A Letter from Paul

by Paul Moses, Newrybar, Australia

I am a very fortunate man. On a daily basis I get to meet many people through my antique shop in Newrybar, a small town in the Northern Rivers region of Australia, which has become a destination for many.

This was not the case in the recent past times; to me people were an annoyance and a frustration that I had to deal with while earning a living in retail. What an arrogance I lived in, or in truth existed in and with.

This past came to an abrupt halt when, three years ago my heart finally had enough of this very existence and started stopping, missing beats and finally fibrillating as if it was choking from holding something back and all life, vitality, drained from my body. This was truly scary. My arrogance was confronted by the fact that life could be taken away, that it was not mine as such to be misused as I had.

Lying in an emergency cardiac ward had never been my intention, however I clearly knew all my choices for 53 years had led me to this very place and those choices, whether I thought them good or bad, I had to review them all.

With the help and patience of my partner Anne Malatt, who had learnt a method of placing her hands on my kidneys, her hands were so beautiful and warm compared to my body and somehow she was able to pass on to me a life that my body lacked. This allowed me to at least lay and move around with less fibrillation, but more so it brought up some huge issues. I was becoming reliant on and loved these moments, but had abused Anne for many years in her very seeking to learn this bodywork at Universal Medicine. My body was starting to tell me a truth that my mind never did and had never allowed.

Struggling for months, I realised that life was never going to be the same. I sought help from Neil Ringe, an acupuncturist, now practising chakrapuncture whom I had known and trusted for many years. To be honest I was never sold on acupuncture, but I was on Neil. Our sessions were scary and amazing all in one; there was definite change for the better, and for the first time I started to feel the dis-ease of my body.

I learnt that I had to remain present in all that I did; this I learnt in attempting to cook. I had always enjoyed food, but even had trouble eating at this stage. I could not walk for more than 20 metres, I could not work, watch TV, read, or anything, really, without going into fibrillation. I needed a purpose, so I put a stool in the kitchen and prepared to cook for myself and family. This was easier said than done; moving around and picking up a stool or saucepan was a recipe for fibrillation and so I would flop on the stool or plain end up lying on the floor until I could collect myself and start again.

After days of this I’d had enough and I reached a point where I moved a pot and remained consciously present with me and my movement. This was something new and not easy; however what was amazing in this state was that I did not experience fibrillation.

I knew I had to go further and my body showed the way. I emailed Serge Benhayon (Anne had to write the letter for me) and asked for his advice, the person whose work I had so many issues with. Serge answered promptly as always with what was needed, as if coming from a part of me that I was still learning to listen to. He agreed to see me as Anne had offered me her appointment in two month’s time. In the meantime I had lots to work with.

I started to more and more listen to my body. With food, I had been vegetarian for 20 years and now started to eat meat. I started to feel why I ate food and what state it left my body in. The changing of sleeping patterns and going to bed at 8.30 pm was a must. And I practised a gentle breathing exercise or meditation; this I did for five to ten minutes up to four times a day. I would breathe in gently to find myself and breathe out gently to show the world myself. Within a short time breathing in my body seemed to become more expansive and my breath would go to a deeper state of awareness of me. I became aware of a deeper pulse I had behind my physical heart (this pulse I now know as my impulse). When I am consciously present with this pulse my heart lungs body and life are in the rhythm of me – my true self.

I had met Serge 12 years earlier- I did not realise what a missed opportunity at the time. On meeting Serge 12 years later all I had gone through seemed a blessing and it was. We talked of loving oneself, of being one self and the fact that in essence we are all love. He passed on an inspiration of a way of life that I now live with.

I now walk in my impulse and live in love. I still have times when I am confronted with issues and revert to old habits, but always choose to return to that which I now know I am: love.

During a day I meet and work with the most amazing people, the same people that not long ago annoyed and frustrated me.

Each week I have people come to me and ask what I have done. They say I have changed so much and that I am an inspiration for them. I was inspired to be; now I inspire to be.

442 thoughts on “A Letter from Paul

  1. Thank you for sharing Paul, this is truly amazing and so gorgeous, and yes from being inspired you now inspire others.

  2. Thank you Paul this is both informative and inspiring and just goes to show how our lives can totally turn around when we are willing to heed the call, so to speak.

  3. Paul, your story clearly demonstrates and is a great example of how illness and disease can be a gift to help us see that we have to stop our harming behaviours and start to live differently.

  4. Amazing how you can look back on your life and say you were frustrated and annoyed with people and now love serving people every day in your job. It’s not common to look at behaviours like this or consider there is a different way, luckily our body always has a way of showing us how to be more loving. I am also very inspired by how you re-taught yourself to cook using conscious presence.

  5. Paul thank you for sharing your journey, it is through our realisations and experiences that support us to change and make more loving choices. The fact that you decided to connect to your truth allowed you let Serge in who was able to reflect to you another way of living which was supportive to your healing journey.

  6. Our body shows us exactly what we need to see. It reflects everything we need to know. Our responsibility is to listen and then make the changes it is calling for.

  7. Feeling those big stops, and depending how big they are, provides you with an opportunity to feel with grace the extent of all your choices up until that point (this includes past lives as well). The extra-ordinary sensation this brings also is how many related smaller stops of awareness you have felt along the way before the big stop. It is important to look at it all and learn to live not allowing this from ever occurring again without perfection but a diligent commitment to the love you now feel and been shown.

  8. Wow Paul, I can’t believe l’ve never read this before… amazing and profound thank you. Gotta love the body’s way of bringing us to a point of account for the loveless way we choose to live, but then also being so instantly responsive to choices that are actually loving.

  9. A beautiful testimonial of the healing power of true love and listening to our body that knows the truth.

  10. You definitely inspire, the realness of how you came to find this healing is one that lasts far longer than following blindly. It might have been good if it had taken slightly less time than 12 years though!

  11. “I started to feel why I ate food and what state it left my body in.” Just this exploration could be a whole blog in itself, but in the context of this blog shows how simplicity is so powerful as an instrument of change.

  12. What an incredibly focusing experience, when every tiny thing you do gives you a read-out of how you do it, such that you had to take every movement a break it down like that. The body is a wonderful teacher when we really listen to it.

  13. What a beautiful sharing Paul, lovely to hear your experiences of coming back to your essence, you own impulse behind your heart that always beats true. How long have we avoided that connection with ourselves and lived in separation to everything else around us? I too love this connection to my own impulse, where I can feel me and what is really going on. There is so much to explore underneath what is not who we are and to realise we already are everything we seek when we go to this humbleness.

  14. Wow what a blessing that your body showed you so very clearly how much you were ignoring and holding back in life. And inspiring how you took the opportunity and chose to stay with what your body was communicating with you.

  15. I have always loved the story of Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol and in particular the way he, having been humbled by his visitations during the night of Christmas Eve, opens his heart to people and starts to let them into his life. I love the story because I see the parallel in my own life of how, like Paul describes here in this blog, I have feared people. Learning to open up and reconnect to people is a truly beautiful thing – a work in progress for me, but every time I open up further I feel a sense of joy and appreciation that we are not so different in truth. We have all contracted away from each other in protection of ourselves when in truth it isn’t really necessary but rather a false picture we have all been painting and perceiving. I feel that opening our hearts is deeply needed in our world today as we see such an increase in abusiveness to each other. Transformations such as the one Paul describes here are perfect examples of how we can change our perceptions of others and start letting them in. Surely this is preferable to the abuse.

  16. Being humbled can be so hard to accept but at the same time is such an opening to deeper truth if we do so. I sometimes rather playfully reflect that God will have to drag us, kicking and screaming back into Heaven because we so stubbornly resist his calls to us – although God would not drag us anywhere in truth – allowing us all to choose of our own free will in our own time, when we return Home.

  17. Wow Paul, this is such a beautiful sharing. I really love the appreciation that the pulse behind your heart is your impulse. What a blessing to truly understand this – and to understand that the body does not just ‘go wrong or misbehave’, but has an innate harmony and delicate balance that is constantly reflecting our choices back to us. Great wisdom – thank you for sharing it here.

  18. By bringing love to the equation, that is love for oneself and not taking things personally when people say something that could be hurtful and/or plainly out of order I have begun to find a greater confidence within myself and I do not react anywhere near as much as I used to. Before I could silently judge someone for their actions and think I was not being affected. By dropping judgement and connecting to the essence of the person I stay true and am able to surrender more to the all that is.

  19. If only we were raised to know the beauty, magnificence and the frailties of our bodies from young, we would then naturally appreciate the wonderful vehicle that we have supporting us each day. Maybe then we wouldn’t get to be stopped so emphatically, as you did Paul, and then to finally get the message that our body was probably trying to give us for a very long time. I just love how you made the choice to begin to care for yourself so deeply, and how your life, as a result was turned around; so very inspirational.

  20. Thank you Paul for a really inspiring article, I too love these words “I would breathe in gently to find myself and breathe out gently to show the world myself. ” simply beautiful words.

  21. “I would breathe in gently to find myself and breathe out gently to show the world myself.”

    More gorgeous wording. The gentle breath dissolves the walls we erect to keep our own love out. You are a great living example of this Paul, thank you.

  22. “Serge answered promptly as always with what was needed, as if coming from a part of me that I was still learning to listen to.”

    I love how you have phrased this Paul. Listening to the true beauty of the voice of the Soul is remembered, not taught.

  23. As Paul says… Listening to our body starts to be an essential part of our lives, and really, for us to evolve together, it has to start to be a part of everyone’s lives.

  24. “My arrogance was confronted by the fact that life could be taken away, that it was not mine as such to be misused as I had.” Your expression is gorgeous Paul and this sentence feels particularly powerful to me. I get a sense that I have a responsibility to use my body in a way that honours me and everyone else.

  25. A wonderful and quite epic story of one man choosing to re-connect with himself, and to take responsibility for what he had done in his life, and then to truly start to heal.

  26. It just goes to show that no matter how much we may resist something or put up a fight, or conversely champion and protect something, it doesn’t mean it is true. Deep down we do know the truth, sometimes it takes a while for us to want to see and feel it for ourselves.

  27. Thank you Paul for sharing your journey, it is so beautiful and inspiring to read. Your illness indeed was a true blessing, changing the way you had lived to “I now walk in my impulse and live in love”

  28. You are indeed a fortunate man Paul; also a man who is now making wise and loving choices. What you have shared is inspirational and carries so much wisdom.
    I love these simple yet profound words;
    “I now walk in my impulse and live in love”

  29. Thank you Paul for sharing your journey to healing so honestly and openly. Our body is amazing at showing us what is needed to return to love, even if this means a massive message that can cause us to stop i.e. in the form of an illness or accident to address our previous momentum and ill choices. So awesome to read how your heart is now so open to people and inspiring people too.

  30. Paul this is simply gorgeous to read, there is no sense of any former arrogance you speak of being in this blog. I love the awareness and willingness you are bringing to listening to and learning from your body. No wonder people love visiting your shop now!
    “Serge answered promptly as always with what was needed, as if coming from a part of me that I was still learning to listen to”.

  31. Paul Moses- what a beautiful and joyous story about true healing you share here. In several ways you demonstrate how illness and disease can be a wake-up call, a ticket on the express train to love. You also leave me with no doubt that you were able to board the train and not look back because of the understanding and support given by Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine therapies.

  32. I enjoy the frankness of this line early on in the blog ‘This was not the case in the recent past times; to me people were an annoyance and a frustration that I had to deal with while earning a living in retail.’ I can relate to it in my own work and not wanting to be interrupted by people so I could get the work done and also I have been on the receiving end of this as a retail customer, unfortunately there are many in customer service roles that can’t or don’t hide they feel this way too.

  33. Thankyou for your beautiful sharing Paul. The changes you have made are nothing short of miraculous. Listening to our bodies and staying present are two amazing tools that Serge Benhayon has gifted us with. We will never know how many diseases have been prevented on account of living a different way.

  34. Paul I loved reading your blog, and how you are now connected to your body, if we realised this from an early age, that the way we live affects our health, I’m sure we would all make different choices.

    1. So am I Sally. Deep inside of us there is this constant vibration encouraging us to live loving caring lives. If all were supported to simply connect to this innate truth from within in our early years, we would certainly be in a different place than where humanity is now.

  35. Paul, this is a great awakening ‘My arrogance was confronted by the fact that life could be taken away, that it was not mine as such to be misused as I had.’ This is a great reminder that we have a responsibility to ourselves, and if we mistreat ourselves it is reflected within our body.

  36. ‘ I was inspired to be; now I inspire to be.’ A gorgeous sign off for a very honest and real blog Paul – it is wonderful to have you back sharing all the wisdom, love and openness you are. The world, God and all of us deserve to see the fullness of who we are, it’s our right to get your reflection of true light…(in the words of Heaven’s Joy).

  37. ‘My body was starting to tell me a truth that my mind never did and had never allowed.’
    This line really struck me Paul – as we can spend so much time wandering in the mind thinking that it’s got all the answers, when in truth, it is just a distraction from the clarity and wisdom that the body wants to share.

  38. Paul, the enormous shift you have made in your life is obvious and clearly you are feeling much healthier as a result. I wonder how many of the lives you have touched along the way that are now going through a transformation process, small or large, because of what you have inspired in them?

  39. Paul,
    I find myself re reading your article tonight. You are so open and honest with your issues with Serge Benhayon yet accepted in full when you were faced with such a debilitating health issue you chose to no longer allow those issues to stop you from seeking the healing your body needed is truly inspirational. You are an inspiration.

    1. Here here Leigh – this is very humbling to read from Paul’s experience – from resisting or discrediting the work of Serge Benhayon and taking another 12 years to listen to what his body was saying to employing the services of the very person he had issues with! Deeply moving to not be held by the pride or belief of the mind and to surrender to the body and it’s natural knowing.

      1. Yes Rachel, it is deeply moving and a very telling testament to what Serge Benhayon offers all. For he had no issue in treating a man who had openly disbelieved in him. Here is a very deep lesson for all of us, holding all until they are ready to see the truth for themselves. This I find very humbling.

    2. Yes I agree Leigh, I love Paul’s honesty too. It’s amazing how the way we view, treat or react to someone changes as our hearts become more and more open and able to discern truth.

      1. It is Chanly88, more than amazing, the ability to discern truth and to respond to this is the greatest gift, one that Serge Benhayon has supported me to know and to continue to foster in my life. As a consequence of the choice to surrender to the truth, we bring this quality into our days, and all that we meet.

  40. This is awesome..”I now walk in my impulse and live in love. I still have times when I am confronted with issues and revert to old habits, but always choose to return to that which I now know I am: love.” I feel such a deep self-acceptance that you have discovered for yourself Paul. It is an inspiration to know you.

  41. Thank you Paul for sharing your personal experience and the transformation and turnaround you made in your health and well-being. It was beautiful to read how you found and connected to your true rhythm and impulse that enabled you to build a quality of presence with yourself and the love you felt within.

  42. Thank you for sharing this Paul – it’s amazing how our bodies will show us what is required even when our minds are still set on not seeing what is being presented.

    1. Absolutely Michael – the mind can at times win us over with fantasies, images, frustrations and other such hooks to keep our attention – yet the body simply waits with humility, ever present and willing to show us the way back to who we truly are.

      1. Brilliantly said Rachel, appreciating how amazing our bodies are is so worth it, they are extremely precious, sacred, highly intelligent and honest. I am learning to listen to and cherish my body more and more.

  43. Your return to life and love Paul is a great inspiration. It is amazing how caring for our body opens up so many possibilities to reconnect to the love that we always were.

    1. Well said Patricia, when we are loving towards ourselves and others we set off a ripple effect that simply inspires more and more people to choose the same too, LOVE.

  44. Paul this is so beautiful, your words are truly heartfelt and resonate deeply. The shift you have made shows me that it is possible at any time to claim the all that we are and to begin to see life for the gift and joy that it is. Thank you.

    1. There is a deep appreciation in your writing Paul that makes it so deeply heart felt. The willingness to open up to change and to allow yourself to see another way of living that brings back the vitality is a great reminder that this can be lived by anyone based on the choices we make.

  45. Thankyou for your sharing, Paul. “I knew I had to go further and my body showed the way.” I too am learning this currently and listening and responding to what my body’s messages are. I used to just get on with things and push through, being reliable etc. My concern about not letting others down meant that I actually was letting myself down instead. No more.

    1. I’ve had this experience too – pushing through just to get things done at the expense of my body, and ironically enough, with the purpose of helping or caring for others (for me, the way I mothered was a classic example of this). I have learnt that the only true way I can support and be with others, is to actually care for, and be with myself, first.

    2. That’s so true Sueq2012, I can totally relate as I used to and sometimes still do the same thing. Letting people down feels extremely heavy, loaded with guilt, but now I am more honest with how I feel and learning to honour myself first instead of pushing through with things and ignoring my body’s messages.

  46. Thank you Paul for sharing so honestly your journey of returning to love yourself. You express so vividly the significance of staying consciously present and what a difference it makes in one’s life if we manage this. To learn this, fortunately we do not have to wait for a wake up call like yours.

  47. Paul,
    Thank you deeply for sharing your journey of becoming aware of the love that you are. Of your body’s clear messages that you listened to and responded to. So very inspiring.

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