Learning the meaning of osteoporosis

by Gill Randall, Physiotherapist Grad Dip Phys, Banbury, UK

A few years ago, the local gym I attended did a simple heel prick test and I was diagnosed with osteopenia, the precursor for osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a condition that affects bone density and strength, so the bones become brittle and fragile from loss of tissue. In osteopenia, the protein and mineral content of bone tissue is reduced, but less severely than in osteoporosis.

Bone is alive and constantly changing. A healthy diet and lifestyle from an early age help us to maximize bone strength by ‘banking’ bone when we are young. A poor diet as children, eating disorders, and erratic diets can all affect the laying down of healthy bone. And as we age, particularly after menopause in women, there is a tendency to bone loss. Osteoporosis can tend to run in families, but whether this is due to dietary and lifestyle factors or ‘genetic’ tendencies is open to question.

I was surprised at my diagnosis, as I had had a healthy diet as a child. I did a bit of yo-yo dieting through my teenage years, but I’ve had a tendency to be overweight, not underweight, and have always been relatively active. Upon diagnosis I was prescribed calcium tablets with Vitamin D and told to do more weight bearing exercise, so I did some line dancing and an exercise class in the gym. I do have a family connection, as my mother had severe osteoporosis and had a lot of pain from it in her later years. It’s not a life threatening condition, but it can be life changing. When she lost bone density and 5 inches in height, she had constant pain, easily broke bones when she fell, and postural changes caused digestive problems.

Having witnessed my mother go through these progressive changes, I do not want this for my future, and so I want to learn what I can do to support the health of my bones.

In my sixties now, the condition is not affecting me with pain or physical changes, and I am eager to prevent this. I work and am active but my view of osteoporosis is changing. Being a student of Universal Medicine and the teachings of the Way of the Livingness, I have learnt a deeper understanding from Serge Benhayon that energetically, osteoporosis is caused by lack of self-love and deep disregard for myself. Initially my reaction was: ‘Of course I look after myself!’ But on reflection, I realized I did this after looking after everyone else. I paid lip service to looking after myself. This felt like a really old pattern of putting myself last for a very long time. I can fully appreciate this understanding: If I’m not nurturing my physical body, why should it be strong and solid to provide me with a sound bony foundation?

So I looked at my diet and felt into what types of food supported me, and noticed how my body felt after certain foods. I stopped drinking alcohol and felt immediately clearer in my head and my body. I knew that caffeine didn’t feel good for me, but did you know that we excrete calcium in our urine when we drink caffeine? I always knew I felt bloated and tired after eating bread and food with gluten, so experimented with reducing them, and found I had so much more energy. By changing my diet, my body feels more nurtured. I am giving myself more care, and I’ve started putting me first. I used to think that would be selfish, but now I can feel how self-loving this is. I’m living now by expressing myself more honestly when in conversation, feeling what needs to be said rather than pleasing people.

Living truly and supporting myself is also helping my bones.

I know as a physiotherapist that exercise is an important factor for health and bone density. Weight bearing exercise, specific resistance exercises and a healthy balanced calcium rich diet can all help bone density. But over exercising is not recommended, and it can be deleterious to people with anorexia nervosa to do extreme exercise. It can contribute to further weight loss, which could also be detrimental to bone density. High impact running, jogging or skipping can increase susceptibility to stress fractures in the feet or lower limbs. Or if people do horse riding or skiing and increase their risk of falling, this could increase their risk of breaking a bone. So the balance of exercise is important, as the present day thoughts of exercising to extreme is quite popular at the moment. My exercise changed from the gym using heavier weights to exercising gently on a regular basis with light weights and walking outside most days, loving the sunshine for the vitamin D absorption.

With this new understanding, I can feel the impact of a deeper healing from the conventional understanding of medical treatment for illness. I am learning to care for myself on a daily basis that is, in turn, supporting my physical body. This is a huge learning that I can bring into practice in other areas of my life, knowing how I can heal mental and emotional as well as physical issues I thought was going to carry with me throughout my whole life.

With a medical diagnosis and an esoteric understanding of osteoporosis, I am combining the treatment of conventional and esoteric medicine together to live in better health.


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837 thoughts on “Learning the meaning of osteoporosis

  1. ‘Initially my reaction was: ‘Of course I look after myself!’ A lot of women I work with say this and do the opposite, there can be a reaction in their tone as if they feel they have worked too hard but that is part of their job and looking after themselves is like ‘I have worked hard and now I deserve a treat’ not from the love that they are but from the hurt.

  2. Esoteric medicine is very supportive, complementary, to Western medicine in deepening our understanding of the underlying cause of illness and disease and how we then have a choice to make changes in the way we live to support our physical body.

  3. Introducing esoteric medicine into the equation literally adds another dimension, instead of just being told you have a disease of unknown cause for which there is no cure, you know why you contracted the illness, what its cause is and what you can do to help stop or perhaps even possibly reverse the damage. Once we start to introduce the energetic cause of an illness, there are endless possibilities.

  4. I really get what you are saying here Gill that how we care for ourselves really is the bedrock or ‘Skeleton’ of how we are with everyone and everything in our life.

  5. It is amazing the transformational change to our health when we are impulsed to make choices in consideration of our body and our well-being, feeling into what our body is communicating and reacting to and then refining our choices when needed.

  6. Only our body can tell us what kind of exercise does truly support it. There is never a rule what is best for everyone for ever. Like a bone structure changes throughout time, your way of exercising might change also as our body is constantly changing and need to be redefined in how to be treated and nurtured.

  7. A great example of combining Western Medicine with the deeper energetic understanding of Universal Medicine. Thank you for offering your experience and review of how your different lifestyle choices do support you to take deeper care for yourself with that kind of disease.

  8. ‘If I’m not nurturing my physical body, why should it be strong and solid to provide me with a sound bony foundation?’ And this starts with our thoughts, when we choose the thoughts that are not loving, what I did for a long time and nowadays can be there sometimes, what energy are we putting into the body and what gets us moving. The quality of thoughts that we choose determine how we use or misuse our body, build a solid foundation or quicksand.

  9. Very beautiful example of how esoteric understanding can add much depth to how we approach our healing process.

    1. Absolutely Fumiyo, having the esoteric understanding of a health condition changes how we then take care of ourselves, absolutely go to the medical profession for support but also understand that we can also make different choices to support our body, in this case taking much more care of ourselves while taking any medication that is needed. We could say that Esoteric medicine and conventional medicine go hand in hand and complement each other.

  10. Thank you for the links to articles on dairy produce, particularly milk. These are very interesting and confirm my own feelings about consumption of dairy which I know doesn’t agree with a lot of people. Also great to look more closely as to whether we need the calcium in milk to grow good bones.

    1. My understanding is that there are plenty of better sources of calcium than cow’s milk, which was never designed for human consumption, its molecules being too large for us to break down and process.

  11. “If I’m not nurturing my physical body, why should it be strong and solid to provide me with a sound bony foundation?”

    This is a key point that alerts us to the fact that the strength and sturdiness of any structure is only as solid as the foundation on which it stands. This includes our physical form and all that comprises it.

  12. ‘Bone is alive and constantly changing.’ That is good to know, it seems as bone is a constant that stays the same but every tissue in the body is changing constantly and offers us a reflection of how we are with ourselves and life.

  13. Studying what really supports our bodies actually supports everyone else. It’s not something I’d considered before coming across Universal Medicine. I’d always thought that putting others before yourself was the honourable, ‘right’ thing to do. But if we’re constantly depleting ourselves by always giving, what is the quality of that giving, and what energy is that giving coming from: a true vitality, or a struggle and strain? The more we listen to and observe our bodies, the more we get to see what supports them to thrive, and help us to live as vitally and fully as we possibly can – and to support others from that place of vitality. Listening to the body also means to totally let go of any pictures of what we ‘think’ is healthy or good for us, but which can actually be quite detrimental to our health.

  14. It is interesting to ponder on the fact that negative thoughts and ways of thinking about ourselves could be more detrimental to the health of our body than many of the other choices we make. I know the feeling of constant negative thoughts and being overly focussed on food and when to eat and when not and I know that these put a kind of pressure on the body that is almost more than any physical pressure we can put on our body. So I feel we can wear our bodies down in so much more ways than currently is accepted as truth.

    1. This is a great point to ponder Lieke and to take it even further for us to consider is the fact that long before we think, there is an energy that determines the quality of thoughts we will think that is based on the way we move (live). Moving in a way that does not deeply honour the sacredness and divinity within us is a sure fire way to begin the erosion process, the ultimate end point here being the degradation of the physical form we are enhoused in. This is the future of medicine and we are only just starting to scratch the surface of it now.

  15. I am inspired by what you are sharing here about not just ticking a box and looking at exercise as an answer to stave off osteoporosis. Instead you looked at every area of your expression and movement and approached your healing as a way of life.

  16. We forget that bones are alive and working hard to support our frame to function in the way our lifestyle is asking us to. Bringing an energetic understanding to our illness offers us an opportunity to look at the seed of an issue, the why we do what we do not just the what we do.

    1. Yes very true Lucy, our bones are a tissue that is alive, it is not just like they are formed and then that’s it. So all our choices continuously matter as they are built into the bones or cause the cells to break down bone.

      1. Everything inside us matters, it was put there by divine design, I am completely in awe of the workings of our body. It makes me consider the workings of the space we live in as well – what if we are an equally essential part of a greater whole?

  17. Self care can be rudimentary or we can continue to explore and feel its expansion; it’s never static. The beauty of the understanding shared here is no matter where we’ve come to with our bodies and how they are, there’s a way we can engage which deeply supports us and our bodies.

  18. Thank you Gill a clear and supportive article for all of us. Interesting to note that without the pin-prick test at the gym, you would never have known you had osteopenia and the condition may have progressed to osteoporosis. The body often responds to life-style choices quietly until an ill-health condition surfaces. Your story inspires us to not wait until this happens but to take responsibility for our health now and explore every corner to expose areas where we continue to disregard ourselves.

  19. The behaviour of putting others before ourselves can seem at first a monumental task but every step towards nurturing and loving ourselves is worth gold and something to deeply appreciate.

  20. I like the connection made here about having a strong foundation in one’s life and subsequently in one’s bone structure. And this makes perfect sense to me because our bodies reflect everything else to us all of the time, so equally it stands to reason that a body would feel super strong and capable if it and the being inside have been nurtured and deeply cared for.

  21. Hmmmm. I don’t do any weight bearing exercise at all, neither do I do any aerobic exercise.
    I feel that these could support me in stepping up the rhythm in which I do things, something to experiment with. Thanks for the inspiration Gill.

  22. “Living truly and supporting myself is also helping my bones.” Our bones are the foundation and support for our whole body and living truly is also the foundation and support for our whole wellbeing.

  23. It makes sense that when we take care of ourselves and nurture our body we build a strong foundation that is a deeply supportive way of living and likewise when we disregard ourselves we create situations and issues for ourselves that presents in the body for us to learn and truly heal from. In this way we are able to learn to listen to the body, change our lifestyle choices and start appreciating ourselves and valuing our true worth.

  24. Thank you Gill I enjoyed rereading your blog, it made me realise how easy it is to say we are taking responsibility for ourselves, yet I have to ask myself am I truly taking responsibility deeply enough, when we consider how our choices affect our body, and it means making choices that support our body 100%.

  25. ” I knew that caffeine didn’t feel good for me, but did you know that we excrete calcium in our urine when we drink caffeine? ”
    I did not know this, this is incredible when one considers how much tea and coffee older people drink, thank you for sharing.

  26. I didn’t know that osteoporosis was caused by lack of self-love and deep disregard for self – but it actually really makes sense as bones are what give us a structure and foundation for the physical body and love is what we are. And if there’s not enough love of course it would be not as solid. I love how energetic understanding can offer us other dimensions to approach illnesses and diseases and as a result puts us in charge of our healing process.

  27. Looking deeper into my own diagnosis of Osteoporosis I can feel the disregard I had towards myself as a woman and how I treated my body. I used to take pride in myself for being a chameleon, changing to accommodate everyone around me and holding back from expressing who I was. I feel there are many levels to why we get osteoporosis but if we have not built a strong foundation, and lived this consistently then at some point in our lives it is going to show. I also know that emotional issues have played a part, choosing to hold onto them and not letting them go.

  28. Just as our bones are the solid foundation and supporting structure for our physical form, with the job of ‘holding it all together’ (we would look pretty funny if we had no bones for muscles to attach to!), so too is love foundational to our well-being for it is the ‘glue’ that holds us all together.

  29. I have also made several changes to my diet over the years and found my body responded immediately to the deeper level of care I was taking, supporting me to keep listening to my body and refine my food choices when called for.

  30. I am supporting myself with light and gentle exercises twice a day a few minutes of light weight training some balance and strength exercises and the effect on my body is enormous. I can do my work as a nurse with much more ease and vitality. It is the complete opposite approach than what is common these days.

  31. When we take loving care of our body it repays us by remaining strong, healthy and vital. It would be of huge benefit if we were taught this as we grow up, as it may very well save us from many of the current day ills which affect humanity.

  32. Gill this is so inspiring. To be in your sixties and taking on this fresh new approach to how you take care of yourself more deeply has to be fully appreciated. What a magical combination of conventional medicine, and esoteric medicine with its energetic understanding of illness and disease, that can and will truly support you to heal your body to its bones.

  33. ” With a medical diagnosis and an esoteric understanding of osteoporosis, I am combining the treatment of conventional and esoteric medicine together to live in better health. ” Thank you Gill what a way to heal an all round process.

  34. It is interesting the extent to which putting the others first is the perfect alibi to not caring about yourself. If this is the goal we are masters at creating situations in which we are find ourselves having to take care of others. It is not surprising that this pattern of movement has deleterious consequences. Why should be otherwise?

    1. Excellent observation Eduardo, and one that I was just considering the other day during a conversation with my partner, where I mentioned how often in my life I had adopted a role in helping others with all kinds of things, but these acts were done in a way that I still was looking for some type of recognition for my actions. This was a great way to avoid the responsibility of truly caring for my own body and a big distraction at that. For what true good can come from a body that is not willing to honour itself first?

  35. I just love how the body gives us the messages that we need to hear. Today I was feeling tired and sluggish and the moment that I connected with this and realised that I had taken on something that I did not need to then my body relaxed and I could feel it getting lighter again.

  36. Understanding the energetic meaning of illness and disease as presented by Serge Benhayon is empowering as it allows us to take responsibility for our part in the healing process.

  37. There is such a beautiful science about the human body for us to learn, and this obviously includes our bones. Great blog Gill.

  38. Thank you Gill, I’ve read this before but always get so much from it. I realised I am like you were, self caring yes, but often last in the line! That is a great discernment to make so I must look at that. Also this was a great line for me to read “I’m living now by expressing myself more honestly when in conversation, feeling what needs to be said rather than pleasing people.” This is also a topic that may not be considered self care but it is.

  39. Great read Gill, it really made me realise how every single choice we make affects our body, and how important it is to self care and treat our body with the utmost love and tenderness which means making more loving choices.

  40. Wow this was super cool to read because I don’t think I ever consider my bones, and how my choices may be impacting them. I know the way I eat affects my stomach and the way I feel, but now I need to consider if the way I eat is really nourishing my bones too. I love the idea of “bone bank” and that we can build a great supply now.

    1. I had this too Meg, did I ever considered my bones? I don’t think so. I took the foundation of my body, my bones for granted until I got the diagnoses of osteoporosis and started to deal with how I have been in disregard towards my body. But even now I wonder how is the relationship I have with my bones something to feel into and to connect with the quality our bones give to the body.

      1. No temple would weather a storm if it were not built on a solid foundation. It is the same for our bodies. Do we honour the temple we reside in, or do we trash it and leave it to erode with the elements?

    2. It’s a great conversation about being aware of and caring for our bones. Our body, including our bones, are not topics we normally appreciate, but our body is so precious, such an amazing vessel carrying us through life, we would not be here without it and when it feels great so do we and vice versa. It’s surprising really that we don’t treasure it!

  41. Currently there may not be enough evidence to make conventional medicine consider that the esoteric is the missing part of the puzzle when it comes to peoples ailments and general health, however it is countless stories such as yours that together paint a clear picture of the power of these combined.

  42. It is beautiful to hear that you have embraced a more loving lifestyle at this stage of your life and you are obviously seeing the results considering your condition has not had a massive impact on your overall well-being yet. When we know both the physical and energetic diagnosis, it means that we are able to heal from both the inside out. The best way to address all our ills and should be standard practice, maybe one day, it will be.

  43. “Living truly and supporting myself is also helping my bones.” Combining western medicine with esoteric therapies gives the best of both worlds. When we change from the inside, the outside changes too – but this can take a while, depending on the level of disregard we have been living with. Taking responsibility for our own health and well-being makes a huge difference.

  44. ‘I can fully appreciate this understanding: If I’m not nurturing my physical body, why should it be strong and solid to provide me with a sound bony foundation?’ True Gill, we are the ones that have abandoned the body and ourselves by not being present, not caring or even self loving. I am developing a much more honouring relationship with my body but I can still feel how easy I go into ‘ I just have to get this done’ and force my body to perform a certain task that is way too heavy and do not ask for support. Having osteoporosis myself I have been given the opportunity to heal this ingrained abusive patterns and that’s what esoteric medicine combined with conventional medicine is offering us.

  45. Having Osteoporosis it was great to re-read your article Gill and get a better understanding. Even though having being diagnosed with it several years ago I have not been giving it the self loving attention I could be, and at a recent visit to the doctor’s while looking over my notes, he asked me if I was taking the medication offered to me. I said I wasn’t as I wasn’t sure it would agree with me and he told me that I was harming my body far more by not taking it. He made it very clear to me that I could not dismiss the medication. I then realised that it was taken once weekly so I am taking a much more self loving approach and giving the medicine a chance. If I find over the next months it doesn’t agree with me then I can look for alternatives but at least I am now giving it myself an opportunity to heal

  46. Choosing how to deeply support ourselves and our health by taking responsibility and being more tender and caring with our body allows the opportunity for true nurturing.

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