From Resistance to Embracing Western Medicine

by Angela Perin, Brisbane, QLD, Australia. 

This blog post was initially posted on The Truth About Universal Medicine Blog and we have also posted it here as it is relevant to the medical blog and affirms the fact that Universal Medicine is pro-Western Medicine. 

Up until a few years ago, I had been a strong supporter of alternative medicine and its various modalities, including ‘new age’ or ‘spiritual’ therapies and techniques. In fact, I considered alternative medicine to be the answer, or to hold the primary solutions and methods to healing illness and disease. When an illness or condition presented with myself or within my family, this is what I turned to, and actively pursued.

Although I grew up with some understanding and use of Western Medicine (to the extent that I did have occasional visits to the local community nurse and saw a doctor on a handful of occasions during my childhood), it was not a big part of my awareness or experience. In my late teens through to my early 20’s, and as a general outcome of my immediate family taking more of an interest in health, I began to become more interested in alternative medicine and therapies (which included general lifestyle changes such as the incorporation of organic food, supplements, regular exercise etc.).

By the time I was in my mid-late 20’s, I was moving more and more towards alternative medicine as the means of healing illness and disease – to the point where I began to discount Western Medicine as a means of support. In fact, to be honest, over the last 20 odd years this was with a large degree of defence and arrogance against Western Medicine, and I avoided it wherever possible. I took great pride in claiming my family and I never went to the doctor, and that we handled nearly every situation without this support. Of course, there were a handful of occasions where I could not avoid this, but even then I accepted the support with a large measure of reluctance and resistance (considering it something that was necessary and unavoidable, but never something that was embraced).

Since 2010 and my association with Universal Medicine, I have had the opportunity to re-look at my beliefs around alternative medicine and Western Medicine, in the context of how they are able to support dealing with illness and disease.

While I have held an understanding for a long time that illness and disease are not random events, and that they result from something else going on (i.e. emotions, lifestyle etc.), I had arrogantly held on to the belief that Western Medicine could not be a part of the healing process (unless of course ‘absolutely necessary’). I had held on to a belief that engaging the support of Western Medicine was considered a ‘failure’, a ‘step backward’ and even a ‘weakness’.

In the past 2 years I have come to an awareness and understanding that Western Medicine is not ‘the’ answer to illness and disease, but it is an important ‘part’ of ‘the’ answer. I have also come to an awareness and understanding that illness and disease come from the way (the quality and self-care) in which we live, and the way (the quality and self-care) we are with ourselves and others. And while it is an individual’s choice to consider and take responsibility for the cause of illness and disease, and to have the opportunity to connect to and be honest about the patterns, behaviours, ideals and beliefs that result in us living a certain way, Western Medicine can offer tremendous support in assisting the physical body as part of this process. Neither of these two is any more important than the other, but rather complements the other in addressing and healing illness and disease.

In the past 2 years, I have had the amazing opportunity to begin to embrace and accept the support of Western Medicine as an important part of a healing process, and to let go of the solid resistance and arrogance I have held for several decades.

And recently I had the amazing opportunity to put this into practice! I had a large abscess on my leg which was not healing, and had no hesitation or resistance in going to the doctors to get it checked out, which resulted in (emergency) minor surgery and a total of 3 days in hospital.

The amazing thing was that I accepted, and in fact, embraced, all of the support that was offered to me – without resistance, without avoidance, and without arrogance. I was able to accept responsibility for my body and my choices, accept the support that was offered – not with an attitude of ‘you (i.e. Western Medicine) fix it’ or ‘I’m totally helpless’ (i.e. giving away my power) – but with an understanding that Western Medicine was an equally important part of this healing process. I was amazed at how much I was supported simply by ‘allowing’ the support that was there, and how this assisted in the overall healing, and the support I received and felt as a result, was truly lovely.

From resisting Western Medicine to embracing it – now that to me was ‘true’ healing!

202 thoughts on “From Resistance to Embracing Western Medicine

  1. Ouch the pride with which I declared for years that I never went to the doctor despite suffering from increasingly frequent viral infections and being generally run down and exhausted. Even when I was told that I was headed for Chronic Fatigue I still arrogantly thought that I knew better than the doctors!
    When I started attending Universal Medicine presentations I gradually learnt how to take better care of myself and heal the issues that were contributing to my fatigue. As I started to be more responsible for my general wellbeing I also became much more proactive in addressing anything that affected my health and sought the support of medical professionals when needed. When doing so it feels much more of a partnership rather than me reluctantly going along to be fixed and I value the support I receive in clearing any dis-ease from my body.

  2. It could almost be said that to let go of our old belief systems… In this case as with many the avoidance of anything classically medical, is a sign of evolution and maturing energetic awareness

  3. I wonder if many people turn away from Western Medicine because they see it doesn’t hold the full answers, but what if it’s intended to work side by side with a complementary medicine like Esoteric Medicine that explains the steps beforehand leading to the illness and how you can change them moving forward so you can in effect have a full recovery.

  4. Angela I was myself ambivalent as to western or complementary medicine but never before Universal Medicine had I seen how complementary and western medicine can work hand in hand, side by side and to support each other. It’s great to see how the same quality of love and care you felt in Universal Medicine, with Serge, inspired you to embrace western medicine for all it offers but take care of your self and the responsibility of complementary medicine.

  5. Yet another case, where we can feel the transformation of a person being so anti-mainstream medicine and then after attending Universal Medicine, they are opened up to the absolute care and support that Doctors, Nurses and Hospitals can offer, we also live in a lucky country considering that we are still able to use Medicare.

  6. Western medicine provides much support and healing for our physical body – we only have to stop and ponder on where we would collectively be at if people in need could not have for a period of time their necessary pharmaceuticals such as pain relief, antibiotics, and diabetic medication as examples to support them. The suffering and repercussions would be most likely beyond measure.

  7. I love how you can come to an understanding of life and medicine to recognize a medical issue as an opportunity to embrace a knowing that healing cannot be approached in parts but rather from a spherical perspective, and therefore choose to respect western medicine and what it can do but also equally know and choose to play your part…. To accept the responsibility you have through the choices you make that contribute to your health and healing.

  8. The origins of medicine are from love and service. Medicine doesn’t live this in full now, but the origins are still there. When we reject it without specific cause then what are we rejecting?

  9. A great sharing Angela, often we can resist Western Medicine and hold our nose so to speak, while at the same time demanding that it fix us. There is both a huge arrogance as you note and also a huge irresponsibility in that – Western Medicine is an amazing support and very much a part of the healing process but when we need it’s support our part is to look at how we live and have lived to bring us to this point so we can address any patterns or behaviours that we may have; so in fact an illness crisis is an opportunity to go deeper and consider how we live.

  10. Why do we think we need to be one or the other? As the article is saying both or there are different parts to healing and why don’t we embrace whatever is needed to support ourselves. So often we think there needs to be a choice or we need to be one or the other. Looking back it’s funny to see how I use to be, in that I didn’t favour anything and would try them all but only only if I really needed them. I was a man that could do it on his own and yet that never worked or supported me. To me there are two parts to anything I heal, the physical part and then the what walked me there in the first place or the energetic part.

  11. There is most certainly a place for western medicine, through the advances of medicine illnesses and diseases that were once untreatable are no longer huge issues as it continues to advance in both technology and understanding science, however if we added all of that with what our body is able to feel it is possible to have true medicine by combining the two.

  12. Western Medicine has its place in the healing process, together with Esoteric Medicine, there is a true healing taking place as both the physical aspect and energetic accept of the healing takes place in the body.

  13. Western medicine is astonishing in what it can do, it blows my mind what is possible in terms of surgery and treatments, and when teamed with esoteric medicine and the whole complete understanding of what brought the body to this point in the first place and what possibly needs to change moving forward then real healing and long-lasting change can take place.

  14. I had a very negative and dismissive attitude towards conventional medicine as I often felt that there was a gap in their approach to healing. So I began to explore and study natural medicine yet still there seemed to be another level of understanding of healing that was not being addressed. When I came across esoteric medicine I discovered how powerful it is to not only understand that the root cause of illness stems from a quality of energy that we are saying ‘yes’ to, but how equally powerful and supportive it is to work in union with conventional, natural and esoteric medicine to address to cause of illness, heal our hurts, and bring true and lasting healing to the body and being. Understanding that we are not our illness, but far greater, allows us the opportunity to be aware of the choices we make, to take responsibility for the state of our well-being and what is needed to best support us to be our true and vital selves.

  15. I was for long involved in spritual work and from there slowly on I started to see the Western medicine as an enemy. The way they got presented at many spritual meetings was having that effect.
    It had that effect even though I was brought up with a very positive western medicine look.
    When I started to study with Serge Benhayon I started to wake up again how Western Medicine is, or can be, an important part of the healing. And also that we can never truly heal if we do not look at why we got ill in the first place and start to take responsibility to make changes.

    1. I always wonder about modalities that need to treat medicine as the enemy. Why would they need to do that?

  16. A beautiful example where change is possible and for the true support of oneself and others. It reminds me of a belief I took on when I was a child when I was told repeatedly ‘you can’t alter your nature’ but how untrue this statement was. I am changing all of the time as I let go of beliefs, ideals and hurts and one of the changes I have made is to also embrace conventional medicine welcoming the support for myself and my family.

  17. It’s a strong pair of beliefs, isn’t it, that can grip us – that either the ‘natural way’ or ‘alternative’ medicine is king, or that western medicine is the be all and end all. The answer of course does not lie exclusively in either camp but in a marriage of the energetic with the scientific, resulting in a truly holistic, integrated approach.

  18. It is true that western medicine isn’t the whole answer but it is an important part of the support we need for our health. Western medicine like everything comes with an underlying energy, which can be off-putting. For instance it discredits anything that doesn’t have evidence-based medicine behind it. I have also found it to be a disempowering system (despite very dedicated staff), one that patients seem to willingly hand their power over to. Yet it has a wonderful understanding and capacity to support illness on a physical level. My experience with new age therapies or alternative medicine so far has been one where people who become unwell seem to get on a circuit of trying everything on offer. This would tend to suggest that nothing is true if you have to keep searching. What I have found with Universal Medicine is that they encourage the use of Western Medicine as well as the use of the Esoteric healing modalities. Those who I have observed taking this path do not get on the circuit of healers and modalities. Their illness may or may not be cured but the depth of growth in the person as they actually heal the root energetic cause is phenomenal.

  19. Conventional western medicine has been amazing for me, fixing me up numerous times when I have broken myself, but as I got older I was accumulating a catalogue of illness that with the best will in the world they could not fix, but they could alleviate.The problem was that no one understood the causes. I was blessed to have Universal Medicine enter my life and from the teachings I came to understand the causes myself and realise that I had in effect caused them myself and I also learned what things I could change to assist me to heal.

  20. There are many ways that Western Medicine supports us to heal and bring more vitality back into the body. The depth of this quality depends on the willingness to let go of what does not feel true and become more open to bring the root cause to the surface.

  21. Conventional medicine, alternative medicine and complementary medicine offer different readings regarding the cause of disease and the answer to it. They view the world differently and relate to it differently as well. Such diversity calls for us to being able to feel into what is offered to us, to discriminate regarding what can we get from each of them and not to give our power away.

  22. I love what you have expressed here Angela. With this understanding Western medicine and Complementary medicine both have a part to play in our healing;
    “I have also come to an awareness and understanding that illness and disease come from the way (the quality and self-care) in which we live, and the way (the quality and self-care) we are with ourselves and others”.

  23. I have now come to respect how Western Medicine plays an important part of the answer in supporting ourselves through illness and disease as well as esoteric medicine that opens up our awareness and responsibility for the quality in which we choose to live. Self-care starts the process of assisting our body to let go of patterns and beliefs that we have accepted and taken on but which do not form part of our true expression and configure our body so that we separate further from knowing our true selves.

  24. There can be an arrogance in dismissing the expertise of western medicine and a self-delusion in thinking alternative remedies will ‘fix’ everything but a true healing in taking responsibility for our own part in the healing process supported by esoteric medicine and the expertise of western medicine.

  25. With alternative medicine things can get very complicated – typically there are multiple practitioner visits and the constant uncertainty whether we also need to go to the doctor and then there may be short term relief but things can take a turn for the worse later on. It is an extra layer of uncertainty when you bypass the medical system.

    1. Good point Christoph, bypassing the medical system is not a wise approach and once one understands the difference between complementary medicine and alternative medicine I don’t think one would ever choose the alternative route again.

  26. Western medicine offers us a great deal, and when we take responsibility for ourselves we know in our heart when we need to seek the support of western medicine, and the amazing care the medical staff are able to offer, used hand in hand with esoteric medicine we have a unique situation offering us total support.

  27. In a very practical way, medical and health care professionals support me to understand deeper levels of care and regard for myself, while at the same time I become more open to the deeper energetic understanding of what is causing the physical symptoms or issues.

  28. For me Western and Universal Medicine are like Spirit, Body & Soul – they have to learn to work together for the greater health and common well-being. Western Medicine is great in helping me staying alive and Universal Medicine is great in supporting me in learning/growing. So it is great to stay alive to learn. But when I ‘just stay alive’ and do not learn, I will miss the important part and have to repeat again and again my lessons (illnesses)….and when I ‘just’ learn, but – because we are not perfect and forever students of life – not stay alive it is also not so pleasant ;D.

  29. I have resisted Western Medicine not through wanting to seek alternative health care, but because of a reticence of going to a doctor or dentist. But since I have been supporting myself and my health inspired by the work of Serge benhayon and Universal Medicine, visits are now much more self-empowering. What an amazing and essential combination of health-care we now have!

  30. I have held a slightly different belief around Western Medicine and that is, they provide the practical aspect to healing, for example if I have a broken bone they set it or if I need a diagnosis or operation they have all the equipment and technique but not the answers to healing. The healing aspect I felt was my responsibility and I would go with what was presented at the time, but now with the understanding of Esoteric Medicine I feel the full picture has come together, with Western and Esoteric Medicine combined with Self Care and responsibility in our livingness is the total package for healing.

  31. Often we have this notion that Western or conventional medicine is the fix, the NHS in the UK is a clear example that fixing is getting very expensive and is not working. I can see where Western medicine has its place in healthcare, it is so supportive and necessary, and I now understand the power of prevention, self care and Esoteric Medicine, working in unity these make for very powerful change.

  32. It is the receptiveness of Universal Medicine to Western medicine that allows for such an open and more-often-than-not embracing of Western Medicine. It’s a win win because in truth it is only with both aspects that the body and energetic roots of the illness can be addressed and healed.

  33. True healing is letting go of all our ideals and beliefs that do not support the expression of our true self, and support from the world is reflected back to us when we have made this choice to return to truth.

  34. I have also come to the understanding that Western Medicine has its rightful place in healing but is only part of the answer. The other essential part is esoteric medicine that opens up the opportunity to build a greater awareness and understanding of the energetic root cause of an illness or disease, the quality of the choices we make and the true impact they have on our body.

  35. From my own experience I can confirm that Universal Medicine has always stated that Western Medicine is an important part of the picture and should always be consulted. Also it is not the whole picture and that to plug the many gaps, we will one day see Esoteric Medicine working hand in hand with Western Medicine. Why? Because Esoteric Medicine has the answers that Western Medicine is badly in need of.

  36. I know I have been a follower of the latest trend for health but never was I made fully aware of completely registering my body and acknowledging what fully supported it until I was introduced to Universal Medicine. The information was more than just knowledge, it was lived wisdom explained from the foundation of energy first. And to add to this from my lived experience of these principles, this is continually evolving all the time. So, it makes sense to not discount Western Medicine if it supports you.

  37. When we pursue the ‘alternative’ medicine path it becomes an either/or choice, but when we choose western medicine and esoteric medicine to complement each other, we take responsibility for our part in the healing and have the wisdom and experience of trained medical teams to support us.

  38. It is bizarre that there are pockets of beliefs that it has to be either or isn’t it? For my part I found myself going down the alternative route, not because I rejected western medicine but I always felt it was my responsibility to be more engaged in my own health and leave the big guns for when I really needed them. I believed that in this way, when I needed western medicine it would be there, it would fix it all and I could go back to my normal day to day. What I wasn’t aware of till meeting Serge Benhayon, was why illness would manifest in my body, that it was a conversation and that self care and slowing my life down externally and internally till I rebuilt my vitality back up was good medicine as well. My pull to self responsibility was spot on but the focus on self care and self love was missing from the equation. Bringing them in made all the difference for simplifying the conversation with my body. Thank you for reminding me of this.

  39. I’ve always embraced Western medicine although later on I did veer away and start to look to alternative medicine for answers without success when Western medicine couldn’t provide them. Universal Medicine has empowered me by helping me understand the underlying energetic causes of illness and disease – that it’s not random nor am I a victim but that whether I become ill or not is purely down to the choices I make as to how I choose to live and to also understand that illness and disease is our body’s way of calling us to stop and pay attention as to how we’re living and offering us an opportunity for true healing. So now for me the Esoteric Medicine combined with Western Medicine is the way to go.

  40. Growing up I was one for Western Medicine but it didn’t have all the answers, our family went to the doctors, we got checkups and saw specialists. In search of the missing part we turned to alternative medicine but it was then the them and us, the division and neither had the answer. What you share and what I feel is that Universal Medicine, which is true complementary medicine, works hand in hand with western medicine, Each supporting the other. It’s great to read your turn around to embracing western medicine the more you choose true complementary medicine.

  41. There are some genius minds and amazing skills in Western medicine – so fool anyone who turns their back on that. BUT the true way is to marry this with a full embracing of our own responsibility and never giving our power away to those minds and techniques. Because no matter how many diplomas, PhD’s or letters after their names…or no matter how many zillions of dollars were spent on the research that founded the knowledge …or no matter what the cost of a new piece of technology…no-one can tell me more truths about my body than my body itself. That isn’t to say that we don’t still need conventional medicine. Of course we do. 100% – it’s amazing and incredible what it can do. But we will never see the whole picture unless we look at the whole. The Universal. Universal Medicine.

  42. It really is a wonderful partnership when Complementary and Western Medicine come together and support us in our health and wellbeing. I particularly feel that the complementary medicine has a strong part to play in prevention and wellbeing that goes much further than Medicine often does and the Universal Medicine approach certainly offers a great deal more in depth understanding of our true health than I have met anywhere else.

  43. The most common thing is when people say “I don’t like taking tablets” and I think it is fair to say most of us would rather not be putting medicines in our bodies if we can help it. I feel the thing to do at this point is to accept what may be needed but to look back at how this situation occurred in the first place and thus prevent the need for it again.

    1. The point you have shared here Shirley-Ann Walters is an important one as we can be so set in believing that we can be on the road to recovery when we take tablets or “pop pills” but there is a part of the whole that is not being addressed in any situation. When we bring a raw truth that may feel even worse than the pain or physical discomfort we are addressing the root cause that lies in our own choices that have been far from loving in the first place.

  44. This is the perfect example of how much we are all affected when we take on certain beliefs and ideals and mindsets, me included as I know I too have been reluctant at times to embrace an inevitable journey with my health, as if we just want to deny that it is happening as we dread the consequences. I cordially agree that Universal Medicine has been a real gift in understanding illness and disease as having a purpose for our healing and unfoldment.

  45. In my physiotherapy practice I get to meet many people with strongly held views about western, complementary and even alternative medicine at times. One of the things I have noticed is the sequence of events as presents here, that is, yes being open to emergency surgery and embrace that it is exactly what is needed, yet there is a way to go before western medicine is sought in time to prevent that emergency scenario from occurring. The real progress of return is revealed in what happens the next time.

  46. The more responsibility we take for our lives and the choices that we make, the more supportive Western Medicine can be, as we are not just looking for relief so we can continue our indulgences and disregard for our bodies, but are ready to make more caring and supportive choices for ourselves.

  47. True care really does involve the marriage of western and complementary medicine. It has taken me many many years to come around to this, and much abuse to my body to deny myself that which would actually have helped me. I used to be so against western medicine that I prided myself for going to the dentist and not having anaesthetic! Thankfully today, thanks very much to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I see the importance and the support that Western Medicine offers us, and have gladly embraced using it, in conjunction with the esoteric modalities. For it is the marriage between the two that really offers us the best options – one without the other is not complete.

  48. There are many parallels between your journey with attitudes to medicine and my own Angela. Today I find myself embracing the wonderful practises we have in western medicine with a greater awareness that there is a much to be done in regard to lifestyle, honouring and embracing the ‘wisdom of the body’ and using complementary wellbeing approaches to be pro-active in being energetically vital. This to me represents an everyday living approach to medicine and I see results that confirm the fact – in both myself and others who have chosen this way.

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