Living Miracles in the 21st Century

By Maree Savins, Australia

In the cynical 21st Century, most of us no longer believe in miracles. Yet every day, miracles occur.

We know Jesus had the ability to help people heal, such that he is known as the “Great Physician”.  These healings were celebrated as miracles.  He was celebrated as having special powers.  Jesus was glorified by many, and yet there was something about him that was grounded, living from an inner stillness, and a simplicity that emanated from his being and in his life.

What the writings about Jesus have failed to explore was that Jesus was a human being just like us, and because we are all born equal, what this means is that we all have the ability to heal ourselves and support others to heal as well.  You can call it super powers if you want – but it’s just part of who we are.  I’m not talking about turning water into wine or walking on water, but everyday miracles about people transforming their lives by embracing and expressing Love.

Wouldn’t it be beautiful if we each lived each day knowing and living this knowing?  How would it change our everyday life?

As I read the articles on this Medicine and Serge Benhayon website, I am witness to many stories about people being healed as a result of the teachings presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

As I reflect on my own life since coming to Universal Medicine, I can attest that I have had many of my own miracles indeed.  In the last seven years I have experienced and healed:

  • A serious injury to my scapula area, losing strength in my hands
  • A lifetime of asthma
  • Many years of sinus issues
  • Rashes on my skin since birth
  • Lower back injury from a motor vehicle accident

It was the injury to my lower back from a motor vehicle accident which brought the most significant change because it brought me to a halt.  It was difficult in the beginning for me to walk, and I was unable to put one foot forward without being present with each step.  My back ached day and night, reaching an 8 or 9 out of 10 pain threshold for many months.

The prognosis was that I would always have pain and I remember feeling horrified by those words from my doctor.  I was in my late 30s, a single mum – who would provide and do all the things that needed to be done, those things I have always done by myself? I lived thinking I was being responsible for it all, but I wasn’t living in a way that was supportive of myself.

I had learned in life not to rely on other people, not to bother them, not to trust them, not to ask anything of anyone – all so that I didn’t have unwanted payback, as had happened in the past.  I tried to do as much as I could on my own and lived in my own bubble of self-reliance.  It was difficult because at times I did have to ask for help, but if I paid money for it then at least it felt more equal.

Now self-reliance and independence is all well and good, but perhaps not so when you lack appreciation for what can transpire when we work together.  In effect, this level of independence was just something I did to protect myself from having to feel my hurts, by letting people see how vulnerable and sensitive I was, and I kept people out as much as possible.  It’s how I learned to ‘manage life’ so I could get by.

This injury meant that I had to start to care for me more deeply than ever before and I had to ask for and accept help from others.  Something also very different that I learned was to put my own needs first because if I did not (and I learned the hard way) the pain in my back would escalate to a degree that would bring tears to my eyes.

I didn’t necessarily accept the diagnosis that I would live with this pain forever but I didn’t fight it either.  I just let it all play out and I committed to dealing with life.  I was open to what would play out from a physical body perspective but it was never my focus.  I knew without doubt, that this accident happened to bring me to a stop, because it was needed.  So this is what I began to explore.

What did I have to learn or understand?

I had a beautiful team of practitioners – my doctor who provided amazing support (and pain relief!), an Esoteric Massage Therapist and an Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapist and Physiotherapist.  I committed to sessions with these practitioners to deal with whatever issue had risen to the surface to be cleared from my body at that time.  I also committed to daily gentle walks even if it was just to the end of the road, as well as pool rehabilitation three or four days per week, where I simply moved my body in the water in a way that felt supportive.  No counting repetitions, no pushing, no needing to do more than I did last week, just moving gently and using the water as resistance.

It wasn’t just about rehabilitating physically from the injury though – my whole way of life had to change.  I had to rely on people to pick up heavy boxes for me at work, to use trolleys, to limit vacuuming to only one room per day and only if I felt strong enough, to buy the right tools to help in my daily life such as a lightweight vacuum cleaner, to rest when I was tired (a miracle in itself!), to outsource home jobs to trades such as lawn mowing and maintenance, to have fruit and vegetables delivered to my home, to purposely pack shopping bags ever so lightly, to commit to a gentle exercise program and most importantly … to learn to let Love in at a deeper level than ever before.

Eventually the pain dropped to about a 2 or 3 out of 10 and sometimes spiked to an 8.  It was livable and allowed space for me to learn how to be more loving, gentle and honouring of my body each day.

After about two years the pain was minimal and most days now I don’t notice any at all.  There is often an ever so faint feeling in my lower back that reminds me never to push through.  I know I have had a serious injury to my body, and this particular sensation helps me remember not to go back to my old hard and protective ways.

I don’t celebrate that I proved wrong those who said I would never be pain free again. Our practitioners can only work on the bodies that they have been presented with and in most cases, we do not heal to the level that is available because we don’t change the choices or way of living that caused the dis-ease in the first place.  Healing is not just about working on the body in a physical and functional way.  What is required is a ‘whole approach’ and that includes becoming more aware of how we live and how much we are willing to allow Love to change our lives.

We look at miracles only if they are instant healings, whereas the miracle of healing this injury took time and commitment and such deep self-honouring that demanded I must never go back to living the protected and insulated way that I had been living before.

We all have the ability to heal ourselves and to support each other but we don’t embrace that or accept that in this life.  We hope that a tablet will fix us or an operation and we don’t really even appreciate our ability to heal or see it as anything special – for the focus turns to whether we can return to our sport or our old way of life – a life that resulted in the illness, disease or injury in the beginning.

Healing isn’t just for one person with special powers.  Once we learn to connect to ourselves and to bring true Love to our lives, we have the power to heal and it is not just something for a select few.  Miracles happen every day and they may be as small as a teenager letting go of anger for a moment to feel love, or an elderly person being truly seen, or us clocking a lifetime momentum or belief that has kept us small, simply from another’s passing comment that comes from Truth.  These are just some of the miracles I have felt for myself.

Serge Benhayon brings to us something extremely precious – an insight into what is possible for human beings despite education levels, gender, income, occupation, history and ill-choices.  It is the awakenings of Serge Benhayon and his sharing that allows us to be open to possibilities and to break free of the entrapment of repetitive thoughts and beliefs that hold us down and keep us imprisoned in what we have resorted life to be.

And yet … there is so much more.

This more I have seen with my own eyes and felt in my own body.  My appreciation for Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine is far more than allowing me to heal from physical illness so that I can have a better life.  I am one person who is a living miracle for ALL that I have healed so far and for the life that I live that now has meaning and purpose.  Serge brings to the earth something that is worthy for all people to hear and to feel for themselves.  The energetic Truth as presented by Serge Benhayon resonates within to the depths of my Soul.

When we open ourselves to Love, amazing miracles are possible.  We are all healers when we choose Love, and we do not need to be practitioners for this to be so.

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514 thoughts on “Living Miracles in the 21st Century

  1. Building appreciation into my life has been totally life changing and has allowed me to see so many more of the miracles that rain down around us every day. Glass half full, glass half empty or glass beginning to overflow with appreciation for all that is on offer… I am working with the latter!

  2. “Miracles happen every day and they may be as small as a teenager letting go of anger for a moment to feel love, or an elderly person being truly seen, or us clocking a lifetime momentum or belief that has kept us small, simply from another’s passing comment that comes from Truth.” Yes indeed, when a lady of nearly 90 realises that she needs to love herself, one of nearly 80 realises she had put lids on all her hurts and not addressed any of them, when a young man in his 30’s realises he’s seemingly fit but can’t actually let any of his spinal muscles go in less than 5-10 minutes, these realisations are all miracles and opportunities and that is just this week without trying to remember anything, so thank you for the prompt of appreciation too.

  3. In a world that is caught up in quick fixes and a return to function after illness we are short changing ourselves. To commit to deeply caring and nurturing ourselves consistently and lovingly we learn first handedly that we are so much more than functioning human beings but connected, vital, light and energetic beings too.

  4. When we choose to take more care and love with ourselves yes miracles can truly occur in the body, but we have to allow this to take place, not just hope that it will happen it takes commitment and responsibility.

  5. “It is the awakenings of Serge Benhayon and his sharing that allows us to be open to possibilities and to break free of the entrapment of repetitive thoughts and beliefs that hold us down and keep us imprisoned in what we have resorted life to be.” Yes our illnesses and diseases, woes and struggles are mostly kept alive by our thoughts, ideals and beliefs that life cannot be any other way than it is. Because we all move in this way we see this confirmed everywhere around us. It is that simple and our tiniest feelings of that there must be another way and that the way we are living is not quite it are actually very true.

  6. I love this concluding statement – ‘We are all healers when we choose Love’. I agree. The power of love is healing and so whatever we do, wherever we are, if we are being the love that we innately are, it is a healing presence for all.

  7. With Jesus we have been sold the story that he was a miracle worker, super human and not like us. Yet, there are many students of Universal Medicine who are living miracles. No we can’t turn water into wine, but the body can heal in ways you would think were unbelievable.

  8. Miracles are indeed a daily occurrence when we make everything about love and truth; reading your blog today Maree is a powerful reminder of this.

  9. So often with illness, disease or injury, we want to heal but only to the point that we can go back to living life in the way we did before it. In this we are not recognising that the way we lived and the choices we made were paramount in the manifestation of the illness disease or injury, so true deep healing cannot occur. As soon as we acknowledge and accept that it is our living way that needs to change, not only will we be able to support the healing of our physical body, but we will be able to shed the deeper layers of hurts that contributed to our condition.

  10. Maree, this is so true; ‘Serge Benhayon brings to us something extremely precious – an insight into what is possible for human beings despite education levels, gender, income, occupation, history and ill-choices.’ I have seen this with the men and women that attend courses and workshops held by Serge Benhayon – there have been so many transformational changes in many of these people who come from all walks of life, people who are now living in a much more gentle, loving and true way, with many making amazing contributions to their communities.

    1. I completely concur with you Rebecca and so many of the transformations we have seen people make are walking miracles by society’s standards. Although this is acknowledged, it is also understood that the miracle has occurred just from living, living in truth and how we are truly designed to live.

  11. “Healing is not just about working on the body in a physical and functional way. What is required is a ‘whole approach’ and that includes becoming more aware of how we live and how much we are willing to allow Love to change our lives.” Absolutely Maree. It is only by this willingness to look at and make different choices about how we live that is key here, as more often than not, the first thing people want to do is get back to living life how it was before they got sick, and not appreciating that this is why they got sick in the first place.

  12. What a beautiful appreciation of who we are and the abilities we all have to heal and the miracles that happen within us and around us if we honestly and truly choose to live the love we innately are.

  13. Dropping that energy of driving ourself can deepen our relationship with our body and allow us to hear what it is communicating to us.

  14. What is a miracle…me not being bloated, not having period pains each month and my nails not breaking all the time…are miracles in the making…we tell ourselves, bad luck, old age, just how we are, are the reasons our bodies don’t work…but when we make the choice to choose to love ourselves then magic begins to happen…these are real life miracles on a modest level, I could list many more that have been huge in my life…and I have observed many other people experiencing very much similar miracles in their daily life.

    1. I completely agree Samantha and have witnessed many of the same miracles in my own body and others also. Our bodies respond very well when we live from and with love every day.

  15. Simply understanding that we are all ‘super-powers’ living in a lesser form is great medicine in itself.

  16. Another miracle is the ebb and flow of life when we are given much to do, and when we are given space to rest deeply and recharge just as is needed.

  17. Another miracle in life is indeed the possibility of healing our ills by addressing the quality in which we live, embracing support and healing from both traditional and complementary healing.

  18. What a miracle we all are, as we as forever-student of our-self are healing from the aspect of our session that we have aligned to and then we allow what has been treated to be openly explored as our issues that we have to heal. To me to have this true understanding is a miracle for I am no longer just seeking relief or help for others, but seek the blessing from a good esoteric practitioner who brings clarity to my issues so ‘I’ can start the healing process.

  19. When we do learn to open up and allow others to support us, whether that is if we are really unwell with injuries or we are just needing support emotionally, it is part of being open to receiving that support, when we do that is when the miracles can occur.

    1. I have come to learn and appreciate how amazing life can be when I open up and accept true support and equally when I am open to offering support to another. In a ‘every man for himself’ world this is a great blessing and miracle.

  20. I am a living miracle all my aliments have gone and I had some major health issues like asthma, all completely gone. Amazing really, what’s more amazing is so few people are interested in this sort of turn around in ones health.

    1. That is amazing Vanessa. And yes, you’d think with all the misery and struggle we, humanity as a whole, have with health, and all the billions of both money and time being invested in medical research to help cure illness and disease, that something that is free and totally works would be broadcast far and wide. The reason it isn’t is responsibility. We’re all happy to wait for a medical cure and suffer with our ailments because to take responsibility for our own health requires commitment and dedication to making different choices which so many are not prepared to do.

  21. Maree it’s great to see the amazing living miracles that are your life and the lifes of thousands of other students worldwide, what always amazes me is that its not just one miracle, but our life is a series of miracles.

  22. Asking for help has been one of the hardest things for me to do. I do reach out these days but not always as I can feel there’s still this belief lingering that I have to do it for myself and asking for help or support is failing in some way. It’s such a separating ideal that serves only the ongoing illusion that we are alone when nothing could be further from the truth. We are all one Family – a fact which I am consciously and deliberately opening up to and appreciating.

  23. So many miracles have occurred from the awakenings from Serge Benhayon’s teachings, as can been read from the blogs shared on these websites, and there are so many more, everyday miracles.

  24. We do learn to manage life and we do it really well but what are we really doing? Are we not making life something apart from ourselves, keeping ourselves separate? Like we are here and life is over there? Letting go of the control and the protection that we hold allows us to begin to feel life in it’s flow and the harmony that is there all along.

  25. ‘We all have the ability to heal ourselves and to support each other but we don’t embrace that or accept that in this life.’ In our search for a quick fix we are denying our own power to self heal.

  26. I love what you’ve shared about someone’s potential to have an amazing life, experience miracles like those you’ve shared and contribute enormously to humanity is independent of their academic record, upbringing and financial status. We are all capable of incredible things, and have something very unique to bring.

  27. Maree if you take just one of those conditions then you could say its a miracle to have found a way to heal that, for you to have healed all those is more of a miracle than in the bible stories. It’s something that can be easy to be taken for granted yet is something that needs to be looked at and appreciated.

  28. How very humbling and healing it is to own our vulnerability and our fragility at the times when we are sick or injured and to ask for help from those around us. I have learned from this experience that acknowledging we can’t do it on our is a very integral part of our healing process whereas to struggle on, on our own will slow down and often prevent the healing from unfolding in the way that it could be.

  29. I also had an experience of having a very intense pain from which the doctors told me that i had to accept it in my life. This was not what I could accept or better I couldn’t believe. It didn’t feel true to me. By feeling deeper into why I had this pain, by seeing my behaviors in life which created this pain I started to change those patterns and with the great support of connective tissue sessions online of Kate Greenaway the pain is completely gone 🙂

  30. ‘Miracles? What miracles? This is something you only see written in a book or on TV’ – this is often our attitude and approach to life. If we do accept that they take place, we tend to see them as proven by the removal of illness or disease, or performing super human feats. But what if miracles are not only this, but are when we have repeatedly chosen stubbornly, a selfish contracted way of being, over many years and lifetimes, and then are able to make a new choice and let it go in favour of the truth? When you consider our collective history and the current situation of humanity, it really is a miracle when one of us sees through false light and says ‘I’m not fooled any more – I am great and hear to live love to the max’. All the benefits we focus on, flow from this. Thank you Maree for sharing your own miraculous return to the truth.

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