Oral Health

By Amita Khurana, BSc Honours, Hotel Business Owner, Director, Practitioner, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK

A few months ago, after a gap of several years, I decided to go to the dentist for an oral checkup. I wanted to go have my teeth checked and polished, as I had changed the way I was living and taking care of myself.

During my visit I was advised I had gum disease, as my gums were bleeding and quite tender. My dentist advised me to use a particular mouthwash twice a day, but not at the same time as I brushed my teeth.

Whilst I was having my teeth cleaned, I remembered a presentation I had heard from Universal Medicine where there was a mention of bleeding gums and that energetically this was a sign of disregard. This was a great wake-up call for me to reflect on where I was being disregarding in my life and for how long had I been like this, including avoiding going to the dentist. In that moment I decided to make a change; I listened to my dentist’s advice and on the way out booked another appointment for a follow-up. I purchased the mouthwash and medicated toothpaste.

For the next month and a half I was committed to brushing my teeth twice a day and then later following up with a mouthwash. Within a few weeks I could see the difference – the tenderness was fading and the bleeding had diminished. One and a half weeks later I started to become lazy and to not follow up with the mouthwash. After missing a few days and weeks of doing this, the bleeding started to return and I realised I was falling into a pattern of disregard again. I was able to register this and went out and bought some more mouthwash and re-started my commitment. I could soon start to see and feel the change.

My three-month follow up appointment arrived. I was open and honest and shared how I had become lazy with my mouthwash after a month and a half, and only restarted again a few weeks ago. However, I was able to share that the tenderness had reduced and my gums were not bleeding as much.

My dentist had a look and gave my teeth another clean and polish; she shared that my teeth had actually improved more than she would have expected for the condition they were in at my first visit. She also shared that whatever I was doing at home I needed to keep it up, and that by my next three-month visit my gums should have stopped bleeding.

This was a great moment of appreciation, that I had taken responsibility for my oral health and was committed to making a change in the way I was living, to no longer be disregarding of myself and my mouth. My mouth reflected just how quickly we can turn things around if we choose to: I made a choice to take responsibility for my oral health, and now my teeth feel and look lovely and clean, allowing me to share my beautiful smile.

This has also supported me in other areas of my life, as I reflect back on how I used to live, such as eating on the move and not stopping to nourish my body. I used to not prepare my food but just grab what was available. Now I make time to feel what my body wants to eat and I take time to prepare my food. This is more nourishing to my body.

I have also started to take more responsibility in organizing my wardrobes and chest of drawers. Working with regards towards my clothes feels so much more lovingly supportive as I gently put them away and I can feel this again when I go to choose what I am going to wear for the day.

Taking responsibility for my oral health has benefitted not just my teeth and gums but many other areas of my life – a small change can have a big effect!


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530 thoughts on “Oral Health

  1. ” …. a small change can have a big effect!” So true Amita. When we make a change in one area of our life that is self supporting and self loving, other areas of life can also evolve. As mentioned by Natalie in her comment above – consistency is key.

  2. It can so easily be put into practice the disregarding way of being with ourselves. I have made loving and respectful choices for myself but I have come to realise that it is the consistency that really nurtures us and feeds us back. In the past I have felt a regimented approach of ‘must do’ but today it is nothing at all like this. Today it is an absolute Joy to look after myself on all different levels, in making it about my connection first, not accepting any bullying or abuse, to going to the dentist and hair dresser on a regular basis. There is so many layers that we can look at and letting go of what not supports and honours us.

  3. It is true Amita, as we care for ourselves more in one area, it flows into other areas of our lives, and this way, our rhythm grows to becoming more self loving throughout the whole day. Starting with a small change, it does have a big effect on our whole body.

  4. It’s amazing how when we start to focus and take care of one area of our lives or body there is a natural ripple effect of that step up to other areas of our lives.

  5. This just proves that changes made are no good unless the consistency is there, many a time have I made changes for the better only to slip back into old ways that don’t feel so good.True self-care would not allow this.

  6. Thank you Amita , a great reminder. We can so easily resist taking care of a part of ourselves and focus on the rest. But that is always leaving one part out , one part behind…and, as we are one whole body – that leaves the rest of our body lagging as well.

  7. I too enjoy taking more care with many aspects of life such as cleaning out my drawers and cupboards. I can feel the love and care each time I go to take something out or put it away.

  8. Yes indeed, our teeth are a great barometer for how we are caring for ourselves. My teeth take a lot of daily care from myself and unless I see a hygienist every three months they start to drop regardless of all my care and attention give to them.

  9. Do we wait for our whole body to be a reflection of disregard before making a change, or is one opportunity to ponder on how we’ve been looking after ourselves e.g. having bleeding gums, athlete’s foot or veruccas, bruising, feeling exhausted and all those other ‘little things’ we shake off a blessing to not take our disregard any further…

  10. There is something in taking care of my oral health that takes me to look at the general care I offer to myself. Those are stop moments to surrender and feel myself, in front of the mirror, with honesty, observing the level of care that I’m accepting as enough or going deeper and deeper, and allowing intimacy and gentleness to grow in those little moments and my whole life..

  11. I love this simple and yet significant point ‘a small change can have a big effect! If we consider the details of our lives and the care we bring to every aspect, it will have a big effect as we change the quality from disregard to regard. Lifestyle affects the health of our body.

  12. I have found that too, that a small change in one area can highlight in other areas things that you may not have been aware of.

  13. It is gorgeous that your commitment to taking responsibility in this area showed you the transformation that is available to us when we choose this, so much so that you were able to appreciate it deeply and as such apply it to other areas of your life and feel how that lovingly supports you everywhere.

  14. I bet your Dentist loved you, as you were able to take the fact that you had gum disease seriously and be responsible enough to go do something about it. My Dentist once said to me, “If in between your fingers were bleeding when they had a piece of string gently brushed over them, you would be highly concerned?” I remembered it vividly, I was 19 at the time. I think because
    gum disease is in peoples mouths and it can be hidden it is largely ignored.
    Your experience has married esoteric medicine and main stream dentistry beautifully by taking your Dental treatment and the energetic meaning of gum disease and applying it to all areas of your life.

  15. When I feel that the way I live needs to change, to deepen the love I live with. What I am understanding is that what helps is not going out and finding the next thing to do but to be more consistent and appreciative of what is already or developing into my foundation of life. Sticking to what does support me and not dropping it.

    1. Yes I agree Leigh this works for me too, creating a really solid foundation and appreciating all aspects of this as I move forward. The surety of what is needed next then feels much more solid also.

  16. It is interesting, this part about ‘falling in to patterns of disregard again’ and how it all started with perhaps just one day of not being fully committed to your healthcare routine, and how this built and grew to become whole weeks. So it was in fact not a fall, but a very small choice which was left unchecked and was given the space to grow and become your expression. When in fact this was not your truth, you wanted to take care and to be dedicated to your health. This shows and confirms how we are always masters of our own lives just by the simplest of choices that are made each day. Thank you Amita for your lovely sharing.

  17. Taking care of our teeth in this way does have an impact because it’s another area of our day where we are bringing in more loving detail which reflects more quality care and benefits more than just our teeth and gums.

  18. I agree Amita, a small change does have a big effect on our whole body. I am now appreciating my renewed attention to small supportive details especially with cleaning my teeth and allowing enough space to brush and floss each one thoroughly.

  19. Just like our bodies naturally cannot work in parts as every part is needed to serve the whole, so too is our lives like this where even the smallest part has an effect on every other. Disregard in one area of life allows it to manifest in another.

  20. Beautifully honest Amita, it is easy to drop into old patterns, and when we commit to ourselves we can make a huge difference in a short space of time.

  21. The detail and attention that goes with ensuring we have clean teeth, seems to set up the movement and traction in attending to others aspects of taking care of ourselves. Every part of our body matters in relation to the whole body and our health and well being.

  22. We cannot compartmentalise our body, attending to one area while neglecting another. True health is a life lived with care and attention for all – and oral health (connected as it is) is a great example of this, as it obviously affects the rest of our digestive system.

  23. Sometimes it can take a while for the body to catch up with things, be these ‘good’ or ‘bad’ things. Have you ever noticed that sometimes you can have a person who smokes like a chimney and drinks stacks of alcohol and they are apparently fine and healthy, until such time when they decide to make the changes and be more healthy, and so they quit the smoking and the drinking only to find out that they get really unwell! And so it can take a while for the body to catch up with these things and so it is important not to underestimate the little but very important steps of self care that we put in place to gradually make some changes in our life. Over time this will show and be there to support us, and this is a process of feeling exactly what works and supports in each given moment.

  24. I love how no matter what the best medicine is Love. It might be the one we resist the most offering to ourselves but it is the only one that offers any true answers to our ailments

  25. It really does make a difference to take care of your oral health. As with anything it affects the rest of the body. When taken care of it makes you feel squeaky clean and ready for the world.

  26. When I slack off on doing something like brushing my teeth regularly, there is this feeling of it being just another thing on my to do list. But when I stop and catch that thought, and come back to my body, and take the time, it really is quite enjoyable and is just another area of self responsibility in my daily routine, and I am reminded, that everything is everything and everything matters.

  27. “…Taking responsibility for my oral health has benefitted not just my teeth and gums but many other areas of my life – a small change can have a big effect!…” Just goes to show how attention to a part, affects the whole.

  28. Yes this shows how we can change things very easily if we really claim it for ourselves and not want someone else to do it for us.

  29. Our oral health is a great reflection of how we have been looking after ourselves – nothing comes from nothing and there is always a cause to the consequence of, in this case, gum disease. And once we start taking care of one area of our life it leads to taking care of others areas as we bring things to a new standard and into balance again.

    1. I agree we have to start somewhere and this then leads onto taking care of other areas of life. We take small steps in building a truer rhythm and foundation.

  30. All the various body parts reflect everything that is going on with us physically, emotionally and mentally and exposes disregard we are living in (including the teeth).
    Equally so, when we are living in response to the body, the whole physiology changes as the particles expand once more.

  31. Our choice in committing to loving ourselves or disregarding ourselves is a constant choice we have to make every single moment. This moment builds into the next moment, in any moment we can continue or make a different choice with the results we are receiving.

  32. “Taking responsibility for my oral health has benefitted not just my teeth and gums but many other areas of my life – a small change can have a big effect!” Its amazing when we concentrate and make a commitment to one area of our life how it can affect all other areas in a massively positive way too.

    1. It just shows that we cannot ignore any areas of life as everything is connected in some way. When we commit to one area we are also supporting another area.

  33. Universal Medicine’s teaching that ‘Everything is everything’ is such an important one to ponder on. If there is the propensity to be lazy (which is really just being in disregard), in one area of our lives, it’s bound to be the case in others as well. And the same is also true – bring more regard to one focus area, and from my own experience, that same level of quality and care will be apparent in other areas of our lives as well. Everything does have an impact on everything.

  34. Amita thank you for highlighting how we live one life, and how every seemingly little thing we allow, such as disregard and abuse, plays out in all areas in our lives. I have also experienced this to be true and how our bodies are always reflecting the effect of our choices, and the way for us to live lovingly and make the adjustments needed so as to be able to live with a greater connection to love, which naturally flows through all areas in our lives.

  35. It does seem ironic that our oral health is something we so often overlook, even though our mouth is so prominent on our face and our teeth are quite likely one of the first things that others notice about us. Taking care of this part of our body is absolutley no less important than any other part, and to neglect it is to neglect ourselves.

  36. This is a pattern many of us fall into – we ignore something until the signals from the body get louder and louder by way of illness and disease physically manifesting so we can no longer ignore it (unless we increase the behaviours we have in place to numb ourselves to what is being communicated from our Soul via our physical form), and the moment we make a move to actually listen and arrest this and start seeing some positive results from the effort we are putting in, we immediately fall back into the pattern that got us there in the first place! What we can learn from this is that it is consistency that is the key – a steady dedicated movement through which we commit to bringing the ‘all that we are’ into ‘all that we do’, even the simple act of brushing our teeth.

  37. It is so easy to overlook areas of our body or come to accept ailments as the norm that ‘we just have to live with’. Oral health is a common one to come into this category. I have come to understand that the health of my mouth has a whole body effect, which makes sense when we consider our physiology and all that it is attached to!

    1. Yes Matilda Bathurst the physiology is often over looked when delving into care and well being, yet it is a crucial factor that often leads us to understanding the root cause.

  38. Reading your blog Amita is such a beautiful reminder to take full responsibility for our oral health and indeed all areas of our lives, thank you.

  39. It is beautiful how you took the lesson of self care and attention to other areas of your life and felt the benefits.

    1. In giving attention and care to our physical well being there is also a transformation taking place in our relationship and attitude to ourselves – a confirmation that we are worth taking care of.

  40. Our body is fantastic at communicating, only for many of us we have lost our ability to understand this form of communication. When we do come back and listen to what the body has to say, it is divine communication.

    1. The communication is so loud and clear without a speckle of doubting or confusing. This is the gold that we are often looking for when we choose to sit in the comfort of complications and doubt.

  41. Why is it that on most day’s there is a real care and attention to the cleanliness of our teeth and then the odd day where you go it doesn’t matter, this once won’t hurt. So disrespectful of ourselves – The more I really commit to the truth it really is instant in what I feel is magical.

    1. Natalie is taking that self care to a deeper level I am finding, so every moment matters we can’t take a break. I am still learning when I skip a day or because I am tired or something,I can feel the knock on effect. That lack of respect for self and the body feels neglected. I am still exploring more of this with myself in all parts of my life.

    2. Yes the slip of a day and thinking that it is not felt by the body no different to not taking the time to rest and reboot after a full day of work. All these slips do take their toll and often over a long period of time that can lead to illness and disease.

  42. It’s great how taking the love and self care you have built for your oral health to other areas of your life.. i.e your chest of drawers and wardrobe get reflected back to you when you go to get your clothes another time and the support you felt from them. This then is reflected out and felt by others.

  43. As with any form of self care, the more support we have in place for ourselves with regular check ups or appointments, the simpler it becomes to take more true care for ourselves in between these times. I too went for a long period of time when I didn’t visit the dentist or hygienist, but now that I do go very regularly I am inspired by the change that has come about as a result of me taking much more care of my dental health due to the support from my hygenist and my own commitment to it.

    1. Yes Leonne I am learning more and more each day that we can turn things around very quickly if we choose to love ourselves consistently.

  44. Amita, I have also been taking more care of my teeth recently, I now regularly see a hygienist and we discuss the plan moving forward for how to take even more care of teeth to prevent any plaque build up, this self-care feels really important and is an area that I did not want to look at for a long time; not going to the dentist and never having hygienist appointments, it now feels very supportive and loving to be paying attention to this.

    1. I know what you mean Rebecca, I avoided Dentists for a long time. But now I have an understanding of the benefits of seeing a Dentist more regularly. Purpose to have healthy teeth and gums.

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