Healing my heart arrhythmia – from atrial fibrillation to an open heart with conventional medicine and Universal Medicine

by Doug Valentine, BSc Eng, window cleaner, Frome, Somerset, UK  

It had been a great day and a very enjoyable evening. I was feeling a warm contented glow and I was feeling blessed as I took in nature briefly before retiring for the night in a remote Bed and Breakfast establishment deep in the countryside. I settled into bed early looking forward to a replenishing sleep when suddenly everything changed.

My heart suddenly started to go crazy in my chest, big fast jerky beats, then a stop, followed by more racy beats. In that moment it occurred to me how much I had taken my heart’s regular rhythmic operation for granted, never thanking it for the amazing job it had done for so many years. I regretted this lack of gratitude on my part and was feeling very scared by what was happening. I was not sure if I was having a heart attack or was perhaps about to have one. I lay there for an hour or two not sure what to do and praying that it would stop. It didn’t. I began to realise that perhaps lying there was not the best approach, so I got dressed and got in the car.

I had no idea where to find a hospital and so I headed for the nearest town where I found someone to ask. It was past midnight, so there were few reliable witnesses to call on, but I decided to believe the couple I spoke to, who said the nearest hospital was in a town over 30 minutes drive away. I decided that if I was about to have a heart attack it would be best if I was not driving at my normal speed and so it took me over an hour to get to the town and locate the hospital. I found the Accident and Emergency building and as I was parking my car, my heart slipped back into its normal harmonious rhythm. I explained all that had occured to the staff, who said they were sure that they were wasting their time but would put me on an ECG machine. Sure enough everything was normal and there was nothing wrong with me, so I was sent back into the night.

Having been a student of Sacred Esoteric Healing with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for several years, I had come to understand how important caring for myself was, and that included not ignoring issues that arose in my body. Therefore, when I arrived back home a few days later, I booked up straight away to see my GP. I explained to him that the irregular heart beat was happening every night since that first time a few days before, as that was the pattern that had emerged, and his response was that there was nothing they could do unless they could see it happening.

Because it only occurred in the middle of the night, it was two months later before I awoke one morning with the arrhythmia still running, so I took myself straight to the surgery – not stopping to grab anything to eat or any money or a mobile phone – that turned out to be three mistakes, not one.

I had to wait half an hour for a nurse to strap me in to the ECG machine and she was all relaxed until she saw the printout. She disappeared out of the room and a couple of minutes later my GP and another GP appeared, having seemingly abandoned their patients. I learned that I had a type of arrhythmia called atrial fibrillation happening and the other GP started applying heavy pressure to an artery in my neck, and when that didn’t work similar pressure to my eyeball, warning me that she could only try each once or she could harm me. Meanwhile my GP was dialling 999 and requesting an ambulance for urgent transfer to the nearest hospital. In the ambulance I started to feel very unwell, possibly due to a combination of the infectious panic at the GP’s surgery and not having any breakfast perhaps. I learned from the paramedics that I had very low blood sugar and that low blood sugar and arrhythmia were a dangerous mix. Fortunately they had some glucose to feed me, which felt like a lifesaver.

At the hospital the cardiologist undertook some tests and then came to inform me that my plumbing was in good shape, but it appeared that I had an electrical problem. I asked him what could be done about it and he said: “I am going to prescribe you some medication that will help control the arrhythmia.” I asked him if he thought this was a short-term thing or would I be on them for life. He confirmed that it would be for life and so reluctantly I went home and started to take the medicine.

The symptoms immediately worsened – instead of just happening in bed at night, it happened around eight times a day. I called the cardiologist and went to see him again and we agreed that I would not medicate and just live with the symptoms if that was what I preferred.

So why had this happened to me, what was the underlying cause of the arrhythmias? From a session with Serge Benhayon a couple of years before, I had come to understand that the way I had been living all of my life, with a deep layer of protection to keep people at a distance, had caused a big contraction in my vascular system, which was the cause of my long term high blood pressure. I had very effectively shut down my heart from its natural and innate fullness and by doing so I had contracted my whole vascular system over many, many years, thereby increasing my blood pressure and putting a constant stress on my heart, which sooner or later would result in a physical problem. So the arrhythmia that arrived that night had been brewing in my body for many years because of my choices to live shut down to the love that I naturally am. Or to put it another way, I had chosen to live almost exclusively from a loveless mind rather than living from my heart, the centre of love in my body.

From working with esoteric practitioners I came to understand the role that I had played in causing my own medical condition, and this gave me the opportunity to choose to change the behaviours which were harming myself as well as all those around me. I began to understand the importance of removing the protection I had built around myself to keep people away and instead to start to embrace letting people see all of me, to let them in rather than keeping them out. I feel the changes I made following the understanding gained from Serge Benhayon and other esoteric practitioners were a crucial part of the overall healing, facilitated also with the assistance and techniques from conventional medicine.

A year or more after the initial symptoms occurred, I was talking about my arrhythmia to a friend who is a doctor and she suggested that I investigate a procedure called an ablation, which I did, and I discovered that it offered a complete cure in quite a high proportion of cases. Serge Benhayon supported me to go back to conventional medicine and explore what they could do and so I re-contacted the cardiologist and asked to see him again. And at the meeting when he asked me what he could do for me, I said I would like to get the arrhythmia fixed. He looked slightly stunned and said ‘you mean an ablation?’ That was exactly what I meant and so he referred me to a different specialist at a another hospital where they ran a lot of tests which showed that I had a brace of arrhythmias so would need two ablations, but these could be done at the same time in a six hour procedure. The cardiologist said to me that there were very few patients that he would recommend or indeed even be able to agree to do one ablation on, let alone two, because almost everyone that he saw had several other health problems as well as the arrhythmia.

The procedures were both done the same day with 100% success and the cardiologist said to me that he was sure that the fact that I clearly took very good care of my health was a large factor in the success of the procedures. I too know, without any doubt, that the part I played in changing my behaviours, as well as the part played by Serge Benhayon and the other esoteric practitioners, when combined with the amazing skill of the cardiologist and his team all came together to bring the healing that I was blessed to receive.

948 thoughts on “Healing my heart arrhythmia – from atrial fibrillation to an open heart with conventional medicine and Universal Medicine

  1. Wow Doug, what an experience to go through, but there is no sense in asking why me? in the negative sense, but rather how have I been living?
    With the support of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine you came to your own understanding that when any one of us lives with a deep layer of protection to keep people at bay, that this places a stress on our bodies which will play out if left undealt with.

  2. How easily we take our bodies for granted … that is until something goes wrong I can so put my hands up to this one! Time to Love ourselves and our bodies so much than we do ❤️

  3. Wow Doug, it must have been a frightening experience, not knowing where it was leading you to. I love the honesty you got to but also the responsibility you took upon yourself too.

    When the body signals these things, conventional medicine is fantastic in what it can do now a days. The true healing is dependent on the individual, and how we make our choices will continue to heal or harm our bodies. Just in the way how we have lived and our choices, has led us to the illness in the first place.

    This is perfect timing in reading this article due to an illness I currently am going through. My choices and the continual choices I have made, were harming a particular part of my body and it basically said, enough. I’m learning another way to be and it will continue to refine as I live in this new way, till the next thing is presented by the wisdom of my body.

  4. The contraction we experience in our body at some point, is firstly energetic. When this contraction is continually sustained in our daily life, it ends affecting our health on one way or another, as your experience clearly shows Doug. It is certainly through conventional medicine that we can heal our diseases, but with the understanding we find through esoteric medicine we also have the opportunity to go deeper and find the root cause of them. This is a valuable complement to those who choose to consider it in their healing process.

    1. Amparo, this is often the missing factor to true healing,
      ‘we also have the opportunity to go deeper and find the root cause of them’. Without the two, what true healing is really occurring.

      It’s about a leak in a plumbing system, it may not be where the water is spurting out, but further deeper into the ground, find the source, fix/heal it. The surface area may be a mess at first, however it will soon clean up as things settle.

  5. A story like this really broadens the meaning of the word medicine, and lets us know how we ourselves are part of it too.

    1. Everything can fall into one of two categories ‘good medicine’ or ‘bad medicine’ and it’s such a personal thing e.g. eating beef for one person might be very medicinal but could be almost a poison for another. ‘Speaking up’ might be just what the doctored ordered for one person but the same doctor might prescribe ‘toning it down’ for another. and wouldn’t it be brilliant if doctors were to prescribe these kind of things to their patients, no need to fill a script, just go out and live the doctors orders.

  6. I love your direct approach to addressing your heart problem – and I find it surprising that doctors did not recommend the procedure to you prior – however it’s brilliant that you knew what you needed and went for it, it’s a great demonstration of what is possible when we combine conventional and complementary medicine.

  7. When we have a serious health issue the first question is Why? Esoteric Medicine supports us in understanding the connection with how we have been living to what is reflected in our body and Western Medicine is there to support us in finding a way to resolve the problem. We, as the patient, have the responsibility to care for our body and make any changes that may support the healing process.

    1. Well said Mary, the first question to any health problem is “why?” – however most people skip straight to the “how do I fix it?” question.

    2. In asking why, without feeling like a victim, we invite ourselves to take responsibility for the issue; to look at our patterns and behaviours that have contributed to the condition. We need the conventions of western medicine but to go deeper with our understanding we don’t just arrive at a cure, we arrive at a true healing.

      1. It would be good if we all had greater clarity or perhaps even just some clarity as to what is the difference between a healing and a cure. I guess for this to be the case we would first have to understand that every illness has a root cause and unless that root cause is looked at and addressed, you end up just dealing with managing the symptoms. Make the symptoms appear to vanish and you have a cure for the symptoms, but the underlying problem is not healed and will show itself perhaps in a completely different way, which we then think is a new condition, but in fact it is just the original one in another form.

  8. It makes a great deal of sense Doug that our choice to close ourselves off and shut people out has a far greater impact on our body than we consciously realise until we learn through our experiences and ill-health what our choices have led to and how much our body responds when we choose to open our heart.

      1. We often don’t consider the physical ramifications of an emotional issue. When we feel hurt our breathing gets shallower and we feel a tightness in the throat and the chest. Hang on to it, harden and hold back in expression, it is then easy to see that the emotion has manifested in the physical. The equation of not letting love in or out and then having a heart condition makes sense, but only if we are open to the fact of energy and open to reading the symbology (and sometimes quite obvious ones at that) of the symptoms in our bodies.

  9. I’ve always been interested in a holistic approach to wellbeing, and felt within myself that there are deeper reasons for why illnesses happen. I certainly appreciate Esoteric Medicine in that sense of what may be underlying the causes of health conditions, and how these energetic causes can be used to bring about a greater healing, such as in your case Doug understanding that you needed to let people in and be the love you are in essence as that was underlying the vascular condition.

    1. The reason that medicine, wonderful as it is, is not working is because it is addressing the part rather than the whole. This is where Esoteric Medicine can and one day will turn out to be the answer, working with and alongside conventional western medicine, to turning around our tidal wave of illness and disease.

  10. Could the answer to healing cardiac disease be to live with an open heart? I say yes it is. Every time that I have an issue with another person I get a sense of how it affects my vascular system.

      1. There is such a divine simplicity that is offered to us when we take moments to realise that what we hold back from are the lessons of what we truly need to heal.

    1. Thanks for your comment Elizabeth, it’s supported me to see that when we have a problem with one person we can remained closed to everyone else as well.

    2. I would agree with you Elizabeth, as I too have noticed this particualrly in recent months. As soon as I feel a tension with another, my heartrate immediately changes. We cannot deny that the body does not lie, and if we were to listen to its subtle messages all the time and act on them, we would no doubt live much healthier and balanced lives.

    3. The connection between the symbolism of a condition and the body, in its simplicity, can easily be dismissed. I can hear so many poo pooing this idea and yet if we were to truly consider this idea from the body we would allow ourselves to feel the contraction in our chests every time we withdraw, get jealous, have an argument, judge, criticise and condemn.

      1. That is a great point Michelle. Most of my life I chose not to notice the contraction in my chest, but since I made the choice to be aware of it, I can feel it every time I contract even slightly. How awesome is it that we can feel even the slightest contraction of our heart and vascular system? All we need to do is tune in and listen to it, spot what leads to it and change our behaviours so it doesn’t keep happening. If we all did just that, then we may have far fewer heart conditions and less need to resort to medication or surgery.

      2. Your learning is inspiring Doug. How cool would it be for everyone to understand what you have learned, even before their bodies presented with a heart condition and if not before, then here is a knowing that there is the potential to come back from it anyway, stronger and wiser as a consequence.

  11. Doug, I appreciate you sharing your experience for the wake up call that it presented, and the opportunity to deepen your connection and to take your self care and nurturing to a much deeper level too.

  12. Inspiring to read how both forms of medicine, conventional and the esoteric, came together to support you and your body Doug, and that how we look after our body is crucial to supporting our health as well as listening and responding to what our body is communicating that enables us to take responsibility and embrace a way of living that allows our body to heal on a far deeper level.

  13. How amazing that when we take greater care and look at our ways of being we really support ourselves and any medical procedures are then given an even greater opportunity to support as evidenced by Doug’s sharing here. Very well done Doug on making the changes you did.

    1. The idea of the patient needing to play their part rather than simply expecting the doctors to fix us seems strangely to not be the accepted position. We still seem to mostly be in the mode of we trash our body then expect someone else to fix us.

  14. Once again, I love reading how the three of you interact to give the very best medicine – you, your Universal Medicine practitioner, and the Hospital. A powerful trinity!

    1. And it is quite possible that the big improvement came from a combination of all three and would not have happened if any of the components were missing.

  15. We tend to assume when something happens to our health that we were not expecting that it came ‘out of the blue’ and was some random occurrence or bad luck but actually to consider that it is possible that the condition was building up for some time prior to the final explosion of symptoms puts us right back in the driver’s seat in terms of responsibility for our health and contributing to the state that we find ourselves in by how we are choosing to live – this the is basis of esoteric medicine – how are you living in relation to or regard of your inner most?

    1. This is true, but it is bizarre that we could put anyone but ourselves into the driver’s seat in terms of our responsibility for our health. As a race of beings we don’t appear to like responsibility very much, preferring to seek anyone but ourselves to blame when things go wrong and the random, it just happened to me, is a common angle we take.

  16. We should never settle for something that feels abnormal becoming our ‘norm’. A lot of people ignore symptoms when they arise and end up living a reduced quality of life whilst telling themselves ‘it’s all perfectly fine’. Our bodies are one of our greatest reflections and indicators of how we are living.

    1. We should definitely not settle for anything less than the best of ourselves – and the body is a remarkable instrument with oodles of information for us in this regard.

    2. Could it be that the we are actually out of control spirits having a joyride in a human body? So long as we focus exclusively on the physical and ignore our other dimensions, we will remain in the dark as to what is really going on.

  17. There are many lies written about Serge Benhayon, one of those is that he is anti-medicine. This blog shows how untrue that is – “Serge Benhayon supported me to go back to conventional medicine”. #dontbelievethehyype

  18. When we look at life, and our medical issues, from the whole perspective, taking everything into account – how we respond to the whole of life, we see that it all has an effect on the body, in some shape or form. Everything matters, and I love how you took responsibility for what was happening to your health and were prepared to look more deeply at the reasons behind it. This is the only way we will truly heal our health conditions: when we are ready to go deeper, to look beyond what we see on the surface, and feel why we ended up with the condition in the first place, looking at how we respond to every aspect of life.

  19. Thank you Doug, this is such a good read on so many levels. Self care is something that most of us do minimally, just enough to get by or is something we equate with exercise and then tend to push ourselves too much with. Literally being more careful with ourselves and everything we do, bringing more presence and awareness into our daily living, expressing how we feel from the heart without emotion or drama, allowing ourselves higher standards and being on the front foot so to speak, appreciating what we have, – all these things support us to be more self caring and to take more responsibility for our bodies and our health

    1. Elaine I have also found appreciating myself has opened me to more self care. Low self worth means exactly that, low worth or low value, which does not inspire us to care for ourselves if we feel we have low value. The more I became aware of myself and my inner qualities, and held myself preciously seeing myself as an equal and unconditionally worth love, the more I valued myself and my wellbeing, and this then influenced the level of self care I could offer myself. Part of this process was letting go of ideals and beliefs I held about how I was supposed to look or be, which were also negatively influencing my self worth. The more I appreciate who I naturally am and hold that preciously the more I naturally want to care for and love myself. Part of my self care has been in building this true relationship with myself.

      1. ‘The more I appreciate who I naturally am and hold that preciously the more I naturally want to care for and love myself.’ Thank you Melinda, I love this statement. To appreciate who I naturally am and hold that preciously means I do not spoil myself with food or other fillers or distractions but naturally deeply honour my body and thus my being and allow more room for love.

    2. I feel the same elainearthey – it’s giving ourselves permission to take care of ourselves rather than just battling on. How often do we brush over the insights that our bodies show us.

  20. “In that moment it occurred to me how much I had taken my heart’s regular rhythmic operation for granted, never thanking it for the amazing job it had done for so many years.”

    Isn’t this often the way in life that we do not appreciate nor value the depth of what we have until we are robbed of it. This makes me realise that appreciation is a key factor in our personal growth and development, as is it a prerequisite for a healthy and harmonious society.

    1. Appreciation is everything as you say both individually and for us as a society, so it is surprising just how little appreciation there is in our world, when what the world needs is a tsunami dose of it.

  21. To understand the energetic cause of an illness like high blood pressure and heart arrhythmias is pure gold, as then one can make the steps to address the actual foundation of the ailment, rather than just dealing with the symptoms, even though that is a critical component to the overall treatment and is necessary.

  22. Conventional and Universal Medicine (Complementary Medicine) working together to support the whole body. This is how things should be now and in the future, we separate ourselves in to parts and limbs and then seek to be fixed….this is not true health or care for ourselves. If we require support to reconnect and care for our bodies, let us consider the benefit of not finding a fix, but rather a sustainable and long term way of living. Universal Medicine inspires this to occur….

    1. This is a great way to look at it – Thank you Leigh. It reminds me of how often people have a surgery with no preparation so their recovery can be hindered or not as successful as it might have been had they put in care and invested in themselves nutritionally, with their sleep and exercise patterns. This is across the board, however, we do not need an operation pending to care for ourselves and prepare ourselves for life and yes supporting the work and benefit that conventional medicine offers.

    2. Taking care of ourselves not only supports conventional medicine, it supports everybody else too because the truth is we are one united All and Everything, which means of course that when we don’t take care of ourselves then we are also neglecting everybody else and everything else too. We will return to a point in our history when we realise that it’s our duty to pull ourselves and everybody else up and when we get to that point we will want to do it gleefully. We will be coming out of a very long and dark patch in our history. The interesting thing is that we won’t be spending any time lamenting on lost years, we will simply be getting on with returning to our future.

  23. Combining western medicine with the esoteric – the best of both worlds. Thanks for sharing Doug.

  24. Great blog Doug, a real example of how our body is affected by the way we live, and how supportive Serge Benhayon is of conventional medicine.

  25. “The procedures were both done the same day with 100% success and the cardiologist said to me that he was sure that the fact that I clearly took very good care of my health was a large factor in the success of the procedures.” That is beautiful Doug. It shows how burdened our health care system is otherwise with all the people who keep abusing their bodies with the wrong foods, lack of exercise and alcohol or cigarets. Because, as you are a testimony of, the health care system works best when we ourselves work on our part too and that is self-care and self-love so our body is fit and can recover.

    1. If we think about it, it is absolutely ridiculous to expect the health service to fix us but not be willing to make changes to our lifestyle that are making us ill.

  26. ‘Out of the blue’ things can happen to us that seem a surprise but are just the result of how much we’ve allowed lies to dictate and govern our life. Things might seem smooth on the surface but we all know deep down the truth of what we are choosing. Thanks for sharing your story Doug of how your body stopped you in your tracks to reconsider life.

    1. Yes we tend to think of these things that happen as a bad thing without realising that we are entirely responsible for them occurring, but in fact they offer us an amazing opportunity to change things dramatically for the better and to engage in a new start. Opening up my heart after living most of my life with my heart closed down was one such amazing opportunity.

  27. Hi. I am just wondering if they have returned at all in the last 3 years? I am looking at having the same procedure as the 1st time didnt work. But my heart was closed then.

    1. Hi Vanessa, apologies I just saw your question. The answer is no, neither of the two arrhythmias have returned at all and it is five years since I had the procedures. I feel very blessed to have my heart working normally again. The consultant informed me that there was a 90% success with the procedure for atrial flutter and a 60% success rate with the atrial fibrillation procedure. So 100% success is a great result. The key for me was definitely changing all the lifestyle choices that were harming my body. By me playing my part the medical team were enabled to do theirs with the success achieved.

  28. This is an amazing story Doug. So interesting to know all the detail and how you followed things up and didn’t bury them. It shows how much healing is a team-work situation and depends upon the commitment of the patient, the medical team, and in your case too Universal medicine and Serge Benhayon. Well done!

  29. A beautiful union of western medicine and complementary medicine – where the healing is not just in the pills you take or the procedures you have – but in the way you are with your body. This sounds like quite a journey and with the support of Universal Medicine, you have been able to expand the way you have supported your body.

  30. It is amazing how the body responds to healing when we are willing to look at how we are living and understand what is really causing the illness and not the usual things that we might put it down to, such as genetics. Heart disease is still one of the top illnesses in the world today and if medicine were able to look deeper and see that most of humanity is in protection and shutting people out, heart disease would no longer be as prevalent as it is today.

    1. That is where the marriage of conventional medicine and esoteric medicine is going to change things because conventional medicine has been doing the opposite of looking deeper and needs esoteric medicine’s wisdom to allow that deepening to occur.

  31. Doug it always amazes me just how much healing can take place when we really look at how we are living. For me Universal Medicine has been a life-changing experience, I have learned to connect with myself to deeply heal many things that were holding me back from living love and being me.

  32. Wow this is a great example of how important it is to accept that our current state of health is the result of all our previous lifestyle choices and having done that, it shows how taking care of ourselves helps conventional medicine to effect a cure or at least to reduce symptoms. I was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation back in 1982 but no cure was offered apart from a recommendation that I take Aspirin. I was a bit anti-medicine at that point and took nothing and as a result had an ischaemic leg (arterial clot) in 1984. After that I took whatever medication was prescribed although the doctor said that if my resting heart rate stayed below 80 I didn’t need to take the digoxin but I did have to stay on warfarin, which I have done. I am careful to avoid stress and my heart rate, although still irregular is around 70, so I am on no other medication. I was on Carbimazole for my thyroid for six years but the readings have all returned to normal so am no longer on that. Self care truly makes a difference to our health!

  33. You are a living miracle Doug, what an inspiring story about the powerful combination of western medicine and esoteric medicine and how it can bring true healing to the body. Considering the amount of heart conditions currently in the world this article would really serve the wider community, as the awareness you came to around your heart condition would support many people who have a similar condition.

  34. It is great to read that it is the way you live and take care of yourself that allowed the medical procedure to work so successfully. We can have amazing doctors and medicine but without us playing our part, they cannot do what they are here to do.

  35. Thanks for sharing Doug , a clear example of how we bring on our own illness and the illness has a message of healing for us if we are willing to receive it , thankfully you did Doug.

  36. If diseases can have an emotional cause or contributing cause then it would make sense that the physical part can heal when we deal with the emotional cause. That may be an obvious statement but it seems to be considered very difficult to deal with emotional causes.

  37. “Or to put it another way, I had chosen to live almost exclusively from a loveless mind rather than living from my heart, the centre of love in my body.” What a statement and what an incredible insight to have about yourself. From this honesty, true change can occur with dedication and commitment. I was moved to tears reading this today as it was a pertinent reminder to live from the centre of love in my own body.

  38. We are designed to love unconditionally so if we are not doing that then it puts a tremendous pressure on our heart as well as the rest of the body.

    1. Hence the increasing levels of heart disease appearing in our younger generations. Is it possible there is a responsibility we have said no to that allows this to continue to repeat itself in generations to come.

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