Healing from Cancer: Embracing Conventional Medicine and Universal Medicine

by Frances Taylor-Marshall, aged carer, nanny and counsellor, Sydney.

I am writing to express my heartfelt thanks to the Universal Medicine Practitioners who played a part in my healing processes. I am in deep appreciation for their super loving and professional care during the year I underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy for lymphoma.

I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in August 2013 and in late June 2014, was told that my body had had a complete metabolic response to treatment, therefore leaving me completely clear of any cancer. My haematologist said that given the stage and location of my cancer, he was in the beginning quite concerned for me, therefore, as he stated, he was “truly thrilled” that my body had responded as well as it did.

I feel this healing was in no small part thanks to Universal Medicine and its teachings and practitioners.

I first became interested in the Esoteric Teachings in the early 1990’s, when I read one of Alice A. Bailey’s books, and I felt I had found some of the missing links I’d been looking for on my quest to understand myself and the universe in which I live. I was so interested that I longed to have the opportunity to attend her college in either London or New York. I was a single mother of three children at the time, so the opportunity was not available to me, but my interest grew.

Then in the mid 2000’s, a friend left me a CD of a presentation by Serge Benhayon, and everything came together without having to travel too far and wide.

I had been an absolute workshop junkie during the 1980s, studied everything alternative from iridology, reflexology, natural therapies, reiki, transpersonal counselling, and attended retreats and talks and read a wide variety of self help books. But, for me it was the ‘Esoteric’ Teachings that helped me to join my dots!

I attended a Universal Medicine Retreat in Vietnam a few years ago with our eldest daughter, and it was a wonderful introduction to the esoteric teachings and Universal Medicine in the present day. During the past few years I have attended many of these workshops and have loved integrating the Esoteric Teachings and wisdom into my daily life.

When I got home from receiving the diagnosis of cancer I studied the photo I have beside my bed of me as an eight-year old girl walking along with my Mother holding my hand. I looked at this little girl and felt sad that I had brought her to this place today requiring cancer treatment, although on the other hand, I knew that she was in capable hands – mine, the medical profession’s and the practitioners of Universal Medicine.

I enjoyed engaging in the whole process of treatment – both medical and esoteric. I fully accepted and embraced all the medical treatments that were recommended, and received positive outcomes all along the way, and the medical staff would often comment on how well my body was accepting their treatments. I was able to embrace my situation and move through the numerous hospital appointments with a lightness of being.

The added esoteric treatments I chose were chemo wash/chakra puncture, nutritional guidance  to build healthy joyous cells, and loving esoteric healing sessions. The loving, deep and restorative on-line esoteric yoga sessions, remained ever present during my hospital treatments. They fully supported me to rest deeply; from home, no need to travel when unwell, therefore never needed to miss a class! A wholesome loving program that instilled in me confidence and reassurance that I was affording myself the best possible healing opportunities, allowing me to focus on the matters necessary for my body to do what it does best – heal itself!

There are no words to say how incredible it feels to learn you have a serious illness and to be able to accept such news as an opportunity for healing. And no words to describe the power and grace of knowing I am loved and am love, and that all I need to do is listen to and trust my body. My illness provided me with an opportunity to not only heal, but to evolve as a person. It has been an amazing grace in my life.

528 thoughts on “Healing from Cancer: Embracing Conventional Medicine and Universal Medicine

  1. Thank you Frances – seems like you not only healed yourself but are offering everyone a healing with your beautiful sharing.

    1. I absolutely agree Nicola, for this is how I felt while reading this incredibly inspiring account of Frances’ healing. I could feel so clearly in my body that her healing was offering me a healing. How beautiful is that?

      1. Yes it is a beautiful thing to feel how interconnected we all are and how any loving step we take for ourselves is for all and of course the opposite applies too!

  2. This is just gorgeous Frances to feel your absolute willingness to embrace what life presented and to get the support to heal is huge, with both conventional and esoteric medicine. This is how we can be with an illness, embracing the opportunity it offers us to heal and evolve, and to deeply care for and support ourselves in this process.

  3. The modalities and presentations have inspired me to embrace modern medicine like never before as well. I appreciate everyday the extensive support I know feel is always at my fingertips through the various Universal Medicine modalities.

  4. ‘My illness provided me with an opportunity to not only heal, but to evolve as a person. It has been an amazing grace in my life.’ Wow Frances, what an inspiration you are to many people, to not see yourself as a victim in anyway but to see how your illness is an offering for you to truly heal and evolve.

  5. And so it will be that illness is usually the main instigator for people to reflect, contemplate, and evolve. Unless of course people have the opportunity to live with work with and be with people who know their inner truth and are connected enough to allow that to shine out of their eyes

  6. I really got this morning, from this blog, that we don’t have to wait for an illness, especially a terminal one, to begin to rest deeply and allow a deepening ongoing care and love for our bodies and selves. Thank you for sharing this Frances Taylor-Marshall

  7. What I am getting from this is that healing is about going back to being who we truly are, and being esoteric, living from the inner-most, is the only way that supports our return, and it really makes sense that when we can deeply surrender to that way of being, the body is left to do what it does best – healing itself.

  8. Our ability to heal lays first and foremost in our willingness to surrender well before the prescribed medications and treatments can have an effect on us. This is such a deeply inspiring story Frances. By accepting the grace (moment of pause) on offer, you were able to bring about great transformation in your life – a true healing. Thank you for sharing.

  9. It is really amazing how Conventional Medicine and Universal Medicine work as a whole, and how we have to play our part in allowing the healing, letting go of ideals and beliefs and honouring ourselves, and accepting the love that we are.

  10. ‘I was able to embrace my situation and move through the numerous hospital appointments with a lightness of being’. Wow, you must have been an enormous blessing for all the patients in the hospital when you came in with this lightness, feeling the importance of healing yourself with the help of both esoteric medicine and traditional medicine.

  11. I would love to see this article published more widely, or perhaps another like it Frances. Often having a diagnosis such as cancer puts people in a spin, understandably so, and there can be a a real desire to get better but not know where to start or who or what to turn to. Your article outlines so well what is possible and just as these modalities have helped you so can they, in turn, be of assistance to others.

  12. The way you accepted your illness as a way to grow and evolve, as a grace in your life is very inspirational. And what a blessing you have been for the hospital and all the other patients with moving through the appointments with being the light that you knew and know you are.

  13. I wouldn’t think there would be too many people that come through this style of treatment with not only such a glowing report but also be able to articulate it all in this way. When you read this article you wouldn’t think the author had endured what she had as it all is just so so light. It would make me consider why everyone who has had this diagnosis wouldn’t be following the same treatment plan given this outcome. I have had people close to me diagnosed and treated for cancer, some have passed away and others survived and I have seen few in this quality of life and living. Thank you for this fresh look at what is a disease that impacts many many people.

  14. Being obedient to our body is not something that necessarily comes easy when we have so many thoughts and old patterns of behaviour running us, as well as old ideals and beliefs to knock on the head, so to speak.
    The Universal Medicine modalities are so supportive in this process for they bring us back to the truth in our bodies and how that feels. Because truth in the body feels so lovely we are reminded of how life could be like this all or most of the time and how it really is up to us to let this happen, I say ‘let’ because the body itself is wanting it, it is only our lived-up-to-now waywardness and continued sabotaging thoughts that get in the way.

  15. It is refreshing to read ‘I enjoyed engaging in the whole process of treatment’ – never do you hear people say this about having chemo, but within your words Frances there is a genuine appreciation for the treatments you have received. Very inspiring.

  16. When we become aware of and begin to integrate Esoteric teachings, wisdom and philosophy into our daily lives, we begin to learn that illness and disease is actually a blessing and in turn, human life begins to make more sense.

  17. Your response to seeing the photo of you as a child Frances and wondering how this little girl had arrived at the place of needing cancer treatment as an adult is a poignant one. It’s a question worth asking: how do we get to such a place? I don’t have cancer, but I of course have my own health concerns and the question is just as relevant. Even for those children who are born with conditions or manifest them very early on the same question can be asked in terms of what we bring through each lifetime.

  18. To treat illness as an opportunity for growth, rather than a unfortunate circumstance is already a healing in itself. I can imagine being given the big C diagnose was extremely shocking and tough on you and your family but having the Universal Medicine team support you through all your chemotherapy and other mainstream treatments would have been so touching. Thank you for taking the time to share your very personal journey that had you come out the other side of cancer not only cured but truly healed.

  19. It is beyond revolutionary as it is deeply beautiful to read of someone who when diagnosed with something so serious does not choose to become a victim of circumstance but rather chooses to embrace acceptance through deeply knowing that their illness and circumstances are an opportunity to heal and evolve as a person…. An inspirational way to approach all unpleasantness in life.

  20. To know that you have a serious illness and are willing to look at the root cause and not play less to what you can heal is the biggest appreciation marker here. A sign of true responsibility!

  21. Thank you for sharing your inspirational healing journey Frances which reflects a totally different way of approaching a cancer diagnosis by embracing the healing on offer, both conventional and esoteric, and being an active participant in the process.

  22. Inspirational Frances. You have shown us how powerful healing can be when we surrender to being guided by love, and allow ourselves to be supported by the practices of both conventional medicine and esoteric healing giving way for your body and being to fully heal and evolve.

  23. A beautiful understanding that illness and disease are not fate or just bad luck and that we have had a part to play in the underlying cause of the problem but also we have a part to play in the healing of the illness and disease. Conventional medicine and esoteric medicine are powerful partners.

  24. Esoteric modalities and practitioners offer an incredible support for people and their bodies that undergo severe treatments. They provide a point of truth any body feels when it feels and returns to it. It is like a beautiful oasis in the dessert. Its healing capacities are simply enormous. That is why, it helps so much the person to thrive in what they are going through.

  25. I remember around 50 years ago losing two very young friends to Hodgkin’s disease. I may be wrong but my memory is that it was considered a terminal diagnosis to have contracted it in those days. It is marvellous that medicine has improved but also very wonderful that we now have esoteric healing restored to mankind for us to be able to understand this and other diseases and appreciate the healing that they offer us.

  26. Do you feel like a good read? Go no further than the Esoteric Practitioners Association guidelines on ethics… The absolute and leading guidebook of its kind in the world.

  27. Our body is always giving us incredibly clear messages on where we are and what we need to do to live a life that is rich fulfilled connected… We really do need to listen to our bodies

  28. Thank you Francis, what a beautifully honest account and appreciation for the healing offered through both the medical fraternity and the accompanying Universal Medicine therapies and support. The integration of both these offers true healing I agree, and you are a perfect example of exactly that.

  29. Conventional medicine is truly extraordinary in what it can do, but there is so much , when it is all stripped back, that it does not know, and then we simply must return to the ancient wisdom that presents eternally that we are all one, that every aspect of us is a part of the big picture of our health, and that with this wisdom true healing can take place.

  30. The appreciation for the whole experience of having cancer and the process you went through really comes through in your words Frances, and is inspiring. It must have been a joy for the nurses and doctors to see someone embracing everything they had to offer with total acceptance.

  31. ‘My illness provided me with an opportunity to not only heal, but to evolve as a person. It has been an amazing grace in my life.’ You have truly surrendered to what was on offer for you and even enjoyed the whole process, amazing read Frances, thank you!

  32. As you share in your great blog Frances, a powerful key in our own healing is honesty with ourselves, the acceptance of how things truly are and embracing everything that is there to support us with an openness and lightheartedness.
    “I enjoyed engaging in the whole process of treatment – both medical and esoteric. I fully accepted and embraced all the medical treatments that were recommended, and received positive outcomes all along the way”,

  33. Awesome Frances, your story is testimony to the power of surrender to the beauty our bodies hold, in sickness and in health. And I’m glad you referred to Universal Medicine offering present day teachings of work previously carried out by others. Yes, the medicine Universal Medicine offers is universal and it is timeless… hence it is also referred to as the Ageless Wisdom. We’ve known it for eons, and have simply chosen to forget. Its modern-day face, Universal Medicine, is simply helping so many of us to re-connect to that which is universal and timeless in us. Thank you Universal Medicine, and all who came before.

  34. How beautiful to read that you ‘enjoyed’ the whole process and how great the way you combined the support on conventional medicine with Universal Medicine therapies as well as eating nourishing foods. Yes any illness is not pleasant, but when we view it as the opportunity to learn that it presents, and we look after our health as best we can, then the healing process becomes simpler.

  35. ‘And no words to describe the power and grace of knowing I am loved and am love, and that all I need to do is listen to and trust my body.’ A very powerful statement. I sometimes ignore what I know is true for the body but there is always a consequence. As I appreciate the miraculous workings of my body and the way it continually works towards homeostasis I can see that honouring my body contributes a continual healing, not just in the present but for past misdemeanours also.

  36. It is indeed wonderful to feel the love and healing offered when we get a condition such as cancer or have an accident instead of going into why me or feeling that it is some kind of punishment etc and rejecting what is on offer. It is beautiful to hear how you embraced your offering and healed and evolved. Thank you for sharing and supporting others too.

  37. The modalities of the spiritual new ages give us fragments of truth that serve as bait as we desperately search for a truth we have departed from. This truth lives deep within us, it is absolute and untarnished yet we blemish our perception of it when we choose to live counter to the way it impulses us to live. No wanting to re-turn and live it in full, we eagerly swallow such bait that affords us an excuse to delay the return until such a time that the aching emptiness of living a lie becomes too much to bear. Once we re-connect to the esoteric way of living (living from our inner-most) the blind spots disappear so that the exquisite Whole from which those fragments of truth came from, can be seen and thus lived once again. Frances, you are living proof of such a joyous return and show us how simple it can be to make great changes in our lives, thank you.

    1. I feel we followed the spiritual new age modalities as they allowed us to ignore our responsibilities; we felt free for a short while whilst we were being blissfully distracted. The great beauty that Frances illustrates is her complete trust in her own body and in her own love. To turn our backs on something that is so clinging; is awesome! To face up to cancer with no fear; just love and appreciation for yourself is very profound and very beautiful.

  38. Beautiful to read how you were able to accept your cancer as an opportunity to heal, and become a stronger person, sometimes it takes a stop to make us realise how truly wonderful we really are.

  39. Understanding that even serious surgery is most definitely an opportunity for energetic clearing is a revelation that could really change our relationships to hospitals in general

  40. How amazing is it to be able to embrace something as scary as cancer and to be able to see it as a necessary healing for us. Even if the cancer takes us out, it is giving us a massive clearing. Of course if one is convinced that we only have the one life, it makes it harder to see it from this perspective. But as the saying goes, just because you don’t believe in reincarnation doesn’t mean you will not be coming back!

  41. How great that you have this knowing Frances, ‘I am loved and am love, and that all I need to do is listen to and trust my body.’ Lovely, and true.

  42. Thank you Frances, this is a beautiful testimony to the combined work of Universal Medicine, the high integrity of their practitioners and the thoroughly allied relationship with conventional medicine and all it offers.

  43. A beautiful example of the healing potential by pairing the Universal Medicine Therapies with conventional medicine. Taking responsibility for why you found yourself with this condition and them embracing all you did to support yourself in healing is very inspiring Frances, thanks for sharing your story.

  44. for most people illness is seen as an inconvenience at the least, or a source of great concern… Here we have the perspective that we can actually learn from our illnesses, and even evolve our awareness.

  45. “There are no words to say how incredible it feels to learn you have a serious illness and to be able to accept such news as an opportunity for healing. And no words to describe the power and grace of knowing I am loved and am love, and that all I need to do is listen to and trust my body.” So true. Students of the Way of the Livingness have an amazing ability to accept with grace and dignity a serious diagnosis and use it as an opportunity for healing and evolution. Universal Medicine therapies are an amazing complement to western medicine, offering true healing not just a cure.

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