By Roberta Himing, Student of Life, Australia 

The final check for the visual function of the new lenses following cataract surgery was complete and the journey home once again on the public transport system, gave me the opportunity to reflect upon this latest little medical adventure of mine. So much to marvel at as I thought about the surgery associated with the cataractous lenses. Dr. Anne Malatt, an ophthamologist, had gently indicated a few months earlier it could be time to consider the removal of the thickening cataracts from my eyes.

What was it that was being revealed to me? What lay behind the fact of experiencing ‘blurred’ vision or even the fact of having had to wear prescription eye glasses since a teenager? Had I been viewing life in reaction rather than response?

There had only been a few events in this life that I had knowingly recoiled from in fear, trepidation or disbelief, wanting desperately for the things that I saw or was aware of to be different, though I had had a difficulty in accepting the horror of the newsworthy events of the world, subjecting myself to feeling the pain and supposed injustice personally.

At that time, I did not have the understanding that the energy of all expression flows through us constantly, notwithstanding whether these energies were seen to be immoral or benevolent, leaving me contemplating whether we had at some point a choice in allowing these unloving energies to take hold. The constant thoughts and the enquiring mind also saw me wondering whether we all had indeed had a part to play in some way through our past choices and behaviours on our world and the current state of play we are all experiencing.

Some may see this cataract removal surgery as commonplace.  Not uncommon at all, however, how many of us would choose to take the time to look within a little more carefully to gauge what it really means energetically? Surely, it’s not a part of the Divine Plan for all those with numerous candles on their cake to line up as on an assembly line at a certain age to correct the supposed ravages of what some may see as Time. One could marvel at the numbers being in the hundreds of thousands of such surgeries.

Could it be that there is a deeper understanding behind this condition? I am slowly learning to leave the ‘catacombs of the mind’ and connect with me, listening now more to my body as it clearly lets me know of the disregard of many of my previous choices in life. Did I really listen to my body when I pushed through doggedly to complete the ‘to do’ lists? Was I endeavouring to justify or prove that I was at least loveable at some level, as someone who could always be relied upon to say ‘yes’ even if it was detrimental to my physical and delicate womanly body? There had been so many instances of the ‘doing’ of physical tasks just to be noticed, acknowledged, recognised and ultimately accepted as worthy of existence. Where was this woman in livingness – where had I been? Had I been lost in a consciousness of a certain indoctrination, blindly following the ideals and belief systems of a wayward humanity?

As grace would have it, there did eventually come a time when, crumpled physically and emotionally, I knew there had to be another way, and falsely I sought that other way in the spiritual ramblings and the seduction of the New Age movement for a time until it was shown clearly that this was not a way of Truth. It seems that I was well entrenched in the mind where gathered information had been downloaded from another source outside of myself, resulting in persistent foggy choices still being made while endeavouring to search those recesses for the answers. Thank God, and with deep appreciation I finally listened to my inner heart, that place of connection with Soul within. There lies another continuing story of seeing with clarity that the Truth that I had been seeking possibly in so many thousands of lives was held within all along. Oooh! The games that are played in the guano embellished caverns of the mind, however out of the guano is also the potential for a deeper beauty to unfold.

Wow! What a revelation embraced in that moment. My own perception as a knowing was offered not only from within on this specific occasion, but only days later a deepened wisdom of understanding the truth also from a very wise young woman, Natalie Benhayon, confirming and adding to my words shared in regards to my interpretation of the relevance of this eye condition. Was it possible that in my many lives there had been a build-up, a thickening/pollution that was blocking my true sight – the inner signs of what we feel and sense intuitively, perhaps even to the point of ‘not wanting to see’ and perhaps ‘harbouring pictures of how one would prefer life to be’.

So much to ponder on…

My travelling time on the light rail was nearing the end, where I was to a-light, but I recalled and felt to share a moment bathing in the Magic of God. Looking back, it was after 5.00 o’clock late afternoon. The day was winding down with the fiery light of the sun at about 51 degrees settling in the western sky. High humidity following the hot day saw the storm clouds already having moved easterly out to the ocean horizon. I was resting quietly following surgery that morning to remove the cataract from my right eye and the insertion of a new lens. Deep appreciation was coursing through as an awareness not only of the skill of the surgeon and the caring team but the opportunity of being given another chance to look at life more clearly and from a different perspective with a greater sense of seeing beyond the obvious temporal view.

I felt the impulse to step outside onto the balcony of our high-rise apartment and it had to be answered. What appeared to me to be an offering, perhaps a blessing, was delivered in the form of what one could call a natural phenomenon, a gift from God from His heavenly presence. I will endeavour to describe in simple language what I saw with these human eyes, albeit with the right eye covered at that time with a perforated plastic shield.

The sea was dark and still. A magnificent single voluminous dark cumulo-nimbus cloud in all its shades of dark hues hung like a dirigible just there in all its glory at about 2,000 feet above the almost smooth ocean surface.  It seemed so near one could see the heavy rain leaving this cloud, but as the rain fell closer to the water it was apparent that the density of the rainfall was becoming lighter until at about 500 feet it was visible as a dissipating mist effectively leaving a treasure, a jewel of a huge elliptical shaped rainbow the size of a very large lake on the surface of the now still sea. What a gift – how divine.

I see with more clarity now the games of the human spirit and it seems there is no end to the ingenuity or the insidious desires that these forces inflict on the unsuspecting masses.  Have we all not only been lied to, but have we in fact been responsible for the demand or development of the lies due to not being ready to accept responsibility or transparency of the Truth? What is it that I did not really want to see but instead chose to cover the Truth with a film to dull the sight?

Could there be such a thing as a science to explain the dynamic forces that seem to control all that we choose to see and possibly could there even be a science to explain why I have chosen to dwell in the consciousness of ‘comfort’? Is it possible that ‘cataracts’ are a result of being in resistance to what is clearly seen and felt? Does the surgical procedure of the removal of the cataracts from my eyes offer a remarkable clearing and healing opportunity, not just on a physical level, but an opportunity to heal old ways of seeing life and people that have not been true and whole.

As I sit at my computer writing this blog with a new lens in each eye I am astounded at this gift of newly gained in-sight – having received the offering of the possible truth behind my sojourn of “Cataracts and the Catacombs of the Mind”.


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351 thoughts on “CATARACTS and the CATACOMBS of the MIND

  1. “I am slowly learning to leave the ‘catacombs of the mind’ and connect with me, listening now more to my body as it clearly lets me know of the disregard of many of my previous choices in life.” I am with you on that Roberta, I am constantly learning from my body and the wisdom and truth it holds, even though at times my mind, which is part of the body, holds the body suspiciously or as less!

  2. ‘Had I been viewing life in reaction rather than response?’ This is a great question to ask and something we could all ponder on and learn from I am sure.

  3. The part about pushing on to complete those ‘to do lists’… It’s obvious that a lifetime of smoking can lead to lung conditions, or with alcohol comes with liver conditions. But what if more attention was given to exploring the negative impact on the long term of ‘to do lists’?

  4. True detachment is actually a loving way to be, but I can see how an emotional person could see this another way, perhaps seeing the detached one as a bit of a cold fish, but true detachment is far far better for our health than are emotions.

  5. “Could it be that there is a deeper understanding behind this condition?” Absolutely, as there is always an energetic reason for our physical conditions, as I am exploring too. ” I am slowly learning to leave the ‘catacombs of the mind’ and connect with me, listening now more to my body as it clearly lets me know of the disregard of many of my previous choices in life.” Knowing what I do now its no surprise that what we choose will have an effect upon us at some point – be it sooner or later.

  6. Thank you for shining light on the energetic meaning of cataracts. Eyes problems are very common today- not wanting to see and accept the truth of creation. Unless we are willing to accept that everything has an energetic component to it that needs to be read and understood first, truth will not be revealed.

  7. Seeing can often be about only seeing what we believe or have experience from before and yet maybe this is only part of the whole scene of life?

  8. I simply love the expression catacombs of the mind exposing as it does that the mind is a place of darkness and damp. It also exposes the difference between the mind and the heart, one could never talk about the catacombs of the heart.

  9. Love the clarity you bring to the healing on offer here Roberta … and the fact that every surgery is an offering of clearing and healing if we so choose.

    1. I’ve never had any surgery in my life (yet) but having accounts such as these replaces the fear which I’ve often seen in others, with an understanding that it supports in healing not just the physical ailments but on an energetic level as well.

  10. I would agree that we accept lies because we are not embracing the responsibility to see the truth. It makes a lot of sense and if you look at the world today it reflect how we are still comfortable to half see what’s really going on.

  11. ‘Not uncommon at all, however, how many of us would choose to take the time to look within a little more carefully to gauge what it really means energetically? ‘ In an age where most are seeking a quick fix, we spend little time reflecting on any ill that befalls us wanting to get back to how we were without appreciating the ill as a stop that is offering up a moment of learning and evolution.

  12. “Surely, it’s not a part of the Divine Plan for all those with numerous candles on their cake to line up as on an assembly line at a certain age to correct the supposed ravages of what some may see as Time.” A great point Roberta – so how do we choose to live? Macular degeneration (usually found in the aging population) is another case in point.

  13. “Had I been viewing life in reaction rather than response?” A great question, when so many older people are needing to have cataract surgery. I am finding myself in reaction daily at present – with so much ridiculousness occurring in the world. However at least I am now clocking I do that – a first step.

  14. I love the magic in life when we are willing to look beyond the condition, not discount, but ask why and what has led to the condition that I now have. Doing this I feel is revolutionary for our healthcare systems as it asks us to be equally responsible in the next step we take not to have the same thing happen again.

  15. The cataract surgery is symbolic of clearing the catacombs of the mind some more of what doesn’t serve any longer and in truth, has not ever served us other than maintain a state of numbed comfort and acquiescence with the way things are.

  16. This further highlights to me just how much our perception can distort and what we see and subsequently what we don’t see to the point that we are projecting what we see rather than receiving what is there to be observed.

  17. attending a Walking Therapy session Group with Serge Benhayon this morning reminded me of your blog Roberta. From feeling something strongly in my body in the walking exercises has revealed another ‘level of seeing’ with more clarity and the effects that energy has on our bodies all of the time.

  18. Pretty much every aspect of life is offering us some form of reflection that we can observe and reflect on to help us deepen our awareness and relationship with ourselves and with the whole of life. This blog is a great example of the depth of insights and wisdom there is for us when we choose to go there.

  19. Getting under the deeper meaning of illness and disease allows a deeper healing to take place. The journey life takes us through and how we grow over the decades is fascinating to explore as we gain more clarity how the games of the human spirit affect us and the force it inflicts on us all. So with eye surgery, to ask oneself, what is it that you did not really want to see but instead chose to cover the Truth with? It would be interesting to hear how it has continued to develop since your writing, Roberta.

    1. We fashion our five physical senses so that we see what we want to see, hear what we want to hear and overall get confirmed in our pictures, ideals and beliefs in a never-ending circle of relative numbness with the odd bits of distraction and elation thrown in.

  20. “I am slowly learning to leave the ‘catacombs of the mind’ and connect with me, listening now more to my body as it clearly lets me know of the disregard of many of my previous choices in life”. Do we ever really and truly look deeply and with presence into our own eyes and marvel at their beauty and what lies within?

  21. Having looked up dirigible in the dictionary I find it is another word for airship….now I can ‘see’ more clearly your vision of that view from the balcony. I love that you saw an iridescent rainbow, ‘ a treasure, a jewel of a huge elliptical shaped rainbow the size of a very large lake on the surface of the now still sea.What a gift- how Divine” So often in my life a rainbow has appeared as if to give glorious confirmation of a situation, a feeling, thought or idea. Thank you for a great read this morning. Will we hear more from you?

  22. Physiologically we may have full vision, but does this mean we still see everything? And the same could be said in reverse – if we have lost some degree of vision physically does it mean we still cannot see all that there truly is to be seen?

  23. It is interesting how we can react to what we see and how our eyes can then reflect that reaction in various ways such as cataracts, styes, near vision glasses or far vision glasses etc. I have worn glasses since I was in my early teens but never once then considered it was because of how sensitive I was and how I might have been not liking the things I was seeing or feeling around me. Today I still struggle with vision and I know it is time for me to be more honest and realise that a part of me may not have really been wanting to see the world for how it actually is. In realising this, perhaps I will be ready to change this soon, and who knows what would happen with my eyes in their reflection of my willingness to see again all there is to see with no holes barred.

  24. When I was younger I was a very keen photographer. Then, on a few holidays, I discovered the power and joy of leaving my camera at home and committing to really, really looking at the what I was looking at.

    1. That is a beautiful point Otto, my camera jammed on holiday in Nepal many years ago. The best ‘photos’ I have from that trip were the ones I still have within my being that were images registered by my deeper observations, being fully present with all around me, without camera.
      Before that I was clicking away, so called ‘capturing the moment’ without truly being present in it. You can feel the emptiness in many of those actual photos whereas the richness of what and who I observed and felt and connected to, without the intermediary of the camera, is still with me.

  25. Apparently, I have 20/20 vision, yet there is so much that I do not see. Explain that?! The point being that true vision is much more than just corneas, optical nerves and brains (with apologies to biologists, doctors and optometrists for my extremely ignorant and reductive representation of optical science)

  26. There is a deeper understanding behind every one of these conditions. I am slowly learning to understand life knowing that the physical manifestation in our bodies is after an energetic outplay ie a stance or a posture in life that lives us far from the delicate and sensitive beings we naturally are. I’m with you on this one Roberta ‘listening now more to my body as it clearly lets me know of the disregard of many of my previous choices in life’

  27. You have brought deep appreciation to a condition that many experience, have corrected when operated on and then return to life as it was before the operation. When illness occurs it always bring an offering of new understanding – thank you Roberta for sharing what is possible for each of us in these instances if we choose to go there.

  28. There is truth to see when we finally open our eyes and take the veils from our sight, veils of our own making because of our choice to enjoy the life of creation.

  29. This blog shows again how Western Medicine is able to support us in our healing process back to soul. It is from our own choice to choose the way back to soul and when on that path everything in life is there to support you.

  30. Being open to really see what is happening in life is a choice and a measure of how much we are governed by our ideals and beliefs and unresolved emotional issues.

  31. I am realising lately just how much I have been (and still am) unwilling to see as it really is in life. This filtering is so much a normal part of my normal way that it doesn’t even reach my conscious awareness. The rose-coloured glasses so to speak take care of everything and mostly keep things as I want them to be. Yet this means I do not get to feel, understand and respond to life or be part of what’s needed to break down all we do not want to see.

  32. In some ways we can all be living behind a veil of perception, only seeing life through the distortion of our beliefs and ideals and previous hurts.

    1. Yes, we are masters in the creation of our own suffering. But if we are that powerful, we are also able to reverse this simply by making the choice to return to Soul after which life will be in full support to help us on our way back home.

  33. Roberta you have a most beautiful way to express, everything is held equally in lightheartedness and seriousness, no judgement, just an invitation to look deeper.

  34. It is very interesting to understand life from an energetic point of view and that everything occurs based on a choice of quality of energy that is constantly flowing through us all the time.

  35. We give money to charity and pity the vision impaired when all the time we skim over life not wanting to see what we actually receive. Rushing around is like trying to press the fast forward button on the movie of life but fails to stop us sensing everything – wowee what a waste of time

  36. You make a great point Roberta when you mentioned the increase in people needing to wear glasses. Twice in my life, my eyes have corrected themselves but as I age they have gotten progressively worse.

  37. This insighfull sumising question is one that we can perhaps equally pose to other senses ‘Could there be such a thing as a science to explain the dynamic forces that seem to control all that we choose to see (hear) and possibly could there even be a science to explain why I have chosen to dwell in the consciousness of ‘comfort’?’….

  38. I so love your writing, Roberta. And I love what you have uncovered here; the lived and felt fact that “our body never lies” (thank you, Serge Benhayon) and that we never stop learning, reading and understanding life.

    1. When I read this Gabriele, I was like ‘life can never be boring!!’ – yet ‘I’m bored’ is a phrase we hear so often. This would suggest that the declared boredom is from having shut off from the body (learning, reading and understanding life) and therefore our inner relationship with ourselves.

  39. We do not consider the impact the way we look out to the world and perceive life to have on our bodies – could the reactions, the lack of acceptance, the disbelief, the injustice, the anger and resentment, the manipulation and control all have an impact on the body and the eyes in the end?

    1. Absolutely, and in turn all of this then contributes to all we have perceived in the world as it is projected outward.

  40. We can accept these ‘common’ ailments as acceptable things that happen as we age, without losing the deeper meaning underneath. Your reminder Roberta is that this learning is available for all when we connect to it.

  41. What a real and honest insight into our sight and what we want and don’t want to see but see all along. A great sharing and pondering on our sight our awareness and how we have lived for lifetimes blinded to the truth of it all and the choices we are offered to change this.

  42. Isn’t it curious that as soon as something becomes ‘common’ we imagine we can just ignore it as just one of those things that happens once in a while and get going as before. Yet if it isn’t common we are more likely to stop and feel the impact of what we are actually faced with.

    This is an alarming fact since our illness and disease is escalating dramatically and we are settling for a lower and lower basic health as our ‘normal’. Hence we can go through life imagining we don’t need to pay attention because it is not uncommon. But we could choose instead to have the beauty of the wonder and expansion offered in this blog in every and any aspect of life.

  43. I love the clarity and depth that you have brought to a common ailment as we age. With your insight you have indeed offered us all a greater understanding of our bodily ills – nothing happens by chance or coincidence – we are the end result of how we have lived – and with greater understanding we can bring to the world the fact that ageing does not have to be a process of diminishing faculties – that we are still able to embrace life fully and bring our all to the world with great beauty and grace as you have done Roberta.

  44. I love what you offer in your blog Roberta, that we can be blinded for many lives by choosing not to see the lies and deceit that are offered to us on a daily basis and in doing so we pollute and poison our own body. This to me makes sense as to why so many people have eye issues because we have turned our back on truth and painted our own picture of what we are comfortably willing to accept.

    1. Yes – this makes total sense. Being open to why I am short sighted myself (I am nearly blind in my left eye) has taken a number of years to unravel, but with increasing awareness and sense of purpose I have a deepening understanding of what my choices have been and why and so it is no coincidence that at this stage of my life an opportunity to correct my vision has arisen as those hurts are being healed..

      1. I too am nearly blind in one eye – my right – and know I became short sighted as a child because I didn’t want to see what was really going on in my family at that time. Learning about energy has enabled me to understand more and more why we have the illnesses we do. I’ve never wanted just to fix symptoms and always knew there was an underlying root cause but until I met Serge Benhayon was never shown how to comprehend this.

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