ but it is only bitter if we have invested in things that are not true and in the waking up to what we have in fact chosen, we can feel a little sour. However because of the consistency and love that pours through, the support on offer to deal with those uncomfortable moments is there and those moments are only moments after all. To hold back my evolution for fear of feeling that discomfort is not a consideration. Having begun to deepen my awareness has meant the beginning of living a much richer, more open life with increasing transparency commitment and purpose.

  24. Deep down it seems we know which answers are the ones offering a real change in outlook and relationship, and which ones just reshuffle things to create a temporary relief. The reason I know this is because of witnessing again and again in myself and others, the comical scenario of how people tend to bolt out of the gates when the real thing is presented, and this can go on until some thought, situation or event figuratively brings us to our knees.

  25. ‘Serge did not do any of this – he delivered truth that was not always comfortable to hear, but that I knew was true by the way I felt inside.’ Our bodies are capable of sensing everything and truth is easily recognised, but we often let our minds override what our bodies are saying so clearly.

  26. I love that the opportunity to get support came round again, it is like our souls just say “whenever you are ready I am here”. The soul would still be there if we waited another thousand or so years, but when you have remembered the feeling of connection, why would you carry on walking the other way?!

  27. I still struggle with life and I am miles from being perfect but the Ancient Wisdom mades sense of everything that has never made sense before and all the answers are there… we just have to ask.

    1. beautiful Kev, we really do only need to ask, but we can only ask when we are ready to hear the answer. Serge presents many truths that are so simple and logical that you wonder how come I never thought of that myself… we are not always ready to see and know..but when we are, it will be right there before us presented from every angle.

  28. Truth and love as one are the true reference for healing, the absoluteness of our beingness. Every medicine that contributes to returning to that reference point can be considered as wholesome, everything else doesn´t. Thus know your marker first so that discernment and direction are well informed.

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