Appreciating a western medicine practitioner and more…

by Coleen Hensey 

Witnessing the media comments on both doctors and the healthcare system in Australia, I feel to share a recent personal experience of Western medicine in action, which was nothing short of exceptional.

I had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism a few years ago but had felt that my body was becoming devitalised in spite of the medication, a synthetic type of thyroxine prescribed routinely for this condition in Australia. I was losing weight rapidly, had dark circles under my eyes, my blood pressure and sleep cycle were very erratic and I was, by turns, racy or had little energy to do anything, including activities I absolutely love. My body was clearly indicating something was awry, so I decided to look more deeply into what was happening with my health.

This proved to be a great decision on many, many levels.

I referred myself to a local endocrine specialist to discuss and address the possible causes for the change in my health. The doctor I met with listened attentively and respectfully to what I shared about my symptoms and treatment to date, asking clarifying questions and making notes throughout. In itself, this respect for me as a patient who knew my body, was very confirming. His avowed philosophy was that the patient is the one who holds the keys to both the aetiology of their illness and to their healing. I had a clear sense that this doctor knew how to exercise true patient care.

What this doctor then shared about his understanding of the endocrine system was profoundly insightful; I had never before heard anyone speak about it in such a deeply honouring manner and I was very moved. He explained that he sees the endocrine system as being exactly the same as the solar system, with all the glands interconnected in an amazingly precise and delicate order. He referred to the thyroid gland as being like the Saturn of the solar system and asked me to consider what effect it might have if Saturn wobbled just a degree or two off of its orbit.

I paused in a moment of reflection, almost shocked by the profound nature of the implications of this. I felt the truth in this analogy, and how aghast I would be if Saturn did ‘wobble.’ Yet, of equal importance is my own thyroid and I had allowed it to wobble so very severely, in total disregard of the effects this would have on the whole body. I was humbled yet, at the same time felt, possibly for the first time ever, how exquisitely intricate and beautifully delicate is our endocrine system. This was the first time I appreciated this endocrine fact and this amazing doctor’s deep appreciation for the human body.

He then proposed an array of blood tests in line with the symptoms I had shared. He also offered possible diagnoses, which the blood tests would or would not confirm. He spoke about the mix of medication and lifestyle changes that would be necessary to address these likely outcomes, including an extended rest period to allow my body to heal in full.

I returned to his surgery two weeks later to discuss the test results. The doctor shared how there had been an extensive number of blood tests carried out – 13 pages in total – which again confirmed to me his commitment to leaving no stone unturned in truly profiling the cause and the effects of this illness in my body. His initial diagnosis was not confirmed and other anomalies in my blood had required both further investigation and consultation with colleagues – a biochemist and a parathyroid specialist – in a neighbouring city.

Once again, I was moved by the natural humility and openness of this man: he was not attached to his initial diagnosis and had moved straight away to consult with colleagues about areas which lay a little outside his immediate area of expertise: again, his aim was to uncover the root cause of my condition and so he was placing patient care at the heart of his treatment.

The root cause turned out to be a parathyroid issue, which had remained undetected until now. Because of this, both my thyroid and my adrenals were severely fatigued. As we scanned the numbers on the pages that represented my blood, we both commented on the extent to which my body had been basically ‘busting a gut’ to keep me healthy and operating all these years that this condition had remained undetected…not only by the medical profession, but by me. Another moment of humility for me and the realisations that my condition was more akin to the nature of the ‘hidden’ twelfth planet, as well as how I had allowed my own bodily awareness to drop to such a degree that I had not noticed this at all until my energy levels dropped severely.

The doctor himself was again open in his sharing that we know relatively little about the parathyroid glands, in fact, very little about our endocrine system per se. This rang true to me and I contacted an esoteric practitioner, who advised me that, in esoteric terms, parathyroid conditions arise when we do not live our delicateness. I knew this to be true of myself – most of my life, prior to connecting with the esoteric teachings of Universal Medicine, had been lived in the push and the drive of academic achievement and success in my career. Delicateness was something I felt, but overrode this, under the belief that it was only something for infants who were self evidently physically vulnerable. But delicateness in a woman of the world? No – not until my body nudged me by sharing that it needed me to return to my delicateness once more. Given the anatomical position of the parathyroids in the throat area, the contemplation of how my words, sounds, speech and singing need henceforth to be delicate was instant and is something I am now connecting with daily.

I also contemplated how few of us do live in true delicateness, or, indeed, even see this as a quality to be appreciated. And yet, how will we ever fully understand these glands if we do not live the energy / quality they were designed to express?

The doctor also scheduled an extensive hormone regimen for me to follow in support of all three affected glands, as well as advising me that the treatment for the parathyroid will be a process of elimination, starting with medication and followed by surgical procedures if this is required. He again advised rest to support my body through this process.

I left his surgery not just with medication and a treatment plan, but with so many significant revelations.

  • I learned what makes a true doctor – openness, humility, true patient care, doing what is needed when it is needed, communication, willingness to put the patient first, collaboration with colleagues, a reverence for, and appreciation of, the human body and a deep respect for what the patient knows about their illness.
  • I connected with my own deep reverence for the endocrine system and an openness to living the energy it needs to operate in true health
  • I felt a new humility about my body’s willingness to maintain me in a state of health for such a long time
  • I was full of appreciation of Western medicine – its doctors and its pharmacology
  • I understood and appreciated how esoteric and western medicine can indeed work together to bring about not only healing for patients, but also to enrich our collective understanding of how our bodies work in terms of their physiology and biochemistry and in terms of the role of our expressed energy has in either harming or healing them.

The marriage of Western Medicine and Esoteric Medicine is now a deeply appreciated aspect of my life. Together they are healing me personally and this healing is on offer for all others who choose to utilise the two together in this way.

Dedicated to Serge Benhayon, who has long presented how humanity will be blessed by the union of western medicine and esoteric medicine. It has certainly been demonstrated to be so in this case.


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616 thoughts on “Appreciating a western medicine practitioner and more…

  1. Beautiful to read how supportive your doctor was, asking you to explain your symptoms and how you felt, it is so important to feel included right from the start, because no one knows your body better than yourself.

  2. It’s very beautiful to feel the care you received from your doctor, and what I feel from your sharing is how it is our responsibility to do our part so that the doctors can do their part.

  3. What an amazing way to look at the human body to consider it like solar system and that one part being out even slightly affects all the rest … I feel both the delicateness, the intricacy and the absolute interconnectedness of our body, of the world and indeed the universe. And each one of us has access to this understanding and wisdom and to hear your experience with your doctor opening your eyes to the possibilities of what your body was saying to you is great, and this is how medicine and everything can be, and will increasingly be in future.

  4. I am so appreciating the quality of delicateness and the love and care that naturally comes from expressing it.

  5. It is amazing how intricate, delicate and at the same time strong the systems of our body are. Beautiful to read of the deeply healing combination of Western Medicine and Esoteric Medicine, and how you employed the two together.

  6. Coleen it’s so easy to turn against western medicine, yet when we do that we end up turning against what can support us, however, if we equally rely solely on western medicine, we deny the opportunity to truly heal. It’s great to feel how anything is possible when we are open to true healing and combine Esoteric Medicine with Western Medicine.

  7. I am learning to more deeply appreciate how our body communicates to us when we lose connection and separate from our body’s true harmony and how we are able to understand so much more about ourselves when we start to live the true quality we are innately designed to express with.

  8. A beautiful blog to come back to and inspirational in the appreciation it engenders in myself for all those that have been part of my own healing over the years.

  9. It is lovely to consider how all our systems in our body are connected and communicating constantly to each other just like the stars in the sky.

    1. Yes I loved that bit – you can see how a slight disruption affects the whole solar system and how a slight disruption in our bodies could do the same, putting undue pressure on other systems to keep the balance till right order can be restored.

  10. Reading through this blog I can feel the deep honouring the doctor had for his patients. This is precious indeed.

  11. I felt so much joy when reading this blog at the immense beauty present in combining Western Medicine and Esoteric Medicine, which will be without doubt the true medicine of the future.

  12. Wow – I want that specialist if I ever need him! What you have described here Coleen is conventional medicine at its best – connection, equality, humility, thoroughness and putting the patient and their body at the heart of it all. This is how I aim to work as a Physiotherapist also within the medical system and it really works.

  13. When dealing with a health condition, the doctors who can communicate with precision and simplicity what are we going through are very impactful since what they offer us allows us to feel the depth of what is going on in the body and to picture ourselves out of it.

  14. This is just wonderful Coleen the doctor talking about constellations and your part in the universe, a universal doctor.

  15. A great appreciation and confirmation of how Western Medicine and Esoteric Medicine truly work together for health and wellbeing.

  16. That the endocrine system and the complementary way all the glands in our body work in harmony together can be appreciated as an analogy of the balance and grace of the planets in our solar system is just plain gorgeous.

  17. The delicacy and care you speak of can be felt in your writing. How amazing to open yourself to healing in this way with the help of your doctor and esoteric medicine. A beautiful story, so beautifully written.

  18. Western Medicine and Esoteric Medicine complement each other really well and when you have a doctor like
    yours it is easy to see how our bodies are like the Universe themselves. There is a grandness and magnificence that we don’t normally attribute to our bodies but that is there nonetheless and it is beautiful to be reminded of this.

  19. What a great sharing of the marriage between these two. A great inspiring piece that show that the harmony is part of the healing process.

  20. Wow – what an amazing doctor you had, I love the analogy of the endocrine system with our solar system – quite magical. And he took you seriously, listening and on carrying out the full array of tests needed, discovered the functional reason for your lack of energy. Good to be reminded about living our natural delicacy. Beautiful to re-read your blog Coleen.

  21. Fascinating blog, I have a deeper appreciation of my endocrine system from your blog and have been inspired by how important our own expression is when we convey our own feelings when we feel unwell, and how helpful our expression can be towards a diagnosis.

  22. It is always gorgeous to read of doctors that have not lost their passion and dedication to their work and to people, and will go to no end to support a patient from a truly holistic perspective and work together with them in addressing what is there to be healed. This is true beauty in practice and hopefully the future of medicine.

  23. What an amazing doctor you attracted into your life. The detail and care you were offered was available for you because you were willing and open to knowing what was going on in your body. I especially loved the way the Doctor likened the inner workings of the body, to the universe, I find that super fantastic. I mean, if all the planets are so closely linked and connected in a cycle and movement that cannot be messed with, why wouldn’t our bodies be a microcosm of that?

  24. Delicateness was not something I associated with myself for many years as I was living with a hardness and kept pushing my body. It was only when I was inspired through Universal Medicine to choose to open up my awareness and consciously connect with my body that allowed me to start to let go of the hardness so that my natural delicateness could be felt and expressed.

  25. The medical profession can get a very bad wrap sometimes, especially in the complementary and alternative health fields, this is a refreshing example of the fact there are equally some amazing practitioners out there, equally dedicated to people and their wellbeing.

  26. Very interesting, i learned much about the endocrine system that I was hitherto unaware of. I would support your conclusions 100% in that I too have found that the combination of conventional medicine and esoteric medicine helped me amazingly with my heart arrhythmia conditions that I have written about elsewhere on this blog site.

  27. This is an example of how profound medicine can be and how enriching it is to be open to what completes its view. In big appreciation for what Conventional medicine brings to our health as well as for the understanding that Complementary medicine offers to it. Very good and needed collaboration!

  28. A beautiful example Coleen of the marriage between Conventional Medicine and Complementary Medicine. Also, gorgeous the way you have appreciated the skill, knowledge and insightfulness of the endocrine specialist and the Universal wisdom and teachings of Serge Benhayon.

  29. A beautiful account of appreciation… there is always much to appreciate in another but it is a choice to see and express it and not allow anything else to come in the way.

  30. A beautifully shared experience Coleen. I am impressed with the support you received and the honouring of yourself as the patient by this Doctor. How important it is that we all know we are worth listening to and the knowledge that we also have of our own bodies respected. It is so lovely to see the connection between the Medical profession and Esoteric Medicine starting to happen at last.

  31. It makes a change to read of the appreciation someone has of their doctor, because all too often we can get in the habit of criticising our health care providers – mainly because they do not meet our pictures we have built up and met our expectations.

    1. We should appreciate our health care practitioners for sure. Though this particular one does seem exceptional in the level of care and intelligence he brought to the situation. I have come to realise that the care that you get is related to what you bring to the consultation and how you connect with and express to the practitioner. Its not surprising I know but it has taken me a long time to realise it.

  32. There is something truly amazing about a practitioner who brings a sense of more to the job they do, like your example Coleen, a doctor who not only does the medical stuff but can explain it in a simple way which people get, and also bring a depth of wisdom and understanding well beyond his medical training. They call it ‘people skills’ and ‘customer service skills’ but this may just be naturally within us and the way we have been educated encourages us to work and express knowledge in a certain way which blocks the way we would naturally love people with what we do, and not use it as a source of security or recognition.

  33. ‘I had allowed my own bodily awareness to drop to such a degree that I had not noticed this at all until my energy levels dropped severely.’ I can relate to this Coleen, for it’s exactly how my own hypothyroid condition emerged. How numbed we must live, to let ourselves get to the point of not being able to get off the sofa before we notice something’s wrong.

  34. What an amazing sharing to dedication and true patient care Coleen. One line stopped me ‘how will we ever fully understand these glands if we do not live the energy / quality they were designed to express?’ … indeed how do we live in our bodies and do we live with them in the way we can? And this reminds me that before I dismiss this, I give it a go, and that is what is so beautiful here in what you share, your medical practitioner was deeply humble, open and willing to know and feel that there is more and to ask for support in understanding that more as questions arose, do we do the same?

  35. So beautiful to read this Coleen and to affirm the deep sensitivity, respect and caring you have experienced. It happens all too often that the slight mishap on behalf of our health system is quickly reported and blown out of proportion yet experiences such as this are completely overlooked. This article holds the esoteric and western medicine as a relationship made in Heaven and perfect in supporting us all to true whole health.

  36. When we meet a Doctor who is open, curious about life and loves their work, we know we are in God’s hands.

  37. Such a beautiful testimony Coleen. Your description of your doctor reminds me how approaching life with awe, wonder and deep respect is so powerful for our health. It’s ironic but being open to what we don’t know seems to result in the wisest decisions we make.

  38. Doctors work with the undeniable truth presented by the human body on a daily basis. When they are open to seeing truth without pursuing a personal agenda great healing is possible for all.

  39. ‘… his aim was to uncover the root cause of my condition and so he was placing patient care at the heart of his treatment.’ Beautiful Coleen and what an amazing foundation for you to go deeper with what this particular illness had to say to you. Your sharing about delicateness inspires me to connect more with this quality and acknowledge we as women are able to live delicate in every day life.

  40. What am amazing experience Coleen; to feel a doctor put patients at the centre of their care is how it should be and it shows how medicine can be practised. I love the analogy of the endocrine system being off kilter and the planets, what a fantastic way to see it, and reading it I felt the enormity of who we are and that we are linked to and part of the grander whole around it. Pure magic.

  41. Wows now that’s a powerful reminder, for our thyroid to be likened to Saturn it really puts things into perspective.

  42. A beautiful and may I say, delicate appreciation of your doctor. It’s very lovely to read.

  43. It is incredibly supportive when we meet a doctor or in my case a nurse who is willing to listen and give the space that is needed to support the patient. Recently I took my son who is now 8 years old to see a nurse which the doctor recommended. When he was young he had been admitted to hospital on a couple of occasions with his chest and ever since especially when he’d got a cold relied on salbutamol an inhaler used by asthmatics. Over the past couple of years I noticed the inhaler was rarely used and I wanted to have a chat with her about his usage. She listened thoroughly asking my son questions with a trust in my son and I that we would know what to do as to whether he would need the inhaler or not on the onset of a cold. She also explained that there was no need for him to take the inhaler if he did not need it and to look for signs from my son and his body as to what was going on with his breathing. I was amazed. I had been confirmed what I felt was true and discussing it with the nurse gave me the clarification my son and I needed as a way forward.

  44. To relate the body to the Universe is an amazing thing to do, showing that life is finely tuned and in balance but also it gives us glimpse at the vastness of who we are and our relationship with everything.

  45. “His avowed philosophy was that the patient is the one who holds the keys to both the aetiology of their illness and to their healing.’ This is a key understanding to the medicine of the future, there is much we can do to support and improve our own health, through making simple choices in diet, exercise, how we are in our relationships and how we live generally. There are now many hundreds of people all around the world who, thanks to the inspiration of Universal Medicine, are making those changes and experiencing greater vitality and better health.

  46. Some beautiful revelations you have shared from your experience Coleen and the realisation that when we take responsibility and we are willing to deepen our understanding of ourselves we are able to appreciate our innate delicateness and the body’s intelligence to support us to embrace and live a quality of being that enables us to truly heal.

  47. Thank you for this reminder to be delicate. This is our true nature as women and yet we can so easily over ride it and don the superwoman cape, forgetting that superwoman, if she is a true woman, is delicate too.

  48. Illness and disease has a beautiful way of offering us a chance to live a more loving and caring way, when we accept this we are supported by so many angles.

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