Healing cardiovascular disease with medicine and love

By Mike Stevenson, Retired, Sandhurst UK,

In March 2015 I enjoyed attending the Universal Medicine Retreat in Vietnam, during which we were introduced to the concept of constellations with people and events in and throughout our lives. Little did I realise at the time how I would benefit from an important constellation that occurred towards the end of the event.

Midway through the celebration dinner I started to feel very ill, experienced severe vision problems and subsequently went into a state of collapse.

Attending the dinner were several students of Universal Medicine who were also Medical Doctors and they immediately came to my aid and sent for an ambulance.

In spite of my body going into shock, I felt no fear or anxiety, even though I heard them saying that my pulse was weak and my heart rate had dropped very low.

As I lay on the ground with my legs elevated, Serge Benhayon came and placed his fingertips on my head and shoulder and I felt a great sense of warmth permeating throughout my body and I was very much at ease with what was happening and felt no sense of panic or fear at all. I knew I was in safe hands. After a few moments, my pulse and heart rate picked up and apparently returned to normal.

I was taken to the hospital, where the local doctors could find no reason for my problem, and I was discharged the following morning feeling very well.

On returning home I underwent various medical tests, which were initially reported as normal, but a short time later, further investigation would show this was not exactly true!

A couple of weeks after returning home there were signs of another similar impending collapse and I found myself loaded into an ambulance once again. I was extensively examined by several doctors: after an ultrasound check, a large AAA (Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm) was discovered, which could have proved fatal at any time, without warning.

With no sign of any heart or brain damage found, surgery to repair the aneurysm took place a couple of days later.

My operation was performed after an epidural injection in my back to numb the lower part of my body. For five hours I watched the whole procedure on a screen . . .. the best TV show ever and totally fascinating to watch from start to finish!

Returning to the ward, it hit me that I needed to change my life around; that the onset of my illness was a kick in the backside, unmistakably letting me know that the time to change was now.  Aha! A realization came that this was the ‘love adjustment’ Serge had referred to as I was first taken off to hospital in Vietnam.

Over the next ten months I was in and out of the hospital for tests, scans, X-rays, seeing numerous consultants and having various procedures done that the surgeons had found necessary on reviewing my tests.   It was discovered there were problems with the electrical circuitry and blood supply to my heart and over the next year, several stents were inserted into various coronary arteries.

Throughout all this I felt supported and looked after by God, the Hierarchy and my wife!

Every day I could feel their presence when asking for them to be with me, especially during all operations and procedures, but I definitely ‘got the word’ that the time had come to return to being more loving and appreciative of myself and others.

By choice, I stopped drinking alcohol and eating high sugar products, and by doing so, my body began to re-adjust and shed excess weight. I feel so much calmer in my self with these changes – I have more energy, am no longer breathless, my sleep quality has improved and there is a feeling of a stronger inner foundation and joy in my life.

Being able to tune in with God and the Hierarchy was absolutely magical, as was the assistance of Serge’s books, affectionately known in our house as the Purple Books, or ‘Purple Paddington Bear’. These books are filled with love and feel so lovely that just holding one of these books helped me in my recovery to where I am today – feeling well and cleared for air travel again.

This has been a great opportunity to make more self-loving choices in my life and it has also deepened my relationships with others.

I have since returned to Vietnam in March 2017 and on this occasion I was able to enjoy both the Retreat and the amazing celebration dinner that I was unable to fully enjoy last time!

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561 thoughts on “Healing cardiovascular disease with medicine and love

  1. “This has been a great opportunity to make more self-loving choices in my life and it has also deepened my relationships with others.” – Beautiful how you describe this and the opportunity that you took to open up to a different way of being and living – a return to being more truly loving as you describe.

  2. It feels like the first Vietnam retreat you wrote about was a point were your body celebrated the love that was you and was knocking saying let me back in and your body responded with let me just make room, which you did over the next while as you changed and welcomed the love you are to radiate again, I loved reading of your miracle.

  3. Re-reading this blog I felt how beautiful it is to feel the support and care of God and the Hierarchy, and in your case also from your lovely wife. I love the process you’ve described how their presence has made you aware that you needed to do your bit to return to being more loving and appreciative of yourself and the ones around you. And you did!

  4. When we support ourselves with making different choices, the body feels so much better almost instantly. I have found recently that even changing my thoughts makes a difference.

  5. “I stopped drinking alcohol and eating high sugar products, and by doing so, my body began to re-adjust and shed excess weight.” The changes that occurred for you Mike when you gave up high sugar products is striking. I know for myself having given it up some years ago now, when I do I have something sweet, and it can even just be a piece of fruit these day, that my body immediately starts to feel racey and on edge and I am not able to concentrate in the same focussed way. Our bodies really are remarkable at showing us the impact of something that does not support them.

  6. As I revisit this blog I am aware of how much better I feel in my body having reduced my sugar intake significantly. These days I notice when I have had sugar – not when I haven’t had it – if that makes sense. When I have eaten sugar my body loses some of its innate equilibrium and harmony and I find that I feel much more in balance when I have not had it. This leads me to conclude that sugar is not a natural thing to put in to our bodies – because they feel more harmonious without it.

  7. Healing should always be ‘with love’; it’s not designed to be a fighting exercise, which is what we’ve made it in today’s society where we have to ‘struggle through’ a tough time with an illness rather than look at why and what that illness means, allowing ourselves space to reflect and get support.

    1. True Susie, this is what is ‘normal’ nowadays, to fight and struggle with the body, instead of a surrender to what our body is communicating and the opportunity to let go of ill patterns and behaviours and choose a different, loving way to be with our body.

  8. Wow Mike, what a very different perspective and real life example you have given us on how to approach the healing process – go you.

  9. I love reading stories like this as they bring so much sense to illness and disease. There must be a reason why we get ill and it is deeper than just our genetic make up or lifestyle choices.

  10. Amazing Mike – what Love can do! And it make sense… our physiology changes with our emotions. And true Love which has no emotion in it, is the Truth that the body naturally lives in.

  11. All of our bodies are constantly giving us ‘love adjustments’, not just those who have heart attacks or other major incidences. It’s a matter of whether or not we choose to listen and work with them.

  12. When we make the choice to let more love ‘in’ we are also making the choice to let more love ‘out’. Our lungs ignite with this breath and every cell in our body knows what to do in order to make the necessary adjustments to accommodate this breath in our body once again. Full bodied breathing at its finest.

  13. Isn’t it amazing how making a few changes to what we eat, drink or do can have such a huge impact on the body. The effects you’ve described of giving up alcohol are miraculous – could love and true self care be a perfect prescription for both physical and mental health conditions, in addition to medical treatment?

  14. I was there in Vietnam Mike and you certainly gave us all a shock. It is very interesting that your attention was being drawn to the ticking time bomb that you had inside you. I lost a friend a few years ago to an Aortic Aneurysm. He was young, just retired and I was on the golf course with him on the Thursday and on the Saturday morning he keeled over and died in front of his family. Very fortunate you discovered the ticking time bomb before it exploded.

  15. When we allow the healing that comes to us, the adjustment needed is done. Our body always responds to love.

  16. When the body speaks loud, by way of an illness or disease symptoms, it is offers a great opportunity to make some ‘U-turn’ changes in our life. Nothing seems to get our attention as much as our body talking loudly.

  17. I love the way you appreciate the reflections offered and let the wisdom of your body lead the way. Thank you Mike.

  18. We often hear of stories where people have had a serious heart condition and come out the other side with a renewed vigour for life, and especially with the aim to change their ways – it is a shame that we let it get to this point before we are willing to change, but at the same time, what a gift.

  19. What is so inspiring here is the readiness to change your lifestyle and a willingness to engage with medicine and address your health issues.

  20. I find it deeply inspiring to read of you embracing a near death experience and your serious ill health as an opportunity to make more self loving choices and deepen your relationship with yourself and others and ultimately transform your life for the better. The power of our choices is undeniable.

  21. There is so much more to true healing other than ridding ourselves of physical ailments and symptoms. The rates of re-occurring disease attest to this.

  22. I really enjoy reading this blog, there is a humble surrender to what is there to learn in life and opening up to the potential support available that is a joy to share in – Thank you.

  23. ‘Healing cardiovascular disease with medicine and love.’ So often the key ingredient, Love, is missing in our healing process, but is very much a vital part.

  24. I love how you described your fuller engagement, vitality and appreciation of life Michael, when you tended more lovingly to your own body and lifestyle choices.

  25. I was interested in how your change in some lifestyle choices led to feeling more calm. We can often stimulate our nervous systems and load our bodies to such an extent that we are totally out of balance.

    1. I’d say our poor old nervous systems are almost constantly bombarded. They’re attacked by the food and drink that we consume, they’re targeted by all of the emotions that we feel and even in sleep they don’t get a true chance to settle. Most of us are living with very ‘jangled’ nervous systems and lots of us are on ‘high alert’ all of the time.

  26. Tears came to my eyes reading this today as a fellow brother returns to love and in appreciation of the incredible support on offer to us.

  27. It is interesting that the symbol of the heart is used in so many situations to represent love, however when it comes to illnesses and diseases of the heart, the subject of love, of how we love or how we feel loved is not generally considered by Conventional medicine. Serge Benhayon has brought this important factor to light, and how there is an innate connection between our physical and emotional health, not only with our hearts, but every part of our body, which is not just about the relationships we have with other people, but more significantly the relationship we have with ourselves.

  28. In all the illustrations and description in society about ‘heart’ and its association with the expression or activity of ‘love’ … it makes quite common sense, even if it sounds too simplistic to some, that any issue or ailment of the heart is caused ultimately by the separation to love within our body.

  29. It is amazing to feel so supported, but especially to let this support in and to let it be all around you. It shows that you know that there is something valuable and worth cherishing inside, it is you.

  30. Beautifully shared Mike, and great that you understood the message your body was giving you so loud and clear, it is amazing how we are offered these opportunities yet so often either disregard them or refuse to hear what is being communicated to us.

  31. It is inspiring to feel the joy in the body when it goes into clearing the unsupportive patterns. I have shared your experience of Vietnam on both occasions and it is very beautiful to observe the love adjustment you made Mike.

  32. Your blog shows us all how the physical body, is the consequence of all our behaviours and choices we make in life. It appears that emotions affect the body as much as any physical bump – which is why it is important to deal with any hurts, anger, rejection etc… as well as make the choice to deepen self love and self care.

  33. I love seeing beyond just the physical manifestation of ill health and the opportunities this offers to understand life more deeply and take responsibility for our own wellbeing and relationship with life.

  34. I can imagine many people questioning what love has to do with healing the heart, after all, we seem to rely almost entirely on medicine to get us through our ills and we forget that we are naturally loving human beings and love has everything to do with healing, playing an enormous part alongside medicine.

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