Healing my heart arrhythmia – from atrial fibrillation to an open heart with conventional medicine and Universal Medicine

by Doug Valentine, BSc Eng, window cleaner, Frome, Somerset, UK  

It had been a great day and a very enjoyable evening. I was feeling a warm contented glow and I was feeling blessed as I took in nature briefly before retiring for the night in a remote Bed and Breakfast establishment deep in the countryside. I settled into bed early looking forward to a replenishing sleep when suddenly everything changed.

My heart suddenly started to go crazy in my chest, big fast jerky beats, then a stop, followed by more racy beats. In that moment it occurred to me how much I had taken my heart’s regular rhythmic operation for granted, never thanking it for the amazing job it had done for so many years. I regretted this lack of gratitude on my part and was feeling very scared by what was happening. I was not sure if I was having a heart attack or was perhaps about to have one. I lay there for an hour or two not sure what to do and praying that it would stop. It didn’t. I began to realise that perhaps lying there was not the best approach, so I got dressed and got in the car.

I had no idea where to find a hospital and so I headed for the nearest town where I found someone to ask. It was past midnight, so there were few reliable witnesses to call on, but I decided to believe the couple I spoke to, who said the nearest hospital was in a town over 30 minutes drive away. I decided that if I was about to have a heart attack it would be best if I was not driving at my normal speed and so it took me over an hour to get to the town and locate the hospital. I found the Accident and Emergency building and as I was parking my car, my heart slipped back into its normal harmonious rhythm. I explained all that had occured to the staff, who said they were sure that they were wasting their time but would put me on an ECG machine. Sure enough everything was normal and there was nothing wrong with me, so I was sent back into the night. Continue reading “Healing my heart arrhythmia – from atrial fibrillation to an open heart with conventional medicine and Universal Medicine”

Esoteric Medicine: is it complementary or alternative medicine and what’s the difference?

by Eunice J Minford MBChB MA FRCS Ed, Consultant Surgeon, N Ireland

I used to think that complementary medicine and alternative medicine were the same thing. I have come across others who speak of them as one and the same thing as well. The words are used interchangeably by many, and both often get tied together in the abbreviation ‘CAM’ – to refer to all things complementary and alternative in the world of medicine.

I was also very dismissive of anything that was in any way alternative/complementary and basically anything that was not mainstream medicine, and which had not been verified scientifically as I understood it. I viewed them, as many medical doctors do, with contempt and considered them all to be a waste of time and potentially dangerous if they prevented people getting access to ‘real medicine’. I had heard stories of people refusing medical treatment and who insisted on the ‘alternative’ path – only to end up dead when their cancer was of course not cured by the ‘alternative’ treatment. So it would be fair to say I was pretty staunchly against anything that had the label of complementary or alternative, as to me they were all in the same bag!

At that time I was of course very much in the arrogance of the medical/scientific consciousness, which thinks that doctors and scientists are the only ones who understand the body, illness and disease and treatment, and that unless people have been through the rigors of a bona fide medical and scientific training, then they basically have no right to make any claims as to the workings of the body – even their own. Continue reading “Esoteric Medicine: is it complementary or alternative medicine and what’s the difference?”