How a Cervical Smear Test became possible through Loving Choices.

by Ruth Ketnor, Frome, UK 

At the age of 29 I gave up on having cervical smear tests. I found them so extremely painful and distressing that I decided I wasn’t going there again.

At the age of 50 I had to have a smear test as one of a series of tests (note I said had to). I went to the appointment in dread of what was coming and felt a lot of tension. With a very caring nurse we tried 3 times after which we called it a day, as it was still so painful.

The next year I attended a group in which Natalie Benhayon presented Sacred Movement. When starting this gentle and very subtle movement of my pelvis I felt pain and a real tightness, a hardening I had been holding in my pelvic area, particularly on the right side. As I did the movement in the classes and then daily at home, these symptoms cleared from my body quickly, the movement becoming more flowing, even, and as if my body was naturally doing it rather than me intentionally doing it. Continue reading “How a Cervical Smear Test became possible through Loving Choices.”

Healing from Cancer: Embracing Conventional Medicine and Universal Medicine

by Frances Taylor-Marshall, aged carer, nanny and counsellor, Sydney.

I am writing to express my heartfelt thanks to the Universal Medicine Practitioners who played a part in my healing processes. I am in deep appreciation for their super loving and professional care during the year I underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy for lymphoma.

I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in August 2013 and in late June 2014, was told that my body had had a complete metabolic response to treatment, therefore leaving me completely clear of any cancer. My haematologist said that given the stage and location of my cancer, he was in the beginning quite concerned for me, therefore, as he stated, he was “truly thrilled” that my body had responded as well as it did.

I feel this healing was in no small part thanks to Universal Medicine and its teachings and practitioners. Continue reading “Healing from Cancer: Embracing Conventional Medicine and Universal Medicine”