Medicine for Humanity

By Cherise Holt, Nurse, Australia

A group of health professionals gather at a conference with the purpose of sharing through research and experience, so as to educate and support each other in their common specialities of health and medicine. Professors, Doctors, Scientists and Nurses have travelled from around the country with special guests from across the world to contribute, communicate and impart knowledge from their experiences or simply to ascertain further understanding of the health issues and complications that are presented with their patients each day. I appreciated being here, as I understand the importance of science and medicine to our health and our wellbeing.

For me, the most interesting portion of the conference was the presented case studies. A patient’s disease symptoms were discussed (in a confidential and professional manner) so that colleagues can share from their own expertise to reach diagnosis and treatment options with the patients’ best health interests as the aim. Offered alongside the symptoms is a brief outline of their medical history, including any other illnesses, medications, family history, age, sex, marital status, (children), religion if applicable and whether they smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol. It was here that I couldn’t help but feel that something was missing, like I had a puzzle in front of me with many missing pieces. Although the ability to diagnose and manage the immediate symptoms could be made, the puzzle still felt incomplete.

Today conventional medicine and science is used to perform tests and diagnose the illnesses and diseases that present in our bodies. Our healthcare system works intensely to manage people’s symptoms, their treatment options and any subsequent side effects. It monitors the progression of disease and balances the involved risks and complications. A good outcome is a variable notion as the body’s response can be unpredictable and whilst symptoms can be managed for now the ideas of surgery, transplantation or mortality are undoubtedly fear-provoking in many patients. Statistics inform us that a number of diseases are on the rise, with increased complications and co-morbidities. How can this be, given that we live in an era with unprecedented knowledge of the human body? There must be more to our health and the way in which we see and practise medicine.

What if medicine was not just the solution to our ill health?

In the past few years I have been deeply inspired by the presentations of Serge Benhayon on the subject of medicine and have since begun to view the way that I live as my greatest form of medicine. This means that if I was to present to you my personal medical history it would not only state examples of current health as listed above but it must include everything and every way that I choose to live my whole life. With honesty and complete responsibility it would include the food that I eat but also the way in which I buy, prepare and eat such food, the way I connect to me and bring the quality that is naturally me to others, to work, the way I walk, speak, sleep, think, how I am with my body and any emotions that I hold on to …everything! Even as I write this I feel the enormity of what ‘everything’ actually means. I know I am by far not perfect with my way of living but there is no judgement on myself as this has been a grand revelation that has shown me just how far away I had chosen to become from my natural way of living.

What will be the future of our health in our humanity?

In the symposium I observed the support and discussion that my medical health colleagues shared. They have many years of training, knowledge and expertise behind them; but I also felt the sadness and overwhelm that was underlying and apparent to me. Our health profession is primarily run by people (members of our humanity) who seek to provide solutions and invent new medicines for the rest of our humanity; a solution to best support and heal another. But without the study of a human being as a whole – with the inclusion of one’s physical body, their way of living and the knowing of the quality that each human being naturally holds – the puzzle will remain incomplete. As a student of my own way of living I have gained much inspiration from studying Universal Medicine’s online audio presentations. Whilst it saddens me that conventional medicine and complementary medicine predominantly appear worlds apart, correspondingly I feel the grand opportunity and immense joy when I ponder on our future.

We as humanity deserve healthcare founded on the highest forms of integrity, where self-responsibility shapes an honest and deeply loving relationship with self and then with others. Humanity will gather in the field of medicine, not to heavily carry the responsibility of how other people live through their own choices, but by living in a way that inspires and reflects to our brothers our undeniable equality and the simplicity of true support.

405 thoughts on “Medicine for Humanity

  1. It makes simple sense that if we have amazing medicine when it comes to the body and it’s physical and physiological aspects. Yet we keep getting sicker and increasingly so – then there is another aspect of the human being that needs medicine beyond what is currently offered. That other aspect I have found in Universal Medicine as it is medicine for the being while conventional supports the human.

  2. We are not there yet but we will get there, we will discover that missing piece of the puzzle. It is funny because in some areas, we already acknowledge that quality of energy affects matter…an example of this is…You can say to someone that baking a cake when you are angry destroys the taste of the cake and many people will agree. Or maybe you can talk about how a really sweet family at the farmers’ market grows apples and I swear they taste so good because the family is so loving and most people will agree with you. These examples, even in their simplest form, are demonstrating that quality of energy affects matter.

    Taking this and applying it to medicine, will be more challenging, for it is removing our outlet to blame our environment, genetics or our circumstance for our illness and disease. What we are missing and what you are presenting in this blog, is that it is not about shifting blame from external to internal, we should not ever blame ourselves for our illness. What is being offered is the chance to lovingly review our choices and see if any of our choices may have been obstructing our natural order and flow of energy in the body, we were all born very beautiful and loving at our core, but the way we live must match this love or eventually the difference will be pushed out to heal.

  3. How empowering it is to actually start taking responsibility for our life, and the way we live, when I chose to take responsibility for myself, I started to understand how society and humanity is set up to destroy itself, if we keep eating the amount of sugar that is in food, and continue to indulge in what we know is not good for us, we will be needing more doctors, and more hospitals.

  4. You’ve raised some really great points Cherise, about sharing our ideas and resources but also recognising the ‘behind the scenes’ of why these were created, and whether there is an underlying overwhelm, agenda or concern that is playing out through the work. We can support each other massively with this.

  5. I so love what you say in the last paragraph, Cherise – a very powerful and deeply inspiring invitation for all to consider self-responsibility as the main ingredient for the future of healthcare.

  6. I would agree Cherise that there is a lot of overwhelm in the medical/health professionals at the moment and the outlook is not getting any brighter. I recently visited an ED and several times it was mentioned that if one patient requires urgent attention, then 20-30 more keep coming through the doors as they work on that patient. As this was shared, I had images of the vast battles in Lord of the Rings, where the ‘good guys’ are completely outnumbered and the opposing armies just keep coming. I think everyone agrees that this state cannot continue but vast reform and responsibility from all parties is required.

  7. Now and again we see a report of a potential medical breakthrough and then we never hear of it again, as if it is being used as a carrot on a stick. Everyone knows within them that the population is getting sicker (hard to miss as those around us are also getting sicker) and that there is nothing more we would want than a cure for cancer, diabetes, heart disease, but what if the answer is not in finding a solution, and that a solution will only work as a bandaid for a short while. What if by getting to the root cause by looking at the quality of our movements in our everyday interactions with life, could prevent these diseases from occurring, and that maybe it is our current way of living in dis-ease and dis-harmony that is escalating the rate of illness in the first place.

  8. The quality of how we live our everyday from what and how we eat, to how we sleep, move, exercise, work and interact with others collectively forms the most basic form of daily medicine we are blessed with and thus in turn forms the foundations and quality of our very own health and wellbeing.

  9. Humanity doesn’t see medicine as a whole body experience, in other words it is not about looking at the symptoms and curing the illness but it is about looking at everything in our life, our sleep, the food we eat, our behaviours, how we speak and interact with each other, how we move, do we live with exhaustion or low grade anxiousness, the list is extensive, but these are some of the not so obvious factors that over time if not looked at contribute to our illnesses. This is where Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine comes in, they bring a deeper understanding of the body and how healing the whole body is very different to curing or managing our illnesses and diseases.

  10. The medical industry if rife with solutions but it seems to want to know very little about quality and how the detail of our choices affects our health. Esoteric medicine will one day just be normal mainstream view, everyone will have to pull up their socks if we want to keep the whole system from busting.

  11. It is inspirational to be able to ponder over the future of medicine should the marvels of modern medicine be combined with the wisdom and self responsibility that complementary medicine brings. The current paradigm sadly only supports humanity and the illness and disease that abounds to a degree, for it only addresses part of the puzzle and not the whole, ignoring the responsibility we have and the part we play in our own health based on the choices we make in our lives.

  12. ‘Humanity will gather in the field of medicine, not to heavily carry the responsibility of how other people live through their own choices, but by living in a way that inspires and reflects to our brothers our undeniable equality and the simplicity of true support.’ I love this line. Each and every one of us taking responsibly for our own medicine through the way in which we live.

  13. WE absolutely do deserve better health care. The EPA ( Esoteric Practitioners Association) has the highest standard of requirements for health practitioners of any organisation I know. If we could all follow such protocol we would raise the bar on our general state of health and the energy in which we can be of service to whomever is in need. It would re define “health” altogether.

  14. Realising that when we see illness or dis-ease presented in our bodies, it is in fact the end result of a repetition of ill momentum, patterns or behaviours that are running us, will lead us to begin to understand how powerful healing can be when we address and arrest what ill momentums, pattern and behaviours are at play and why the being is making such choices. Otherwise what we are generally working towards managing or reducing are the symptoms alone, rather than addressing or understanding the cause. Through developing a loving and honoring relationship with our bodies and being we begin to understand the effects our choices have on our lives. As such we also begin to understand that we are the ones responsible for the state of our well-being and that the way we live our lives in fact ‘medicine’ in itself.

  15. Our whole approach and experience of the medical system would be immensely enriched if what is taught by Universal Medicine is embraced, and conventional medicine and esoteric medicine worked together.

    This morning I have woke up with a painful back, so a painkiller or maybe gentle movements to ease it off would be rightly prescribed. But also through the support of Universal Medicine I know it is wise to consider my own choices that have led me here, and reflected back I can see how I pushed myself when I was exhausted at the end of the day to complete something I had decided was more important than taking care of myself, and also the lack of care in the days leading up knowing that yesterday was going to be a long day.

    Armed with this insight not only am i in a more empowered place to resolve my pain, but also it is a learning of how to not get into the same predicament in the future.

  16. We all understand that many of our lifestyle choices reflect on what disease or illness we may get, how amazing would it be if we all realised that it’s every choice we make that has a bearing on illness and disease, from how we take ourselves to bed at night, to how we talk whenever we open our mouth.

  17. Once you have opened up to see life in a more spherical way, it is easy to feel the pain and to appreciate the shortcomings of the world trying hard to keep linear and not being able to go deep. This is not just a philosophical statement but one that has a lot of implications for a field like medicine.

  18. Yes our amazing medical professionals all want to find solutions to humanity’s every worsening health situation. What a difference it would make were they able to come to an understanding that illness and disease is part of the healing and an essential part at that. Then further, what if they were to come to realise that the way we live in its entirety is what necessitates and causes the illness and disease? If this were the case they would be able to switch from trying to patch up humanity to healing humanity.

  19. This is so inspiring and has to be the way forward ‘We as humanity deserve healthcare founded on the highest forms of integrity, where self-responsibility shapes an honest and deeply loving relationship with self and then with others.’ Only when we are all willing to look at how we are living and how this affects our health and wellbeing will the medical profession be free to support our healing relieved of the burden they are currently sinking under of trying to work miracles on patients who are unwilling to take responsibility for the life choices that have led to them needing medical intervention.

  20. Seeking a solution without understanding all the underlying causes is only part of the diagnosis. Conventional medicine complemented by Esoteric Medicine and Universal Medicine offer the full diagnosis and health care plan.

  21. Interesting how we only look to medicine when there is something wrong with us, but we do not think to bring it into our daily lives by choosing to live in a loving way, taking care of ourselves, looking after our bodies and listening to what truly supports us.

  22. ‘We as humanity deserve healthcare founded on the highest forms of integrity, where self-responsibility shapes an honest and deeply loving relationship with self and then with others. Humanity will gather in the field of medicine, not to heavily carry the responsibility of how other people live through their own choices, but by living in a way that inspires and reflects to our brothers our undeniable equality and the simplicity of true support.’ I couldn’t agree more and this is where Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine come in as they show us the way to live that very life.

  23. Medicine is doing a great job and it will be even greater when it gets reunited with its origins, the treatment of the person as a whole and addressing the way we live, think and conduct ourselves. At present it can feel as though we are stubbornly making unhealthy choices, then feign ignorance and disbelief, possibly throw a tantrum when we are told we have a diagnosable condition, demand to be fixed and then go back for more of the same deleterious lifestyle choices.

  24. The day humanity accepts that the way we live can be our “greatest form of medicine”, is the day that the endless surge in the numbers of illnesses and diseases will slowly begin to slow down and eventually start to decrease. How we live, including what we eat, has been proven to be the root cause of so many of these ‘lifestyle illnesses’, so then it follows that by making changes to the way we live will eventually experience changes in our health.

  25. I have a huge respect for science, research and our medical systems. Yet at times I wonder how amazing it would be if we stopped limiting our sight. Often how we approach things seems like having an anxious dog that bites and we choose to muzzle it. Ok so the biting situation is sorted for the time being, but how come the dog is biting in the first place and what aspects of the dog’s life need healing and re-imprinting? Including a broader understanding of the patient’s life and considering self-responsibility makes absolute sense.

    1. Great example Golnaz, muzzling the dog is just papering over the cracks rather than addressing the underlying issue and this is what we are doing with illness and disease too.

  26. ‘What if medicine was not just the solution to our ill health?’ This is a great question because the medical profession pride themselves on finding solutions, where if you look deeper there has to be a root cause to the illness which is not part of their diagnosis. If we looked into the root cause of illness and disease we would find that many of them are a by-product of the choices we make and the way we live, if we started making different choices and living differently we might avoid getting the illness or disease in the first place.

  27. Everything we think say or do impacts on our body, the trillions of cells that make up this vehicle that we drive or cruise around in. I have noticed that in general it seems that it is not cool to take care unless it is one’s children or partner and even sometimes that comes in to question, but delving more deeply we usually find that that is exactly what we want for ourselves, more care, more loving and tender care. By giving this to ourselves first and allowing ourselves to feel how supportive it is we can let go of what everyone else is doing and begin to feel ourselves more connected and more self confident in a different kind of way. A way that does not rely on recognition or acceptance from others but builds a relationship with ourselves that we can count on and that brings support when needed.

  28. “Humanity will gather in the field of medicine, not to heavily carry the responsibility of how other people live through their own choices, but by living in a way that inspires and reflects to our brothers our undeniable equality and the simplicity of true support.” For it is with inspiration and reflection that we will reconnect to our natural responsible way of being.

  29. This makes perfect sense Cherise, ‘Humanity will gather in the field of medicine, not to heavily carry the responsibility of how other people live through their own choices, but by living in a way that inspires and reflects to our brothers our undeniable equality and the simplicity of true support.’ It is our responsibility to show there is a different way to live, a way that is responsible and loving.

  30. It is enormously beneficial to find the best and most supportive intervention for a patient and there is also more than the intervention to consider. A framework for medicine to consider this ‘more’ would be very beneficial.

  31. It is so glaringly obvious that we must, as a species, take individual responsibility for our well-being … The overloading of the health systems of the world is simply reflecting back to us that this is, at the moment, most definitely not the case.

  32. We have more doctors and nurses than ever before and those doctors and nurses are better trained than ever before. We spend more on our health systems than ever before. Yet we are all sicker than ever before. When something doesn’t make sense why do we all ignore it? Why don’t the doctors or the politicians who direct the funding of it all say stop this is clearly not working, why is it not working? Why don’t we ask the obvious questions, it makes no sense.

  33. Serge Benhayon presents a true physician’s understanding of the underlying causes of illness and disease and invites us all to consider the way we live and the choices we make as our responsibility for our part in the prevention of illness and disease and thus relieve the increasing burden on the conventional medical teams.

  34. “What if medicine was not just the solution to our ill health?” without a doubt in my mind, medicine can cannot continue down this path, allowing people to rely on ‘ the system’ without taking responsibility for their own health. It is a blessing that Universal Medicine is presenting the way forward out of this dilemma simply available to everyone.

  35. True health and well being is ‘everything’. Every thought and movement. It is huge Cherise because we are bigger than our ‘average’ thought. We are not who we think we are.

  36. Most of humanity go about their lives in ignorant ‘bliss’ and do not make the connection that they play a key role regarding their health – that how they live every moment of every day makes an impact not just in their own bodies but also spreads far and wide ‘silently’ affecting everything and everyone without exception. We all have a huge responsibility in the way we choose to live, as health and medicine are Universal.

  37. This is exactly what is needed to “view the way that I live as my greatest form of medicine”, I had not considered this before Universal Medicine but without this being both known and lived we are fighting a losing battle, one where we seek medicine but choose to hurt ourselves everyday. Would we keep our hand on a hot stove whilst seeking medical treatment for the burn, or would we remove our hand and take care of ourselves? Obvious in this case but how many of us walk around angry, frustrated and in doing so affect everything about our life.

  38. ‘What if medicine was not just the solution to our ill health?’ The word medicine has been reduced down so much so, that to us it is only taken if we are ill and it is something someone else gives us to make us better. Never have I heard, until Universal Medicine came along, that ‘Our greatest form of medicine is to live as who we truly are.’ (Serge Benhayon) This takes on a whole different, far wider perspective in that it is us, every one of us, who takes responsibility for our way of living and in that we are living our own form of medicine – complete common sense and yet nothing I have heard of before.

  39. Just including an understanding of self care in the medical world would change the trajectory for doctors, nurses and their patients. It is terrible to realise how many doctors suicide. How much are we ready to ask if our caring system needs some care for themselves too?

  40. As the ever increasing rates of illness are evident, it’s obvious conventional medicine can’t solve the problem on its own, thus the partnership with esoteric medicine along with responsible lifestyle choices is essential in reducing rates of illness and disease.

  41. The opportunity to use the best of both worlds – in the combination of western medicine with esoteric healing – is something I have been taking advantage of – for which I am forever grateful. We do need to start taking responsibility for our own health, as the way disease is going, health services worldwide are becoming over-burdened. We need to start making different choices, as many students of Universal Medicine are doing – with some amazing results to the benefit of their health.

  42. The medical system is overburdened and ?failing, with the ever increasing rate of illness and disease and now multi symptomatic illnesses which don’t follow the common pathway. Is it possible that we need look at healthcare from a different perspective – perhaps preventative and making each person accountable and responsible for their dis-ease, looking at lifestyle choices and selfcare as an important factor.

  43. I agree with you as well that there is a feeling of overwhelm and a feeling of never fully solving the problem. As I find in my daily life as well it is when I include the factor that we are more that physical and also have an energetic part that is equally playing its role in daily life that I can make sense of certain behaviors I am choosing.

  44. It is beautiful to come together as health professionals to discuss and come to an answer for the problems that we are facing. Together is the way forward for sure.

  45. There is definitely a lot of sadness and, increasingly, overwhelm felt by those who work in the health system. This blog goes a long way to addressing such issues, it needn’t be hard either.

  46. Understanding that the way we live is medicine is to me very beautiful. It brings true and loving purpose to everything we do, to every moment of our day and to every step we take. It is in fact common sense – common sense we have ‘talked ourselves out of’ over time, ignoring things we feel innately and dismissing our our intuitive connection with our body and our beingness in favour of ‘proven facts’. My feeling is that our scientists will one day find proof of the fact that our intuition and our real common sense is very accurate and catch up with what those in humanity who have learned to trust this sense have been saying all along.

  47. Sometimes I reflect on whether we have created a society to divest ourselves of responsibility. We have medical professionals to look after our health, social workers to take care of the elderly and vulnerable, police to deal with crime, schools for education and government to build infrastructure, the economy and the bigger picture. It makes sense to have such organisations to support us with our lives but not to take responsibility for us. Surely we have to work with these professionals and look at our part in the picture rather than point fingers at them when things ‘go wrong’. I have studied ‘stress and health management’ in the past and it is very clear that there is a link between our lifestyle choices and our stress levels and hence our health. Complementary medicine has a big part to play in our wellbeing and the prevention of illness and disease. It seems to me the evolution of complementary, pro-active health and wellbeing services is a responsible step for humanity.

    1. That is true. When we support our professionals there are a lot of benefits for them, for us and for society as a whole.

  48. I too felt in my years of health related training and work, the sadness of health professionals taking on the burden of lifestyle illness and not understanding how to empower people. Then through Universal Medicine I understood the power of living in a way that inspired people and have never looked back. When the care and love for people is spoken from a body that is reflecting those qualities, it makes all the difference.

  49. What if our greatest responsibility in life was to step up and play our seemingly small part in the greater whole that we call life? Through understanding that how we are affects everyone and in connection to the harmony of living true to ourselves. Our part in the universe makes a difference as we can easily be contributing to the messiness we have all created or alternatively offering another more responsible way. The awesome gift with making this choice, that for those still yet to make may not yet know, is that with true responsibility comes a lightness, joy, love and a beautiful way of living that far exceeds any other way as it is full to the brim with a true purpose and sense of brotherhood (that which has been lacking) that graces one every day.

  50. This is GOLD Cherise, Thank you!: “We as humanity deserve healthcare founded on the highest forms of integrity, where self-responsibility shapes an honest and deeply loving relationship with self and then with others. Humanity will gather in the field of medicine, not to heavily carry the responsibility of how other people live through their own choices, but by living in a way that inspires and reflects to our brothers our undeniable equality and the simplicity of true support.” It call us all to play an active and responsible part in our own health care with the realisation that every choice we make not only has an impact on ourselves but all those around us.

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