Clairsentience – Our Sixth Sense

 By Andrew Mooney, Physiotherapist, Complementary health practitioner, Cornwall, UK

I recently attended a medical course on the nature of pain. Presented in this lecture was the current popular scientific theory that as human beings we perceive our environment based on our five senses and own mental projections and best guesses, and then respond accordingly; that we are constantly perceiving, processing and reacting to our environment based on our sensory systems, previous experiences, ideals and beliefs and whether reality meets our own expectations or not. Effectively we are at the mercy of our minds, our nervous system and our five senses, from which we form our experience of life and the choices we make.

This perception of what is happening outside and inside our bodies is a crucial thing, for in the case of pain it can be the difference between someone having chronic, debilitating pain and someone not having any pain at all.

It makes sense that our perceptions are influenced by our five senses and our previous experiences, as well as our ideals and beliefs that we hold about the world, but could there be more to this process than a nervous system dominated approach?

A sixth sense?

What if there was a sixth sense that involved the intelligence of the whole body, not just the nervous system? An innate sense that can feel and discern the quality of energy passing through our bodies at any moment in time? Could it be possible that the quality of energy we feel could actually give us a broader and richer perception of life than simply reacting from our nervous system?

The fact is that we all do have a sixth sense – known as clairsentience – and by tuning into this innate, deeper awareness we can supersede and even bypass our ideals, beliefs, emotions, gut feelings and expectations and bring ourselves to a more accurate reading of what is truly going on around and within us.

What is love?

Recently I had a discussion with a scientist about the energetic quality of love. We agreed that it is very possible that love has a certain energetic vibration that everyone can feel and identify if they choose to be aware of it. It is a beholding energy of understanding, deep respect, connection, and equalness that we can feel within ourselves and also experience with other people. It has warmth and tenderness; it is what we feel when we hold a baby or young child in our arms.

There are many re-interpretations of the word ‘love’ and therefore many versions and meanings of this word but ultimately, it has only one true energetic meaning which our clairsentience can feel or register. Therefore, we do innately know if something is truly loving or not.

Likewise, truth has an energetic quality or vibration, which can be felt or detected if we allow ourselves to be aware of it. Have we not sensed at some point in our lives when someone is lying to us or not telling us the full truth, despite their appearances, gestures or the actual words being spoken? 

So what if we based our daily lives on consciously reading energy rather than living from our mind and our nervous system, seeking security and safety, based on avoiding past negative experiences?

What if we actively used our clairsentience, in combination with our other five senses, to make sense of our lives and our experiences, rather than basing life solely on our nervous system and our intellect?

Clarisentience – the way forward

For me clairsentience is the only way to make full sense of the world and how it is. Whenever I have tried to explain the world based only on my 5 senses (which gave me a certain picture of physical reality) I have struggled to fully understand life and the world. When I use my clairsentience, it opens up a much richer, broader and deeper understanding of why and how things are occurring. In fact when I observe life in this way, many events or experiences I would normally perceive as negative when viewed from my five senses only, have taken on a very different and even positive meaning and understanding when I have engaged my clairsentience and fully energetically read the situation. This revelation alone is huge for medicine, psychology and the science of pain.

Life is Energetic

To view life as energetic as well as physical makes a lot of sense, as it can give us access to a wisdom that can shed light on much of human life that our intellect or our five senses cannot.

For example, we have all had the experience of walking into a room and sensing or feeling the ‘atmosphere’ present, which contradicts the physical appearance of how things seem to be. We have all felt or sensed how someone else was feeling without having any other physical indication that could tell us this information.

It is possible to distract and numb ourselves away from our clairsentience but this doesn’t change the fact that it is always there. Everyone is born with this sense equally. It is not a special psychic ability, gift or genetic mutation or even a learnt skill. It is innate.

So if we all have this amazing ability ‘at our fingertips’ so to speak, why don’t we use it more often? What gets in the way of us using our clairsentience?

What gets in the way is our intellect, our rational mind, our beliefs, our ideals, our needs and expectations, our arrangements with others and with life, our fears, and our need for security.

Ironically, we use our other five senses often to dull or distract ourselves from our clairsentience. For example we like eating foods that taste good but actually make our bodies feel heavy, bloated and actually dull our awareness and ability to read energy.

Serge Benhayon has been sharing with the world for some years now on how important it is for us to reawaken our ability to feel and discern energy. Through his own clairsentience and intuition he has been able to access a level of intelligence that is clearly way beyond anything the human intellect can access and easily answers, explains and exposes many of the conundrums of human life.

Serge Benhayon is not special or gifted or unique in this ability. We all have equal access to this level of intelligence, wisdom and understanding of life that goes way beyond our five senses and physicality, way beyond even spirituality and the ethereal aspects of life. Honouring our natural ability to feel and discern energy in our bodies begins the process of connecting us back to a true and natural way of living as human beings.


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613 thoughts on “Clairsentience – Our Sixth Sense

  1. Just recently someone sent out an interview and suggested it was worth watching so I listened. I was able to observe that what was actually being said was deliberate misinformation about Covid -19. If we do not use our 6th sense to feel if what is being said has a grain of truth to it then I feel that we will react out of fear which was the intent of the interview.

  2. Thanks Andrew, I miss feeling how I did as a child, understanding so much about life from what I sensed, read and felt, not from what I was told or from outer images – the energy behind everything was always the truth. I appreciated your words about it being innate because I am currently looking to bring more awareness of energy back into my day to day living, and the word ‘innate’ confirms there is nothing to do, it’s already there.

  3. We allow that birds have a sense of navigation as they can migrate thousands of miles and return to the same location, we are still not sure how they can do this. But when we talk about our 6th sense we tend to dismiss this as not real, and yet we can sense when something doesn’t feel right it’s not a ‘gut’ feeling but something much deeper. We do know we are just choosing most of the time not to know, which is why we have to constantly distract ourselves with food, drinks, drugs, games, sport, extreme sport to dull and numb what we actually cannot stop feeling our 6th sense.

    1. We can give our power away to intellectual might, as if the brain and it’s ability to process and recall information is ‘it’, but it’s not, it’s in the whole person and that includes our sensitivity and ability to feel.

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