What is the relationship between intelligence and health?

By Stephen Gammack, BSc 1st Class (Hons), Sydney

What is the relationship between health and intelligence? At the moment it might be said that the two stand separate and distinct, measured individually through various quantifiable tests and examinations, for e.g. a Health Examination and a School Examination. But is our idea of intelligence deeply flawed and far wide of the truth? What if it isn’t found in our ability with academia, but something inextricably linked to our health, the level of wellbeing we live in our bodies, the quality of energy we emanate in our daily life – the relationships and connections we form?

If you could, for example, write a highly academically acclaimed 10,000 word thesis on quantum physics, but at the same time choose to put your body in a state of stress and physical decline through lifestyle choices, then are you an intelligent being? Or to put it another way: are you a ‘being’ acting with your true capacity for intelligence? Maybe our approach to health and intelligence is all messed up and we need to teach, showcase and learn about intelligence from a completely different more self-regarding, or we could say loving, perspective.

The Philosopher Serge Benhayon has presented that our current model of intelligence is flawed, that we don’t think so much as we source thoughts through the movement of our body and that every movement is from one of two pools of energy that either harms (prana), or heals (fire). These energies by energetic law affect everyone, everywhere. To make sense of this requires a willingness to accept and understand that we live in a vast pool of energy and that how we move in every detail – our posture, our gentleness, our awareness, our intentions – influences our thoughts, which in turn create our choices – and that these choices then affect our health outcomes – every movement, every choice, every time.

This makes a lot of sense if you consider the downward health trends of our global population against the rising forms of what we value as intelligence. More degrees, more PhDs, more Masters, more Doctors – we are seemingly more educated and intelligent than ever before. We see a supposed advance that is not matched by an advance in our health but instead a rapid deterioration (a harming), and we should question this. What is the influence of our education system? What movements and thoughts are being produced from and by this system? If our current model of intelligence were genuinely intelligent there would be less illness surely, not more! As a further example, what effect does slouching in front of a screen have on our thoughts and subsequent actions? Anyone can try this and see how they feel.

If instead, true intelligence is about our ability to feel and sense and respond to our feelings, a whole body intelligence, then it turns on its head what intelligence actually is, and leaves wide open the question of what the imposter posing as intelligence is doing to our health, our relationships, our humanity.

True intelligence makes intelligence a level playing field where we all have equal access to the movements that bring greater knowing, married to and woven up in greater health and wellbeing. And furthermore it might just be our ability to let go of stubborn beliefs and identification with so-called individualised intelligent acts, that moves us towards greater all-knowing whole body intelligence.

So if we consider that we can all act with equal intelligence, we all have access to the same level of knowing, and it is only a choice of whether we make that connection to the source of true intelligence, or not.

Perhaps we need to start to champion the relationship between intelligence and health, and let go of a form of intelligence that isn’t actually intelligent at all but is merely a clever and convoluted form of control, and protection. Giving the clever among us recognition and status, rewarding them for facts and figures and grand theories that don’t unite us, but divide and pigeonhole us.

If we stop encouraging a form of intelligence that has no connection to health and wellbeing, we then allow ourselves to make the move into greater awareness and gentleness, a move towards true health interwoven within the multi-dimensional intelligent being who is made of and emanates pure love.

Written with full recognition of the all knowing intelligence that is Serge Benhayon, a man dedicated to patiently teaching that our thoughts are not our own, repeatedly… until we all understand that we don’t actually think but just align to energy from the only two sources available, prana (harming) or fire (healing).


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420 thoughts on “What is the relationship between intelligence and health?

  1. If evidenced based medicine is a marker of our so called progress in intelligence today then as a health care worker I can honestly say we are drifting further and further away from any meaningful truth to guide us away from our ill health, rather than closer to it. Today the BBC news reports a landmark spending announcement by the government for the NHS that so far at least doesn’t include big areas like social and community care or any public health spending on prevention of illness and disease in its increases. Just fire fighting, no I correct that, just looking good in politics, prevention being an unpopular area as it will inevitably involve some level of self-responsibility.

  2. What if whole body intelligence allowed us to access a level of wisdom and understanding that was far greater than anything our minds can come up with on their own? It is not that the mind is bad or needs to be left out but included in the whole picture in its rightful place in harmony with the body.

  3. I like how you have brought quality of relationship in to the possibility of what true intelligence actually is.

  4. One of the first things you realise when you start to explore your inner essence is that nothing is separate, and everything is connected. The body and mind are not distinct and the one affects the other. I find my greatest ‘intelligence’ comes from my body and is available when I feel open, vital and at ease. The way I think is always affected by the way I feel.

  5. “Are we sicker than our eyes would have us believe?” Great question because on the surface we could say technology has made so many advances that we can cure most illnesses, but what constitutes being sick. We have over the years moved the markers so that being sick or ill is seen as anyone with cancer or a serious illness but what if the reality is we are unwell if we are not living in the fullness of who we are and any movement away from that is the beginning of illness and disease…..maybe then we would see that we are sicker than our eyes would have us believe.

  6. The teachings that Serge Benhayon shares with us about whole body intelligence and this being true intelligence are absolute gold and continue to inspire many people to break out of the limited, health diminishing ‘brain only intelligence’ that is currently so focussed on and lauded.

  7. A mind without the wisdom of the heart is a completely lost one. This is something I have come to humbly realise recently as I came to realise just how arrogant I have been to think my mind is smarter than my body.

  8. If intelligence is actually intelligent, it would mean that smart people would make choices that lead to great health. Yet doctors who understand how to live in a healthy way and should be the pinnacle of health, can still smoke, drink alcohol to excess and have above normal rates of suicide. This suggests to me that brain smarts is not enough to be body smart. I am always amazed by how intelligent and tuned in my body is compared to my conscious mind.

  9. I’ve just got in touch with some very strong feelings that I had buried by not dealing with a situation. These feelings have been sitting unacknowledged inside my body stewing and seething underneath the surface. While I have been unaware of them and out of touch with them they have been having an effect on my body and also the way that I relate to people. Having allowed them to surface I can feel that if I had left them un-felt and the issues unresolved for a number of years this would have led to health problems later down the track. It is wise to allow our body to show us the way by allowing ourselves our feelings.

  10. Great to read about the difference in what we call intelligence and the true much wider expansion of intelligence. The latter will always serve the love on earth.

  11. Agreed in order to truly evolve we definitely need to throw out ‘intelligence’ as we have believed it to be .. which as you so rightly say is not intelligent at all!

  12. The current form of intelligence has little relationship with a sense of health or wellbeing. It is all to do with the mind and function. Little to no attention is paid to how our bodies feel, yet they are our greatest guides as to how to truly be in our world today.

  13. Through Universal Medicine, I have come to see and understand how our body is in fact light years ahead more intelligent than if we solely relied on just our mental capacity. The body and mind working together delivers the intelligence of Love in both stillness and a movement of expression, be it language or mathematical.

  14. How much I learned from my body since Serge Benhayon made me aware with his teachings abput the importance to re-connect again within our body. We hold there so much we do not want to feel but when we do so, we also start to feel the source of love through us again. Which is marvellous.

    1. Yes Sylvia there is an endless well of love in us, along with properly amazing whole body intelligence… both these qualities, innate in us all, set a standard for our lives that, when embraced and lived, will change the world.

  15. We have so totally reduced our intelligence to the space between our ears and yet it limits us to recalled knowledge and our previous experiences and perception, leaving behind the innate wisdom of the inner heart and body.

    1. Jenny so well put, that’s all the intelligence I thought I had and it meant I was acting very un-intelligent most of the time and yet all along I had far more intelligence waiting for me to connect to and live.

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