True Medicine

by Denise Morden, Byron Bay

Recently I had to spend some time in hospital and it was an amazing experience, because it was the closest I had come to experiencing true and integrated medicine.

My doctor is extraordinary. He is also a healer, who combines medicine with psychological and physical care by treating the whole body. I have never had a physician like this before; he is always accessible and I know he is there for me, in my corner.

This is an extraordinary relationship: a partnership, there is no “them and us.”

His care is for the whole body and the person; I am not just a ‘patient’. I am met, connected to, and he sees who I am. I am not a victim of the disease or the medical system, because I am pro-active in my treatment and care, a co–creator in my own healing. I am fully responsible for the choices I make. I have great trust in him even when he is honest enough to say he is not sure what to do next. I know that his humility and his ability to accept and surrender will allow him to KNOW what the next step is when it comes to that. His skill and care also extend to before, during and after any procedure.

Over the years I have seen how the unit and ward he works in have totally been transformed. His staff love him, because he knows who they are, he knows all their names and what they do. One nurse tells me that some of the other doctors don’t even know their names. He works with them all as a team, each one is essential to the holistic care of the person. This shows in the extraordinary way I am treated by all the staff.

The level of care goes above and beyond anything I have ever experienced from specialists and care in other hospitals.

Everyone I meet who attends to me, from the doctor to the cleaner, introduces themselves and explains what they do.

I am informed every step of the way, about what is going on, and constantly asked if I am OK, comfortable, or in pain.

From the warm blankets put on me in the operating theatre, to the care of the porter who wraps me in blankets in the wheelchair when going to have an x ray.

I am treated with the utmost care and respect, with dignity. But there is also friendly chat, humour and laughter, as we exchange stories about our lives.

No effort is spared in my comfort, from the anaesthetic cream applied to my skin, so I don’t feel a single needle, to the menu specially prepared for me by the chef as I have food intolerances. No expense is spared in my care – l feel that these people love what they do and they do it with love.

No matter how good the doctor is, without this aftercare the outcome for patients would not be so favorable.

For me this is true integrated medicine and holistic care, from the ward through to the procedure and the aftercare and this is empowering for me.

I am an active partner in the treatment, management and healing of my disease.

With this support I am encouraged also to look at the deeper psychological issues and experiences that have got me to this point. My healing is so deep because I have the trust and support to go there, to let go, to accept and surrender to this level of care.

The depth of my healing shows in my recovery and resilience.

I have a genetic disease that should have killed me 10 years ago, yet now my tissue is regenerating, and with the medical help and the letting go of issues, my body is able to heal to a new level.

I am told that I am a ‘medical miracle.’

The miracle for me is finding an extraordinary Physician and Healer whose support and care has allowed me to heal.

I have experienced a new level of true integrated care.

This is truly Universal Medicine.


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820 thoughts on “True Medicine

  1. What is presented here is the future of medicine and health care where patients take responsibility for their own health and health care practitioners support them in that.

    1. I think that’s a good question to ask – then we open up the way for clearing out anything that gets in the way of living the depth of love and care that we all have the potential to bring.

    2. The next question may be ‘How could we support each other and change the systems of the world so this is our norm?’

  2. ‘I am an active partner in the treatment, management and healing of my disease.’ This is so important Denise – a way of being that brings true healing.

  3. After reading your blog all I can feel Denise is the level of responsibility we have not only to our self-care but the equally important part we have in promoting everyone else’s health and wellbeing by supporting their healing process too.

  4. The medical profession gets a bad rap a lot of the time but what often seems to be overlooked is that the intention of the work they do is to support others. The job is based around care which can often get lost due to circumstances – long hours, not enough staff and so on. The care of a doctor is rather lovely.

  5. I love this Denise, thank you for sharing so openly your experiences. This is truly integrative medicine you are so right… and you have essentially outlined the model of healthcare for the future. A very powerful testimony and account.

  6. There is a huge difference when doctors and nurses, or in fact anyone, speaks to you and uses you name because there is a connection an invitation to be open, and when we trust that connection we are more honest about how we feel and what is going on for us.

  7. Wow – imagine if a doctor like this was responsible for training and guiding all the doctors through medical school, we’d have some truly amazing, deeply caring human beings working as doctors.

  8. There is a great deal of talk of partnerships and collaboration with patients but from my observations there are few equipped to actually do this. It is not something you can learn from a text book or course, as equality is an energetic quality rather than a practice. Having worked in health, I can see there is a huge consciousness that ranks people and values some more than others. Without awareness of this energy it is difficult to be free of it and have a true partnership

  9. True Medicine is something that really shines through when the patient and doctor, nurses and entire medical community including the family work together as one. In fact if this was how we always lived and worked the medical support we would need would be minimal.

  10. That to me is the most important thing that we meet each other, know each other’s names and care for each other. That makes life fulfilling and joyful, that is what makes us feel invigorated and committed where ever we are and whatever we do.

  11. Integrative and holistic medicine describes care that involves the full engagement of staff and the patient in all aspects of the treatment and healing process.

  12. “I am an active partner in the treatment, management and healing of my disease.” and this quality of self-responsibility and and the self-honouring that cannot but be there with it reflects out to those around you, influencing the quality of what comes back.

  13. This was just stunning to read… a deeply inspiring glimpse into what is possible when patients take responsibility for the part they play in their illness and recovery and where in turn they are treated holistically where no level of love or care is not applied…. In this way true surrender, acceptance and healing can allow for miracles to happen.

  14. I am not a victim of the disease or the medical system, because I am pro-active in my treatment and care, a co–creator in my own healing. This makes so much sense Denise and you have most definitely moved through your cancer with great insight and wisdom, choosing to work with, not against your body and your awareness of who you are in truth which has dramatically supported you through with your own great love and true service for all, through taking responsibility for your life.

  15. Denise, have you heard the saying “We create our own reality”? This definitely applies here. What the hospital staff were bringing to you, was a reflection of what you have been to others your whole life.
    How we are is what we attract and although you obviously have your part in why the cancer formed in the first place, which you are clearly working through, there is also much to appreciate in what surrounds you and this appreciation is beautifully displayed in this blog.

  16. This doctor is an incredible role-model for how every person can be in the work place – transforming relationships and care. It makes the whole concept of going to work completely different because then it is no longer about the results we can achieve but rather the quality of our time together, which is phenomenal.

  17. Wow this is extraordinary – and where we need to go forward with medicine for sure, every patient treated with the utmost care, attention and integrity and empowered to work in partnership with their physician.

  18. “I have a genetic disease that should have killed me 10 years ago, yet now my tissue is regenerating, and with the medical help and the letting go of issues, my body is able to heal to a new level.” Yet as you say you are playing an active part in your healing. If we just leave it up to our doctors and carers and make no changes in our inner or outer life, then it is no surprise when disease returns or worsens. We too need to be active in our own healing, otherwise we get a cure only. In time this truth will be learnt by all medical staff in the conventional health care systems of the world.

  19. How wonderful if we were all privileged to have a Doctor and Medical Staff of the calibre you mention. Some day this may be the norm.

  20. I would love to be able to say that my doctor is extraordinary but I have only met her twice and then for 10 minutes so not long enough to get to know her. To see my own doctor I have to book an appointment generally 3 to 4 weeks out. So if I ever need to see a doctor, I see whoever will see me. This system may be more efficient but it has no true connection with the doctor in it and that connection is very important I feel.

  21. This just goes to show that true care is true medicine. Without care and love we are left to the mercy of a whole load of pills, operations, procedures and advice that are totally empty and leave us feeling like a functioning body without a soul. As humans we respond to love and care. This is needed in the healing and medical professions.

  22. A powerful example of how ‘ love ‘ is in fact the greatest medicine of all. You have shown how important it is to be met, held, treated and supported with love, all of which allows us a greater opportunity surrender to love, and be open to explore what is behind our unloving choices which have led us to be in dis-ease. As such true healing is possible, with our following steps taken with a greater awareness of whether the choices we make support us to live with more love in our lives.

  23. Denise what an absolutely divine experience you have had, and your sharing seems to me to be the model for the future which would transform healing and recovery immensely.

  24. A true testament to the possibility of the body to heal if the person inside takes responsibility for their part in the healing of the body.
    “I have a genetic disease that should have killed me 10 years ago, yet now my tissue is regenerating, and with the medical help and the letting go of issues, my body is able to heal to a new level.”

  25. This is true medicine. The way you have been treated and the way you have surrendered to that treatment is what has allowed the healing to happen. Each one of you doing your part, from equalness, responsibility and collaboraboration.

  26. A beautiful example Denise of true integrated care; what is possible when people work in collaboration and brotherhood.

  27. The biggest part of the story for me is not the getting better or not, it is the relationship with the doctor that you found trust in, and a willingness to see illness with a wide lens. The combination of responsibility for lifestyle choices and seeing everything we live being a lesson we can learn from, this for me is the quintessential factor when experiencing ill health.

    1. I agree Stephen the relationship with one’s doctor is completely underestimated. I have had some amazing relationships with my doctors over the years but I am feeling today that it is very hard to develop a relationship. Doctors being under huge pressure because of our ever worsening health as a species is meaning that there is no time for that vital relationship to develop.

      1. This is true Doug, we have developed a level of ill health across our populations that means the relationships with Doctors has changed completely. Growing up I had one Doctor, now when I do see someone it is always someone different as the time pressure is so great and the personal relationship is not considered important. And yet so many rely on Doctors for more than just physical, but also psychological support. We perhaps need a new model of healthcare that supports people back to true health and wellbeing.

      2. Yes we need a new model of health care and we need a new model of caring for ourselves because the current way is not working. We have more doctors than ever before yet they are so overwhelmed you cannot get an appointment for 4 weeks at my surgery.

      3. These are the true facts of healthcare in the current age, and why we need to really stop and reassess what we value. For the life we are all surrounded by now is so intense and for many painful. Who actually thinks it’s fun to be surrounded by such illness, stress and tension.

  28. I find it quite touching to read about a doctor being spoken of as a healer and physician. It takes away the false hierarchy that exists in medicine and restores the sense of dignity and art of medicine that it naturally holds.

  29. The equality you experienced from the doctor to the cleaners in hospital, was possible because of the equality you held as a patient. If we as a client come as an equal party to the healing process and take ownership for our part, it allows everyone else to just do their part – and not be expected to pull a miracle out without the patient having to do a thing

  30. How blessed you are to be in a position where you are being supported by such a Doctor. With the soaring suicide rates in that profession it is great to hear that there are those who are embracing life and their patients!

  31. It is rare to read such a heartfelt review on health care received, as a rule many of us moan about the care we receive and forget about the great job others do. It sounds like this doctor is a true physician and obviously enjoys his work and people.

  32. The fact that your physician is treating the whole of you, rather than just the illness – that is super special and such a great model for us all, not only in medicine, but in all our service industries. It’s not just about getting the job done, it’s about bringing everyone with you as well.

  33. Denise, this is so beautiful to read and an example of how the health system could be for everyone. If this was the way we would no longer have the exhausted health system we currently have. Definitely the way forward for us all.

  34. WOW! That’s amazing. To be told you should have died 10 years ago, and to be living still today due to your choices and not only that, completely reversing the illness you were born with is an utter miracle…and it all sounds so simple to do…trust, accept responsibility for your part, and allow others to trust in themselves. What a recipe!

  35. What a wonderful experience Denise! To have chosen a Doctor who is truly interested in each patient and Nurse and doesn’t hold back sharing the truth with you and your openness to healing all contributed to your healing.

  36. You highlight something so important here Denise, that it’s not just about the doctors, it’s everyone is involved, including the patient themselves, that is true integrated medicine, have the whole team engaged and supporting and the patient fully engaged with all. I can feel how it allows the healing and the medicine to go to another level. This is our future medicine.

  37. True medicine and an example of whole system and integrated healthcare where everyone employed in the hospital actively participates to support and nurture patients. What a love-filled hospital and model health care facility.

  38. Thank you Denise, it was beautiful to read your story again. I appreciated this line “My healing is so deep because I have the trust and support to go there, to let go, to accept and surrender to this level of care.” Care is so important in the healing process, my doctor recently told me that research showed that surgeons with good bedside manner got better results than equally competent surgeons who did not. We chatted about the importance of care and the Unimed Living article I recently read about the placebo affect and how care is part of the healing people experience even though they don’t receive an actual medicine.

  39. ‘This is an extraordinary relationship: a partnership, there is no “them and us.”’ This should be common but we all know it is not but although it is not I feel the way we present ourselves, taking responsibility for our own health will eventually change a system that is very much about ‘them and us’.

  40. Denise, wow this is beautiful to read, I can feel that this is how care should be; being truly held and nurtured by all staff, this is how we deserve to be treated and would support people so much more than the system at the moment, where there seems to be a system that seems to function at best.

  41. No ‘them and us’, but a partnership of togetherness and brotherhood sound a wonderful way to be treated in the medical field; in fact any field. Thank you Denise.

  42. Denise we have just been treated to a glimpse of our medical future. Thank you, it’s beautiful.

  43. It is easy and understandable that we get disillusioned with the medical system, but never should we become disillusioned with our doctors, and nor should they in turn become disillusioned with their patients, merely because of the constrictions of the system.

    1. Underneath all the exteriors are people who deeply care about one another and are working to understand true care without judgement.

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