Taking a sick day – what did I learn from it?

By Gina Dunlop, teacher, Brisbane

On my morning walks I connect with nature around me, which I love to do. I hear the birds singing, observe the lush magnificent trees, bushes and grasses, smell the fragrance and feel the entire embrace of nature around me. It is beautiful.

But on this one particular morning I could feel my body was aching in many places; I felt heavy and it was pretty hard going.

I contemplated how all those things in nature I was observing were in optimum health and function. Sure, there may be the odd injured bird or animal, but overall everything was functioning spectacularly. My body, a human being on this planet, is a living part on this earth as much as everything else – so why wasn’t I feeling spectacular also? What had I been doing that meant I had a body that wasn’t functioning to the best of its ability and was quite frankly feeling run down and exhausted?

When I got home, I began getting ready for work and realised I was actually sick and I needed to call in unwell. I went into regret and guilt. But on further reflection, I realised there was more – what I was feeling was an irresponsibility.

This was my third day off sick this year – on each occasion, I understood it was my body telling me I was living in stress and nervous energy; I was engaging in behaviours that were not fully supporting me to function optimally and allowing me to flourish.

So with this awareness, on this particular day I felt irresponsible. My body had been communicating with me on two prior occasions and I had deeply understood and linked feeling unwell to these stressful behaviours, but I had not fully dealt with them and here I was unwell again.

On this occasion I decided to do something about it. I spent my day resting and nurturing, but then sought support from colleagues and practitioners. I discovered some new work strategies and visited health practitioners with the willingness, openness and honesty to go deeper at looking behind the behaviours I had previously been exhibiting.

The results have been profound. My body doesn’t buzz with a nervous tension all the time, I am more relaxed and more joyful at work, I have space in my day to be joyful and playful with my partner and young children. I feel so much better!

Since attending presentations by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I have been blessed with an understanding of how our behaviours directly impact our well-being and health. Our bodies are ideally designed to live in harmony and unison with our environment, like the nature I had observed and mentioned previously. In harmony, we have enough energy to function in optimal health, to accomplish all the physical activities we need to do in our day. However, unlike nature, we can load ourselves up with active thoughts, emotions, concerns, stress, over excitement, or consume food and drinks which don’t support us – these emotions and intakes use up energy we require to function – and more often than not, we ‘run out’ of energy.

It is then our bodies become dis-eased which, over time, leads to disease. The ease we should be living with is disrupted.

Just as nature continually evolves, so too do our bodies – as part of that nature – support us to evolve. Illness and disease are the body’s way of clearing anything that does not support us and they are part of our evolution. It is the body’s way of talking to us – alerting us to our harmful choices and behaviours.

How beautiful and wondrous that our bodies speak to us like this – to view illness as a dialogue, alerting us to behaviours which do not support optimal health and living. How often have we felt this – we get sick – and it provides a moment where we can directly feel and link our illness to a certain way of living – a stressful time recently experienced, a few late nights, eating unsupportive foods. Or we bump into something, hit our ‘funny’ bone, even break a bone – it’s all a ‘stop’ moment our bodies are bringing us to in order to pull us up to reflect on behaviours which are taking us away from feeling awesome.

I, like many, had always felt a connection between behaviours and illness, but since listening to the presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I have deepened my awareness and acceptance of this inner wisdom and knowing and have brought this to all areas of my life. As a result, I am living with an inner joy and true confidence in myself, which I had never dreamed of attaining.

I am so appreciative of the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for bringing to me these ancient understandings of the science of life and how the world truly operates.

I am a forever student, ever learning from my body and from life how to grow in love and wisdom, every day.

1,227 thoughts on “Taking a sick day – what did I learn from it?

  1. I can really relate to this blog as repeatedly I experience sinus infections. I am fine at this moment but it’s a reminder to take responsibility for the behaviours that lead to the sinus infections.

  2. There are a lot of people who think that what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine present are somehow new or far fetched. But if we were to look more closely we would all see and have the understanding that what is presented is ages old. Serge Benhayon is one of the many who have presented the Ageless Wisdom; he is one of the many teachers from an ancient lineage of masters. And like so many other teachers has drawn criticism because for many of us we like our comfortable life and do not want to be reminded that there is more to life than we think there is.

  3. “Illness and disease are the body’s way of clearing anything that does not support us and they are part of our evolution. It is the body’s way of talking to us – alerting us to our harmful choices and behaviours.” Bringing this understanding to our sick days is so supportive. Having had a migraine headache yesterday although it felt awful I knew my body was clearing a lot – and despite feeling a bit fragile today I’m off to volunteer.

  4. Gina, this was perfect timing as my body is going through what feels like an unpleasant clearing. It has been loitering around for some weeks now and at times, I feel miserable to be honest.

    Reading this has just reconfirmed that it is ok with what ever is going on, and to have the support of practitioners, is supportive and loving for me and my body.

    I love reading these blogs/sharing’s, they remind me that everything is ok and if I need the support of modern medicine or a Universal Medicine practitioner, so be it. Thank goodness we have both.

    1. I agree Shushila – having both western medicine and the support of esoteric medicine have both been instrumental when I have been ill.

  5. ” to view illness as a dialogue, alerting us to behaviours which do not support optimal health and living.” For those who lack this awareness, illness can be seen as an attack, failure, can cause shame or embarrassment. If we can get beyond this and begin a dialogue with an illness, it becomes a wise friend brought to deepen our understanding of the relationship we’ve had with our bodies and life.

    1. The consciousness around illness is all of the above, but also in extreme cases it has to be conquered or defeated. ‘Beating’ it is championed, but in trying to beat it we are missing the point of the illness in the first place.

      1. Yes, I agree Michelle attempts to ‘beat’ an illness defeats the purpose, which is to bring understanding and true healing and not just removal of symptoms.

      2. Seeing illness as an opportunity to clear poison from our bodies that we have taken in by not honouring our sensitivity supports us to understand why we have the illness and then to change the momentum that led to the condition. Healing is very different from a cure.. as you say Kehinde, a cure is the removal of symptoms, true healing is to rid the body from the energy that caused it.

      3. I hear so many people wanting to ‘fight’ their disease. They just want to get better quickly and get back to their old ;normal ‘ life, which is what brought on the illness in the first place. We need to wake up and take more responsibility for our health – as a nation.

    2. Kehinde, I love your perspective on illness, ‘a dialogue with an illness, it becomes a wise friend’, I had not viewed it like this. It does become your ‘wise friend’, so in this we develop a more of an understanding and in that understanding, we appreciate the intelligence of the body. And when we appreciate the intelligence of the body, more is revealed to us.

  6. The stop moment that a sickness offers to us, is a loving reminder of the opportunity we always have to make a stop and listen our body at every time in our life.

  7. These days I too appreciate “How beautiful and wondrous that our bodies speak to us like” they do, always letting us know what is going on for them, what needs changing, when we need to rest and so on. But it wasn’t always the case, as in the past I often used to get annoyed at my body’s messages and the fact that it was not functioning the way I expected it to. But I finally discovered that if I made the choice to listen to what my body was saying and then made more self-loving choices, I ended up with a body that was way more healthy and vital; yes, it was definitely worth stopping to listen.

  8. This is amazing. To actually make the connection between the way we have been living and how we are feeling in our body sounds simple, but almost no one does this. Why because in a nutshell we prefer to be dishonest and irresponsible, we prefer to blame anything but ourselves. Realising that we are run by a part of ourselves that is dishonest and irresponsible is a massive first step, Then starting to observe and catch that dishonesty and irresponsibility and to question ourselves. This is the way we evolve past the point we have long been stuck on.

  9. This is such a timely read for me. We can learn to respond to what the body communicates to us, but looking back at how we have been living up to this point offers us just as much learning.

  10. How we treat our bodies is akin to how we treat ourselves, how we live our lives and consequently how life treats us back.

    1. What you have written would be a beautifully simple and practical lesson for all children; that how you treat your body is ‘how life treats you back”. As everything is interrelated, how we treat one part of our life affects everything else, so we are somewhat deluded if we think we can continue to treat our body badly and not have a consequence, often very uncomfortable and possibly painful.

  11. Gina it’s brilliant that you could approach illness like this, I get the same irresponsible feeling – knowing that my choices or disregard for myself has ultimately led to me letting other people down. So the best move forward is to take better care and look into ways we can adjust our lives so that the same compromise is not made again.

  12. Taking a sick day and learning from it so one never needs to be sick in the same way from the same behaviours again is evolving oneself. For some reason most of us prefer to stick with our same behaviours no matter what they keep bringing us again and again, i.e. strangely, most of us prefer to not evolve.

  13. Taking a ‘sick day’ is an opportunity for a deeper healing into our own responsibility in the way we have been running our body.

  14. “In harmony, we have enough energy to function in optimal health, to accomplish all the physical activities we need to do in our day.” We often fight with our bodies rather than work with it. When we learn to support, care for and honour it, it gives back to us and having unlimited energy for all the things we need to do reflects the quality of our Livingness.

  15. With the realisation that it is our behaviours that impact our health and well-being, when we are honest about our lifestyle choices it opens our awareness to explore the underlying reason why we knowingly disregard ourselves and end up getting sick. As we start to explore changing our choices by taking responsibility and being far more caring and respectful of our body the more gently and tenderly we hold and value ourselves and the more our body naturally responds and teaches us how we are in relationship with it and how to truly support each other.

  16. If we have evolved from nature, how is it so that we are not in harmony with it? How comes we are the main predator and reason behind the extinction of animal and plant species? If our origins are from this planet, how come we cannot live in harmony with it? We are blinded to the truth of our origin, of our roots and in that lie we are excused to do whatever we desire.

  17. “It is then our bodies become dis-eased which, over time, leads to disease. The ease we should be living with is disrupted.”

    I love this line – so simple and so true. If we heed what is being revealed, we would arrest our out of control nose-dive into ill health and disease.

  18. “However, unlike nature, we can load ourselves up with active thoughts, emotions, concerns, stress, over excitement, or consume food and drinks which don’t support us – these emotions and intakes use up energy we require to function – and more often than not, we ‘run out’ of energy. It is then our bodies become dis-eased which, over time, leads to disease. The ease we should be living with is disrupted.” This is such a common sense blog and this quote is so supportive, I agree as human beings we live outside of the harmony our natural environment lives to, and as a result of that disharmony we manifest illnesses. So simple and clear, thank you for all you have shared.

  19. The more we are able to connect and listen to our body it offers us an amazing wisdom from within, yet when we make choices that are in disregard to what we know to be true our body gives us a nudge, we don’t feel so well and it is simply our body drawing our attention to how we are living, it could be as simple as going to bed late on a regular basis or working without taking a break, we have to lovingly look after our body for it to lovingly look after us.

  20. The body has a standard of love that it doesn’t drop from, it won’t let me get away with an unloving behaviour. Everything is registered and eventually will be addressed in one way or another be it an ‘accident’ and illness or something else that gets me to stop.

    1. There is always more going on than we can see and indeed everything we do, say and even think is registered and every step away from our divine truth has to be corrected, perhaps by illness and disease or by so called natural disasters.

  21. We just simply have to love our bodies because of how honouring they are of us, they communicate loud and clear when something is not ok, they don’t give up and persist in reminding us that what ever we are doing is not working. We can either listen and make changes or keeping going until at some point the body will make us stop. I know which one I prefer.

  22. Our body is the marker of truth, we can not lie to it, we can pretend we are fine but it will show us in what ever way it can when we have moved away from being the loving caring precious women and men that innately are within us all.

  23. ‘Just as nature continually evolves, so too do our bodies – as part of that nature – support us to evolve.’ And we can ignore this or go with the blessing it gives us.

    1. If we didn’t impose on our bodies then they would naturally flourish but we do. We consistently and persistently bring in all manner of things that interfere with the natural functioning of our bodies. All of these disharmonious ways of living that we haul into and onto ourselves are created out of an energetic source called the pranic consciousness. There are literally thousands of different variations of the pranic consciousness but the ones that I know very well are beliefs, pictures, expectations, emotions and individuality, I have used them all excessively to the absolute detriment of my body.

  24. It makes sense when we have a body that works in harmony with itself that certain behaviours we take on bring disruption and struggle and are draining for our body as they are not part of our true nature. Listening honestly to our body and resting when needed and honouring how we are truly feeling allows the nurturing space we need to return to our body’s natural rhythm.

  25. I love how you remind us that harmony is our nature. Anything but calls for attention, and our body commands it.

  26. Seeing illness as a message from our body alerting us to the fact that we have been living in disharmony is a true blessing, as it affords us the opportunity to then uncover the root cause of our maladies and to change the behaviours which are causing these, so that true healing is allowed to occur.

  27. When we live in dis-eases we end up living with a disease, our bodies are made out of harmonious particles which communicate, thrive and grow from the energy of the Soul. When we prohibit this communication, the disease from our bodies is evident.

  28. The more we honour what our body is communicating to us from the get-go, the more we do live in greater harmony, well-being, vitality and settlement. Living guided by the truth of our body we are essentially living in greater connection to our essence, impulsed by our Soulful light. Developing a loving and caring relationship with my body, which has changed my life and my general state of well-being, and deepening my relationship with The Way of The Livingness has been and continues to be inspired by the Universal Medicine, the living way of Serge Benhayon and the light of my Soul.

    1. I love this….a powerful turn-around from feeling sorry for ourselves and, focussing on the pain and everything that is ‘wrong’.

  29. Making self care normal and part of our everyday can be hard to comprehend. At the end of a fourteen hour shift, and obviously tired, I recommended to a nurse to take an Epsom salt bath when she got home to support her body. The next day she came in looking rested, thanked me and said she had only ever considered taking an Epsom salt bath after participating in challenge event or something similar. And yet her working day on her feet constantly, administering medication, responding to patient needs and sudden medical emergencies is a daily challenge and wears the body. It’s important to build into our daily routine space to nurture and support our body.

  30. “Just as nature continually evolves, so too do our bodies…” Our bodies want to constantly expand- how much we accept this expansion gets reflected in our choices in life. The moment we choose reaction we are already out of the expansiveness that is otherwise on offer. Writing this comment a little rabbit appeared on the field in front of me. To watch that animal and register it was a beautiful stop to tune into my quality of being. How often do we allow these moments during a day, even when nothing is appearing on the outside?

  31. Yes my body is tired and is telling me that the way I am being at the moment is stressful and am too much in anxious energy. A pertinent reminder to read today, thank you.

  32. There is a really interesting point here about how what serves us one day, may not the next. Our bodies are constantly changing, evolving… do we keep trying to get away with the same we were living before, or do we respond to the new level being offered?

    1. Great point Simon- it requires a constant reviewing of our choices all of the time. The moment we use something that worked in the past it can be a way of keeping us plateauing in our evolution. Because it would actually work like a reduction instead of an uplift that would otherwise occur by checking in, what is needed now and in what details.

      1. Yes this is so true Simon and Stefanie. Something that once was evolutionary for us can become a comfort if we don’t continue to move and respond with the adjustments needed, that are being called for in line with the next level being offered.

  33. Sounds like a ‘sick day’ full of purpose and true responsibility Gina!. If it were not for illness and disease as the body’s way of communicating to us our wayward behaviours that caused it, we would truly be lost as a humanity.

  34. I love your honesty when you felt you were irresponsible when you were calling in sick again, not for calling in sick but for why you got ill again. We can think illness and disease come over us and not look at our own contribution to getting ill. There is much in how we are living that can make us ill. Food and drink are one but there is also how we think about ourselves, how stressed we are, if we take things on or make things personal and so on. And by working on these we can work towards more health and well-being. This would make such a change to our workplaces.

  35. Getting used to viewing life as energy first and then the outplay of that energy in our every day lives brings so much understanding and allows us to look at what is happening rather than getting caught up in the drama with our reactions and emotions running the show.

    1. Rest and recovery and of course stopping to read what led to the illness are markers that support our rate and level of healing.

  36. The connection between behaviours and illness and disease would seem to be an obvious thing for science to explore further. I can add that since changing my lifestyle a few years ago, I have a lot more energy and vitality, something that feels very natural to my body and my being.

  37. Our body is giving us signals all the time, but how often do we truly listen? Many regard an accident or illness as a random act, but how we live contributes to the end result – be it a healthy outcome or the opposite.

  38. Learning that every choice I make has an impact on my body has been huge. I used to think that I was connected to my body, but as I started to make different choices around food, drink, activities etc, I started to feel a bit more deeply, and realise that I was living pretty much from my head all of the time, thinking I was connected to my body but not really feeling anything. Starting with simple things, like paying attention to how my feet felt on the ground, how different foods made me feel, and associating choices with feelings, has supported me to start to let go of the unsupportive choices – and with that, feel a greater steadiness and consistency.

  39. Our bodies are amazing in what they show us and it’s up to us to track back and understand that being stressed for example has an impact and rather than continually wearing that impact which our bodies do, we can find new ways to live. This is our very own feedback loop.

  40. So true that there are lots of ‘stop’ moments in our day where we bump into something, knock something over, or just feel more deeply in our bodies and realise that we’re not at all still but feeling quite hyped up. All signs that we’re not aligning to our true nature – that we are making decisions that are putting us out of sync with the harmonious flow of the universe that our bodies are designed to be part of.

  41. I love what you are sharing here Gina and it is very refreshing to hear someone write about illness in this way because so often we can just assume that it is random or an accident or it just happens to us but to go deeper and really consider the why we got sick and what was our part in it seems to me to be a great step to take in life.

    1. We become our own ‘physician’ (and can give a lot more information to our GP or practitioner), when we become a student of our body and therefore our way of living. Suddenly we realise that we have been holding all the cards all the time – life is not happening to us, we are choosing it.

  42. It really does pay to pause and reflect on what we have allowed into our lives that does not support us. When we feel exhausted, stressed, anxious or any emotion felt within the body, where we have responded with reaction of some sort, we have said yes to an energy that abuses the body.

  43. Gina, illness is a dialogue between our bodies and ourselves and you listened. I love that you looked deeper into the cause of your sickness and did something about it. Too often, we feel unwell, accept it, treat symptoms but go no further. You show the value of taking responsibility for our own health, seeking support from practitioners and people around us

  44. I loved how you acknowledged to yourself that you had been living irresponsibly due to the behaviours you had used that did not support your body, it is when we are honest with ourselves that we realise that we need to take responsibility for the choices we make, and how we can change those choices to better support us.

  45. Whether we like it or not the fact is we as humanity have been living in huge irresponsibility – not occasionally but all the time. The sooner we are honest and admit this as you do Gina the sooner we can live what is true.

  46. “Illness and disease are the body’s way of clearing anything that does not support us and they are part of our evolution. It is the body’s way of talking to us – alerting us to our harmful choices and behaviours.” One day, humanity will be more willing to accept this as truth, and we will have a very different view of illness and disease. We would have more respect for the way we are living knowing it contributes to whether we are healthy or not. I have recently broken my wrist which is a big stop moment, and where as before I would have seen it as inconvenient blip in my life and get frustrated with how it is limiting everything I do, I now appreciate what my wrist is offering me and where in my life I need to go deeper with my connection to God.

    1. Absolutely Alison, there are no accidents, all orchestrated to make us more aware of how we’re living. Your willingness to receive the wisdom offered by your wrist confirms your evolving relationship with your body.

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