Taking a sick day – what did I learn from it?

By Gina Dunlop, teacher, Brisbane

On my morning walks I connect with nature around me, which I love to do. I hear the birds singing, observe the lush magnificent trees, bushes and grasses, smell the fragrance and feel the entire embrace of nature around me. It is beautiful.

But on this one particular morning I could feel my body was aching in many places; I felt heavy and it was pretty hard going.

I contemplated how all those things in nature I was observing were in optimum health and function. Sure, there may be the odd injured bird or animal, but overall everything was functioning spectacularly. My body, a human being on this planet, is a living part on this earth as much as everything else – so why wasn’t I feeling spectacular also? What had I been doing that meant I had a body that wasn’t functioning to the best of its ability and was quite frankly feeling run down and exhausted? Continue reading “Taking a sick day – what did I learn from it?”

Pain and Illness – “You just have to live with it”

by Maree Savins, New South Wales.

Throughout my life there have been many times where I have been ill or in pain, and have gone to the doctor only to be told that: “you just have to live with it”. Sometimes the nature of my illness or medical problem was known within the medical fields and sometimes it was a mystery.

For example, in my late teenage years I suffered from extreme nausea. My General Practitioner (GP) recommended an endoscopy to investigate the nausea and the results showed nothing in particular. My illness was put down to home-sickness as I had moved away from my family home in Northern New South Wales to Queensland. I was told that I “would just have to live with it.

Ten years later I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance by a different GP. By changing to a gluten-free diet, my nausea resolved. This meant, that I didn’t have to live with it. Continue reading “Pain and Illness – “You just have to live with it””