Studying the Eye with University and Universal Medicine

by Cherise Holt, 31, Nurse, Australia

As a part of my University studies this week, I’ve been learning about the common visual disorders of the human eye. To understand the concepts, we begin by exploring the normal function – the anatomy and physiology – of the eye itself. From the delicate lid that supports and protects the eye from harm, to the way the eye is held and supported by the body to remain in shape, in place and in harmony with its surroundings and functions.

I learnt about the pupil, the black spot in the centre of the eye that we so often see change size – constrict and dilate – depending on the light that is around us and in our view. It was here that I learnt something totally amazing…

I had always thought of the pupil as not much more than a black spot in the centre of the eye and had never fully appreciated the fact that it is actually not a spot at all, but rather an opening that allows and receives light and information in, to be viewed at a deeper level within the eye, passing through and being focused by the lens, to be received at the retina, where the light is processed and the messages passed on to the brain.

Perhaps this sounds rather simple and common sense, but I personally had never fully appreciated the depth of our eyes in their physical function before.

Since beginning my other studies with Universal Medicine, I have also learnt how amazing it feels to have a connection with others and to meet someone with my eyes. I’ve been learning for myself what it means to observe life, others and situations from a place within me that’s knowing of who I am – my essence – and not from a judgement or by taking on external factors that aren’t in my control.

These simple teachings have confirmed to me that we have a moment-by-moment opportunity to not only ‘see’ whatever picture is presented before our eyes, but also to observe, allow and receive what is there to be seen, read and felt from the depths of our innermost beauty.

We live in the physicality of our human bodies in every moment of every day and can find ourselves ‘out of our bodies’ – perhaps in a rush, caught in our heads or making choices that disregard our bodies. But what I am also learning (and loving!) is the natural order and harmony our bodies are designed to work, move and be in, from the smallest detail and cell within.

There is much to appreciate about our bodies and the amazing way in which they go about their expressions, movements and functions, reminding me how crucial it is to support my own body in return, making choices that support it to be the most loving vehicle of expression that it can be.

909 thoughts on “Studying the Eye with University and Universal Medicine

  1. The moment we receive with our whole body what energy is there to be felt, everything that is not aligned to the fiery will we aligned to beforehand with our body, will stick out and registered as something not true immediately.

  2. You can only look at the pupil and see the high intelligence of our human body. Imagine we would honour every part of it in its unfathomable wisdom and function?!

  3. It is vital to begin this conversation about the human body as a vehicle for expression, and I have listened to Serge Benhayon talk about this many times. It seems a key part of life on earth – to understand our place amongst the greater universal order of life and to know that what ever is being expressed is done so in accordance to or against this order, which ultimately makes the human being very powerful, as we have the power to choose the source of our expression, and thus what we see or choose not to see.

  4. If we receive through the eyes then our openness and willingness to receiving will determine how much we see and also what we see. This reminds us that clearing the blockages and inhibitions to seeing all there is to be seen is a process that requires constant attention.

  5. There is such a “natural order and harmony our bodies are designed to work” and it is a pure delight to (slowly in my case) reconnect to this and bring a respect and understanding to it.

  6. What I can feel is how our body is an apparatus of motion, yet its motion is always in response to what it receives and how it experiences that receiving. It feels eternally beautiful and genius.

  7. When we seek out it is quite easy to have an expectation of what we will see and the way we seek is an expectation in itself and therefore limiting what we can perceive.

  8. Yes, the eye is amazing, a stable jelly-like construct that follows very complex physics.

  9. I love it when the physiology we learn matches the energetic truth that we know – that the eye is a receiver of light and not the projector of it. That is, we don’t look out to see the images we see, we receive them.

  10. Yes Richard indeed, and it would make sense then that our eyes serve to receive confirmation, of what we already can energetically feel, is in line with the vibration of our universality and what is not.

  11. Beautifully shared Cherise, there certainly is a richer and truer quality of life that can be lived when we are open to observing and reading the quality of movements in any situation, as we then are able to respond with greater love, be it a confirmation or a correction.

  12. In education we are taught to seek from the outer, our wisest teacher is the inner heart for the lies can never deceive the truth it feels.

  13. Thank you for expanding my appreciation of how our eyes function but also how it is through the choices that we make we can use our eyes to see the pictures that we are being presented with or we can choose to go deeper and read what is really happening.

  14. It is true that our eyes ‘receive’ light and ‘receive’ what they see. In this way we can match the nature of our eyes by receiving the world and receiving people rather than ‘looking’ and imposing our judgments upon it and them. In this way we can support ourselves to stay present with ourselves and observe. What an amazing reflection our eyes give us in their nature.

  15. I loved this focus on how incredible just one part of our body is.. if we lived with that awareness and appreciation of our whole body, all of the time, it would be impossible to not to take care of it, to cherish and love it deeply.

    1. Absolutely it can be so easy to take the amazing way our body supports us for granted but there is so much that we can do to support it on a daily basis although for me it is often when there is a problem as I had recently with my eye that I really take notice and commit to taking more loving care of myself.

    2. Would we still self harm in any way, if we understand the importance of every aspect of our body would we still abuse it?

  16. Cherise the way you studied the eye to every detail revealed how divine it’s design is, just imagine what will be revealed if we allow ourselves to become aware to this degree of our entire body.

  17. Our eyes reflect a great amount of detail about ourselves especially how we are living, that is not necessarily visible elsewhere.

  18. It is strange how we can take so much for granted, and once our eyes are opened about something, we can view it in a totally different way. The eye is part of a delicate and specialist mechanism to receive light and information to be felt at a deeper level inside the body that we are unaware of. So many parts of the body function in this way, the skin for example is an incredible organ that affects us at a deeper level by what it absorbs and what it filters out. The body is phenomenal how it supports us so much.

  19. I found that there have been many times where I notice or see something that was there before, but that I never noticed before. This has happened many times and can be a revelation.

  20. I love how you describe the eye and I can feel the appreciation you hold for it. It is great to learn about the human body and how it all works and to appreciate the delicateness of how it is all meticulously designed to work for us. Without the appreciation it often gets a functional summary of parts of the body and their name without true love and life being felt in it.

    1. Yes, there are common sayings that the eyes are the window to the soul. I don’t think that is quite correct but the eyes of a person can show a lot about them.

  21. When I was a child I would avoid looking into people’s eyes at times, I feel this was because I was reading so much from their eyes that wasn’t matching how they were presenting themselves and it was hard for me to feel how falsely they were living.

  22. It never ceases to amaze me how much you can tell about a person just by looking into their eyes. This is truly fascinating because even though their physical eyes may not look different from day to day, all the feelings or emotions that they are experiencing and the way they are living get transmitted by the eyes somehow and as Cherise has stated, their state of being can be read by us on an energetic level. This shows how we receive much more than just an image into our eyes and have the ability to see beyond the physical existence.

  23. Thank you for the reminder Cherise we use our eyes all day long but we have little awareness of how they work.The fact that they receive light makes sense to me and opens up the fact that it is possible to see more than what we currently choose to see at present.

  24. I like how you share our eyes are so much more than just seeing what is in front of us, but for observing and receiving, part of us reading movement and connecting with another through looking into their eyes, and this is just our eyes. Our bodies are amazing and Universal Medicine offers a deep understanding and awareness of the wisdom our body brings.. a wisdom that has over and over shown me so much more than I was only a few years ago aware of.

  25. Fascinating to learn that the pupil is an opening to receive and let the light pass into a deeper level to see. I can feel how the way I normally use my eyes to ‘look out’ to the world is not quite how it is designed to be. When I ‘look out’ it feels like there’s already a filter acting as a kind of projector, making me think that it is the reality that I am seeing but actually I have already pre-determined how I want to see it.

  26. ” to observe, allow and receive what is there to be seen, read and felt from the depths of our innermost beauty. ” This is true sight.

  27. Absolutely gorgeous Cherise. We are here to receive what is there in front of us and not to force our perceptions onto it. Thinking about it, it makes sense that we have so many eye problems because we are often not receiving but trying to see what we think we see according to our ideals and beliefs, which overstresses our eyes.

  28. “to observe, allow and receive what is there to be seen, read and felt from the depths of our innermost beauty.” A beautiful way to appreciate the opportunity that is offered to feel and know everything around us from within.

  29. As soon as we start to treat our body as a vehicle then our movements can’t help but change, because the quality of how we live then becomes about the whole and our ability to maximise the service we can bring to humanity! A super practical example is that overeating and exhausting ourselves with late nights limit the attention we can pay to conversations the next day, thus limiting our care and ability to listen to others.

    1. I love this Susie – bringing it back to our bodies true purpose and that even more so we do not even own the particles in our bodies – they are simply ours for this purpose also.

  30. Wow, this is amazing… how the pupil is an opining for light to pass in to, how light passes deeply in to our bodies through our eyes. This inspires a way of regarding ourselves as the eternal observers, reading the light that is at play around us all of the time.

  31. Our eyes are an amazing part of our anatomy, we receive so many messages through them, yet we often blind ourselves by limiting what we see.

  32. How often do we look into our own eyes and let ourselves see what is there to be seen, both physically and energetically? If we did this on a regular basis we would be more honest about whether we were doing well or not as the eyes reveal so much.

    1. Thank you for this reminder Elizabeth. I have not been doing this of late and know how it can confirm me and support me to feel more closely as to what is really going on.

  33. Serge Benhayon has presented on a number of occasions that the eye does not look, as we think it does, but receives. In other words, we are less ‘looking out’ and more ‘taking in’. The physical nature of the eye as described here reflects that understanding.

  34. It is amazing to think about how all the particles of our body have an innate sense and call to a universal form of order, flow and harmony; it makes me appreciate the signs my body shows me of how I’ve been living and not just brush them off or dismiss it.

  35. Another great reminder that life is not what we see but what we receive, we think we see and it’s us doing the seeing, but if we are open to being receivers then perhaps we will open our other senses as well.

  36. Articles like this make you stop and consider how you are and how you see things around you and in particular how you see your body. It would make sense to treat something that is so so sensitive with great care and yet this isn’t our current way. I had never really considered how the eye works either and in fact how just this part of our body has so many parts itself. It’s interesting to consider that the eye actually receives and not sees as we currently think and so the message or the quality of the message received would be altered or controlled then by the quality of the body that is receiving it. It brings a whole other level of care we can have with ourselves and how if we truly want to see everything then we should make every move a part of that. Great article that has given me more insight into how things are.

  37. Beautiful appreciation of the eye and how our body is designed to adhere to the natural order of the universe. The depth of our eyes in physical form is reflecting the depth of the light we can receive through our eyes and of the light we can let out for all to see and feel.

  38. Beautiful Cherise, what I have loved about Universal Medicine is learning how to not only see with our eyes but feeling from our innermost. It becomes a union with our eyes and soul, then the image in front of us can be seen in full.

  39. No where is it so highlighted better than in this description of our amazing eyes how so much depends on the quality of light that we live in life.

  40. The human body is indeed an extraordinary machine with exquisite and jaw dropping interconnected processes. It is ridiculous how we can disregard it when it can be such a stunning support for us… and therefore great to be reminded of the importance of appreciating and honour our bodies and choosing to listen to the wisdom and guidance it offers through the reactions it has to how we treat it.

  41. I often look at something and see all these vibrant colours and angels and then I get my camera out and it cannot capture what my eye can see, I find it quite amazing that with all the technology we still struggle to recreate the bodies natural functions! Yet we do not stop enough to appreciate and take general love and care of the amazing vehicle we are blessed to move around in everyday. It is refreshing to read about the eye with this level of appreciation.

  42. Our body is indeed miraculous in the way it works, so many different systems working tirelessly to deliver function, and somehow all working in harmony together. This is a great reminder Cherise “to support my own body in return, making choices that support it to be the most loving vehicle of expression that it can be.”

  43. An example of how much order and purpose there is in the way the body naturally functions, our pupil offers us an opportunity to appreciate this in detail: “an opening that allows and receives light and information in, to be viewed at a deeper level within the eye, passing through and being focused by the lens, to be received at the retina, where the light is processed and the messages passed on to the brain.”

  44. Light is energy – we know this from science, so what if the pupil not only lets in the light we see with but the Light that is emanating from us all however hard we have tried to hide it away? I’m sure most if not all of us have experienced seeing someone from a distance and being able to feel the quality they are moving in, whether they are harmless or dangerous, light and playful or dark and sad……. Our eyes receive energy so we are able to ‘see’ everything if we are prepared to open our mind’s eye to this truth.

  45. I love what you have expressed here Cherise as it encourages and invites us to see much more than the eye physically sees;
    “we have a moment-by-moment opportunity to not only ‘see’ whatever picture is presented before our eyes, but also to observe, allow and receive what is there to be seen, read and felt from the depths of our innermost beauty”.

  46. There certainly is much to learn and to appreciate about our bodies, both physically and energetically. I love that we have a “moment-by-moment opportunity to not only ‘see’ whatever picture is presented before our eyes, but also to observe, allow and receive what is there to be seen, read and felt from the depths of our innermost beauty”.

  47. The love that we hold does not come from the mind, but first from the inner heart, then through the eyes, and in this, every cell in our body joins in this joyous dance.
    Definitely the heart and the eyes are the opening and opportunity for huge love to come through.

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