Healing cardiovascular disease with medicine and love

By Mike Stevenson, Retired, Sandhurst UK,

In March 2015 I enjoyed attending the Universal Medicine Retreat in Vietnam, during which we were introduced to the concept of constellations with people and events in and throughout our lives. Little did I realise at the time how I would benefit from an important constellation that occurred towards the end of the event.

Midway through the celebration dinner I started to feel very ill, experienced severe vision problems and subsequently went into a state of collapse.

Attending the dinner were several students of Universal Medicine who were also Medical Doctors and they immediately came to my aid and sent for an ambulance.

In spite of my body going into shock, I felt no fear or anxiety, even though I heard them saying that my pulse was weak and my heart rate had dropped very low.

As I lay on the ground with my legs elevated, Serge Benhayon came and placed his fingertips on my head and shoulder and I felt a great sense of warmth permeating throughout my body and I was very much at ease with what was happening and felt no sense of panic or fear at all. I knew I was in safe hands. After a few moments, my pulse and heart rate picked up and apparently returned to normal.

I was taken to the hospital, where the local doctors could find no reason for my problem, and I was discharged the following morning feeling very well.

On returning home I underwent various medical tests, which were initially reported as normal, but a short time later, further investigation would show this was not exactly true!

A couple of weeks after returning home there were signs of another similar impending collapse and I found myself loaded into an ambulance once again. I was extensively examined by several doctors: after an ultrasound check, a large AAA (Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm) was discovered, which could have proved fatal at any time, without warning.

With no sign of any heart or brain damage found, surgery to repair the aneurysm took place a couple of days later.

My operation was performed after an epidural injection in my back to numb the lower part of my body. For five hours I watched the whole procedure on a screen . . .. the best TV show ever and totally fascinating to watch from start to finish!

Returning to the ward, it hit me that I needed to change my life around; that the onset of my illness was a kick in the backside, unmistakably letting me know that the time to change was now.  Aha! A realization came that this was the ‘love adjustment’ Serge had referred to as I was first taken off to hospital in Vietnam.

Over the next ten months I was in and out of the hospital for tests, scans, X-rays, seeing numerous consultants and having various procedures done that the surgeons had found necessary on reviewing my tests.   It was discovered there were problems with the electrical circuitry and blood supply to my heart and over the next year, several stents were inserted into various coronary arteries.

Throughout all this I felt supported and looked after by God, the Hierarchy and my wife!

Every day I could feel their presence when asking for them to be with me, especially during all operations and procedures, but I definitely ‘got the word’ that the time had come to return to being more loving and appreciative of myself and others.

By choice, I stopped drinking alcohol and eating high sugar products, and by doing so, my body began to re-adjust and shed excess weight. I feel so much calmer in my self with these changes – I have more energy, am no longer breathless, my sleep quality has improved and there is a feeling of a stronger inner foundation and joy in my life.

Being able to tune in with God and the Hierarchy was absolutely magical, as was the assistance of Serge’s books, affectionately known in our house as the Purple Books, or ‘Purple Paddington Bear’. These books are filled with love and feel so lovely that just holding one of these books helped me in my recovery to where I am today – feeling well and cleared for air travel again.

This has been a great opportunity to make more self-loving choices in my life and it has also deepened my relationships with others.

I have since returned to Vietnam in March 2017 and on this occasion I was able to enjoy both the Retreat and the amazing celebration dinner that I was unable to fully enjoy last time!

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561 thoughts on “Healing cardiovascular disease with medicine and love

  1. I can so relate to what you have shared Mike, your experience of an inner foundation and joy to life. The feeling of being steadier and less influenced by outside happenings that try to come into my mind and overwhelm me back into nervous tension. I can see/feel when this is happening and not let the overwhelm take hold, but lovingly hold myself and let the thoughts wash through me and out of my body with no attachment.

  2. Since being involved with Universal Medicine I’ve become a lot more cooperative with any illness or condition that occurs. Rather than just ignoring it and pushing through, or wishing it’d go away so I can go back to living normal life, or playing the victim, I am much more inquisitive about why it’s occurred on an energetic level and so much has changed as a result.

  3. Mike, to experience such a huge thing onto our bodies, once upon a time, I would assume, fear and anxiety would have set in. And yet in your sharing, you felt none of these and not only during the emergency but throughout the time you went through investigations, surgeries etc. You were taken care of and reading this made me realise that if we truly surrender into our bodies, we are taken care of, by placing trust in yourself and others too.

    Modern medicine is so remarkable nowadays and I love the combination. Universal Medicine presents that we can combine healing, it brings to our awareness that the wisdom resides in our bodies and there is always an energetic component to our illnesses, if we are open to this.

  4. It is amazing when we allow ourselves to be so open and surrendered and all that has always been there finally becomes a part of our make-up, and our sense of self expands and becomes so inclusive.

  5. Sometimes it takes a dramatic incident with our health to wake us up to the preciousness of life and the love on offer.

  6. I can appreciate that moment when you returned to the ward and realised that it was time to change. But what is really beautiful is reading how you have embraced that moment of clarity.

  7. What a wake-up call. Being at the retreat that year and being in the right place at the right time. After all, there are no accidents. So, well done for heeding the warning.

    1. Julie, I call these the ‘stop’ moments. If we put it into perspective, it is a moment where nothing around us matters, and when the microscope is upon us only and everything around us is just matter, then nothing matters and it is only about you and your body.

  8. Mike Stevenson, you were in the right place at the right time. Through so many lifetimes has your path, constellated to come to the point where you were able to experience what you experienced… Amazing.

  9. We have much to appreciate from the unseen support from being held in the body of God. The Hierarchy are always there – we simply have to request their support to walk with us without us holding any expectations or dictates of outcomes.

  10. Mike, your story reminds us all that when we choose to bring more love into our lives (as you did with your attendance at the UniMed Retreat) our bodies may respond with a readjustment (even if this involves something like heart disease) to clear the emotional energy stored in our body which blocked the higher vibration of our soul to enter more fully and thus allow more love in to express from there.

    1. Michael what you are touching on here is that sometimes our bodies do need a readjustment as we have probably not been living in a loving way with ourselves and others. As a society is it possible we have placed too much emphasis on the need for financial security and making money than we have on looking after ourselves? We live such stressful lives that we block out any attempt to reconnect back to our soul as we do not live in a way that our soul can access our bodies as they are too stressed.

  11. In my experience, I have seen many people recognise the change that is required after a severe medical episode. And, also, often I see that what is made available to support this new perspective is not always wholly sustaining as there are many exercises and routines or regimes available today, but little in the way of that which truly and sustainably addresses the root cause of our illnesses and diseases. This is one of the many many reasons why Universal Medicine and especially Serge Benhayon, are so fundamentally brilliant – because, together, they offer some very real and practical tools for turning our lives around, for supporting that turn, and for never going back to old patterns of behaviour that have been healed.

  12. ‘Love adjustment’ – it totally makes sense that when we say yes to more love, it’s not just the mind saying that, it’s a body thing and we have to work with it to make sure that it is in a state that can house the love that we are saying yes to.

    1. Fumiyo I agree with you that when we say yes to more love with our bodies and not with our minds, then adjustments do occur. I am going through a phase of adjustment myself. After years of being in self-protection my body is releasing the nervous tension which is an uncomfortable feeling, but it is allowing me to connect to the grandness of the universe which is magical. What is even more magical is that we all have this ability to reconnect to the universe we have just lost, like me the connection, but it’s there in each and every one of us.

  13. A great example of medicine working harmoniously together with being loving and caring with oneself.

  14. Beautiful to read how you knew you had to change your life choices, choosing not to drink alcohol is a big step and re-establishing a life filled with more loving choices has definitely seen your body change shape and feel lighter too.

  15. Amazing to hear Mike, that you were able to see this as an opportunity to deepening your understanding of illness and disease, and that there is a different way to live your life that deeply embraces you as the wonderful, lovely man that you truly are.

  16. What a beautiful transformation and testimony to the fact that our bodies are always calling us to live with greater love and harmony, and the less we listen the more intense the call, and when we do listen and honor this call we live with an enrichment and vitality that supersedes any resistance we indulge in.

  17. It is deeply inspiring simply to be around others who are living the truth of what they know for themselves highlighting that it is not what we do that matters but how we do it.

  18. “Throughout all this I felt supported and looked after by God, the Hierarchy and my wife!” Experiencing something such as this really does open up the possibility there is so much more at play in life than we care to realise. When we feel the depth of support and true love on offer in such a situation, there simply is no denying that there is more available to us than we could ever imagine.

  19. WOW it is incredible what we can achieve with medicine now ‘For five hours I watched the whole procedure on a screen . . .. the best TV show ever and totally fascinating to watch from start to finish!’ I don’t think I would want to watch a 5 hour procedure being done on me!!! Amazing how you have turned your life around ✨

  20. Our wonderful body offers us messages day in, day out, and if not listened to and acted on the messages just get louder and louder. But it seems we have become deaf to them, that is until we get stopped in our tracks and forced to listen. What a valuable lesson it would be for all children to learn to decipher these messages so that as they grow into adulthood these valuable messages from our body are not ignored but absolutely appreciated for the gift they are.

    1. The coincidence idea is just that, an idea that doesn’t allow us a moment to truly read that there is a lesson offered to us in every moment and the choice to say yes or no each time.

  21. Our good health really does come down to the nitty gritty of how much we are willing to take care of ourselves. When we start to neglect one area, then another and another gets affected, and so it begins to snowball unitl it is out of our control and we end up in a situation just as you did Mike. But what you are showing us here is that we can equally turn our health and vitality around if we are willing to bring that loving attention to the smallest detail of our own self care.

    1. Yes, it is amazing how much we can turn our life around even after developing major illnesses. No need to give up or to fight.

  22. It is like that, isn’t it – we keep pushing and think we are getting away with it and then there comes a point where we have to stop and listen, and how that stop moment gets brought about is just genius. We are so well looked after. Support is always given when asked for.

  23. Self-care is pivotal to our true health and well-being and when we are inspired to make more loving changes the body adjusts to clear and heal itself from the ill patterns we have accepted and taken on.

  24. ” I definitely ‘got the word’ that the time had come to return to being more loving and appreciative of myself and others.” It seems we are always being given opportunities to return to being more loving and appreciative of ourself and others and the situations that we find ourselves in. It is whether we take those or not that makes all the difference. Thank you for sharing Mike how you were able to truly make a difference when you ‘got the word”.

    1. Humanity has become so ‘off track’ that I would say that we’ve become derailed! We’re the living body of God, which in actual fact is love, living in a completely loveless way. Our current way of life is dedicated to lovelessness, even the bits where we think we’re actually being loving and the problem is that our reality has become so distorted that most people would scoff at what I’m saying as being total and utter rubbish, which is ok, it really is because believing in the truth is neither here nor there in so far as it doesn’t alter the truth, nothing does, truth remains truth regardless of whether it’s believed in, which is why I love it so much, it’s so totally and utterly absolute and resolute.

  25. “By choice, I stopped drinking alcohol and eating high sugar products, and by doing so, my body began to re-adjust and shed excess weight. I feel so much calmer in my self with these changes – I have more energy, am no longer breathless, my sleep quality has improved and there is a feeling of a stronger inner foundation and joy in my life.” The changes in you from just cutting out sugar and alcohol from your diet are striking Mike. Imagine if we all paid such detailed attention to what really supported our bodies with regard to what we put into them, and what did not. How much better would we feel, and no doubt our physical health would be vastly improved, potentially reducing enormously the need for medication and medical intervention.

  26. Sometimes we need a real stop in our lives to bring us to the realisation that the choices we are making are not supporting us, and it offers us space to reflect on those choices and an opportunity to change our choices for more loving ones, and as we notice the difference they bring we realise that our lives have changed forever.

  27. What Serge Benhayon presents is always a ‘love upgrade’ and I’ve experienced many times that for that upgrade to take place in my life, an illness or event occurs that rattles and wakes me up to my unloving ways. Once awake to it, it grates on me until I choose to make more loving choices.

    1. I love this … ‘a love upgrade!’ and it just keeps upgrading ✨ … question is are we upgrading with it!

      1. Yes.. when we’re offered a stop moment to change our lives around, do we fully make the most of it, or revert back to our old ways as soon as the danger moment is over? In my experience, the more I’ve made choices to deeply care for myself, the easier it has become to keep making those choices, because they become a new standard, a new ‘normal’. It’s so obvious (now, but wasn’t before) but the more I care for myself, the more everyone else is taken care of within that, because I’m less of a burden across the board, and more able to contribute more fully, to everything and every relationship that I’m part of.

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