From Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome to regular periods through Esoteric Healing

by Jessica Gamble, Psychotherapist, M.GestTherapy, Tintenbar, NSW.

At 18 years of age I should have been a fit young woman who wanted to grab life with both hands. Although I wasn’t depressed and did not have anything physically wrong with me, I had certainly adjusted to living a life that lacked true health and wellbeing.

At 174 cm tall I weighed 80 kilograms and had little vitality or motivation. I felt sluggish and often woke up with enormous back and shoulder pain, a tight jaw and felt constantly dehydrated. I remember having to seek support from my mum who was a qualified bodyworker, as most mornings I physically couldn’t get out of bed without a back rub, allowing me to stand up straight and proceed with my day. During this time I was on the contraceptive pill and had been since age 15, so my periods were falsely manufactured and I therefore had little knowledge of just how much my body was struggling. After I finished a long-term relationship at age 20 I decided to go off the pill, in order to see if I could shift some of the excess weight and regain some aliveness in my body, as my libido was now well and truly dead.

After a number of months, I realized that my menstrual cycle was actually very irregular, with no warning or rhythm of my periods it was truly a lucky dip, some months they would come, with droughts in-between. This went on for some time until I experienced an extended drought, not having a period for 10 months, at which point I decided to get medical help. After a number of referrals and medical tests I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), informed that I had an imbalance in my testosterone and warned that weight loss would be a constant struggle and fertility may be difficult. I asked the professionals in front of me what I could do and they prescribed the contraceptive pill, saying this would resolve the issue of irregular periods. I felt the contraceptive pill would more cover up rather than resolve the main issue and decided to see a nutritionist instead. My nutritionist told me that the priority was to lose weight in order to get me back into my healthy BMI range. After 6 months of a low GI diet and increasing my exercise to a minimum of 4 out of 7 days I had dropped 5 kilograms, weighing in at 75 kilograms. However I still had no periods.

My mother had been attending some complementary health workshops and suggested I have an Esoteric Breast Massage. This was my first session with an Esoteric practitioner and I remember feeling uncertain, as the modality was unusual and felt a little exposing. However the session was very respectful, and honoring of where I was at in terms of being a young woman who was clearly self-conscious. Throughout the session I had a realisation that I did not have a healthy relationship with my breasts and instead felt a lot of shame about them. There was a hard numbness to them and I left the session pondering on this new connection I had made with my breasts. Within the week of receiving this session I had my first period in what was about 16 months. Throughout the next 12 months my periods were still not regular, but they were much more frequent. On a second occasion, after about a 2-month drought, I experienced getting my period 5 minutes after receiving an Esoteric Kidney and Ovary Massage.

Six years on I’m now in my late 20’s and thanks to the support of the esoteric modalities I have changed my diet and exercise regime to one that is much more supportive of me. I make more self-loving and honoring choices in all aspects of my life as I have a much stronger connection to what I want and need. I no longer feel sluggish; I wake filled with vitality and motivation (with 1 or 2 days exception…I am human). I have a new and amazing connection with my breasts, often admiring them in the mirror. They have gone from an A cup to C cup, however, I have gone from 80 kg to 60kg. With this weight loss my body structure has changed, with slender shoulders and less of an armouring stance in my back and arms; the feeling and texture of my skin has even changed! I am also happy to report I have had regular periods for over 4 years now.   I experience my periods as an amazing clearing and time to connect and reflect more deeply with myself. I feel powerful and excited about contributing to society, getting on with life, doing what I love and living life to the full.

I feel that Serge Benhayon, through the teachings of Universal Medicine and the delivery of healing modalities such as the Esoteric Breast Massage, has helped me to understand myself and my body more deeply, supporting me to reconnect to who I truly am, and restore harmony to my body, as shown to me now by the regularity of my periods, the fullness of my breasts, and the light in my eyes.


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474 thoughts on “From Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome to regular periods through Esoteric Healing

  1. Healing modalities from Universal Medicine allows us to reconnect back to our natural state of being, which is full of vitality, joy and beauty. And to question ourselves when this is not the case, why and how we end up feeling anxious, tense or not so alive and joyful. I appreciate being in this ongoing process of return to me, far away from perfection but very close to my heart.

  2. I’ve also found significant support from the esoteric modalities and esoteric medicine, as understanding the root energetic cause of illnesses and medical conditions has meant I can make more changes in my life and the way I am, which has contributed to my experiencing greater health and wellbeing. My doctors are fantastic but there is a bigger picture here than just the physical body alone.

  3. It’s beautiful to feel someone who has been willing to dig underneath what is going on for them, get all the help they need and come to a place where they say ‘I feel powerful and excited about contributing to society, getting on with life, doing what I love and living life to the full.’ … and the biggest thing about this is this is true health where we embrace life and all it has to bring to us, and us to it.

  4. Our body is such a finely tuned piece of magic. How it all works so perfectly just blows me away and the fact that our tension causes trouble for this perfectly oiled piece of magic is sad. What is incredible though, is that as we ease the tension, the body remembers exactly how it likes to flow and off it goes, back to its magic ways. I am constantly in awe and love what you have shared here.

  5. “living life to the full” This is a beautiful reflection of taking responsibility for the way we live and the support offered by the esoteric modalities of Universal Medicine.

  6. ‘I felt the contraceptive pill would more cover up rather than resolve the main issue ….’. Doctors often look at the quick fix of how to get periods back on a regular basis, beautiful that you instinctively knew that the pill would cover up what your body was exposing to you. Universal Medicine modalities truly assist us in reconnecting to our inner selves and when we do our body has a more harmonious balance and a physical change can occur as we adjust to what is correct for who we are.

  7. “After a number of referrals and medical tests I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), informed that I had an imbalance in my testosterone and warned that weight loss would be a constant struggle and fertility may be difficult.” In some ways this is not a very confirming and supporting diagnosis, almost giving you the excuse to give up on yourself because it will be a struggle to lose weight. And that shows how it is very important for ourselves to discern what is true and what is not and look for the support we truly need.

  8. The teachings of Esoteric Medicine offer the opportunity to reconnect back to our true selves and the inner wisdom of our body that supports and guides us to live from what feels true from within.

  9. We may see the body as separate to the being, the part of us that has free will and makes choices, and that illness and disease are random, but it’s actually all interconnected, and if we are not living all that we are it does have an effect on the body. Being you, who you truly and soulfully are, is a big part of being healthy physically. Even if because of how we have lived the body carries a condition that now won’t clear we can still experience living in the fullness of our true selves and all the joy it brings.

  10. Isn’t it amazing how our bodies communicate to us that there is something about the way we live and treat our body that doesn’t support it’s divine particles. Universal Medicine offers a great opportunity with learning to listen to the signals of our body and looking at the energetic cause (in addition to the physical of course) of illnesses and diseases. With greater awareness each of us has the possibility to make different choices, because the way we live and the choices we make are our greatest form of medicine.

  11. The esoteric modalities offer a deep support in re-claiming ourselves in full and choosing a deeper level of self-care and nurturing to re-build a new foundation upon throughout our lives..

  12. The disconnection to our bodies can lead to millions of different illnesses and diseases, we can live our lives on a functional level like so many of us do – with the great cars, houses and clothes – or we could choose to look beneath the surface and understand the truth of life as presented to us by the millions of universal particles that make up what we call the human body.

  13. Such a great example of how what can seem a condition that could be for life can be reversed by changing how we are with oursleves. The teachings of Serge Benhayon applied to life and the support of Esoteric Healing Modalities can bring about huge transformations.

  14. I’ve not had a regular period for a few years now and felt that I’ve exhausted the medical avenues currently presenting themselves. Esoteric Medicine presented through the Sacred Esoteric Healing modalities has expanded my understanding of the condition and I don’t feel as lost as I would if I had only conventional medicine to base my understandings from.

    1. This is such a gift isn’t it Leigh. We are offered an expansion on the our understanding about a condition – this is why conventional and esoteric medicine make such a good combination.

  15. What I love about esoteric healing modalities is that the pretty much immediate effect of the session aside, they put us back in charge of our life if we so choose to. We are offered an opportunity, an energetic ignition of a kind, to start making different choices, and empower ourselves in truth.

  16. To feel how you’re now in a place where you embrace life, and your place in it is very inspiring. And the line that popped out was this ‘I have a much stronger connection to what I want and need.’ … a deep connection and honouring of the body and where you’re at, this is something missing for many in society and having this story shared here is great for all of us to be reminded that there is another way, a deeply vital way we all can live.

  17. What you are describing here Jess is confirmation for me that medicine and healing is way beyond the commonly accepted physical anatomy, physiology and biochemistry, but there is something deeper here at play that is energetic and to do with how much we honour our bodies and therefore how we live energetically with our bodies. It seems to me that your condition only shifted when with the support of the esoteric breast massage you began to consider and explore this relationship.

  18. Our body is a great marker of truth and is incredibly responsive when we lovingly start to honour the dialogue that it has with us, and we make choices from that information.

  19. The day women would be able to recognize the amount of learnings they can get from their own period and the extent to which those learnings can help them to re-imprint their lives, humanity as a whole will start moving forward.

  20. Beautiful sharing Jessica that illustrates the fact that the Universal Medicine modalities that are based on Esoteric Medicine are incredibly supportive of and healing for our bodies.

  21. Conventional medicine is amazing but it’s not perfect. But when combined with what Universal Medicine brings through the Sacred Esoteric Healing Modalities, that’s when we can understand the bigger picture more clearly. This has changed my relationship with illness as when I have a condition I am not left in blame or ‘why me?’ which only makes matters worse.

  22. It is so interesting that the contraceptive pill is so often prescribed as a fix for not having periods or other period related problems, even though it is actually giving us artificial periods and is not a true healing for the lack of periods or period problems. It rather covers up the absence of them and the message our body is giving us and thus also the opportunity to truly heal – which you did and is an amazing testimony to true healing.

    1. So true Lieke – it is a catch all solution without addressing the underlying issue. I feel that doctors are so overwhelmed they just need to find quick fixes for the less dramatic problems.

      1. That is a great point Lucy as there is a lot of pressure on doctors as well to find cures, answers and fixes for our illnesses and problems. It definitely is not just one profession’s fault, it is about all of us and how we set up our societies, that is where the problem lays.

  23. Awesome sharing, thank you Jess, this gave me many points to reflect on. I was obese and also had PCOS but have lost over 30 kgs but am still in the overweight category. I was happy with this because it was so different to how I was before however in reading this I noticed that I still do feel tired and sluggish in my body so there is room for more changes and that I am not far off the healthy weight range and can feel the difference this makes in my body.

  24. This is such an amazing confirmation of the changes you’ve made and how you now live Jessica. And given how much more common and prevalent PCOS and period issues are today, it’s a story that needs to be heard far and wide. There is so much more to how we live and are with us than many of us have allowed … your new found relationship with your periods is very inspiring… a time to reflect and consider how you’ve lived; that’s a game changer, to embrace our cycle as a way and time to reflect, and to feel how we’ve been and how life is for us … the gift our periods give us.

  25. It always amazes me the way our body clearly shows to us what is not working and how precisely it responds to our attention when we come back to listen to it again.

  26. A truly stunning testimony to both the Esoteric Breast Massage and your choice to commit to not settling for disconnection, apathy and ill health…. Instead embracing all of yourself in full, embodying the beauty and power of being a woman and being inspired through your depth of connection to commit to contributing to society, getting on with life, doing what you love and living life to the full…. A way of life that benefits the all.

  27. The power of The Esoteric Breast Massage cannot be under estimated. I have found it hugely supportive in my life and know plenty of people who have, as a result of Esoteric Breast Massage treatments, changed the way they are with themselves, clearing old beliefs and ideals which have been behind unhealthy behavioural patterns.

  28. An inspiring account of your commitment to turning your health and well-being around from your experience Jessica and restoring harmony to your body through taking responsibility for the way in which you are living and in being more loving and honouring of yourself.

  29. This is the best story, I love the way you share, I mean, it’s so a matter of fact and down to earth and then you take a moment as a reader and realise that you are describing a modern day miracle! I can imagine there are heaps of women around the world that have irregular periods and are simply prescribed the pill for life until they finally get menopause! Serge really does support in a way that is indescribable, what an awesome human being!

  30. Esoteric healing truly supports the body to return to its natural rhythm, and I loved reading how different you feel now, when we truly connect with ourselves there is so much more we are able to offer society and our life becomes very fulfilling too.

  31. An amazing turn around of your condition Jessica bringing harmony to your body and light to your eyes, beautiful. Esoteric healing modalities are deeply supportive in healing ourselves.

  32. An amazing account of how when we do not settle for being just ok, take responsibility for our health and wellbeing and are committed to making changes, miracles happen.

    1. Yes this is indeed a remarkable story and a recovery from a condition that is usually unheard of in mainstream medicine. A combination of a truly supportive modality with the utmost integrity and a client willing to take responsibility for their own healing. So there is definitely something here for medical science to consider and explore.

  33. I loved reading this blog as it has so many answers or at least things to ponder for any women experiencing POCS. So often these women spend years getting the run around from doctors and treatment options are not that great. Jess brings a valuable personal experience that can support other women.

  34. What an inspiring transformation, thank you for sharing this Jessica. In your first paragraph you expose an affliction that we are all affected by and mostly succumb to. We ‘adjust’ to a perceived sense of what is ‘normal’ which is measured by the society we are surrounded by, where we are considered healthy if we are not sick, or visibly ill. This measure of health is an injustice to the degree of vitality we are born to live, and as you have clearly shown us through your lived experience, we have the potential to live with far greater health and well-being when we live guided by our connection to our bodies and being. True health is so much more than just being free from illness and dis-ease.

  35. Committing to healing ourselves by way of the Esoteric modalities we get to offer the world a re-imprinted body of who we are which forever expands if we so choose. Evolving does not stop once one area of the body is healed.

  36. The way medicine is currently operating – we have an amazing way of diagnosing something wrong with a person – and then immediately jump to a “pill” or “procedure” without truly getting to the root of why someone has an illness. Yes the system at present doesn’t support this – it supports to get through as many people as possible with the hope of quick effective treatment so that it can all keep running.

  37. It’s a remarkable story Jess, and it shows how false the message spread by the women’s magazines about what is needed to love oneself and feel comfortable and vibrant in your body, in fact such a way of speaking would never be on their agenda as it doesn’t sell into a destructive cycle of obedience. The structural changes in your posture alone is something that would benefit the health of so many people. How much we damage our health when we don’t live in an way that is open and accepting of our body, and how incredible that you sought the help of the esoteric modalities and the miraculous changes this unfolded.

  38. When I was 21 and stopped having my period I was told by a doctor that I ‘should not complain as many girls my age would enjoy not having their period’ and that it would return surely at some point. I was baffled at the time but now understand that from a medical perspective we fall way short in having answers to what is going on in young women’s bodies. With the rise of problems in young women, as I also come across in my own practice, shows us that we simply cannot afford to keep Universal Medicine Therapies on the sideline as without it no true answers can be given.

  39. It saddens me that the best option we currently have for PCOS is the pill. As you have said it really just covers up the fact that your body and cycle are trying to tell you there is something wrong. What I find most concerning in this scenario is that we the clients have come to the point where a pill to appear to fix the cycle is considered enough, so medicine seeks no further and we have no real desire to get to the root of the problem or achieve health and vitality.

  40. These changes are huge and something be truly appreciated, it’s evidence of the great value and support offered by Universal Medicine’s Therapies.

  41. Very inspiring account of leaving no stone unturned and taking responsibility for all aspects of your life and the quality you live in.

  42. I wonder how many young women unnecessarily suffer similar problems the way you did Jessica, which could be sorted out the same way you have overcome them with the help of the amazing Esoteric Practitioners available these days.

  43. The body’s response to true energetic healing is nothing short of incredible yet at the same time it shows us how our body is forever willing to return to harmony.

  44. “I make more self-loving and honoring choices in all aspects of my life as I have a much stronger connection to what I want and need.” Very wise words Jessica, to self love and honour oneself, sets us up to be able to honour everyone else around us.

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