Taking a sick day – what did I learn from it?

By Gina Dunlop, teacher, Brisbane

On my morning walks I connect with nature around me, which I love to do. I hear the birds singing, observe the lush magnificent trees, bushes and grasses, smell the fragrance and feel the entire embrace of nature around me. It is beautiful.

But on this one particular morning I could feel my body was aching in many places; I felt heavy and it was pretty hard going.

I contemplated how all those things in nature I was observing were in optimum health and function. Sure, there may be the odd injured bird or animal, but overall everything was functioning spectacularly. My body, a human being on this planet, is a living part on this earth as much as everything else – so why wasn’t I feeling spectacular also? What had I been doing that meant I had a body that wasn’t functioning to the best of its ability and was quite frankly feeling run down and exhausted?

When I got home, I began getting ready for work and realised I was actually sick and I needed to call in unwell. I went into regret and guilt. But on further reflection, I realised there was more – what I was feeling was an irresponsibility.

This was my third day off sick this year – on each occasion, I understood it was my body telling me I was living in stress and nervous energy; I was engaging in behaviours that were not fully supporting me to function optimally and allowing me to flourish.

So with this awareness, on this particular day I felt irresponsible. My body had been communicating with me on two prior occasions and I had deeply understood and linked feeling unwell to these stressful behaviours, but I had not fully dealt with them and here I was unwell again.

On this occasion I decided to do something about it. I spent my day resting and nurturing, but then sought support from colleagues and practitioners. I discovered some new work strategies and visited health practitioners with the willingness, openness and honesty to go deeper at looking behind the behaviours I had previously been exhibiting.

The results have been profound. My body doesn’t buzz with a nervous tension all the time, I am more relaxed and more joyful at work, I have space in my day to be joyful and playful with my partner and young children. I feel so much better!

Since attending presentations by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I have been blessed with an understanding of how our behaviours directly impact our well-being and health. Our bodies are ideally designed to live in harmony and unison with our environment, like the nature I had observed and mentioned previously. In harmony, we have enough energy to function in optimal health, to accomplish all the physical activities we need to do in our day. However, unlike nature, we can load ourselves up with active thoughts, emotions, concerns, stress, over excitement, or consume food and drinks which don’t support us – these emotions and intakes use up energy we require to function – and more often than not, we ‘run out’ of energy.

It is then our bodies become dis-eased which, over time, leads to disease. The ease we should be living with is disrupted.

Just as nature continually evolves, so too do our bodies – as part of that nature – support us to evolve. Illness and disease are the body’s way of clearing anything that does not support us and they are part of our evolution. It is the body’s way of talking to us – alerting us to our harmful choices and behaviours.

How beautiful and wondrous that our bodies speak to us like this – to view illness as a dialogue, alerting us to behaviours which do not support optimal health and living. How often have we felt this – we get sick – and it provides a moment where we can directly feel and link our illness to a certain way of living – a stressful time recently experienced, a few late nights, eating unsupportive foods. Or we bump into something, hit our ‘funny’ bone, even break a bone – it’s all a ‘stop’ moment our bodies are bringing us to in order to pull us up to reflect on behaviours which are taking us away from feeling awesome.

I, like many, had always felt a connection between behaviours and illness, but since listening to the presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I have deepened my awareness and acceptance of this inner wisdom and knowing and have brought this to all areas of my life. As a result, I am living with an inner joy and true confidence in myself, which I had never dreamed of attaining.

I am so appreciative of the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for bringing to me these ancient understandings of the science of life and how the world truly operates.

I am a forever student, ever learning from my body and from life how to grow in love and wisdom, every day.

1,227 thoughts on “Taking a sick day – what did I learn from it?

  1. It is very revealing to understand that often the quality that we are working in and living in in life is the very thing that is draining and overwhelming us.

    1. Yes it is easy to blame work or life’s challenges for our stress or exhaustion but I know for me that gets me nowhere in terms of getting to the answers as to how to change anything. Only when I look at the quality I am living in and my relationship with life and its components does anything really shift or change.

    2. Jenny agreed, the way I feel at the end of the day and then how I wake up the following day is 100% down to the care and quality that I’ve taken with how I’ve been living and working.

    3. Love this Jennym “the quality that we are working in and living in in life is the very thing that is draining and overwhelming us’. This should be at the heart of education for all of us. it is not about what is going on ‘out there’ but what goes on ‘ inside’ ourselves.

    4. This is so true, I’ve been doing a little experiment with myself while at work and it goes like this. Saying no to any judgment thoughts that come in and replacing them with appreciation. What I have found is that I have more energy after work, I enjoy being at work and look forward to going in again the next day. It just goes to show how negative thoughts can drain us.

      1. Positive thoughts can also drain us when their origin is not true. ‘Positive affirmations’ come from a form of energy that does not have it’s roots in truth, they come from the pranic consciousness, which is a consciousness that is hellbent in keeping humanity from the truth and it does it in the most cunning of ways. Positive affirmations are a prime example of that, who would doubt that something so positive could be harmful but buyer beware it is the impulsing energy that dictates whether something is of true benefit or not and nothing else.

  2. I feel surrender is key when I am feeling unwell, no judgment, no reaction, just allowing myself to enjoy this space to reflect and rejuvenate is the best medicine I can give to my body.

  3. Sometimes when I used to be sick I found it super hard to do nothing and just rest. But now I know and can feel the difference when you do simply let go and surrender to what is coming up to clear, be reflective and honest as to why it is and not resist it. When we do this then what ever the condition it can clear quicker.

  4. Gina, it is interesting to read about how nature works harmoniously and yet as human beings we do not, this is a great question; ‘What had I been doing that meant I had a body that wasn’t functioning to the best of its ability and was quite frankly feeling run down and exhausted?’ It reminds that it is natural for us to feel vital and joyful and if we do not then it is important to look at our choices and how we are living.

  5. Imagine if work places supported people to look at the quality in which they work and live to address the ever increasing absenteeism and lack of presence when they are at work.

  6. Having the willingness to look at why you got sick, and then to take deep care of yourself and seek support from someone who could support you to unravel your behaviours up until you became ill is a complete turn around to how most people would view their illness. Your message here is a very clear one about the responsibility we have to take true care of our bodies so that getting sick becomes a rare thing, and when it does happen we take the opportunity to look more deeply at the reason why, and what we can do to prevent it happening again.

  7. When I moved back to Japan and found out that when you take a day off sick it would be deducted from your annual leave I was shocked and angry that the company would not even allow the employee time to take care of themselves when they were sick. One of my colleague asked what it was like when I lived in England and they found it hard to believe that I didn’t lose my annual leave for taking days off sick and I took it as my entitlement, and they questioned how unfair it was that those who were clearly being less responsible in taking care of themselves were given those ‘privileges’ to take days off just because they were not feeling well when there was much they could have done to prevent those situations to occur in the first place. I may not quite agree with what they refer to as ‘self-care’ but they clearly had a point. And your sharing reminds me that there is a relationship to be built with the body we live in, and it is not about managing or finding a mid-point where we can compromise, but it is a constant deepening and surrendering.

  8. For most of my life i would see being sick as a burden, it was not my fault – yet what I love in what you share is that it confirms to me how my life has changed because I have changed in it. I’ve gone from not taking any responsibility to embracing whatever life is showing me to grow and heal and evolve.

  9. Going for a walk when we are consciously present with ourselves is a very healing thing to do. It can bring us back to knowing what is true for us.

  10. Feeling our irresponsibility is the responsible thing to do. For it is only from this that we register what we need to change and make true. Pushing on allows us to fix and solve but not address the disregard that was there from the start. Thank you Gina for this sick note love letter straight from your heart.

  11. “How beautiful and wondrous that our bodies speak to us like this – to view illness as a dialogue, alerting us to behaviours which do not support optimal health and living.” The message is gradually being more widely accepted of how lifestyle choices have a direct and revealing effect on our physical body.

  12. There’s so much love and awareness on offer for us when we allow ourselves the space to surrender to what the illness is communicating to us.

  13. “How beautiful and wondrous that our bodies speak to us like this – to view illness as a dialogue, alerting us to behaviours which do not support optimal health and living.” I like that, viewing illness as a dialogue with our body instead of the usual thing of blaming our body for letting us down. When we do this it can expose areas of our life where we are not living lovingly. The key is to be totally honest in our dialogue or we will not get to the root cause of what caused the illness to show in our body.

  14. We belong to a universal order that is governed by certain laws and rhythms that ensure that every piece and particle sings in harmony with the whole it is a part of. The moment there is discordance, a note will sound to alert us that we have deviated from this union. That is, the dis-ease will be made manifest so that steps can be taken to bring the unit of expression (in this case, our bodies) back in sync with the universal whole – the flow of life – it belongs to.

    The trouble begins when we no longer see the bigger picture and therefore start operating as tiny individual units that live in seeming separation to each other and the universe we live within (and that lives within us). This is where the ‘bang’ and the ‘collision’ begins, shortly following by various forms of unrest such as ill health, misery, aggression war and the like. Thus, our path back to true health and harmony comes via taking responsibility for the part we play in the grand scheme of things and understanding that our every move (expression) matters.

  15. We always have to read and discern every situation. There is a strong tendency to judge ourselves and others when we get sick but it is always a healing and judgement is never called for. Sometimes it is a message of something we need to correct and sometimes it is a release because we are doing great.

  16. Great sharing Gina, it is so easy for us to overdo things not listening to our body when it is already asking us to rest, we can learn so much from feeling into what our body is telling us, even if we have to back track to feel into what choices we made in the first place, and we learn to make different choices moving forward.

  17. To be able to understand and accept that any illness or disease ultimately comes down to our own lack of responsibility of how we live and take care of ourselves, is a huge step towards our own self healing process.

  18. I love the way you talk about our bodies being a part of nature and that because of this fact they are naturally harmonious. Yes our choices can let us down and take us away from this harmony. Some great points here. Thank you.

  19. It is a huge wake up call when we are stopped by illness and injury depending if we want to stop and listen or simply wait for the symptoms to go.

  20. This is a very useful link between how nature is and ‘us’ being a part of that nature and the choices we make within it. We, as human beings consider ourselves to be above or separate from everything else and yet more and more we are seeing the connection. A connection that was never lost because truly you can’t lose something that is intrinsically always there. We see nature as doing one thing and us being able to virtually do what we choose. But as we are seeing and saying we are nature, it’s one and the same deal as we all return back to the same place as our physical body shows. So we spend a lot of time and energy walking away from something that we can’t truly walk away from, all to prove that we can make it appear as though we can walk away, confused? Let’s keep the awareness growing of how and who we truly are as there is more to this all than currently meets the eye.

  21. I am reading this, at home on a sick day myself Gina. At first I was down on myself for being ill and thought I had better just stay locked up at home. But then I felt what was needed was to get some support – and now after receiving some healing care from a friend my body feels so much more at ease and ready to rest. When we get ill our body is communicating something vital, so it’s important we don’t override or shut down from being open to hearing what it’s got to say, whatever the way or language that it speaks. Otherwise another year, another day we’ll be affected in just the same way. The offering is there for us to learn from, if we care to.

  22. There is so much to learn about the human body, it is the most fascinating study because as we go deeper in to our general understanding of it, it opens up to us the truths of the universe.

  23. The body is constantly communicating and facing my irresponsibility hasn’t been the big drama I make it to be when trying to ignore or avoid it. Facing my irresponsibility also allows me to see and feel my responsibility which feels very freeing.

  24. It is great to rest and take care of ourselves when we get sick, but it is also important and wise to reflect back and see if how we have been living could have been a contributing factor to why we actually did get sick.

  25. What I find interesting reflecting on ‘sick days’ is that we have a commonly known phenomenon of ‘taking a sickie’, which is done with the attitude of ‘well I haven’t been sick for a while so I’m just gonna take a sickie because it’s owed to me’! The interesting part is how far away from responsibility we have gone if we think it’s ok to do this even when we are not sick.

  26. It is crazy that we grow up in almost ignorance to the fact our bodies communicate to us when it is undeniable that they do. It is such a shame we are not taught this from when we are young so that we learn to listen and honour the messages we are given around the choices we are making. It is a divine gift to be shown so clearly how our movements through life may not be supporting us to flourish so that we can then chose to change them… for ignorance only serves to perpetuate irresponsible choices.

  27. The key is to keep learning, which you capture beautifully in the last paragraph of this blog.
    Currently I employ about 25 staff and of course I factor in that people will and do get sick, what is interesting is how often. Recently we had a major “bug” going around and it felt like everyone was sick, most people were unable to work for a week. I had to cover lots of shifts and ended up doing three weeks in a row working 6 shifts, I did not get sick and still have not got sick. It’s not that getting sick is a negative thing, as it is actually an amazing way to release things that may be stored in our body but we have to ask ourselves if we are getting sick 4 or 5 times a year, how might we be living that may be affecting this number. This level of responsibility I picked up from Universal Medicine presentations.

  28. The body is a very willing and ever-ready communication platform, sending signals all the time – the more we tune in, the deeper we can go and if possible, the more vital and joyful our life can be. Or, if a return to health is no longer possible, the more accepting, insightful and at ease we can be.

  29. How we choose to live each day accumulates and just as indulging in alcohol at night can affect us the next morning, day after day of rushing builds in the body and affects it to. Every day it is our choice or not to living lovingly supporting our body.

  30. Love this blog and the connection between feeling our irresponsibility when we get sick (as I sit here with a slight background headache). It gives us the opportunity to stop and trace back our actions that have led to this point in time when we are feeling rough, and maybe a little sorry for ourselves, but none the less presented with the realisation that our choices have not been loving. At the end of the day it all comes back to us and our choices, no matter what the illness.

  31. I love that you connect being sick with our irresponsibility – perhaps this is why so many people do not call in sick when they need to because deep down we know what happens in our body and how this affects our work is our responsibility.

  32. So wisely shared Gina – thank you. There is a natural order of the universe that when aligned to reflects the harmony of oneness which is seen as vitality and well-being, as is the case and what we witness in nature. Our bodies are constituted from universal components that are obedient to a natural order, and when we choose to move in a way that is in opposition to that order, through the choices we make, what transpires in our bodies is illness and dis-ease, as such the truth of our choices are reflected to us. Through our willingness to develop a greater degree of connection to our body and being we then begin to understand and realise that there is a great degree of awareness and harmony we can be living with, enriching our lives with a greater degree of love, truth and wisdom.

    1. Harmony is the body’s language and no organ or body system would ever try to dominate; but we can run the body so, put an extra load on the liver for example through the way we are living which then reflects as disharmony in the body.

  33. This blog opened up a whole new awareness to what I feel when I become sick. I only just clocked that I too feel my irresponsibility when I’m sick. Responsibility shows up in every aspect of our life. It just shows there is no area where it is not needed, and no area that is not effected by our lack of it or our embracing of it.

  34. It’s about perspective. When there is illness we can view this as a communication or a stop moment to take stock of what has been the driving forces behind all our actions and behaviours. This is the body’s way of keeping us on track, of letting us know that we are loved and that we are in fact love itself.

  35. A timely read for me as I head home an hour early due to feeling unwell. It’s great to recognise the irresponsibility at play here – observing it but not feeling critical of myself. I just feel very deeply that I do not want to continue on this merry-go-round and I’m being given a stop moment to have the opportunity to really feel this.

  36. I used to feel irresponsible if I was sick in that I was letting others down that relied on my doings but I now realise that I was letting everyone down if I dropped to being less than I can be. Life is about being first and doing second.

  37. ‘I have deepened my awareness and acceptance of this inner wisdom and knowing and have brought this to all areas of my life.’ Bringing this wisdom to all areas of our lives is the key to the joy and inner confidence of which you speak. It is all too common to live with parts of our lives going really well and others really not well at all and think we are doing ok …which of course we are, but life is so much more than feeling ok, so it is well worth bringing our attention to how we are living and caring for ourselves which is the foundation for everything else that follows.

  38. Many people feel guilty when taking a sick day and feel the need to push through whatever is happening in their bodies. This then compounds the problem causing more illness and disease. To be self nurturing and loving allows our bodies to heal.

    1. And lots of people don’t feel guilty at all. When I first came to Australia from England I was shocked to find that many people regard sick leave as additional recreational leave and make a point of using it all up every year. Interesting isn’t it how our beliefs shape our behaviour. One thing, sick leave, and yet two very different behaviours around it. Some people feel so guilty taking it that they crawl into work on their death beds and yet others can relax and enjoy a day of fishing whilst ‘off sick’.

  39. There is definitely a connection between behaviours and illness. I have observed this in my own life and with other people as well. Illness and disease are an opportunity for us to look at how we are living and change it.

    1. If only we all took this stance, the health systems would no longer be under constant strain and we would all be playing our part in our health instead of irresponsibly wrecking our one and only body and then asking our GP to fix it with a prescription for pills.

  40. Once we start to reconnect to our body’s communication for what supports and nurtures its true state of being, then a vibrancy comes alive, alighting from within, and even though we may yet be clearing health conditions from the past, we can still live with a true vitality and wellbeing and joy in life.

  41. It is a bit of a revelation once we start becoming more honest with ourselves, just how much we make choices, seemingly subconscious but in fact not, to sabotage ourselves, allow ourselves to run down, get into nervous energy raciness, stay up late, watch bad films rather than go to bed, and the many many other little factors that all add up to us running a way sub-optimal version of ourselves, and then struggle to cope with the life we have created. Starting with the honesty we can then discover the true self-empowerment that comes with acknowledging these false saboteurs and let them go to allow the life we are able to truly live.

  42. super Gina, once we realise our situation is fully a result of the choices we have made leading up to that point, we have the option to take responsibility to understand how and why we have made those choices and to restore ourselves to the wholeness and truth that we are from. The trap is in the process to start feeling critical, ashamed or judgemental of those choices, but that is just another way to keep us from discarding all that is not of truth to allow ourselves to re-know who we truly are in full.

  43. The direct way to a speedy recovery is to open to the understanding that we play a part in everything happening in our body. Just a few moments where we stop and hear what the body is saying to us through the symptoms we are experiencing is all it takes. It is this relationship with our body and working relationship with our practitioner that will allow the many levels of healing available to us.

  44. Beautiful to feel how deeply you were able to connect to your body, and honour it in taking time to rest and recover from your choices, when we choose to acknowledge and observe how we have been living is a reflection of how our body feels, it gives us the opportunity to make more loving choices that support ourselves, our body, and from there all those around us.

  45. It ought to be a really natural thing for us to rest when we are ill yet most people resist it. I know I did until I learned to valve myself more than what task I had to do that day/week etc. Our valve is there at the start of the day and is not gained by what we do.

    1. The rest also comes into play when we add that one more extra job at the end of the day that doesn’t seem like a big deal but plays out loud and clear with the body and the push for completion that is shown through levels of depletion.

  46. Your blog beautifully describes the oneness we all come from, and how nature beautifully reflects this back to us.

  47. ‘Our bodies are ideally designed to live in harmony and unison with our environment,…’ This I feel we often forget. So when something is up, or what we like to think of as wrong with our bodies, it’s important that we ask more questions of ourselves as to why and how we got to this point, because when living in harmony with our environment, there is no reason for all the ills.

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