Discovering what it means to truly heal: Meeting Serge Benhayon and experiencing Universal Medicine Therapies 

By Jennifer Ellis, ND, Adv Dip Ac, Practitioner Universal Medicine Therapies, EPA & ANTA member, Brisbane Australia 

I first came across Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine Therapies through my own illness – a case of recurring pneumonia nearly 17 years ago and only 2 years after the birth of my son. I was a well known and successful Naturopath and Acupuncturist who walked my talk, but nothing would budge the condition for longer than a couple of weeks.

Despite doing everything the medical profession offered and applying the best available of alternative medicine, my weight had dropped from 54 to 47kgs. I was at my wits end, feeling desperate and at a loss to know where to turn.

Through a timely meeting with a friend who shared with me her cousin’s recent visit to Serge Benhayon, I found myself instantly drawn to seek an appointment. That day, December 16th 2001, marked a change in my life I could never have predicted.

What struck me immediately was Serge’s unassuming professionalism. In a tiny and simply furnished room in Altsonville, northern New South Wales, I felt instantly met, seen in a way l’d not been seen before and before long I felt profoundly understood.

The simplicity of his ‘tools of the trade’ you might say were remarkable to me as a practitioner of some 15 years myself. We simply talked, for no more than 30 minutes initially but in that time we seemed to have encompassed my life in such a way that my situation made complete sense.

He helped me see the nature of deeper unresolved feelings I was often aware of but had never quite been able to understand their origins, deep feelings of sadness seemingly unrelated to my situation and circumstance.

As I listened to what was being said about the origins and nature of my condition, I registered that while my mind could say ‘yes that makes sense’, it was within my body that I was registering the truth of what I’d heard. This was a new and subtle experience but distinct enough to recall 17 years on.

For the first time I knew I understood the relationship of these feelings to the condition I was suffering.

The discussion was followed by hands-on-healing (Sacred Esoteric Healing) where I felt (energetic) shifts occurring within my lungs and body that I still remember as if it were yesterday.

It was unlike anything I had experienced before: deeply stilling and somehow reassuring – I felt connected to myself in a way that was on the one hand so familiar, I felt ‘home’ and yet I didn’t ever recall feeling that way before.

At one point I found myself sobbing uncontrollably but following it came a sense of release l’d sought for years, in fact every time I’d touched in on feelings of deep sadness that arose intermittently. The sense of release was quite distinct from the relief l was more familiar with, as on previous occasions I’d find myself crying from a depth that I knew was out of proportion to the situation at hand. The crying then never released the feelings, only relieved them… until the next time.

What followed the release was even more remarkable however, I was left with a profound sense of warmth radiating from my lungs and heart, a feeling of love that imbued my whole body and a sense that I was distinctly at home. A tension I realised I had lived with as long as I could remember was relieved in a way I can only liken to having the deepest itch scratched for the first time. And yet it was distinctly familiar too, I felt completely and utterly myself.

Unsurprisingly to me, the experience delivered an immediate and obvious flow-on effect with regards my health: the pneumonia resolved within days and my weight restored within a few weeks of that. But more than this, it began a period of healing that was all encompassing and transformative involving every aspect of my life.

It is easy to throw the word healing around but my experience on that day was nothing short of miraculous and changed not only the trajectory of my life in every way, but forever changed my understanding of what healing actually entails.

The change was not only personal but in a short time flowed very obviously into my professional life too.

I had come to understand that healing was something that goes much deeper than l had ever learnt through my own study and that my own healing was pivotal to what I was able to offer clients in their respective healing.

Healing was no longer about being clever enough to know the right remedy or modality. It was an exchange of sorts, whereby the depth of healing a client could choose through seeing me was entirely dependent on the depth that I had chosen to go to in my own healing.

l’d never put these things together, understanding ‘walk your talk’ as meaning simply that I ate well, took vitamins, exercised and went to bed at a decent time.

To understand and see the correlation between healing at this level and the flow on affect to the potential for clients to initiate healing for themselves, was both profound, fascinating and asked a level of responsibility l’d not understood before.

Life today bears no resemblance to life back then, with enormous healing evident in every aspect of my life. I jokingly refer to the distinction of the way life felt before that appointment as being of ‘my previous life’.

The period of healing instigated that day opened a new dimension for me and to life that I can liken to experiencing life in color suddenly after only ever experiencing it in black and white.

I have often reflected on the fact that without the severity of the condition I suffered and my inability to get relief from anything (and everything) else I knew, I doubt I would have been open to booking an appointment that day, let alone to what was offered by way of healing through Serge Benhayon from that point on.

It is also the case that we seldom seek this level of healing in our lives unless we are faced with serious illness or calamity of some sort.

This l’ve observed through my own practice ever since and more times than l’d care to count… it is human nature or so it would seem, to live our lives as mere physical beings without awareness of the greater dimensions of who we are, until life reminds us through the marker of our bodies and through healing that there is more to life than we are choosing to see and there is more to us than meets the eye…


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552 thoughts on “Discovering what it means to truly heal: Meeting Serge Benhayon and experiencing Universal Medicine Therapies 

  1. It is very interesting to read and feel the difference between the release and relief of crying you experienced Jenny. Perhaps when we reconnect with our innermost and feel what was previously avoided we can allow healing to occur.

    1. I feel the true healing is in the reconnection to our essence, that innermost heart where we are in union with God and our soul, otherwise if we are just releasing emotions without that reconnection to our true self it may just feel like relief.

      1. I know that for much of my life the ‘releasing of emotions’ was in fact not a releasing at all, it was simply a recycling of them, in that my perception that they were ‘going away from me’ was not true, they actually never left me, as I breathed them out so too did I breathe them straight back in again.

  2. I am a practitioner working with people who come with different ailments and issues with their body….what I have realised is that if I have not healed, worked on myself, I limit what I can share and reflect to them: “Healing was no longer about being clever enough to know the right remedy or modality. It was an exchange of sorts, whereby the depth of healing a client could choose through seeing me was entirely dependent on the depth that I had chosen to go to in my own healing.” It brings a true responsibility to the practitioner and an empowerment in the client to work in this way – I love it.

  3. I am a practitioner working with people who come with different aliments and issues with their body….what I have noticed is if I have not healed, worked on myself I limit what I can share and reflect to them “Healing was no longer about being clever enough to know the right remedy or modality. It was an exchange of sorts, whereby the depth of healing a client could choose through seeing me was entirely dependent on the depth that I had chosen to go to in my own healing.” It brings a true responsibility to the practitioner and an empowerment in the client to work in this way – I love it.

  4. Every exchange in life is an energetic exchange in which we have the opportunity to harm or heal according to the quality of being that we are connected to.

  5. The power and miracle of true healing inspires me every time I encounter it, either for myself or when I hear the stories of others, and whilst for many true healing isn’t a reality yet, the fact that a few are accessing it now does mean that in the future it will have become normal for us all.

  6. True healing can only occur when the root cause of an illness is uncovered and healed, as this will then allows for harmony to be restored within the body

  7. I dabbled and experimented with a few different spiritual techniques and what was obviously different when I experienced the healing techniques presented by Serge Benhayon was that I could feel how disconnected I had been from my Soul. Each session releases and arrests the energy that is not of my Soul. In this process I feel clearing, body re-aligning and configuring to be All who I am. When I walk after the sessions I can feel how my body has changed and it is instantly reflected in my walk.

  8. I love how when we hear truth it is deeply felt in the body and touches our heart that we forever hold a marker of how truth feels within us. I too felt the same way when I first met Serge Benhayon from listening and feeling the simple clarity and integrity in his words that made sense of everything.

  9. ‘What struck me immediately was Serge’s unassuming professionalism.’ This impressed me too and also the way he ‘held the space’. I had been with countless healers, gurus teachers etc before and had also had experience of facilitating and teaching groups myself. When I was young I had been in a weekend workshop and in the days following had become quite disturbed emotionally and mentally, and later in my early thirties I came away from an intense training very unstable. I had learned that the safety of the participants was paramount and I could feel that Serge Benhayon was well aware of these unsettling and potentially harmful possibilities and held his position of what I now call energetic integrity more responsibly than anyone I had ever met.

  10. What I have come to appreciate is that unless we understand that we carry around with us unresolved hurts in our bodies, we will not truly heal. At best we can apply a Band-Aid but it will not solve the issue, it may look as though it has but the hurt is still festering away.

  11. There are many methods and techniques out there to support some sort of ‘improving’ one’s health or well-being but only some can claim to truly heal. The element of healing is not in the technique as such but in the energetic quality and consciousness behind it; thus healing is very simple once it is understood as an energetic quality first.

  12. The precision in which you describe your process during your first session with Serge Benhayon is revealing some profound truths, so in ‘The sense of release was quite distinct from the relief l was more familiar with…’. Only too often we confuse relief for a healing or solution, the simple outburst of an emotion and its short-term relief, but rarely do we experience an energetic release that liberates us from something we have held onto for sometimes quite a while as we don´t know how to address and let go of it.

  13. ‘Healing was no longer about being clever enough to know the right remedy or modality. It was an exchange of sorts, whereby the depth of healing a client could choose through seeing me was entirely dependent on the depth that I had chosen to go to in my own healing.’ and this brings a much greater level of responsibility with healing, for ourselves and in supporting another to heal themselves.

    1. Yes, it does Ruth and I have found that far from rejecting this truth I have started to embrace it because in this awareness life tangibly becomes about us all rather than myself as an individual – I find this liberating – how freeing it feels to begin to even contemplate letting go of those constraints that keep me separate from the all we are and are all a naturally a part of.

  14. I know that sense of release you talk of during Esoteric Healing, I have only experienced this with these modalities and too have found it to be deeply healing fully letting go of what needs to be let go of, resulting in several health conditions completely resolving and turning round how I am in life.

  15. I love your analogy of your experience of life changing from black and white to colour. We don’t know what we do not know. We would have no idea what we are missing, we would not even consider the possibility that what we have might be far less and reduced from the potential of what is. Being introduced to a concept of colour from a place of only knowing black and white – that would be a life apart.

  16. There is something amazing that happens when a body hears the truth, and in my experience it is amazing like no other amazing that I know, which I can only really describe as a deep re-ignition of an ancient knowing.

  17. There is no greater offering from a healing session or a health practitioner to be understood and reconnected with one’s own inner wisdom and knowing of the truth of who we are in essence.

  18. What Serge Benhayon presents is nothing complicated, everything is so simple and hugely powerful. I am starting to understand simple is powerful and not ‘little’ or to be dismissed in favour of complication which is often more draining and more hassle.

  19. I can relate to much of what you have shared here. That sense of deep letting go after emotions have been cleared out of the way, and with a clarity in my body and mind after an esoteric healing session that I’d not previously experienced.

  20. The word ‘healing’ is bandied around from New Age modalities to conventional medicine cures, but when you have a true healing with an Esoteric Practitioner such has been described here, you know you have had a life-altering shift within the body.

  21. There is something in these words – to feel profoundly understood – that really stands out to me. As I can see how this can be so in any situation, as it does not need to be exclusive to the treatment room or even to Serge Benhayon, because we can all profoundly understand each other.

  22. I have heard that Serge Benhayon is the healers healer which to me says volumes about the deep integrity this man holds everyone in.

  23. What a wonderful sharing of what healing is. I’m impressed with knowing it is the depth of healing we are willing to bring to ourselves that is what others feel when they connect with us. I have found this to be so true. It’s an inspiration to feel this. No matter how well intentioned I or someone maybe, without this depth of knowing, we cannot lead the way for another to trust and be inspired. I’m only coming to understand that supporting another doesn’t mean pushing them to get up the hill from behind! But walking ahead showing what is possible.

  24. Jenny i can very much relate to this altered sense of release; crying during low moments would often feel heavy and emotionally foggy, yet after Universal Medicine healing sessions it was as if the sadness would come up involuntarily to be released, an unfamiliar sense of feeling detached to what was there to be released and in turn i would be left feeling lighter & clearer. This led to a steady & life changing understanding that the sadness i was feeling was not actually me but simply energy that i had taken on and was holding in my body.

    1. There’s always sadness when we connect to that which we come from, and have strayed so far away from.

  25. In this fast-paced world of ours where the lives of many are full to the brim with demands, expectations and more wants than needs, when an illness slows us down or maybe even stops us in our tracks, all we want at that moment in time is the quick fix; to be cured as soon as possible. And once fixed we return to the crazy, stress-filled way we had been living; so, nothing changes. To truly heal what our body is asking for is only a choice away, a choice to stop and listen to the wise messages it is giving us and then to respond in nothing less than the most self-loving way.

  26. I also first was referred to Serge Benhayon at a time when I had “deep feelings of sadness seemingly unrelated to my situation and circumstance”. Although my physiotherapist was supporting the healing of my sacrum and lower back, she referred me to deal with the underlying energy, which was this deep sadness and grief. Without this foundational part of the puzzle, my physical body may have improved but the energy would have still been buried in my body.

  27. When Serge Benhayon speaks, no word is wasted, he can read us in every moment and what he says or writes is always relevant to what we need to know at the time. Sometimes he repeats things in different ways until we get it, but there is never any imposition, we receive the words and it is our choice always what we do with them.

  28. Before Universal Medicine to me cure and heal were the same thing. All I wanted was for the problem to be gone, the pain to have ceased and for me to be able to get on with my mostly reckless existence. The irresponsibility was huge but I didn’t see it as such at all. In those days there was only physical life and nothing else. What I have learned from Universal Medicine is that that physical life which was everything to me is in reality but a grain of sand on a miles long beach. It is almost insignificant in terms of the whole that it is a part of. Now I know that there is so much more to human life. We are multidimensional beings choosing to be ignorant of the fact.

  29. I remember seeking potions, natural remedies to combat something my body was processing. Until I experienced the Esoteric Healing I hadn’t felt how deeply buried my hurts and emotions were and when supported to let go of these and healing them from the root cause I realised how this is the true way to heal ourselves.

  30. Energetic healing is real, it can be felt, and it has real consequences that support the physical body immensely. Not an ounce of fluff or airy fairy in Esoteric Healing.

  31. The detail that you describe the healing felt in your body is so palpable, it’s like I was with you as it was happening. It is quite incredible to feel this through your words, which then makes me realise the power of truth when it is expressed.

  32. Time and again I read of miracles occurring for people who attend Esoteric Healing modalities. Universal Medicine has given us the answers we all seek to our health conditions and it should be front page news. The ‘problem’ or the reason why it’s not front-page news is that it requires us to be responsible, something humanity has avoided for a long time. Things may need to get a lot worse in the world before we do accept responsibility for our health.

  33. I can remember my first session with Serge, and how my body went from complete anxiety and nervousness, to like I was talking to a dear friend that knew the real me without all the other stuff I thought was wrong with me. My head was trying to make up stories while my whole body surrendered and felt warm and gentle for the first time since early childhood.

  34. True healing and Universal Medicine says it all beautifully offering the world another way to live from the truth of all we know in connection to the quality of our soul.

  35. ‘The change was not only personal but in a short time flowed very obviously into my professional life too.’ – I have noticed that when I stop compartmentalising the different areas in my life, there is a continuous and natural flow moving forward.

    1. I really connected with this today, I had an Esoteric Yoga session and I realised I was more open to being open, to what ever my body and being shared and what came up for me to look at. It is felt very simple, empowering and beholding of myself and I thought “wow this is what healing is all about…” this is life changing.

  36. Whenever I get that moment where I clock a condition I have to the exact choices I have been making I celebrate inside. Sometimes it can take a while before I get there, but I always know that if I am genuine in finding it the answer always comes and when the condition clears there is cause for double appreciation. The physical healing often comes fast behind the realisation (the realisation is the healing)!

  37. To be met so fully and understood by a practitioner is such an opportunity for true healing to occur. Combine this with our own willingness to engage and take responsibility for our unresolved issues and we have a very powerful medicine on offer.

  38. I love how you describe your experience Jenny in reconnecting back with your true self. The true healing process is profound in its simplicity to restoring ourselves back to the harmonious quality of our true nature and a far greater awareness of our divine and multidimensional way of being.

  39. In a world where emotions are championed and never seen or much less held as an ill or a problem, we are far away yet at the same time very close as the cure is always there within us, to truly healing our ills. Unless we relinquish the desire to seek emotion we will never truly heal our ills or woes.

  40. “The change was not only personal but in a short time flowed very obviously into my professional life too.” This is one of the may beautiful attributes of what is offered by the true healing modalities of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, in that it goes far beyond just our physical body and has a lasting impact on everything and everyone around us. And you are a living testimony of that Jennifer.

  41. “Healing was no longer about being clever enough to know the right remedy or modality. It was an exchange of sorts, whereby the depth of healing a client could choose through seeing me was entirely dependent on the depth that I had chosen to go to in my own healing.” And this is true for everything, absolutely everything – not just within the specifics of practitioner/client. It is true for all of us; at work or home – in every interaction, what we bring to the world or to the person we are connecting with will be entirely dependent on what we have walked up to that point.

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