Our Body and Its Amazingness

by Matts Josefsson, Student in Behavioural Science, Sweden 

I find the body absolutely extraordinary in the way it functions. Just this morning I was reminded how amazingly it just keeps on doing what it does, regardless of what we do to it, up until the point that it cannot support us any longer. What I also came to think about was how and why things occur in the body and how the way we are living with the body must have an effect on it. Science these days knows a great deal about how the body functions but still there are the questions that go unanswered as to why things actually occur. There are extraordinary experts in knowing how to deal with something once it has occurred, but the bigger struggle is still trying to understand why things occur. For example: why do cells starts to divide in a way that later on leads to cancer?

To try and understand all of this I went to the Cancer Research UK website (1) and read about how cancer starts and I read:

“All cancers begin in cells. Our bodies are made up of more than a hundred million million (100,000,000,000,000) cells. Cancer starts with changes in one cell or a small group of cells.”
“Usually we have just the right number of each type of cell. This is because cells produce signals to control how much and how often the cells divide. If any of these signals are faulty or missing, cells may start to grow and multiply too much and form a lump called a tumour. Where the cancer starts is called the primary tumour.”
“For a cancer to start, certain changes take place within the genes of a cell or a group of cells.”

Just by reading this I feel quite humble, as you get to know that the cells obviously know exactly what to do to give us optimal health. They are like our own little soldiers of health inside our body and they work around the clock to keep everything going. But there is obviously something that can happen that makes the cells behave in a way that is not their usual way, or you could say that they lose their natural rhythm and flow in how to behave. And this starts, from what I have read, in the genes in the cell:

“Normally genes make sure that cells grow and reproduce in an orderly and controlled way. They make sure that more cells are produced as they are needed to keep the body healthy.”
“Sometimes a change happens in the genes when a cell divides. The change is called a mutation. It means that a gene has been damaged or lost or copied twice. Mutations can happen by chance when a cell is dividing. Some mutations mean that the cell no longer understands its instructions and starts to grow out of control. There have to be about half a dozen different mutations before a normal cell turns into a cancer cell.”

By reading this you can almost feel that in its healthy state, the body is at rest with itself, there is a harmony and rhythm in which the body and its cells cooperate and work in a homeostatic, self-sustaining way. However and contrary to that, in illness and disease you can feel how the body has become out of balance. Something has happened that makes the body act in a way as if it has to defend itself. The former harmony has changed into alert mode and there is a feeling of stress upon the body.

But my inquisitive mind wants to ask: why do these cell mutations occur? I read from the website that:

“Mutations can happen by chance when a cell is dividing. They can also be caused by the processes of life inside the cell. Or they can be caused by things coming from outside the body, such as the chemicals in tobacco smoke. And some people can inherit faults in particular genes that make them more likely to develop a cancer.”
“Some genes get damaged every day and cells are very good at repairing them. But over time, the damage may build up. And once cells start growing too fast, they are more likely to pick up further mutations and less likely to be able to repair the damaged genes.”

So from reading this, I realise that the way life is outside of the cells is paramount to how life plays out inside of the cells. This means that the cells know exactly what to do and how to behave if there is harmony within and around them, but if there is stress and disharmony they might work for a certain amount of time, but eventually the force that is working against the body makes the cells eventually go out of rhythm and form what we then call, in this case, cancer.

Just by becoming more aware of how the body actually works, I have become more humble and am treating my body with the utmost care, since it cares for me every day.

Universal Medicine is the leading organisation in understanding how the body works in its entirety and also why the body does what it does in terms of breaking down when it develops different forms of illnesses and diseases. From the teachings presented by Serge Benhayon I understand that the body is made up from particles that are also a part of a universe that has a very precise and delicate order. This means that the particles of our body respond to what is going on in the universe and that we have a rhythm to adhere to, as does everything else in the universe.

So from this I realise that how I am with myself is important, because I know that the cells within me will respond accordingly. If I am harsh and not listening to the signals I get from my body, then the cells also have to work harder to keep everything going. And on the other hand, if I listen and go more gentle with myself, then the cells can bathe in a body that is warm and tender and that feels much more yummy.

I greatly appreciate what I have learned through Universal Medicine and also deeply value the gorgeous medical staff that are working patiently in the hospitals to look after us when we need their assistance. I also appreciate myself for being so open and willing to understand life and make changes if there are changes to be made, which make my inner environment even more delicate and tender.



  1. http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/about-cancer/what-is-cancer/how-cancer-starts

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657 thoughts on “Our Body and Its Amazingness

  1. I visited a relative recently who has just had a baby who was just a few days old. I was reminded of the absolute miracle of birth, and how amazing the human body is that it can co-create another human being and then go through the process of giving birth to it in all its tiny, divine glory. How amazing would it be if all babies were nurtured, honoured and deeply cared for in the same way from the day they were born, throughout their entire lives until the day they passed away, with the knowing and accepting that they are worth taking care of simply because of who they are.

  2. It is interesting that schoolchildren are taught about being good citizens but that we are not taught how to simply live in a way that supports our body to be as healthy as it can be. This has led to the massive health issues that we are now faced with and the financial and societal pressures that come from this.

    1. True Helen, we should support children to care and nurture their bodies, to make them aware that the choices they make connects them with the harmonious flow within themselves so they keep in touch with who they are.

  3. Beautiful to feel your appreciation for how you are supported by your body and the growing responsibility you are willing to take to live in harmony with yourself.

  4. Cells know exactly what to do, it’s our refusal to adhere to the order and harmony our body knows so well that often makes it look like we have to fight the process of healing that comes in a form of illness and disease. We are so incredibly looked after.

  5. It is so important that our children learn this… And of course that their teachers know this and live this so that there are day to day reflections of the absolute importance of nurturing our bodies

    1. I couldn’t agree more! Such a simple place to start with nurturing our bodies, particularly when this is learnt from childhood.

  6. Thank you Matts a great understanding of how amazing our body naturally is, the more we listen to the communication from our body, the more we are able to additionally support its natural function.

  7. I was marvelling at the human body just yesterday, and how it has the incredible capacity to heal itself when given the full care and support to do so. By bringing our full love and attention to the smallest details of how we take care of ourselves and how we do anything, we are supporting our body to function in the divinely harmonious way that it was designed to work.

    1. It is clear that we can support our body’s healing process and we may be able to be much more effective at this than we realise.

  8. A lovely reminder to treat my body with the utmost care and tenderness today as I’m feeling tired with a busy day ahead. Coming back to the simplicity of feeling my feet and feeling what is there to be felt without pushing and drive to get things done.

  9. It stands to reason that someone in harmony with themselves and who doesn’t cause self inflicted harm like smoking or drinking is infinitely less likely to get an illness or disease and we all know this, so the question is and it is a big one, why do we not treat our most amazing bodies with the utmost love and respect that they deserve?

  10. We tend to think of intelligence as something confined to our brain but there is an innate intelligence throughout our whole body that knows what true harmony is and intricately works to maintain this – I wonder what our lives would look like if we paid more attention to that form of intelligence, from our whole body?

    1. Our lives, our relationships and the world would look completely different if we would pay more attention to whole body intelligence and act upon the communication that our body offers us.

      1. It sure would, and we would also feel the love that is naturally there between people because particles do not discern whether one’s skin colour might be different than another’s. Particles are particles. Felt to mention that in these times when we focus so much on the differences between us rather than the fact that we are pretty much all the same.

  11. The innate flow, order and harmony of the particles of our body is amazing to behold and consider and it makes me appreciate my body and the wisdom within us.

  12. Just today I was talking about how full-on it would be, to be a practicing Doctor or Nurse in this modern climate, with the amount of damage we are causing ourselves through ill lifestyle choices and environmental factors, I imagine what they would see on a daily basis would be overwhelming to say the least.
    Lifestyle, quality of energy and movement play a huge roll in the health epidemics we face as a society. One day we will figure out that we already hold to key to our own salvation and maybe a few people will remember that we heard it first in 1999 from Universal Medicine.

  13. I love this understanding that how we are with ourselves affects our cells. It just goes to show that how we are with ourselves along with our lifestyle choices affects our health.

  14. Just like our cells it is important to consider how the quality we live in life can be in natural harmony and order or in a tension and agitation which is not our natural body state.

  15. Matts, this feels really important to remember; ‘If I am harsh and not listening to the signals I get from my body, then the cells also have to work harder to keep everything going’, what you are sharing makes sense and shows the importance of treating our body with gentleness and care.

  16. Although not every condition is lifestyle related, what this beautiful blog makes clear is that when we adopt certain decisions (e.g., to smoke, to drink, etc.) we are not just deciding what appears in the surface. We are in an open confrontation with the order that helps us to live. We are arrogantly disturbing it by choice.

    1. Hi Eduardo. I would challenge that and say that everything is actually lifestyle related in one way or another. Everything we do has an effect on the body whether it’s done in this life or a previous one. Not wanting this to be the case is just avoiding the fact that everything we do comes back to us to reflect something.

  17. ” in its healthy state, the body is at rest with itself, there is a harmony and rhythm in which the body and its cells cooperate and work in a homeostatic, self-sustaining way. However and contrary to that, in illness and disease you can feel how the body has become out of balance..” Yes and it feels great that life-style medicine is at last appearing on the menu in doctors surgeries – catching up with Universal Medicine that has been presenting this for over seventeen years now. We make our illness, so surely we can support in its un-making?

  18. We have so much to learn about the human body and its intricate and delicate inner workings right down to our cell level, and understanding how and why our cells mutate is definitely fundamental to that process. Great blog Matts.

  19. Coming back to the cells and their absolute intelligence, all working as they do, without our conscious awareness shows there is so much more to us and the universe than we are prepared to see.

  20. I loved coming back to this today and reminding myself that it’s not the outside that matters, but how we are in each moment and bring to it, that dictates how we feel about everything else. My primary responsibility is to not to get in the way of my body’s natural harmonious way of working, and that then supports everything else.

  21. I love the simplicity in which this blog is written, that makes me feel and understand in my own body the interconnection of everything in life.

  22. I love how my body is always communicating with me, whether it is an ache or pain, a feeling of lightness or heaviness, vitality or tiredness, the yes’s and no’s it gives me about choices, my connection with God and divinity.. Amazing for sure.. truly amazing.

  23. We have much more power than we think when it comes to our health and well being…. I love how you have shown this through the ability to live a stress free life where the body and its rhythm are honoured and its functions can remain unimposed upon so to allow its cells to function and respond in kind and not be tainted by the messages that are sent when stress and disharmony are introduced.

  24. Every time I see the title of this blog I have to read it again! Our bodies are profoundly amazing and it makes me ponder on the universal intelligence they express in every single microcosmic moment and how this is within us, part of us and therefore available to us in every single microcosmic moment too.

  25. It is quite remarkable that the body is always working to restore its balance and harmony from the disharmonious way we choose to live, illness and disease being our indicator that how we are living is not harmonious.

  26. This is the second blog I have read that has focused on the study of the cells in our body and how they end up being cancerous. I have found this and the other blog I read absolutely fascinating, I just cannot understand why this is not common knowledge? I mean, if the cancer cell is so scary and damaging, I mean it’s the big bad C after all… then why, when it is surrounded by cells that are harmoniously working in the common order, does it simply revert back to become a normal cell? Is that not enough to bring the world to their collective knees when it comes to this disease? Is that not the answer to cancer? Live harmoniously and in line with the order of the universe and the cells that are a part of nature and God’s grand design will simply know what to do.

    1. You nail it here, what goes on with the cells in our body in a micro form, is what has been going on since the dawn to our time around the world in a micro form. We have been slowly individualising ourselves, looking to be in charge, not releasing that we are the whole, not really understanding that we are the mutated cell on the planet, we are the cancer. I am not saying that in a doom and gloom way but more to shed light on the fact that, we need to align to all that’s on offer, we need to harmonize to truly free ourselves from the fight.

  27. I love that our bodies are connected to the universe through particles and we can align to the divine rhythm and flow of the All through how we live and care for ourselves. Truly Amazing.

  28. A great reminder of how when we work in harmony with ourselves and adhere to our natural rhythm, the body also works in harmony and in rhythm with itself too, as soon as we disrupt that harmony we also disrupt the body’s natural flow too.

  29. Thank you Matts for beautifully reminding us how amazing our bodies are, the more we appreciate our body the more we naturally appreciate our planet too.

  30. Matts it certainly is very humbling when you realise how the wisdom and intelligence of the body is always working towards keeping us in balance and harmonious within, down to every cell. I too appreciate so much the messages and signs my body give me and have chosen to take loving care and nurture my body to support it with this, a choice I continue to deepen.

  31. I love that our bodies are made up of particles of the universe. It’s obvious when I write this now because everything within the universe is made up of universal particles! But what I love is that when I let myself connect to this beautiful truth, I feel the space of the universe within me and the potential to live in a truly universal way.

  32. It seems we often are in fight with our own bodies yet if we honoured them in full knowing that they “fight” to restore us to harmony, things might be rather different.

  33. Universal Medicine really does provide an extraordinary overview of what is happening in our bodies… A holistic, complementary, spherical, extraordinarily sagacious understanding of the whole picture not just the individual parts.

  34. Currently I am doing an anatomy and physiology course, it’s the stuff I learnt at school no different. But through the inspiration of Universal Medicine and the reverence and appreciation for the body that it is given, I am doing this course with a far greater sense of humility. Our bodies work tirelessly to maintain and restore harmony and our choices have a huge role and responsibility in supporting or delaying and denying this process and state of being.

  35. I love the reminder here of how incredible the body is to keep functioning and when one area is depleted it borrows from another to keep going. On a practical level we end up with deficiencies and imbalances, but the body is absolutely committed to functioning. The quality of that functioning depends on how we treat it.

  36. The miracle and amazingness of what the body is and represents is in its unwavering alignment to order and harmony, ie the universal laws and cycles it is part of. Thus the body is the marker of truth for how we as a being are in relationship with the universe. Being in disharmony causes a jarring of some sort that will seek correction as e.g. through illness and disease.

  37. Our physical body is a miracle and deserves to be treated lovingly and with respect; after all, we take it everywhere and are not ever in it, as long as we are alive.

  38. This is a healthy state, no doubt, none of struggling or chaos of not supporting our cells “By reading this you can almost feel that in its healthy state, the body is at rest with itself, there is a harmony and rhythm in which the body and its cells cooperate and work in a homeostatic, self-sustaining way.” I love this, I can feel in my bones that this harmony makes sense and needs to be where we are heading in terms of our health and how we approach it.

  39. When we celebrate the magnitude of how amazing we really are and have this as our every day understanding of who we are, every moment from this place has the same opportunity to be the same. Is that not worth living it for, that by living what we know is true inspires others to live this also.

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