Living Miracles in the 21st Century

By Maree Savins, Australia

In the cynical 21st Century, most of us no longer believe in miracles. Yet every day, miracles occur.

We know Jesus had the ability to help people heal, such that he is known as the “Great Physician”.  These healings were celebrated as miracles.  He was celebrated as having special powers.  Jesus was glorified by many, and yet there was something about him that was grounded, living from an inner stillness, and a simplicity that emanated from his being and in his life.

What the writings about Jesus have failed to explore was that Jesus was a human being just like us, and because we are all born equal, what this means is that we all have the ability to heal ourselves and support others to heal as well.  You can call it super powers if you want – but it’s just part of who we are.  I’m not talking about turning water into wine or walking on water, but everyday miracles about people transforming their lives by embracing and expressing Love.

Wouldn’t it be beautiful if we each lived each day knowing and living this knowing?  How would it change our everyday life?

As I read the articles on this Medicine and Serge Benhayon website, I am witness to many stories about people being healed as a result of the teachings presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

As I reflect on my own life since coming to Universal Medicine, I can attest that I have had many of my own miracles indeed.  In the last seven years I have experienced and healed:

  • A serious injury to my scapula area, losing strength in my hands
  • A lifetime of asthma
  • Many years of sinus issues
  • Rashes on my skin since birth
  • Lower back injury from a motor vehicle accident

It was the injury to my lower back from a motor vehicle accident which brought the most significant change because it brought me to a halt.  It was difficult in the beginning for me to walk, and I was unable to put one foot forward without being present with each step.  My back ached day and night, reaching an 8 or 9 out of 10 pain threshold for many months.

The prognosis was that I would always have pain and I remember feeling horrified by those words from my doctor.  I was in my late 30s, a single mum – who would provide and do all the things that needed to be done, those things I have always done by myself? I lived thinking I was being responsible for it all, but I wasn’t living in a way that was supportive of myself.

I had learned in life not to rely on other people, not to bother them, not to trust them, not to ask anything of anyone – all so that I didn’t have unwanted payback, as had happened in the past.  I tried to do as much as I could on my own and lived in my own bubble of self-reliance.  It was difficult because at times I did have to ask for help, but if I paid money for it then at least it felt more equal.

Now self-reliance and independence is all well and good, but perhaps not so when you lack appreciation for what can transpire when we work together.  In effect, this level of independence was just something I did to protect myself from having to feel my hurts, by letting people see how vulnerable and sensitive I was, and I kept people out as much as possible.  It’s how I learned to ‘manage life’ so I could get by.

This injury meant that I had to start to care for me more deeply than ever before and I had to ask for and accept help from others.  Something also very different that I learned was to put my own needs first because if I did not (and I learned the hard way) the pain in my back would escalate to a degree that would bring tears to my eyes.

I didn’t necessarily accept the diagnosis that I would live with this pain forever but I didn’t fight it either.  I just let it all play out and I committed to dealing with life.  I was open to what would play out from a physical body perspective but it was never my focus.  I knew without doubt, that this accident happened to bring me to a stop, because it was needed.  So this is what I began to explore.

What did I have to learn or understand?

I had a beautiful team of practitioners – my doctor who provided amazing support (and pain relief!), an Esoteric Massage Therapist and an Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapist and Physiotherapist.  I committed to sessions with these practitioners to deal with whatever issue had risen to the surface to be cleared from my body at that time.  I also committed to daily gentle walks even if it was just to the end of the road, as well as pool rehabilitation three or four days per week, where I simply moved my body in the water in a way that felt supportive.  No counting repetitions, no pushing, no needing to do more than I did last week, just moving gently and using the water as resistance.

It wasn’t just about rehabilitating physically from the injury though – my whole way of life had to change.  I had to rely on people to pick up heavy boxes for me at work, to use trolleys, to limit vacuuming to only one room per day and only if I felt strong enough, to buy the right tools to help in my daily life such as a lightweight vacuum cleaner, to rest when I was tired (a miracle in itself!), to outsource home jobs to trades such as lawn mowing and maintenance, to have fruit and vegetables delivered to my home, to purposely pack shopping bags ever so lightly, to commit to a gentle exercise program and most importantly … to learn to let Love in at a deeper level than ever before.

Eventually the pain dropped to about a 2 or 3 out of 10 and sometimes spiked to an 8.  It was livable and allowed space for me to learn how to be more loving, gentle and honouring of my body each day.

After about two years the pain was minimal and most days now I don’t notice any at all.  There is often an ever so faint feeling in my lower back that reminds me never to push through.  I know I have had a serious injury to my body, and this particular sensation helps me remember not to go back to my old hard and protective ways.

I don’t celebrate that I proved wrong those who said I would never be pain free again. Our practitioners can only work on the bodies that they have been presented with and in most cases, we do not heal to the level that is available because we don’t change the choices or way of living that caused the dis-ease in the first place.  Healing is not just about working on the body in a physical and functional way.  What is required is a ‘whole approach’ and that includes becoming more aware of how we live and how much we are willing to allow Love to change our lives.

We look at miracles only if they are instant healings, whereas the miracle of healing this injury took time and commitment and such deep self-honouring that demanded I must never go back to living the protected and insulated way that I had been living before.

We all have the ability to heal ourselves and to support each other but we don’t embrace that or accept that in this life.  We hope that a tablet will fix us or an operation and we don’t really even appreciate our ability to heal or see it as anything special – for the focus turns to whether we can return to our sport or our old way of life – a life that resulted in the illness, disease or injury in the beginning.

Healing isn’t just for one person with special powers.  Once we learn to connect to ourselves and to bring true Love to our lives, we have the power to heal and it is not just something for a select few.  Miracles happen every day and they may be as small as a teenager letting go of anger for a moment to feel love, or an elderly person being truly seen, or us clocking a lifetime momentum or belief that has kept us small, simply from another’s passing comment that comes from Truth.  These are just some of the miracles I have felt for myself.

Serge Benhayon brings to us something extremely precious – an insight into what is possible for human beings despite education levels, gender, income, occupation, history and ill-choices.  It is the awakenings of Serge Benhayon and his sharing that allows us to be open to possibilities and to break free of the entrapment of repetitive thoughts and beliefs that hold us down and keep us imprisoned in what we have resorted life to be.

And yet … there is so much more.

This more I have seen with my own eyes and felt in my own body.  My appreciation for Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine is far more than allowing me to heal from physical illness so that I can have a better life.  I am one person who is a living miracle for ALL that I have healed so far and for the life that I live that now has meaning and purpose.  Serge brings to the earth something that is worthy for all people to hear and to feel for themselves.  The energetic Truth as presented by Serge Benhayon resonates within to the depths of my Soul.

When we open ourselves to Love, amazing miracles are possible.  We are all healers when we choose Love, and we do not need to be practitioners for this to be so.

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652 thoughts on “Living Miracles in the 21st Century

  1. I feel that we protect ourselves from life because we do not appreciate how sensitive we are as this gets eroded from when we are young we build barriers to protect ourselves thinking this will support us but it is an illusion because we still get hurt and retreat further from life. This is a game that is being played by a consciousness that wants to keep us withdrawn from life so that we do not get to feel who we truly are but as you say Maree we learn to ‘manage life’. Managing life is not truly living in the fullness that we are.

  2. Maree, reading this reminded of my back giving suddenly after offering my body to a long arduous weekend workshop for people who wanted to renovate. The pain and contraction of the lower back appeared a few days after the workshop and it was painful and stopped me in my tracks, I could not get out of bed or if I was in a laying position.

    I agree with you, that somewhere within us, is the miracle to heal and heal I did. It didn’t happen overnight either. Being totally present and placing myself on a program not only led me to being pain free, but discover more of what my body loved. It loved the tenderness, it loved the not rushing around, it loved the attention it was given, it loved that it was noticed, it loved being loved. Now that is a program that all bodies need to receive on a daily basis and that standard will strengthen the relationship with the you, and your body. Then watch, observe and miracles will occur…

  3. Back pain brings us fairly and squarely into the present moment, we cannot but be aware that movement is painful and yet, in my experience, movement when it is totally honouring of the body, lessens the pain and brings a fluidity back to the area that is in pain. I have noticed that when I am not present there is a lack of flow and a lack of oxygen in the area so the connective tissue is tight, the muscles are hard and there is an anticipation of pain that brings fear into the body. It is a perpetual cycle. What you have shared here is medicine for us all.

    1. Lucy, I’d like to know of any pain that doesn’t stop us and the opportunity to become more present and aware of what we are doing. If we don’t take the opportunity to be with ourselves in that moment, then it kind of feels, it is held in the body and suddenly, we wake up one morning and we have a frozen shoulder, or debilitating back pain and so forth. When the opportunity was given ages ago and it was ignored. This presence thing requires consistency and commitment and yes from time to time, we can trip up and that’s ok, just get back on track and continue with it instead of just giving up.

  4. What I can feel is how much we resist love, and how normal that has become for many of us. What if love is allowed in full, just for once? I can totally resonate with doing things alone, thinking that would be simpler and only feeling equal if I can pay for it or reciprocate in some way. Love moves and communicates in a very different way from a logical mind, and it cannot be controlled – and that is the bit I feel I am having a difficulty with.

  5. There are many stories of miracle healings occurring throughout the student body of The Way of The Livingness and I would definitely put myself on that list. What I would like to say is that it’s not actually rocket science to start to change your life, your health and to make self-loving choices; it’s actually quite simple.

    1. Julie I agree with you there are so many stories of miracle healings within the Student Body that one has to wonder why no one is conducting any research into the changes that are taking place as more and more people commit to changing their lives.

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