Cancer and the three amigos!

by Rosie Bason, Australia. 

Let me introduce you to Susan, Nick and Ingrid, three dear friends of mine who are all friends and have a few things in common. Nick is my Dad, so he really is family, and Susan and Ingrid are family too but we are not related by blood in any way, but the love is there all the same. We often get together and have shared meals and support each other in whatever way we can.

Have a look at these three elders who are all around the same age and what do you see? To me, when I see them, I see the wisdom of their life, I see the glow in them, like something is radiating out of them and I see a joy that is infectious.

For me, they are an inspiration on so many levels as they show me what getting older can look like. In fact, they radiate wellbeing, but more than that they amaze me and should be studied, as these three people are all living with cancer and do not fit the grey, tired, worn out, cancer picture that I am familiar with.

What is their secret? There is no secret, there is no hiding or not talking about it, in fact they are all very open about it in the same way that they are open about the way that they live and their religion, The Way of The Livingness, and how it has supported them to live well, despite having cancer.

They all see their medical doctors and specialists, naturopaths and Esoteric practitioners and I often give them Chakra-puncture and they enjoy the best of both worlds, what Western Medicine has to offer and what the Ancient Wisdom has always known about healing and the truth of who they are, and with this they show us all another way.

My Dad, Nick Bason was diagnosed with emphysema 19 years ago and now has lung cancer and was given 6 months to live 7 months ago and is doing so well that he was recently given another year, even though the cancer is growing quite fast. When asked what helped him cope so well, he said

“ I could say things like, “I have no expectations”, “I live for each day” and “I try to do something that counts every day,” and whilst I have done just that I feel the words of God through Serge Benhayon are the real reason I have coped so well and lived much longer than the doctors predicted. Serge said, “Ultimately it’s your own choice but make it about dignity”. I didn’t want chemo or radiation and fortunately the oncologist decided that my body was not fit for either. He also said, “Deeply surrender” and “Deeply rest”. Keep it simple, I would say, and I like that. And of course, who would want to go anywhere when you have a new partner like Carmel Reid.”

Ingrid has breast cancer and was first diagnosed 16 years ago and has had an interesting miraculous journey with several recurrences. Two years ago, Ingrid was diagnosed with secondary cancer and told she only had a certain amount of time left, but she is still here too. When asked what has helped her, Ingrid says,

“Since the terminal diagnosis (and already before) there is no giving up and vegging out in front of a TV or anything else that would distract me in any way from living fully. I listen to my body in every aspect of my life and live accordingly. Supporting sessions at the Universal Medicine clinic and a wonderful naturopath help me to cope better with the medication I choose to take. This allows me to feel as well as I do and I am contributing to my community and am committed to life till the day I pass over.

Susan was first diagnosed with lung cancer 3 years ago and had surgery to remove one third of her lung, followed by treatment and now it has come back in both lungs and her brain and she is now having further treatment. Susan says,

“My recent diagnosis has brought a prognosis that my passing over could be within the next two years. I take a chemo type of medication and have had radiation with supporting Esoteric modalities. Having this prognosis has inspired me to make the remaining time I have to be one of purpose. Many friends say to me ‘are you going to do your bucket list? ‘my reply is, ‘ I love my life, I love who I am and I do not need to go and do things that do not really support me. I have lived with cancer for three years, I still work, I listen to what my body tells me, and I make self loving choices and I feel amazing. Accepting and embracing this disease has allowed me to have a joy within that I love to share with everyone I meet and show there is another way to live, The Way of The Livingness!”

Now I don’t share this story for anyone to feel sad or sorry, quite the opposite in fact because it is so beautiful to have these three people in my life and watch them with their diagnoses, their doctors’ visits, and how they approach cancer.

They are leading the way in how to live with cancer and not be dead before they really are.

For the three Amigos, there has been a real acceptance of their disease which allows them to live with cancer with ease and with no fight mentality.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, you don’t have to stop living, give up or fight the good fight but instead accept and embrace it for the true healing it is.

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540 thoughts on “Cancer and the three amigos!

  1. I find this very inspiring, the way that these three people have chosen to embrace life during a period of time in their lives when there could be many reasons to give up.

  2. We can only imagine how life is for one who has a terminal illness, but these three certainly are bucking the trend for their response. All three are living very much in tune with their bodies, resting when they need to but not giving up, it is inspiring for all of us, for they are still participating in life, committing to their local community and being socially engaging.

  3. This is so inspiring, it is beyond anything I have read about cancer before. It really is incredible how joyful and accepting of their bodies they are and how this means they are connecting to a way of living that brings immense contentment, purpose and joy.

  4. There is a lot of love and well-being in that photo of the three amigos. I doubt anybody would pick this photo as the photo that shows terminal cancer patients.

    1. I agree Christoph it is incredible how vibrant and beautiful they all look; it is like babies, they emanate a lightness that is very magnetic to look at.

  5. “….I see the wisdom of their life, I see the glow in them, like something is radiating out of them and I see a joy that is infectious.” It is quite extraordinary and very inspiring to see 3 people with a terminal illness to look so bright and full of life. It does make me feel that being diagnosed with a terminal illness does not have to be a death sentence full of doom and gloom, but can be an opportunity to embrace life in full and celebrate every moment with everything that you are.

  6. This is totally amazing. So many of us try putting up an appearance by hiding whatever is deemed inconvenient, but what we see here is complete openness, and so much beauty and wisdom is overflowing. Just gorgeous.

  7. We seem to see illness as a bad thing – a sad time and something we try and avoid. But in that we are saying no to seeing what illness is there to reflect to us – the fact that the body is communicating to us something that does not belong. This blog shows how we can look at illness in a different way and still live every bit of who we are in the process.

  8. This is so inspiring for other people who have been given a diagnosis and feel like giving up. Life is a lesson for us continuously evolve, to learn that through our illnesses and mistakes we grow. Lots of diseases are not curable, but the journey of them is hugely healing.

  9. I come back to this article again and again simply because I want to see the photograph and then, whilst looking at it, remind myself that these 3 people have cancer and are more vibrant, beautiful, sparkly and inspiring than a lot of us who consider we are well.

  10. Love what these guys offer to the world, how inspiring is it to see people looking so well with a terminal illness.
    Forget X Factor these are the stories that need to be told.

  11. I love the three testimonials from the three Amigos, there is not an ounce of pity or ‘why me’ and their photo shows this, they all look amazing. They understand fully their terminal cancer, they are not shying away from it, going into battle with it or giving up on life, this in itself is amazing and as you say Rosie, they should be studied to see what it is about their lives that makes this all so possible.

  12. It’s a common thing to have a ‘bucket list’. What I love about what Ingrid is sharing is that if you are living all of who you are and loving life there is no need for one. It exposes where we have an emptiness within us and seek something to complete us. Living knowing we are complete already changes everything and offers everything for all, now that’s what I call purpose.

  13. A beautiful sharing and valuing of each other in illness and disease and all it offers us to clear our bodies and live joyfully together.

  14. This blog highlights the natural joy of living connected with our inner hearts and secondly that these three are indeed role models of living with rather than suffering from a disease.

    1. I love how you have expressed it here, Jenny. Yes – we can live with conditions but not suffer from them or be identified by them when we are connected to our inner hearts. If any of these three walked into an unknown doctor’s surgery as they are, the medical professionals would be hard pressed to say that they were anything but vital and healthy.

    2. And it knocks out the affliction I have adopted about perfection, the one that says there needs to be some kind of picture perfect before I can live in full… absolute nonsense I realise and conversations like these support me a lot.

    3. True health is not just the health of our bodies, as in the health of our cells, true health includes the fact there is an energetic being inside the body that can be expanding or contracting. We can be in a body that appears to be functioning really well, yet the being is not and is in contraction or we can be in a body that is dying of terminal illness and the being is expanding.

  15. Before I cam across Universal Medicine I had heard the term “you are not your illness” and such words, yet nothing had ever confirmed the depth of glory that IS us even nearly to the extent that The Way of The Livingness has for me. I am not surprised that the Three Amigos tick the boxes for a picture of health and vitality so well, despite and regardless of cancer.

  16. There are thousands of examples of how The Way of the Livingness has transformed lives. The three amigos buck every statistic and break the myth that you have to fight cancer. Understanding their worth and purpose, it feels to me like they are embracing life and the healing and learning the cancer offers.

  17. When life becomes less about what we do and more about the quality we live in cancer is easier to embrace and seen for the healing in is, because cancer does not stop us from choosing the quality we want to live in. We might not be able to do everything we once did but the quality is forever and always our choice.

  18. The ‘Three Amigos’ are most definitely an inspiration and leading the way to approach cancer and dying. A most powerful testament to the truth of The Way of Livingness.

  19. I have seen so many times how exhausting and draining the destructiveness of the battle with cancer can be. It is lovely to see people accepting it and working with it as a natural healing process whatever that outcome needs to be without getting caught up in that fight.

  20. The three amigos are a great example of the depth of joy, settlement and fulfillment living with purpose, commitment and an awareness of your contribution to the world offers. A blessing far bigger than any issues we may need to deal with in life.

  21. The thing is we all have a “terminal illness”… It’s called having a human body and being born… There is an irrevocable cycle that, if recognised understood loved and lived, would change everything for humanity.

    1. So true Chris, we are all going to die of something, and they are all effectively the so called ‘natural causes’ as a natural result of living a life in this body of ours, its just how we live it that decides our own unique experience and how those consequences turn out.

  22. I love coming back to this blog if only for the picture of these radiant, full of life, joyfull people who have completely and humbly embraced the offerings of their illness and have come to make changes in their lives that is inspiring to us all!

  23. When I read the words I have no bucket list, I can feel how fully life can be lived when we bring ourselves to it in full, no avoidance or delay just an honesty to feel and face it all.

  24. I have now seen first hand the look of horror in a person’s eyes when cancer is in their body and they feel powerless to it. This look is so different to the eyes of the people in this photo, who are so full of joy.

  25. A great testimony of how the Universal Medicine modalities most definitely are complementary to medicine. To live looking and feeling vital despite having serious health diseases, is a benefit to all – family, community and the health care system.

  26. It is so different to see people embracing their lives with their illnesses rather than acting like the victims of life threatening diseases that everyone goes into great sympathy about. There are always things to learn in life, and understanding the deeper messages that illness brings of acceptance and healing is an evolving journey.

  27. A beautiful sharing that is amazing to see and read and is an inspiration to us all and a blessing for everyone with cancer to know for themselves lovingly.

  28. This example of what it means to live with a terminal disease takes out the ‘why me’ or feeling a victim of an illness and circumstances. There is no sense of fighting cancer but more of a commitment to life without regret. Very inspirational and setting a new standard of what it means to have a terminal disease.

  29. To look so well, when so ill is an anomaly. It doesn’t stack up with everything we know about cancer and yet here we have three amigos looking spritely, vibrant and well… more so than the average Joe on the street. There has to be something in this Universal Medicine, Ageless Wisdom and The Way of The Livingness thing!

  30. Ultimately we are all going to pass over at some stage, this is a given we all know this but to approach it with such awareness and dignity is not something that is a given but something we all need to learn. Why be miserable when we can still enjoy and make every moment count until the last.

  31. The ‘fight mentality’ is huge and has a huge effect on our body. Working in nursing I hear phrases such as ‘they have given up the fight’ or ‘they have battled long and hard’. I have wondered and observed for a long time how exhausting ‘fighting’ is for someone, even if it is fighting against something that is within our own body. It’s like through fighting we have put up a wall to no longer being able to hear that our body is communicating to us. We do not need to fight our body, even though we may not like what’s happening. There is a way to live with with a serious disease, even one that will take our life and have no fight at all and all 3 people in this blog are doing exactly that.

    1. A great point Jennifer about the concept of ‘fighting’ a disease, as if it is the enemy. The three amigos are showing us there is another way to live with whatever illness, impairment or disease we may have, working with our doctors and understanding ourselves at a much deeper and more expansive way. For example, one thing you have highlighted here Rosie is the loving and supportive relationships between these friends, and then how they take that to everyone.

  32. Death is not about giving up on life, even when your body is preparing for death, it does so with full commitment to life as can be seen in the eyes of these 3 amigos!

  33. These three amigos certainly do look full of vitality and love for life and people. The glow emanates from them and their eyes are full of the warmth of life. It is a blessing to know that this is indeed possible for any one and for any one of us regardless of illness or disease – if we each lived our lives and days as if it was our last day on earth, how much more love would we allow out? A great question to ponder on!

  34. This blog shows that anything can be healed in terms of our relationship with it: every moment and situation presents us with a choice: to accept and embrace the learning and opportunity on offer, or not. Inspiring to read how these three amigos have embraced this opportunity and are radiant with warmth, connection and vitality as a result.

  35. This is a testament to the fact that we can live with an illness or disease but still LIVE and enjoy our relationships, family and even work without feeling like we are restricted from doing so as a result of this burden.

    1. Who’d have thought that living with a terminal illness could mean that you could still enjoy life in full? What a beautiful example of a way of being that even the healthiest and heartiest of us could benefit from!

  36. “The three amigos”… so full of love, joy and vitality – an inspiration for us all… not only in regards to terminal illness but also they show us “what getting older can look like” no matter what is happening in our lives.

  37. A beautiful sharing and photo of these 3 amazing people with the acceptance of their illnesses and their commitment to life with joy and purpose that is so inspiring to read and so different to what is so often the case. A real inspiration and healing to read.

  38. Wow what beautiful quotes from these 3 people who are so committed to life and not beaten down by their illness. There are so many things out there to beat cancer and fight it – but here we have 3 people who have done the opposite – who have accepted it in full and are working with their bodies, not against them.

    1. Even a ‘death sentence’ is not in truth a death sentence because we are eternal beings, we go on forever and ever and one day we shall live the certainty of this and it’ll revolutionise all aspects of our lives.

  39. The photo of Nick, Ingrid and Susan speaks a thousand words – no-one would ever think they have an illness of any description. Having worked in cancer for 8yrs there wasn’t a single person who came close to the joy, love and vitality that is so obvious in these 3 amigos… they are such awesome role models for society and especially for medicine.

  40. Nowhere else, except for people living The Way of the livingness, have I heard of people really living with such joy and commitment when faced with a disease such as cancer. They are setting a new standard and are role models for the world.

  41. This is an awesome read Rosie… full of inspiration and the reality that illness is not a time to give up but to be totally inspired by the healing on offer.

    1. We get so worn down as human beings but totally revitalised when we start living as souls on earth. The world is a radically different place when viewed through the heart of the soul as opposed to being seen through the eyes of the individual and isolated human being.

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