Taking a sick day – what did I learn from it?

By Gina Dunlop, teacher, Brisbane

On my morning walks I connect with nature around me, which I love to do. I hear the birds singing, observe the lush magnificent trees, bushes and grasses, smell the fragrance and feel the entire embrace of nature around me. It is beautiful.

But on this one particular morning I could feel my body was aching in many places; I felt heavy and it was pretty hard going.

I contemplated how all those things in nature I was observing were in optimum health and function. Sure, there may be the odd injured bird or animal, but overall everything was functioning spectacularly. My body, a human being on this planet, is a living part on this earth as much as everything else – so why wasn’t I feeling spectacular also? What had I been doing that meant I had a body that wasn’t functioning to the best of its ability and was quite frankly feeling run down and exhausted?

When I got home, I began getting ready for work and realised I was actually sick and I needed to call in unwell. I went into regret and guilt. But on further reflection, I realised there was more – what I was feeling was an irresponsibility.

This was my third day off sick this year – on each occasion, I understood it was my body telling me I was living in stress and nervous energy; I was engaging in behaviours that were not fully supporting me to function optimally and allowing me to flourish.

So with this awareness, on this particular day I felt irresponsible. My body had been communicating with me on two prior occasions and I had deeply understood and linked feeling unwell to these stressful behaviours, but I had not fully dealt with them and here I was unwell again.

On this occasion I decided to do something about it. I spent my day resting and nurturing, but then sought support from colleagues and practitioners. I discovered some new work strategies and visited health practitioners with the willingness, openness and honesty to go deeper at looking behind the behaviours I had previously been exhibiting.

The results have been profound. My body doesn’t buzz with a nervous tension all the time, I am more relaxed and more joyful at work, I have space in my day to be joyful and playful with my partner and young children. I feel so much better!

Since attending presentations by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I have been blessed with an understanding of how our behaviours directly impact our well-being and health. Our bodies are ideally designed to live in harmony and unison with our environment, like the nature I had observed and mentioned previously. In harmony, we have enough energy to function in optimal health, to accomplish all the physical activities we need to do in our day. However, unlike nature, we can load ourselves up with active thoughts, emotions, concerns, stress, over excitement, or consume food and drinks which don’t support us – these emotions and intakes use up energy we require to function – and more often than not, we ‘run out’ of energy.

It is then our bodies become dis-eased which, over time, leads to disease. The ease we should be living with is disrupted.

Just as nature continually evolves, so too do our bodies – as part of that nature – support us to evolve. Illness and disease are the body’s way of clearing anything that does not support us and they are part of our evolution. It is the body’s way of talking to us – alerting us to our harmful choices and behaviours.

How beautiful and wondrous that our bodies speak to us like this – to view illness as a dialogue, alerting us to behaviours which do not support optimal health and living. How often have we felt this – we get sick – and it provides a moment where we can directly feel and link our illness to a certain way of living – a stressful time recently experienced, a few late nights, eating unsupportive foods. Or we bump into something, hit our ‘funny’ bone, even break a bone – it’s all a ‘stop’ moment our bodies are bringing us to in order to pull us up to reflect on behaviours which are taking us away from feeling awesome.

I, like many, had always felt a connection between behaviours and illness, but since listening to the presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I have deepened my awareness and acceptance of this inner wisdom and knowing and have brought this to all areas of my life. As a result, I am living with an inner joy and true confidence in myself, which I had never dreamed of attaining.

I am so appreciative of the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for bringing to me these ancient understandings of the science of life and how the world truly operates.

I am a forever student, ever learning from my body and from life how to grow in love and wisdom, every day.

1,227 thoughts on “Taking a sick day – what did I learn from it?

  1. A great article, Gina, exploring illness as a dialogue with the body is such a revolutionary and refreshing perspective… And certainly one that needs to be put forward further in our society.

    1. Having a two way dialogue feels much more supportive than a one way punishment or an affect from outside ourselves that we cannot control, change or have a say in its effects.

  2. What you have expressed here Gina is beautiful and a wonderful lesson for us all, thank you for sharing your inspirational story;
    “I am a forever student, ever learning from my body and from life how to grow in love and wisdom, every day”.

  3. We are part of a supreme order and rhythm that is pure divinity and as such we are continually impulsed by this intelligence to move in accord with all that it sets in place. All animals and life forms on this earth, bar the human being, respond accordingly to this call. And yet here we stand, championing ourselves as the superior life form yet behaving in a completely reckless and wayward way with no respect to the universal order and harmony we are a part of but choosing to move in discordance to. For as long as we have this disobedience, we will have illness and disease in our bodies along with the many reflections from nature that continually serve to call us back to a truth we have departed from.

  4. The last couple of times I have been ill and needed to take time off work have been amazing in that they do allow for those stop moments where I can be with these messages from the body. It makes that time being ill less emotional and reactive, time wise I heal quicker and if it’s a recurring illness I have found over the years the build up is much more acute. None of this would have been possible without the support of Universal Medicine and today I can say thank you to my body when it does get ill. In todays world that’s unheard of to have a healthy relationship with illness and disease.

  5. Yes this is so true Gina, our bodies do evolve and it is our responsibility to continue to feel into what our bodies are doing, how they let us know where we are at. That illness and disease is a way our bodies share with us our choices.

  6. Our bodies are the holders of truth as they naturally correspond to the grander whole they are connected with. It is only through our wayward mind that we can force our bodies to do differently and with that cause illness and disease in it as its way of clearing that which does not belong. Very simply actually but not understood by many.

  7. Sometimes we will stop everything to help a relative or friend and yet we don’t allow ourselves that same stop to look after ourselves. What I have found is that if I have stop moments during the day it is like I am putting myself on charge, like my phone, and fully charged and yet deeply rested I can start again, resuming a greater and more supportive quality than that I had allowed myself to drop to in my busyness.

  8. There is a lot of guilt associated with taking a day off sick. I know I have felt it many times in the past. If I was off sick I would be catching up with work from my bed and still operating in the drive that got me there. These days I allow myself to rest and the guilt feelings are much less, however not totally gone. As I type, the word ‘shame’ also comes up, since I have associated being ill with being a failure, not being able to hack it etc.

  9. How many of us have lived, or are living, with a body that is “functioning to the best of its ability and was (is) quite frankly feeling run down and exhausted?” I know that this is the way I lived for much of my life eventually coming to a place where I believed it was normal as that is how most people around me were living too. These days I know that to live (exist) like this is anything but normal, that my body when well cared for and respected for the amazing vehicle it is, will naturally be vital and healthy, and an absolute joy to live in.

    1. That’s the trouble with reflection isn’t it Ingrid, when everyone around us is reflecting the same thing i.e general ill health and fatigue then we don’t question it. It’s often only when we are given the reflection of something different that we start to question things. And I have to say that Serge Benhayon castes such a contrasting reflection that his reflection alone is enough to shake many of us out of our self imposed slumbers. It really is time to wake up, we’ve been slumped over in an almost unconscious state for way, way too long.

  10. ” Illness and disease are the body’s way of clearing anything that does not support us and they are part of our evolution. It is the body’s way of talking to us – alerting us to our harmful choices and behaviours.” Yet so often we do not listen to our body, and certainly dont seem to be taught this by parents and educators. Instead we ‘battle on’. ignoring minor ailments until we get a major problem – and then wonder why.

  11. I recently took my first sick day off of work ever – and after getting over the whole ‘they need me there/I’m being irresponsible’ thing, I was able to really look after myself. I slept, I had a bath, I ate supportive foods, I was in bed early and I genuinely looked after myself in a loving way. The question I ask myself now, when I’m feeling better, is why don’t I treat myself like that all the time?

  12. Gosh Gina, that was some learning from one day off sick. Awesome sharing that I found very helpful in many different ways. I am aware of my irresponsibility but I can feel how I need to deepen that awareness.

  13. Thank you Gina, we are able to learn a lot from the way our body feels, it has the wisdom to let us know when we eat something that doesn’t agree with us, or become ill, to allow us an opportunity to stop, and consider what choices we were making before we became ill, it offers us a new beginning to start afresh with different choices that truly support us.

  14. How beautiful and amazing is this, ‘Illness and disease are the body’s way of clearing anything that does not support us and they are part of our evolution. It is the body’s way of talking to us – alerting us to our harmful choices and behaviours.’

  15. “… these emotions and intakes use up energy we require to function…” – not only take they up energy we otherwise would have available as vitality but we are also consuming ‘ill’ energy while taking in emotions or intakes as they all come with an energy that is disharmonious to our natural makeup, so it is a double whammy.

  16. The ‘ancient understandings of the science of life’ as presented by Universal Medicine and our body are an invaluable treasure that should be known by everyone and actually is naturally known by everyone but it is not necessarily in our awareness due to the disharmony we have chosen to live by; disharmony meaning we are not in line with or aligned to the inner knowing. Nature gives us a reflection of what equally lives inside, the natural harmonious rhythms of all parts as one whole, listening to the body is the key to access ‘nature’ within.

  17. There is great truth in what you share Gina. We are designed to be in harmony with nature and not fight against this flow. We are the only species on this planet that override the signals from our physical form, which basically means, we are the only species on this planet that attacks ourselves. Therefore, it is a convenient blindness that makes us then think we are the ‘most evolved’ species. In order to remove this blindfold we need to return to the basics and truly care for this physical form. This means we need to listen to the signals it is receiving from its environment and the subsequent messages it passes on that alert us very specifically as to the degree we have fallen out of sync with the rhythm of the Universe we are held by. I am also learning through the presentations of Universal Medicine that the greatest cure for dis-ease is to learn to live with ease amongst the ceaseless motion we live within. Now that is truly universal medicine, for it is what will help us all return to the great love we in-truth are.

  18. Beautiful Gina. When we take responsibility for our own health and how we treat ourselves then we are less likely to have to take time off work where others have to take responsibility for our share of the work.

  19. I have the feeling that nature is indeed harmonious, but had not clocked the level of ‘flourishing’ activity within it. It’s true, there is rarely injured animals or the like on my walks, sure there is the odd squashed bunny on the road, but other than that there is indeed a flourishing movement. This is a beautiful reflection of the harmony humans could be living in.

  20. Thank you Gina for sharing . Our bodies are so awesome and intelligent and we have barely scratched the surface of what is there. I agree that harmony is the key to optimum health and wellbeing.

  21. Just like nature has a purpose so to does the human body. Nature and the animal kingdom operate under a pulse. So, what is impulsing our body or more precisely impulsing our thoughts to act in a behavior that can cause dis-ease?

  22. Unlike nature we load ourselves up with emotions and stress thoughts and concerns. This is true Gina this is our downfall as human beings and it affects us much more than we realise. This is one of the primary why we become sick and it was great you were able to make the connection between how you had been while at and your recent days off.

  23. What a great blog Gina, the nervous energy can be so familiar that it feels completely normal until something happens and we can reassess. “How beautiful and wondrous that our bodies speak to us like this – to view illness as a dialogue, alerting us to behaviours which do not support optimal health and living.” it is indeed completely wondrous.

  24. Our bodies will always let us know what they need. It is our responsibility to listen and respond in a loving and nurturing way. I am learning this more every day as I battle the arrogance of my spirit telling me otherwise. When I come back to myself I feel the true message from my body.

  25. Beautiful Gina, a wonderful example of what it means to evolve. It would be so easy to continue with the same pattern, using ‘sick days’ or other days off to manage yourself and the way you end up feeling, rather than deal with the reason you are feeling that way intermittently to begin with. And clearly everyone gets a better version of you every single day as a result.

  26. “However, unlike nature, we can load ourselves up with active thoughts, emotions, concerns, stress, over excitement, or consume food and drinks which don’t support us – these emotions and intakes use up energy we require to function – and more often than not, we ‘run out’ of energy.”
    Gina, this is something for us all to consider, from the perspective of our body and what it needs to support it to live, work and enjoy life. Not from us wanting to checkout, disregard, satisfy or pleasure ourselves. Each way of living makes a huge impact on our health and vitality. When living responsibly, our body regenerates, becomes tender and our vitality is most often enhanced. When living to satisfy or pleasure, our bodies suffer the consequences of such choices that see the body feeling stressed, emotional and exhausted.

  27. “How beautiful and wondrous that our bodies speak to us like this – to view illness as a dialogue, alerting us to behaviours which do not support optimal health and living.” Something to deeply appreciate rather than become frustrated by.

  28. As you say it is irresponsible not to listen to the messages our bodies give us and there are consequences when we consistently do not listen. There is also a healthy way to live that means we do not put our bodies under the stress of having to give us so many warnings in the first place. That way is called The Way of The Livingness.

  29. Sometimes, when I am very loving and caring of myself, an illness comes on to take my body to a deeper level of sensitivity, so I can evolve to a deeper level of responsibility. In other words, the illness is not a reflection of doing anything wrong. Whether this be the case or that which Gina is offering that the illness is an indication of lack of self care, there is the same deepening connection to oneself and this is a great way to understand and work with illness rather than seeing it as an incumbrance.

    1. I know this to be true too. So often I have gone into fight mode to try and rectify the symptoms, but I am getting much better at surrendering to what is being shown to me and allowing myself the space to go deeper.

  30. This is such a powerful statement “So instead of seeking perfection in another, how about we appreciate and value each other, tenderly nurturing each of our strengths and qualities so we can learn from each other and be inspired by the people around us – our own family members. The more you appreciate and value yourself and each other, the more love grows.” Understanding and appreciation are such powerful qualities to share.

  31. I love the sense of humility you convey Gina in the way you sign yourself off as a ‘Forever Student’. There is no perfection and there is always another level of awareness to open up to and I can feel your joy in acknowledging this and accepting it, knowing each new day will present a deeper connection if we choose it. Thank you for sharing this here.

  32. The more I am able to connect to and to listen to the communication through my body, the greater depths I become aware of. It feels like there is an endlessness to this communication – which for someone who at one time felt reluctant to say ‘boo to a goose’ feels like a miracle. There is a definite sense that this communication comes through the body rather than is me or mine. It is an ever-present flow – just so long as we remain connected to it.

  33. I love the use of the word wondrous to describe the way our bodies ‘speak’ to us. There is a feeling of wonderment in the communication that takes place once we are open to it – and being open reveals to us how we have been shutting our ‘ears’ off to this communication all our lives. It is a beautiful thing to reconnect to.

  34. I know that ‘buzz of nervous energy’ so well Gina Dunlop and used to buy into the belief that it was necessary to get myself going and be productive throughout the day. But in that state I was – and still do when I allow it – get into rushing and not being present with what I am doing and hence make many more mistakes than I would otherwise. The quality of my work when I am in nervous energy suffers a great deal – and at the end of the day I simply feel exhausted. Ultimately, living this way is a state of dis-ease as you say.

  35. As someone who has struggled to take time off work when I have been unwell I can really relate to what you have written Gina. It is taking time but slowly I am changing many unloving habits, especially related to how I operate at work where I have particularly applied a ‘push on through’ mentality. Our bodies put up with a huge amount but these days I am wanting to take my body into consideration in everything I do and I know it has helped to ease the burden enormously.

  36. Thank you Gina, your blog is a beautiful reminder to address any issues with our health before they get out of hand. Taking responsibility in this way is key to self-care and allows us to make more loving choices that supports not only ourselves, but everyone around us as well.

  37. It is very uncomfortable to feel the irresponsibility that we have lived when we deeply feel into why we are ill, when we reflect on the cause it is an amazing opportunity to make more self-loving choices.

  38. Love this blog Gina – Imagine if we were all energetically held to account for our sick days! I personally feel this would be fantastic as you have shown that taking responsibility allows us to connect to ourselves and live with true vitality.

  39. Thank you Gina, I really enjoyed reading your blog again, after living a life time in push and drive energy, it has taken time for me to stop thinking how I feel, to actually feel what my body is feeling, and to take the time to observe the choices that I have made that led to my illness and then choose a more loving way of being, I am feeling much more respect in how i am treating my body.

    1. I have also recently found myself very much immersed in the requirements of my job around me at the expense of the lived quality from inside me. Although I knew what was happening I had started to bite nails and fingers and just put it down to pressure and stress. It took a moment in which I was offered a true reflection of what was happening to realise that I was in a huge amount of self-harm in the choices I was making and way I was living. A huge thank you to that loving reflection, a constant guiding light.

  40. I have always found it challenging to take time off from work if I am sick, and have rushed myself to get better so that I could get back to work sooner, only to find that this does not work and my body tells me in no uncertain terms that it has its own way of healing and knows what is needed for a full recovery. It seems to me that if we don’t listen to our bodies then it has no other choice than to clear itself in whatever means necessary, either by a common cold or something more serious.

  41. Our bodies are always there, letting us know exactly what is going on in the extraordinary microcosm of a universe that is our bodies, and as we bring harmony and awareness into this relationship, it is from here then it is possible for humanity to take its place in the universe and reflect the harmony that is within everywhere else except on this planet of ours at the moment.

  42. I love the way our bodies communicate so clearly with and show us in no uncertain terms when we are harming ourselves. That illness is a healing is a truth I have no doubt over. The take-home message for me reading this today is repeating illnesses = irresponsibility – the irresponsibility and arrogance of ignoring what we are being told by our body.

  43. ‘… our bodies become dis-eased which, over time, leads to disease. The ease we should be living with is disrupted.’ If we all listened to our bodies and understood disease as our body telling us that we have been making choices that disrupt our ease of living, then the world would be a very different place.

  44. Thank you Gina, how lovely is it when we listen to the wisdom of our body, especially when we are unwell, and evolve from the opportunity to stop and go deeper in our relationship and responsibility with ourselves.

    1. A sick day is no different to a day at home where we can easily convince ourselves of all the jobs that need to be done when the body is speaking volumes to rest and reboot. The quality in our movements is what we reflect to others and this comes with responsibility to care and nurture all the way!

  45. Thank you Gina for sharing your experience, how wonderfully wise are our bodies in the wisdom they are continually imparting to us, giving us the opportunity to heal, if we just listen.

  46. Needing to take a day off work is a great opportunity to reflect back at the choices I have made, and which choices were not supportive of either myself or my body. A great opportunity to deeply reconnect with the body to make different choices.

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