Serge Benhayon – one man has changed everything

by Julie Snelgrove, Teaching Assistant, Somerset, England, UK

I first met Serge Benhayon 9 years ago, and the impact on myself and family has been profound. As a result we have made great changes, and had we not, I am sure life would be quite a mess by now.

The areas that have most been impacted are:

  • the care and attention I now bring to myself, thus having
  • a positive effect on my health and wellbeing and feeling of self worth,
  • how I relate to my family and
  • my attitude towards conventional medicine.

I attended my first presentation by Serge Benhayon at a time in my life when I was in overwhelm and exhaustion, though to myself or most outsiders this did not seem the case. I was a single mother with two young children, and was driven in fulfilling this role ‘perfectly’. All my time was dedicated to them, 24 hours a day, as they were being homeschooled. This meant I had no job and was reliant on my ex-husband financially. I had just completed training to be an alternative therapist, as I had been against conventional medicine since around the age of 15 – though for no particular reason, other than thinking it had nothing to offer other than making people sicker. Consequently I used many alternative medicines to manage my health. I even refused to go to the doctors for antibiotics or painkillers when I was seriously ill or my children were unwell.

When I first met Serge Benhayon I heard him talk and be very positive about conventional medicine – something I had never come across ever in any complementary therapy presentation.

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Changing our Perspective on Vaccinations – thanks to Serge Benhayon

By Penny Scheenhouwer, Brisbane

Growing up, I had all the recommended vaccinations. My mother never questioned the wisdom of vaccinations, or indeed any other recommended medical tests or treatments of the time, for any of our family.

When I was 18, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. At this time she started a very different relationship with medicine. She started to look at all the natural and alternative medicines. As she went along this path, she began to dismiss much about conventional medicine and what it had to offer. I watched her go into complete remission (medically stated) using ‘natural’ methods, and I found this very inspirational.

Through this process I began to read many of the books that she had (and she had literally hundreds). I too began to see things in a ‘different’ way than I had before. Somewhere along the way my mother became anti-vaccination and I too took on her anti-vaccination stance, after reading much of the material that supported that stance.

I decided that the harms of vaccination seemed to far outweigh getting a disease. I came to the decision that if I ever had children, I would not vaccinate them and intentionally put them at risk. Continue reading “Changing our Perspective on Vaccinations – thanks to Serge Benhayon”

Vaccination – more than just self-protection

By Judith Andras, Health Practitioner and Store Manager, Germany. 

I was greatly inspired by the blog: My Experience of Vaccination and Self-care by Jennifer Smith, a registered Nurse in NSW Australia.

It made me aware that I had avoided this subject and simply ignored it, despite the fact that my GP at my last check up explicitly talked to me about the importance of vaccination.

After reading the blog I made another appointment. Whilst I was waiting to see my doctor I had the opportunity to read through a brochure about vaccination, which was available in the waiting room and provided me with a good basic understanding about the subject.

I also had a chat with my doctor, before I got the shot and he answered all my concerns, from: “Can I get sick from the vaccination?” to “Are there any risks involved with vaccination?”

Talking to him allowed me to feel that this is really a field of competency for him. He has administered vaccines to hundreds of people and their families over many years and besides his knowledge about official statistics, he actually has his own experience about adverse reactions, etc. I could feel his lived knowledge whilst he was talking and that he really knows what he is doing. Continue reading “Vaccination – more than just self-protection”