Illness and Disease are Healing

by Eunice J Minford MA FRCS Ed Consultant Surgeon, Antrim, N. Ireland

It is quite common to consider illness and disease as something ‘bad’ that has happened, that something is ‘wrong’ or has ‘gone wrong’, that something has been imposed upon us that needs to be eradicated, removed or eliminated. Whilst there may well be a need for surgery or medicine in order to treat a condition, how we perceive illness and disease can make a profound difference to how we see and understand it and how we understand healing.  There is the tendency to see illness and disease as the enemy, something to be fought against and overcome. The phrase ‘fighting cancer’ or ‘battling cancer’ is often used when referring to patients who are engaged in cancer treatment. This way of understanding illness and disease was part and parcel of my medical training, which was steeped in the biomedical paradigm. The latter reinforces the idea that illness and disease happen to us, but are not caused by us, that we are victims of circumstance, chance, bad luck, our genes, toxins/chemicals or infectious agents. In this system, patients are devoid of responsibility for their own health and dependent upon the doctor to fix or cure them and thus they are disempowered. However, with the development of different paradigms of understanding the manifestation of illness and disease we are able to consider another way of understanding illness and disease – one that does not render the person a victim but is instead empowering and encourages them to take responsibility for their health.

The holistic paradigm sees all dimensions of the human person being involved in the maintenance of health and healing; the heart, mind, spirit, soul and not just the physical body. Esoteric healing and esoteric medicine are situated within the holistic paradigm and are inclusive of all dimensions of the human person – no aspect is left out. The emphasis in esoteric healing and esoteric medicine is in understanding the true nature of the human person (which is Love) and how we can develop ways of living and being that are aligned with that and which lead to harmony or equally if contra to that can lead to disharmony or illness and disease. In this way the body can be used as a marker for the choices we have made, for it lives all our experiences and all our choices impact it, whether we consciously recognise this or not. Esoterically, the body is considered to be a ‘marker of truth’ that reveals all the choices we have made, irrespective of what our minds say. So if we are self-loving, nurturing and caring in a deep way on a daily basis, address all our past hurts and wounds along with all the ideals and mis-beliefs we carry about ourselves and life, the more we will be able to develop a truly harmonious body.  This takes more time, work and deep self-honesty than this one sentence conveys.  I used to think I was ‘fine’ and my mind could say the words to others, “I’m fine”, but my body was telling a different story in that it was significantly overweight – something that would not be the case if I had been truly ‘fine,’ and self-caring and self-loving in all my choices.

Esoterically and energetically the fundamental truth is that it is living in separation to our true nature or essence of love that results in illness and disease and indeed suffering of any kind. To reduce all the illnesses and diseases and suffering of any kind to the separation from love, from our true nature might sound simplistic – but what if it is true? What is clear is that how we are living is not working, reflected by the rates of illness and disease and suffering in the world today. What is also clear is that most of us do not actually live very self-loving or self-caring lives when it is truly understood what it means to be self-caring and self-loving. For example, being self-loving includes being aware of how all foods impact the body and choosing not to eat those that are detrimental like gluten, dairy, excess sugar, caffeine and alcohol. This is only looking at a small aspect of the ‘what’ we eat without looking at how we eat (eg rushing it down in a hurry) or why we are eating (eg for comfort, reward, numbing etc). There is much more to being self-loving than just saying the words and it feeds into every area of life. It affects every single choice and we are often so engrained in unloving or loveless ways of living and being that we don’t even realise they are unloving eg staying up late at night is considered normal, drinking alcohol is considered normal, pushing ourselves hard at work or in the gym is considered normal – yet all these simple examples are unloving when felt and known energetically. I have done all of these things myself and I now choose otherwise as I can feel the difference it makes to my health and my body when I go to bed early, don’t drink alcohol and don’t push myself in the way that I used to.  Of course, it is always a work in progress, as there are always deeper and deeper ways that we can be self-caring and nurturing of ourselves – there is no stop. What is also clear to me now is that whilst we have all the technology and scientific understandings with which much progress has been made in many areas regarding illness and disease, the root cause of such conditions remains elusive from a medical perspective. Bringing in the understandings of esoteric philosophy opens up another door, to say what if ? what if it is a lack of true care and love for ourselves, over aeons, that has lead to where we are today? It is important to understand that how we treat others reflects how we treat ourselves and vice versa – so if we judge and criticise others, we do that to ourselves, if we dislike or hate parts of ourselves those too will get projected onto others, and if we truly love, accept and understand ourselves then so will we truly love, accept and understand others. Whilst science, technology and medicine will continue to make progress in understanding illness and disease, perhaps a deeper and more profound shift could occur if we saw life and ourselves through the understandings of love. For if love is what we are, and it is, then surely it makes sense to start from that basis and consider how we have deviated from love and how that could result in illness and disease?

What if, illness and disease, instead of being considered abnormal or an aberration or deviation from normal, are in fact the normal response of the body to the choices that we have made with the body? What if they are in fact part of a healthy response by the body to that which we have done to the body through our choices albeit in ignorance of the true harm we were causing to ourselves? Through the understandings of love, we come to know not only that we are love but that we have also made many, many unloving choices that have detrimentally affected the body and which it must clear in an effort to maintain harmony and return us to the love we actually forgot we already are!

Jobst et al state the following: “thus disease may be thought of as a manifestation of health. It is the healthy response of an organism striving to maintain physical, psychologic, and spiritual equilibrium.” They convey in this paper how illness and disease can be understood to be a process of transformation, deeply embedded with meaning for the individual concerned. In addition, they describe disease as being a manifestation of health. This is consistent with the esoteric understanding which has the potential to completely change how we see, understand and respond to illness and disease. When I was first  exposed to the understanding that illness and disease were healing it totally transformed how I understood them. It widened my perspective and allowed me to see with new eyes the role of illness and disease in the human journey and experience.

Scientific research is producing more and more findings that affirm that we are more responsible for our health than we have previously realised, particularly in the fields of psychoneuroimmunology, psychosomatic medicine, and epigenetics. The links between how our thoughts, feelings and emotions impact the immune system, the nervous system and the endocrine system are gradually accumulating and demonstrating how thoughts, feelings and emotions can result in illness and disease over time. More research is required to affirm these understandings for the scientific community, but for those who are open to the esoteric, the evidence can be found within one’s own body.

It can however be quite confronting and challenging initially to discover that we have what we have as a result of our own choices – for it seems to be part of human nature to want to blame others, blame the sun, blame God or life, the gene, the toxin, the bacteria or virus etc. Whilst some of these things have a role in illness and disease they are not the whole story and we can have a tendency to use them as the ‘cause’ because it takes the focus off us. Blaming someone or something else diverts attention from ourselves, lets us off the hook of addressing our own lives, our choices and how unloving we have been towards ourselves, not just in this lifetime but over many lifetimes. It hurts to realise what we have done to ourselves and we initially may feel we don’t want to go there. A crucial step in this process is knowing and feeling that no matter what has happened to us or what condition we have, that there is an essence of love within us that is unaffected by any of that. It has been my experience, that with this foundation and taking the steps to address the hurts and wounds and loveless choices I have made, it has freed me up to much greater levels of acceptance and love for myself and thus for others also and has been deeply healing and transformative.

Imagine if we saw illness and disease as part of having a healthy body, instead of a broken body? If we saw it as part and parcel of an appropriate response to the choices we have made? Perhaps we would stop and reflect more on how we are living, on the choices we have made that have resulted in whatever condition has arisen. We would no longer be victims of circumstances beyond our control but could be empowered to do it differently, to live life differently, to make choices that are more self-loving and self-caring. In this way, illness and disease are healing as they can bring us to a stop, to re-evaluate our lives and choices and to be empowered to live according to our true nature (love) instead of contra to it as we so often do. It can and often does lead to people asking deeper questions, searching for answers and perhaps uncovering deeper aspects and an understanding of themselves they had never before considered. Indeed, it is not unknown for some people to say, ‘cancer is the best thing that ever happened to me’ – such are the healing changes and new-found understandings and priorities such a diagnosis can help reveal. I appreciate that is not everyone’s experience, but it does demonstrate what is possible if we are open to seeing illness and disease as being healing and potentially transformative rather than just something ‘bad’ that has happened to us.

When understood energetically and esoterically, illness and disease are the body’s way of clearing or healing that which we have put into it. The body endeavours to maintain harmony and equilibrium and to do so it must clear that which is disharmonious to it and energetically this can be focused into an area like a tumour or a frozen shoulder or indeed any condition. As part of the overall healing process we can undergo surgery or medical treatment to address the physical aspects of the condition, but there is much more to healing than just addressing the physical domain as alluded to in the holistic paradigm of healing. The concept that a tumour or any condition is the body’s way of clearing that which we have put into it as understood energetically is one that will perhaps be met with skepticism or ridicule by many in the medical world as it is not how we have been trained to think or consider the body and I too would have dismissed it a number of years ago.  However, what I have come to learn and know for myself, is that it does actually make sense on many levels and provides answers to what are often medically unanswered questions like, ‘why do I have this condition?’ Understanding how our life story, our biography, with all its ups and downs has impacted our biology can be truly transformative and healing.

Ultimately, as mentioned earlier in this post, illness and disease arise as a result of us living and making choices in separation to our true nature of love. This can also be expressed as living and making choices in separation from our soul – as the soul is pure love and that is our true nature.  It is the separation from soul, from our true nature, that is our deepest ache, our deepest dis-ease. Equally, it is being re-connected with our soul, with the love that we are, which heals. When you know who you are, you know you are more than a body, more than any physical affliction and thus illness and disease are also seen and understood differently.  They are imbued with meaning and with learning and the potential for transformation and deeper understanding – that they are in fact part of the journey of life that is endeavouring to heal the root cause of our ills – the separation from who we are. Thus Plato’s words are as true today as they were over 2000 years ago, perhaps showing that for all our scientific advancements we as doctors (and humanity) have not advanced that far when it comes to understanding the human body from the soul or love,  “for this is the great error of our day in the treatment of the human body, that physicians separate the soul from the body.”

So perhaps it’s time for us to realise that Plato knew what he was talking about, to take heed of his words and begin to incorporate the understandings of love not just in professional healthcare but in our day-to-day lives and see for ourselves how it impacts our health, well-being, relationships and lives.


1) Diseases of Meaning, Manifestations of Health, and Metaphor

Jobst K, Shostak D,  Whitehouse P. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine 5 (6), 1999 pp 495-502

268 thoughts on “Illness and Disease are Healing

  1. Illness and disease can only be considered as a potential ‘medicine’ if we learn the lesson it offers us. If we only treat a physical condition without seeking to find the deeper root cause of the illness, we return back to the ill-energy that created the condition in the first place and find ourselves in the same cycle we were on before the illness. With understanding and supported by medical and complementary health practitioners we can break age-old patterns and enter a new cycle of lovingly caring for ourselves.

  2. The way I approach illness has changed enormously since I heard it was an opportunity to clear and heal things. What I’ve discovered is that illness is not actually a bad thing or a random thing but a golden opportunity to reset your body so you can start afresh with life.

  3. It is becoming more recognised that our lifestyle choices have a huge impact on our health and wellbeing and that by making different choices we can turn around many conditions especially in the early stages e.g. being pre-diabetic which is sorely needed now with our health care systems struggling under the burden of ever increasing illness and disease. Unless we start to take more responsibility for our lifestyle choices we are well on the way to bankrupting the very systems that are there to support us on our healing journey.

  4. This quote says it all ‘Physician heal thyself.’ We are all physicians with potential to use life choices as medicine. Even in the simplest of ways for example, the food we eat, quality of our sleep, how we walk, bend, pick up an item off the floor, each offers a choice to support or harm the body.

    1. And this is empowering to embrace rather than expecting a doctor to sort us out without taking any responsibility for the situation we find ourselves in.

      1. Yes Helen, empowering to embrace taking full responsibility for our own health and frees us from dependency and blame.

  5. Without illness and disease we have no stop points to truly reflect on how we’re living. They are our bodies messengers, speaking to us, urging us to stop our ill-ways of living and begin to deeply love ourselves.

    1. Wow kehinde2012 how many of us stop to consider what you are saying here
      “Without illness and disease we have no stop points to truly reflect on how we’re living. They are our body’s messengers, speaking to us, urging us to stop our ill-ways of living and begin to deeply love ourselves.”
      Your comment has brought humanity back to the fact that we do not truly self-care for ourselves or truly self-love ourselves and so is it any wonder we then get sick if the body is the messenger or marker of our state of well being.

  6. What may be self-loving for me, may be self-abusive to you. We cannot have rules or guidance for how to live our lives for the heart is the true teacher and our body the only marker who can guide our development with self-love and self-care.

  7. I have come to appreciate how experiences of illness and disease are opportunities to stop and reflect and to deepen our connection and relationship with ourselves, so that we evolve from what our body is communicating to rebalance itself with what we have taken on that needs clearing. The more willing we are to embrace what is needed and learn from what our body is showing us we initiate true and lasting change and a deeper level of healing.

  8. Perhaps it has been aeons. Perhaps there is living today a global body of people who, over many many centuries has developed ways of being that are not conducive to the innate love that we all know to be true. And perhaps the return journey will be very challenging because of all the investment in this epic journey, but also perhaps it is inevitable because the truth of love continues to persist deep in our hearts, calling us back home.

  9. If we are open to changing our perception, it is possible that our healing journey will change as well.

  10. What if, illness and disease, instead of being considered abnormal or an aberration or deviation from normal, are in fact the normal response of the body to the choices that we have made with the body? Great question Eunice, which brings in more responsibility for us to make loving choices on a regular basis to support ourselves as we honour how our body feels and make choices from that feeling.

  11. Thank you, Eunice. I can feel how there is love as a basis in a truly holistic approach to anything in life, including illnesses and diseases and whatever we may perceive as our misfortune.

  12. “….. if we are self-loving, nurturing and caring in a deep way on a daily basis, address all our past hurts and wounds along with all the ideals and mis-beliefs we carry about ourselves and life, the more we will be able to develop a truly harmonious body.” Taking responsibility for our own health is something everyone can do, and in the face of serious illness it is empowering, rather than feeling a victim of one’s fate and then just giving up and giving ones power away.

  13. I’ve had a condition for the last four years and there have been so many stop moments and reflecting on how I live, with the understanding that the body is giving constant feedback as to how I am living. I couldn’t keep going the way I was and this condition has helped me see that.

  14. ‘Understanding how our life story, our biography, with all its ups and downs has impacted our biology can be truly transformative and healing.’ Once we can understand how each part of our body is affected by our lifestyle or our emotions, it is possible to track back and see what choices directly or indirectly affect our health.

  15. I agree with broadening our paradigm or understanding of health and the body to be much more than simply physical functioning organisms, but to consider other energetic aspects, that we are also energetic beings that are inhabiting the body and that the body is a vehicle for expressing this energy and therefore will reflect back to us the quality of energy we are expressing.

  16. I would agree Eunice that my body is a marker of truth and whenever I have gotten ill or something has gone wrong with my body, if I have been open to it, I have always learned something about my life that has led me to live in a more loving and harmonious way.

  17. It is so refreshing to see illness and disease as an opportunity – whether its a common cold giving us an opportunity to slow down and clear a load of stuff out, or something more serious which brings us and the way we have been living to a complete stop and a chance to choose differently. either way it should be embraced and learnt from, not buried and avoided.

  18. ‘Illness and disease are healing as they can bring us to a stop, to re-evaluate our lives and choices and to be empowered to live according to our true nature (love) instead of contra to it as we so often do’. A powerful statement Eunice about illness and disease, this stop is a great opportunity for us to bring a true healing to the body and to reconnect back to the love we have separated from.

  19. Our attitudes to illness and disease are very often to get rid of it, manage symptoms, cure it etc and looking it that way without ALSO considering the energetic aspect and what our bodies are communicating to us is in itself an illness and disease.

  20. This blog is a treasure that brings light where medicine most needs it. It completes what is missed, overlooked or denied, whilst it enriches our ability to deeply understand illness and disease. Thank you Eunice for the clarity that your experience and expression offer to this field.

  21. We learn that the body rejects anything foreign to it, and thus it makes sense that the body will try and clear / reject whatever is not true for it. We underestimate the intelligence of our incredible vehicle and give all our power to brain/mind which is a gross undervaluing of what we’ve been offered. Like a flu or a piercing, the body will either want to clear the illness out via infection or will push an eyebrow ring out literally by closing the hole that was pierced forcing the metal object out of the way. It’s incredible when we allow ourselves to feel it.

  22. It is when through our own ignorance we have an expectation that our body is able to cope with all our unloving choices that we don’t join the dots together, when we do, we realise that our choices impact our health, and illness and disease is the body’s way of bringing us to a stop, giving us time to reflect on our choices and implement change.

  23. Taking responsibility for our health and understanding how our choices play out in our body is a great start to taking more self loving choices and realising that the more loving we are to ourselves and others, our body is more easily able to deal with illness and disease.

  24. It is interesting how much society is raised with the belief and general perception that cancer is imposed on us which we need to fight in order to eradicate and get back to our ‘normal’ life. Yet I have realised in being inspired from presentations by Serge Benhayon and deepening my awareness of energy, its effect on our body, our lack of true connection with ourselves and our lifestyle choices how much we misunderstand illness and disease and what our body is truly communicating with these experiences in our life which are an opportunity to heal what we have taken on and accepted that goes against the flow and natural rhythm that our whole body innately knows and responds to.

  25. After reading your awesome blog Eunice, we all get to understand there can be a different and much truer way to approach our bodies and dis-ease and furthermore, start to take more responsibility for the choices we make that then impact on our bodies.

  26. In any aspect, true assessment of a situation can only be made in the light of the highest and the truest way that aspect could be presenting. We can look at resolving the most surface and obvious symptoms, in illness, in relationships or an other area of life. Yet sooner or later we will have to look at the bigger picture and the divine expression that is our true essence, deepen our understanding and resolve the situation at that level.

    Conventional Medicine is great at doing the former, Holistic Medicine embarks on looking deeper on the issue and Esoteric Medicine throws the door wide to assess and consider the bigger picture and order we are a part of.

  27. ‘Imagine if we saw illness and disease as part of having a healthy body, instead of a broken body?’ – A cracker Eunice – and certainly turns around this doom and gloom we associate with illness and disease. There is always a learning when things come up and show themselves, and how clearing and healing it can be for the body.

  28. This makes me really appreciate how our body is continuously working to revert itself back to harmony. In arrogance, we experience illness and disease as inconvenience, a punishment even, but in humbleness we get to feel its blessing and learn to make different choices.

  29. Thank you Eunice for your clarity of expression . We all need to be reminded that we need to take responsibility for everything in our lives including our health.

  30. I really appreciate the honesty that this article offers. We all, ultimately hold the power, wisdom and understanding within to know, in truth the energy behind any ailment in our bodies. As we know, hence we are responsible for adhering to what we feel.

  31. An inspirational sharing Eunice . I particularly love your words “Equally it is being re-connected with our Soul, with the love that we are, which heals

  32. This article is pure gold, one to be shared with others. I’ve observed people struggle and confounded when illness descends or recurs. Conventional medicine has few answers for the person who has no understanding of what the illness means for them, why and what it offers. This article offers another perspective. It says we are responsible for the health and condition of our bodies. that with love, true care and nurturing we can re-build a supportive relationship with ourselves, rather than accept one that is harmful. In other words we all have the capacity to redeem ourselves. True healing puts us at the centre, we are its architects, not potions and medicines nor is it the sole responsibility of doctors and health care practitioners to fix us. It is about how we live.

  33. It flips illness on its head to consider that it is the first step to healing.. it encourages us to look at the illness and what it is telling us about the way we are living, and if we follow through then we make changes to the root cause.

  34. Absolutely Eunice, illness and disease are pathways to healing. An opportunity to stop, connect back to soul and reflect on how we’ve been living. Really a blessing in disguise to be embraced not fought against.

  35. I would love to see this blog as a book. The real illness we are suffering is our separation from soul, and approaching it from this holistic understanding changes how we approach and live with illness and disease. I totally agree Eunice, “When you know who you are, you know you are more than a body, more than any physical affliction and thus illness and disease are also seen and understood differently.” Illness from this perspective is healing no doubt, and life even with disease can be lived with joy, up until one’s last breath.

    1. “life even with disease can be lived with joy, up until one’s last breath” this is true Victoria. Important to not consider illness as something to get rid of as quickly as possible (sometimes we can’t) but to accept, understand, and learn from it.. Surrendering is is not the same as giving up, but allows the body to feel deeply what is really going on and with this comes appreciation.

      1. Very true ‘surrendering is not the same as giving up’. Rather than ‘battling’ our diseases which you often hear voiced, with surrender there is an acceptance and appreciation of the body’s intelligence as well as the cycles of life. Living in connection with our body and being allows for true healing no matter what the outcome is.

  36. The notion that illness and disease is random or bad luck doesn’t make sense to me in gloriously harmonious universe. What Eunice has shared here rings true. I find this especially so when I add the factor of reincarnation into the mix, meaning that a terminal illness is not so terminal as we believe it to be. I actually feel a sense of joy in what is expressed in this blog – and I now know this to be a marker of truth. Thank you Eunice, a brilliant piece of writing.

  37. Thank you Eunice for the clarity with which you write, it has transformed my life to come to the understanding that ‘illness and disease are healing’. I used to feel a failure if I got sick in any way and before I started attending Universal Medicine presentations this was happening on a more and more regular basis. Over the last few years I have gradually introduced various loving and self-caring ways to treat myself and my body and can feel how harmony is being restored. This has meant that there has been other stuff that has come up to heal and clear so it is an ongoing process which I am becoming more open to and do not see myself as having failed when I am faced with the next issue to deal with but treat it as an opportunity to allow more love into my life.

  38. This is a fundamental understanding when it comes to dis-ease and illness: that our bodies live… “…all our experiences and all our choices impact it, whether we consciously recognise this or not.” Until we accept this fact and take responsibility for our choices, there can be no true and lasting healing.

  39. We have all heard the expression, “He died from a broken heart” and I have always taken this to mean that our physical health has many aspects. There is the of course the physical aspect that needs medical treatment and then the emotional wellbeing and of course the amount of love in our lives plays a huge part in all of this. I was always taught that love was something out there, that you need to create or harness into your life, what esoteric medicine offers is that we are in fact made of love and there for all we need to do is clear the way from all the things we put in our body that are not equal to the love we are already.

  40. To know that our body is already sick when it is dis-harmonious and we are out of sync, is far from where we have allowed ourselves to be regarding illness and disease. Why is it we only accept that we are ill and we need to do something about it when we have chronic symptoms that we can no longer ignore?

  41. Our human bodies share with us an infinite amount of details and wisdom about ourselves, others and the world around us. And when we tune into our bodies with both total honesty and humbleness, we realise we still have much to learn and appreciate in regard to its energetic dynamics and grace.

  42. It is a profound step forward in general health and well being worldwide when people are no longer rendered a victim of genetics or circumstance but rather are encouraged to take responsibility for the part they can play in their own health through listening to and honouring their own body rather than disregarding it and expecting others to fix the repercussions of their poor choices.

  43. In being willing to look into our perception of illness and disease it allows us to open up our awareness and build a deeper relationship with our body to understand the bigger picture of what is happening and accept it as an opportunity to truly heal.

  44. When we have an illness or disease we often see it as something being wrong with us that we need to get fixed, however is it more an opportunity for us to actually seek a deeper understanding, and look into our own responsibility as to why we have that illness or disease and the changes we can implement ourselves to take greater care and responsibility for ourselves, and actually accept and love ourselves too.

  45. It requires a deep level of honesty to admit the way in which we have been living has affected and is affecting our health. It is unless we make the connection between our livingness and our health then we will be forever at the mercy of illness and disease.

  46. “To reduce all the illnesses and diseases and suffering of any kind to the separation from love, from our true nature might sound simplistic – but what if it is true?” If we consider the level of arrogance and superiority exhibited by many doctors and other conventionally trained medical professionals (and I say this without judgement – it is just a simple fact), it’s not hard to understand why so many of them find it hard to accept the simple truth of the fundamental underlying cause of all illness and disease bar none. The irony though is that this does not undermine or disrespect their skill and expertise in medicine at all. We still need what they know, it’s just that with the ‘missing piece’ ie. Universal Medicine, as patients we can then take responsibility for our health and understand that to truly heal we need to dedicate ourselves to learning how to and living nurturing, caring and self-loving lives.

  47. It turns everything on its head once we come to understand the reasons for illness and disease, how we cause them and why we needed to contract them. And once we grasp that as opposed to being a problem illness and disease actually are the body’s way of healing itself, it prepares the way for a more healthy life going forward.

  48. “illness and disease arise as a result of us living and making choices in separation to our true nature of love” when we truly understand and accept this fact we are able to take responsibility for the way we are living.

  49. “What if, illness and disease, instead of being considered abnormal or an aberration or deviation from normal, are in fact the normal response of the body to the choices that we have made with the body?” One of many great questions Eunice to deeply consider. It makes sense that the body needs to clear in whichever way is truly needed to rebalance and realign itself back to our natural way of being. And that by taking responsibility and deepening our relationship with ourselves allows a greater understanding and awareness of our delicate and sensitive nature and how our body responds and supports us when we deeply nurture and care for ourselves.

  50. I almost flicked to another page when I saw the word count for this blog and I am so glad I didn’t (despite the fact I have been nursing an awful headache for 3 days now). “Imagine if we saw illness and disease as part of having a healthy body, instead of a broken body?” Wow – this changes everything. You make it clear that disease is not an opponent or a punishment. Disease supports us in grace and truth to come back to our naturally harmonious way.

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