Cancer Patient Experience: “Serge works very well with Conventional Medicine”.

by Judith McIntyre, Myocum, Australia

I understand that certain allegations have been made about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, in particular claiming that Serge and the practitioners associated with Universal Medicine are in opposition or in competition with conventional medical practitioners. This completely contradicts my experience as a cancer patient over the past year. I was diagnosed with cancer in early June 2011 and I have been associated with Serge and Universal Medicine since early August 2011. During this past year I have had continuous medical treatment, and also since early August, weekly sessions with Serge or other Universal Medicine practitioners. I am grateful to both my conventional and complementary practitioners for the caring support that I have received.

Before my diagnosis I had had chronic fatigue and chronic digestive symptoms. I had for years sought both medical and complementary advice and treatment. Generally there was not much either sphere could do to alleviate my symptoms. I had a strong preference for taking good care of myself in terms of diet, exercise, vitamins, regular check-ups, as well as massage, acupuncture and healing. I wanted to avoid needing any medical treatment if possible.

After I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was shocked and terrified. I learned it was aggressive and I accepted that I could not avoid major and immediate treatment. I had an initial surgery in July which removed all the lymph nodes under my left arm and a lump from my left breast. I was advised that I would need chemotherapy and radiotherapy and hormonal drug treatment as well. When I considered chemotherapy I felt that in my debilitated state from years of low energy, I would suffer more than most people. I dreaded it and felt it might be the death of me before the cancer. The first surgery did not achieve clear margins around the lump and I was booked for a second surgery, a wide excision, in August.

Before the second surgery, although I rarely went out at this time, I attended the Byron Writers Festival for one afternoon. I went into a talk on words and energy by Serge Benhayon. He spoke of how people say they love coffee when they mean they need coffee. He said that if people were honest and said they needed the coffee, then they might ask themselves how they were living so that they needed coffee to get through their day. They might make better choices to improve their energy.  I appreciated his reasoning. He also spoke about the rising numbers of women getting breast cancer. I became very interested. I had not thought of myself as being part of a cohort. His comments about being true to ourselves as a way to be healthy made sense to me. I knew I had many times looked after others even when exhausted.

I first saw Serge for healing in early August before the second surgery. I talked to him about death and how I had been living my life for others rather than for myself. I could see how I had squandered my life energy and made myself vulnerable to cancer in spite of my ‘healthy’ lifestyle. From my first visit with him, the intense, exhausting emotion I had been living with reduced dramatically. I told him how I optimistically believed that I wouldn’t need a mastectomy although the surgeon had warned me that it was possible if the second surgery did not get clear margins. The surgeon had said I could choose a mastectomy this time instead of just another excision. I was shocked and said “No!”  Serge somehow communicated to me a sense that I would be alright, even if a mastectomy was necessary. He didn’t minimise the loss, rather he acknowledged the fear and sadness that I felt. After the second surgery I told him the results showed I would need a mastectomy. He told me that he was willing to see me throughout my cancer treatment.  He had clients who had reported coping well with the chemotherapy.

I had also heard this quite independently from a physiotherapist who was recommended by the hospital. She said that women who had the esoteric chakrapuncture treatment along with the same medical treatment that I had and would be having, did “remarkably better” than those who didn’t have this particular complementary treatment. She had seen a lot of breast cancer patients and had great respect for Serge and his work. She had attended some of his lectures.

Going into the third surgery, the mastectomy, I was almost calm, certainly accepting and even grateful, since my surgeon had told me that provided I had the recommended treatment, I had a very good chance of surviving. Beforehand I had some thorough cries over my breast. Since I emerged from the surgery, I never felt any further need to mourn it. My healing went well, and I was amused to have compliments from physios and nurses on my ‘beautiful’ scar.

I was given a month to recover from my surgery before I began chemotherapy. I was seeing Serge weekly for counselling and esoteric chakrapuncture and began to feel so well physically that I could take longer and more lively walks than I had been able to do for many months before my diagnosis.  I made other life changes and felt so positive that I told Serge that maybe I wouldn’t need chemotherapy. He said immediately that he would never advise that I not have the chemo. He simply encouraged me to keep looking at my life and my choices and feel for myself what was right. I cried over this because I definitely didn’t want to have chemo and had misunderstood and thought he might back that choice. Again, he gave me support through counselling and chakrapuncture and taught me to “rest deeply” as I went into my chemo sessions, fully choosing to be there since I had decided that I would have it.

I have told my oncologist about the esoteric chakrapuncture sessions and how helpful I find them. He has told me several times that I have been doing very well and even said “keep up the acupuncture”. As with the surgery, I found that I handled the chemo treatments well, having generally only fatigue and no vomiting or pain, and minimal side effects. I did make a choice after four months of chemo, to stop a little early from the second type because of side effects that suddenly got much stronger and could have been irreversible. I made this decision with my oncologist who said that I had had a lot of chemo and he didn’t think that the slightly shorter treatment would affect my life expectancy. I told Serge about this decision after I had made it.

After the chemotherapy treatment, I was due to see a professor of radiotherapy. Yet again I hoped that I didn’t need to have treatment but he said I did. I live alone and have not been well enough to manage without regular help. The radiotherapy treatment was nearly an hour’s drive from my home, five days a week for five weeks. I didn’t know how I could get myself driven back and forth and how I would cope with that much travel even if I had a driver. Universal Medicine provided me with a beautiful and nurturing space in which to stay within a short distance of the hospital so that I was able to drive myself to the treatment even though I was still tired and became more so. This accommodation and much of my sessions with Serge have actually been free of charge. Again, my treatment went easily and the main nurse who treated me said “you obviously heal well”.

At this stage, I am beginning to recover some energy after the radiotherapy but am still easily tired, probably because of the herceptin infusions that I still have every three weeks at the chemo ward. I am continuing to have weekly treatments at the UniMed clinic and always feel a profound sense of peace and rest at these times.

I have also had treatment from a physiotherapist at the UniMed clinic, who gave me simple exercises that immediately helped and within a couple of weeks completely relieved the cording that had developed in my left arm months after the lymph node removal. These gentle movements were somewhat different to those shown me by the other physiotherapist. The main distinction in her method was that it depended on beginning with and developing a deep connection with the body, not just mechanical movements while the mind might be elsewhere.

I hope it is obvious that Serge works very well with conventional medicine and is not at all opposed to it. In fact, he has often said that we have never had better medical treatment and he has particular praise for surgeons. I believe that his work is truly a complement to the conventional methods and when the two are combined, the patient is very fortunate indeed.

One of the most significant things to understand about Serge and other practitioners at Universal Medicine is that they first take great care of themselves. They heed the old dictum: “Physician, heal thyself.”

199 thoughts on “Cancer Patient Experience: “Serge works very well with Conventional Medicine”.

  1. It does not surprise me at all to read how much the support from Serge and Universal Medicine complemented the medical treatment. It makes total sense that a combination of the two would be the most supportive treatment possible… being effective with both the energetic and the temporal side of things.

  2. I get the sense from this article that the practitioners at the Universal Medicine Clinic work with an understanding of illness and disease and not against it. There does not come across here an indication of engaging in a battle, but rather a deep and tender support of the person in conjunction with what other treatments they may be receiving.

  3. When we get caught up with ideals and beliefs we don’t have clarity of the choices in front of us because they are always masked by what we believe.

  4. When we learn to make self-loving choices and start listening to the body we know what supports us and this is true for both conventional and complementary medicine. If we dismiss one without the other we do not always get the full understanding of our illness. I know I have done this in the past and the illness has taken longer to heal.

  5. This is such a balanced approach to both our healing and health, it’s a much more more well-rounded way of looking after our health than living in disregard of our bodies then expecting the healthcare system to fix it.

  6. It actually makes much sense that self-loving choices would support the conventional medicine to work well. Esoteric Medicine is truly a complementary medicine.

  7. “I am continuing to have weekly treatments at the UniMed clinic and always feel a profound sense of peace and rest at these times.” You have the opportunity to return to your Soul in these treatments and that allows you many things and one of those is to rest deeply.

  8. I’ve seen a fair few practitioners of the Esoteric Healing modalities, including Serge Benhayon. Absolutely none of them have dismissed or commented against seeking conventional medicine if I ever need its support.

    1. I would say the same Leigh, in fact, often I have been asked by an Esoteric Practitioner if I have seen my doctor and if not, why not. It’s very useful to have the fullest picture regarding any health condition, and I welcome having a three-way relationship with myself, my GP and my Esoteric Practitioner, that way I get the best treatment available to me.

  9. As a health care practitioner myself who has attended Universal Medicine events one of the greatest things I have learnt from these is that in order to fully care for someone else I need to continually work on healing and caring for myself. I have put this into practice for the past 10 years and the results have been nothing short of amazing both for me and for all my clients. I can honestly say after 20 years of working in front line medical care that I love my job and love what I do and would not even consider retiring if my body stays up to it. I have more energy, patience and understanding then I did 20 years ago. If you really stop to think about it this is almost the complete opposite of how most health care staff end up faced with the daily pressures and demands of their workplaces.

  10. Judith showed us all how to pass over in the true sense of the word. I have never known any-one to be that okay with dying and to live life to the fullest to their last breath like Judith did.

  11. Thank you Judith for your true account of Serge Benhayon’s respect for conventional medicine, the combination of the Esoteric Healing Modalities and medicine offer the body the space to truly heal.

  12. Beautiful how Serge handed your choice back to you Judith, so as not to take away your own inner power and ability to truly know what is needed for your body. This is the sign of a true Practitioner, working hand in hand with the client, the Specialists, and their bodies own inner knowing.

  13. “He simply encouraged me to keep looking at my life and my choices and feel for myself what was right.” Such a simple yet powerful message.

  14. Through this blog deep love and respect is felt, and this is what Judith received and lived in her last times.

  15. One of the great shocks in life is if we get a major illness when we have taken what seems very good care of ourselves. Why does this happen? One explanation is pure chance but perhaps there may be other factors that are under our control as well, we just may not be fully aware of those factors.

  16. The support that Judith received from Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine is unheard of. To be able to access healing sessions, have accommodation (at minimal cost) provided as well as support by the student body community is a rare thing. Judith clearly benefited from the love that she received. Not in curing of her illness but in leaving behind past patterns and behaviours and deepening her own sense of self love. I will forever be inspired by what Judith lived has left for us all to ponder for deeply for ourselves.

  17. I love Judith’s positivity which could be felt throughout reading this blog, Serge Benhayon has always been a great advocate of conventional medicine, and I have often heard him praise surgeons for what they are able to do.

  18. The combination of taking a responsible cared for ‘us’ to any Medicine and Medical practitioner is very powerful. Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon present amazing insight and modalities on taking care of us responsibly and with this quality of choice we take care of so much more. It is a bit like putting energy back into a grid system and not just drawing on it all the time.

  19. It is touching to read how at different points there was an anxiousness and hesitancy about going ahead with what medical treatment was recommended and that at each point Serge Benhayon stayed beside Judith and supported her to go ahead with it and her body to work with the medical treatment offered. I have heard similar stories for numerous other people.

  20. The way Serge Benhayon works invites us to really be honest with ourselves first – which can be very difficult at times, and he leaves no stone unturned. When talking about well-being, it’s not just about our diet, exercise and other details of lifestyle, but how we are with ourselves. Through his presentations, I started to understand healing, illnesses and diseases and the part we play in it differently, and having disliked and avoided conventional medicine for so long, now I see it makes more sense not to discount what it offers.

  21. Universal Medicine truly complements conventional medicine because of the integrity with which all the practitioners work and just as importantly live their lives. True transparency in all activities is such a supportive reflection for all.

  22. Serge Benhayon asks us to look past what is shown by the medical profession, and ask questions about our life and health that we would not normally ask. ‘Why do we love coffee, if we were honest and said we need coffee we would be more open to looking into what it is about coffee that we need….. that we are a society that is living with exhaustion. Why is breast cancer on the increase, because women are no longer caring for themselves in a loving gentle way, and are rushing around for everybody else. What Judith shows is that once we have this greater understanding it makes it much easier to accept the conventional medicine as an important part of our healing. This is very powerful and allows the patient to become responsible for their health and wellbeing.

  23. Every practitioner of Universal Medicine Therapies I have ever seen is a living example of self-care, self-nurturing and self-love.

    1. Which makes it natural and easy to have the same for others and also makes it easier for others to emulate their example. Very true.

  24. The quality in which you lived and eventually passed over in Judith, is remarkable and will go down in history. Some might, and more accurately have tried and distort that history, shape it for their own agenda but the facts will remain and they will be very supported by your written expression, as the power of your writing holds a clear reflection of who you were and what your heart opened up to in the whole process that your body fell ill.

  25. Conventional medicine is an essential ingredient to the healing of our physical body, and the Universal Medicine modalities such as chakra puncture address the energetics of why the human being manifested the disease process in the first place – thus to me they are a complementary match made in heaven.

  26. I love that you have spoken up to contradict allegations as living proof from your experience. The absolute love and care that Serge offered complementary to the conventional treatments you were choosing was stunning to read, and the profound sense of peace and rest that you experienced an absolute blessing considering the usual suffering that most experience during this time. Chakra-puncture is clearly a deeply supportive treatment that could help many in a similar situation.

  27. Serge has always been a supporter of conventional medicine and works not in opposition to it, but in union with it, while conventional medicine acts on specifics Serge supports the whole body to accept more deeply what conventional medicine does and at the same time supports the body as a whole allowing deeper healing to take place.

  28. ‘being true to ourselves as a way to be healthy made sense to me.’ sums up what Serge Benhayon presents very well, and he lives it and you can feel that in all he shares and offers. There is no push just an invitation to consider how we live and what might support us, while offering simple, common sense and wisdom on life and how we live it. And medicine, western medicine, is very much a part of that, to be used as needed while at the same time looking at how we live so we can better support the medicine to do it’s job.

  29. It is very true, we do say we love coffee or love a glass of wine or a pint of beer yet we deny that it comes from a need. If we were to be honest and ask ourselves ‘what is going on in our life that we need to drink that substance or in my case eat too many nuts (which I know is not ‘good’ for me)’ then that changes totally our relationship with the food or drink. We start to look at our choices prior to eating or drinking.

    1. This amazing free audio provides great insights into what esoteric medicine is and why it is so needed. Wonderful as conventional medicine is, it does not have all the answers and is struggling to keep up with illness and disease; in fact it is becoming overwhelmed by what we are currently doing to ourselves. Esoteric medicine shows us that we cannot continue to live irresponsibly and expect conventional medicine to fix us when we get ill. Not dealing with the cause simply means we get a more serious illness later on.

  30. These are very wise words from Judith, and apply not just to breast cancer and it’s contributing factors, but to each of us in life. ‘”His comments about being true to ourselves as a way to be healthy made sense to me. I knew I had many times looked after others even when exhausted.”
    Understanding that the way we live, every choice we make in each moment to be true to ourselves, or not, is our ‘medicine’ – a fundamental key to a true state of health and wellbeing.

  31. ‘I could see how I had squandered my life energy and made myself vulnerable to cancer in spite of my ‘healthy’ lifestyle.’ This is a trap I feel many of us fall into. We think we’re ticking all the right boxes with vitamins, juicing, yoga, mindfulness and so on but a deeper investigation of how we’re actually living is called for – the energy in which we ‘do’ life in general, which of course will be echoed in how we ‘do’ health and well-being.

  32. There is no better witness than one that shares the facts of their own choices and experience. The marriage of Conventional Medicine and Complementary Medicine as experienced by Judith speaks of a quality care that allowed her to deeply self love and self care. It is very clear from reading this account that Serge Benhayon holds Conventional Medicine in very high regard and with deep respect. Both healing interventions work beautifully together and we are deeply blessed to have them in our lives.

  33. It is a simple fact that Serge Benhayon is very pro medicine and Universal Medicine is the greatest friend and ally that conventional medicine has. There are hundreds of testimonials to attest to this fact and I can certainly vouch for it from my personal experience. One day the world will wake up and discover this truth and the great blessing that the marriage of Esoteric and Western Medicine offers.

  34. This is such a great reminder, that each step of the way we are being asked to feel what is truly going to support our body and healing.

  35. The marriage of western medicine and Universal Medicine Therapies is the most powerful I have seen, and having worked in complementary health alongside the medical profession for several decades now that is saying something. It’s a no-brainer for me as a practitioner… and Judith’s blog is a perfect example of it’s efficacy on so many levels.

  36. This is a beautiful example of how Western Medicine and Esoteric Medicine can work harmoniously and lovingly together.

  37. ‘ I could see how I had squandered my life energy and made myself vulnerable to cancer in spite of my ‘healthy’ lifestyle.’ It takes some honesty to admit to squandering our life energy but this is what a lot of us have been doing. Our perception on this can of course change as our commitment to life strengthens but let’s not wait till we have cancer to start changing our ways.

  38. Not once have I been advised to forego conventional medical treatment, only supported in making the decisions I reluctantly needed to make and then supporting me throughout major surgery. The experience of actual surgery was the opposite of what I was expecting and of many others’ experiences, with minimal pain, a feeling of vibrancy and aliveness and after 1 day, no need for pain medication. The support from Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine practitioners all through the process was beyond price and deeply, deeply appreciated.

  39. This blog is factual to how Universal Medicine supports by its many ways the root conditions of the human body and psyche. I appreciate and know how Serge Benhayon and the UniMed practitioners truly supported Judith physically, emotionally and spiritually. I have not experienced cancer but have experienced many deep emotional and impacting life events to mentally impact on me to the point of thinking no one can fix me. It required a great amount of sensitivity, understanding and firm love to not only support me but empower me to make choices to truly heal from these dis-eases.
    Universal Medicine therapies very much complement Conventional medicine.

  40. The greatest wisdom I get from reading this blog is that if a choice is made, it needs to be made from our deepest inner knowing to truly support our bodies. A choice made without this connection, whilst possibly being the same choice, doesn’t carry with it the commitment that coming from our deepest essence does. I sense that the depth of commitment and honour is an integral part of any healing.

  41. How we speak to ourselves and others is so important, if we say we like something but do not admit we need it we rob ourselves of the possibility of truly looking at what is going on and we can stay at surface level, blaming the outside and the world, without looking at how we live and how those choices we make may lead us to needing that coffee, sugar or whatever. And it’s not about giving those things up per say, it’s about being truly honest with ourselves and allowing the space to observe how we live and how that impacts us. What Serge presents is simple and yet revolutionary and it encourages everyone to look at how they are and how they live, and hearing Judith’s experience of how she worked with her medical treatment for cancer and looked at how she lived is truly remarkable. We don’t have to wait for a serious illness to do this, we can all do this now and as she has shared here it starts with a willingness to be honest and to see what is there.

  42. This story agrees with my experiences of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. I have also witnessed many patients being supported through their conventional medical treatment by the esoteric modalities and have heard many a doctor express their support for this approach when they have witnessed the results.

  43. I love reading stories of people that have had a real life experience of something like this one. Not that I love particularly that someone needs this type and style of treatment but it’s more around the fact that it would seem we believe anything from anyone these days. I square eye the media we use currently, we don’t demand the truth we allow the ramblings of sensationalism to set the tone. How refreshing it is to have information like this blog first hand. I mean from someone that has actually lived the moment they are talking about. Too often we settle for less and even when we hear something about someone that we don’t know, we seem to go with it even if it’s slightly off. My advice, always make up your own mind and one of my great mates wrote a song that included a line, “Be you and live your way” and as this blog closes with, “One of the most significant things to understand about Serge and other practitioners at Universal Medicine is that they first take great care of themselves. They heed the old dictum: “Physician, heal thyself.””

  44. It is abundantly clear from Judith’s sharing and leaves no doubt that Serge Benhayon and all practitioners associated with Universal Medicine have a deep regard for and work alongside conventional medicine in the best interests of the patient.

  45. Judith’s openness and willingness to embrace both the world of Esoteric Healing and Allopathic Medicine was a great part of her healing and her ability to live fully and joyfully to the end with a sense of clarity and purpose, not discounting the pain that she lived with on a daily basis.

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