My Experience with Conventional Medicine and Universal Medicine as a Breast Cancer Patient

by Ingrid Langenbruch, Ocean Shores, Australia

I am a student, client and friend of Universal Medicine (UM) and Serge Benhayon. Hearing about some rumours about Serge and UM – which sound like outright lies and misinterpretations – I would like to share the following with you:

I have lived for about 10 years with breast cancer; my 4th recurrence was at the end of 2011. Over the first 5 years – until about 2007 – I tried each and every natural and alternative way to heal myself. Having experienced two severe medical mistakes in my family in Germany and having studied natural healing and nutrition for years, I had had no trust or confidence in conventional medicine at all since I was a teenager (I am now 59).

I was not successful in healing the cancer and chose to have a mastectomy in 2007. By then I had started going to Serge’s presentations, workshops and having esoteric healing sessions. Since I felt so ‘ right ‘ about being anti medicine, I was surprised to hear Serge saying in several presentations that he is pro conventional medicine. As my alternative efforts over five years to heal had failed, I needed to have a truthful look at my emotionally driven aversion to doctors and anything to do with conventional medicine, and esoteric counselling has been very helpful with this. Slowly my view of the medical world changed and I chose to trust it more. At the end of last year – having the 4th recurrence – I agreed for the first time to have radiation therapy whereas before I had rejected anything medical except the surgery itself.

The radiation oncologist was wonderful and so was the hospital staff. During the six weeks of daily radiation treatments I had the most amazing loving support from Serge and the practitioners at the UniMed clinic. I had regular sessions from Serge to support my body through radiation and was able to stay at UniMed House opposite the clinic as I live too far away from the hospital in Lismore to drive in every day. I was looked after with meals prepared for me while I was getting very tired and burnt from the radiation. And all this support was free of charge! I healed and recovered quickly and very well from the radiation.

Serge never tells me what to do. I sometimes wish he would when I find it very difficult to make a decision about a medical treatment or medication. But when I asked he always said that I have to feel for myself what’s right for me. He often stresses this in his presentations too, that he never tells us what to do and that we have to feel what’s true for ourselves.

I don’t know if or when the cancer will come back. I do my best and I am less and less worried about it. What I do know is that I have support in a way I never experienced before, that I often feel amazing and loving within and with myself and I trust that I can hold that state should I have another recurrence.

With the support of UM I rarely suffer or worry anymore but am learning to love myself and my fellow human beings. I feel this is a much better contribution to human life than being a victim, suffering, miserable, worried and depressed, all of which I used to be.

My studies with Universal Medicine and the esoteric healing sessions have enriched my life immensely.

280 thoughts on “My Experience with Conventional Medicine and Universal Medicine as a Breast Cancer Patient

  1. Ingrid thank you for sharing how deeply you care for yourself and all the ways you feel are appropriate and loving for you. What also struck me as very beautiful is that there is no ‘suffering’ of thought, this would be truly inspirational and support for many people.

  2. Ingrid, you are such an inspiration. What really stands out for me is how making choices according to what feels true for us is the learning, and not getting to what we think might be a ‘right’ decision. And the more love we allow for ourselves, the truer our choices become.

  3. Thank you Ingrid for this contribution, I totally agree with you when we build self love and love for others, things seem to become less important, and what we would usually worry about has a way of sorting itself out.

  4. Such a beautiful testimony from one who knows and who has experienced Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon in action, first hand. These are the kind of accounts that have true power and credence.

  5. The endless and old fashion support offered from the Uni Med team is incredible, it warms my heart. Anyone that has indicated that Universal Medicine is anti- western medicine obviously has not done their homework. The amount of people that have been re-inspired from Serge Benhayon’s presentation and pro western medicine approach is amazing. I have read many blogs about people that were once adversed to mainstream medicine that are now not only using western medicine as a support but truly appreciate modern medicine, the advances and the dedication of the staff in the profession.

  6. It’s interesting the preconceptions we can have about another, or a group of people, when we judge them or comprehend them purely through our own flavour-tinted glasses. Over the years I’ve been learning to catch these beliefs – beliefs that we actually accumulate to support and keep going other beliefs in a web of lies, deliberately placed and sustained so as not to face the truth.

  7. It is truly extraordinary to go through what you have and experience that level of love and care to support you through the process. I love that you literally defy statistics and throughout what most suffer through, you feel amazing and feel the love within to the point you know you can hold that state no matter what happens… this is a stunning testimony to you, Serge and the healing power of Universal Medicine.

  8. We really all need to clarify, distinguish and understand the complementary to medicine and the alternative to medicine game that is being played out in today’s world with regard to our own health care and the conventional health care system itself.

  9. One way or the other we all learn that there is no substitute for living with Love. Some lessons we take in our stride, others we resist a number of times. Your sharing here reminds me Ingrid that we each receive our learnings in different ways – and how foolish it is to compare ourselves to others we know. Ultimately everything comes back to our willingness to listen and honour what we feel. We can blame other people, the struggles and the strife, but boy oh boy this is not right. It’s our obedience to God we are here to clear.

  10. The Universal Medicine Healing Therapies fit hand in hand with conventional medicine, and provide an undeniable support for anyone wanting to return to true health.

  11. A profound and intimate sharing – thank you Ingrid. Having spent years receiving alternative medicine therapies and being against medical help, it was a refreshing breeze of change to hear Serge Benhayon advocating the use of the conventional medicine when needed, as being an important part of our healing.

  12. Thank you for sharing your experience, conventional medicine is a great thing, and their advancements in medicine and care are in themselves amazing, when you add Universal Medicine practitioners to the mix you get something absolutely extraordinary.

  13. “With the support of UM I rarely suffer or worry anymore” – how beautiful to live this way to have the support of a loving community.

  14. Meeting you the other day at a Universal Medicine event I was blown away by how beautiful and vital you looked and felt. You grow younger and your eyes sparkle more and more, an amazing testament to the choices you have made and are making.

  15. I am not sure I have heard from someone who has had cancer four times or had 4 recurrences of cancer. I have seen what effect just one bout can have on a person and this is traumatic enough. From this article the support you were offered and had, made a huge difference in your recovery, your treatment and your outlook on things afterwards. This all round approach seems to be, from what you are saying, the difference between a full recovery and just getting by. I know Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have been the same support for me in a different context.

  16. Lovely to feel the way you have become responsible for your life and the love that you are now growing in your body. This is true healing.

  17. Thank you Ingrid. What your story so clearly shows is that what Universal Medicine brings allows for true healing. True healing in the sense that we heal our hurts that have us live in behaviours of protection and beliefs about how to life, so we can return to the lightheartedness and ease we deep down know our truth to be.

  18. Thank you Ingrid, for expressing through your lived experience how valuable and powerful the union of modern medicine and esoteric medicine is, in offering the opportunity for us to make choices that truly support the body and being to heal as best as possible.

  19. There is a strong reaction at times to conventional medicine, however it really does have a place in our healing, as does some complementary health, they can work together so strongly and supportively. A great testimonial to the integrity and love of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon.

  20. Thank you for sharing your story. It is rare indeed to find someone with a history of cancer such as yours to say they are not worried, that in itself is a miracle.

  21. Western Medicine is amazing and a great thing to embrace rather than to reject but it has some major gaps such as not understanding the causes of most illness and disease. This is where Esoteric Medicine can come in and support because it can give us the cause and knowing the cause gives one a clue as to what needs to change in one’s life to support healing.

  22. With the grace of allowing, Serge Benhayon is without exception offering us the opportunity to find our own true path, and through that choice we can then evolve.

  23. ‘With the support of UM I rarely suffer or worry anymore but am learning to love myself and my fellow human beings. I feel this is a much better contribution to human life than being a victim, suffering, miserable, worried and depressed, all of which I used to be.’ Very true Ingrid, learning to love ourselves builds a solid foundation to not only hold ourselves but to love all other human beings equally.

  24. “My studies with Universal Medicine and the esoteric healing sessions have enriched my life immensely.” Thank you Ingrid for sharing how accepting and appreciating the work of conventional medicine working alongside esoteric healing has brought enrichment to your life.

  25. It is indeed an amazing moment when we let go of our confining ideals and beliefs of right and wrong, and accept the immense love and support that is always there for us in life. The choice is always ours.

  26. We are not out bodies Ingrid and I could feel how your self – awareness and appreciation of the love you feel within you is far more sustaining and meaningful than the temporary nature of our bodies. A beautiful sharing.

  27. So many people fear cancer so the fact that you are so open to healing what is needed to be healed is in itself amazing. The other thing I took from this is that when we make decisions, they often come with emotions attached so they tend to be unsupportive, whilst when we make a committed choice it has a solidness about it that is unwavering and carries not an ounce of emotion with it. This is living a life from the Truth within us.

  28. Ingrid, how beautiful to hear how you have opened up to the amazing support that is around when we truly seek it! And as you have discovered, by marrying a conventional medicine approach with the complementary medicine approach, we are offering ourselves so much more. Thank you Ingrid!

  29. “With the support of UM I rarely suffer or worry anymore but am learning to love myself and my fellow human beings. I feel this is a much better contribution to human life than being a victim, suffering, miserable, worried and depressed, all of which I used to be.” I smiled when I read this, yes I do also feel it is a much better contribution to human life. It is a result of taking responsibility for your own life and your own choices and looking at what ideals/beliefs/pictures you are holding. It is the new way forward (and one that is very ancient).

  30. It is deeply inspiring to feel how Serge Benhayon has supported you through your journey with breast cancer and empowered you to make your own decisions but always been there with answers to the practicalities of dealing with conventional treatment as well as with complementary healing. Your commitment to yourself is beautifully reflected in your own words ‘With the support of UM I rarely suffer or worry anymore but am learning to love myself and my fellow human beings. I feel this is a much better contribution to human life than being a victim, suffering, miserable, worried and depressed, all of which I used to be.’

  31. It is beautiful to feel the difference in the way you feel Ingrid between the early days of trying all the natural and alternate ways to deal with the cancer, and how you feel now you have accepted and embraced what medicine has to offer as well. Serge Benhayon is responsible for that shift in me too, which as a complementary medicine practitioner has actually opened my practise up enormously from the days when I too was very anti-establishment medicine. My patients appreciate enormously the support they feel for their choices and my ability to support them is far greater as I come with no judgement in that.

  32. Ingrid thank you for sharing your story. I understand what you have written here as I too once completely rejected conventional medicine always seeking the alternative route in desperate vain that I could heal myself without it. Some of the treatments sound very harsh particularly radiotherapy and chemotherapy I have read several stories about these and again can understand why someone would feel a bit scared and want to avoid these. But and this is a big but, my view has completely changed with regards to this now. I no longer try and run away and seek alternative treatments for anything. I have a understanding and knowing that how we live creates all in our life and we are not given anything we cannot handle, we truly do hold our health within our own hands. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are the reason I no longer run from anything but instead I have learnt a commitment to life, and a far deeper love for both myself and humanity. How supportive is it that Serge and Universal Medicine provide treatments, a place to stay and meals for people with cancer so they are supported. Now this is a model that all of us should learn from because why should this be the only place in the world where this currently happens?

  33. What I have learnt over the years from Serge not giving advice is that this is the most loving thing you can offer another person… for then they are independent and trust their body and what they feel is most supportive for it. Serge inspires me to not bring my ‘best advice’ to my children. It is something I struggle with and most of the time jump in with a ‘solution’ really disguised as advice, which I can see does not support them. Love what you worked through Ingrid re western medicine and the amazing support you were offered throughout.

  34. Ingrid what an amazing sharing of the depth of love and support from Serge, Universal Medicine and all those students of Universal Medicine. It is what true community, true care is about showing how when you combine the complementary therapies that Universal Medicine present with medical treatment you have a support for true healing.

  35. Although I can relate in the past with wanting Serge’s advice about what to do, I must say in truth it is really lovely not to be given advice.

  36. Ingrid how amazing is it to have true support in one’s life? Your blog shares what that support looks like, what it feels like and how with true support there is a real opening to see that we can’t simply look at one part of our life without the rest and that each action we’ve done in the past has a direct impact on the next moment and our healthy way forward from here.

  37. It can be felt clearly how your openness has brought true healing Ingrid. The presentations of Serge Benhayon connect with the truth in many that have heard him speak and his openness to conventional medicine is just one of the components he speaks of. When you wrote the comment – ‘What I do know is that I have support in a way I never experienced before, that I often feel amazing and loving within and with myself and I trust that I can hold that state should I have another recurrence’ – speaks loudly of something else that has also occurred during your attendance at Serge’s presentations and that was the loving acceptance of yourself and your relationship with humanity. Everything is connected and sometimes in life what we are living brings the most loving understanding of the fact that we are so much more than what we are aware of.

  38. It’s admiring Ingrid to claim what you do know and now confident about. You might not know if the cancer will ever come back and yes I’m sure those thoughts will never ever cease to not be there however, focusing and learning a way of living that will support you to deepen your love and care for yourself is what is needed to live a more fuller life. As Serge says only you can do this for yourself. It’s called being responsible; for whatever is needed for your own health and wellbeing, and why not you deserve it.

  39. I used to want Serge Benhayon to tell me what to do, expecting him to have all the answers but this is so disempowering, and is not supportive and he never did that anyway. Through Universal Medicine and Serge’s presentations and healing courses I have really understood that by taking responsibility for my own life in full, I will naturally get all the answers I need.

  40. Nothing like setting the record straight with a very clear example. Since I came to Universal Medicine around 4 and a half years ago, I have taken far more responsibility for my health and well being and I now embrace the support of conventional medicine. The combination of conventional medicine, energetic healing and our own responsibility, means true healing is possible.

  41. So true Ingrid, neither Serge nor any other Unimed practitioner has ever told me what to do, even if as you say we may sometimes wish that they would, no they never interfere with free will but they will often say have you considered xyz which for me in any case often widens the picture that I think is the picture and may give me something to ponder on that I had not realised might be part of the equation.

  42. I can so relate to this Ingrid “Serge never tells me what to do. I sometimes wish he would….”, but I know this is the only way that I will get to truly understand what is going for me. I have come to appreciate that Serge Benhayon is there to support, but not to save me, the only person that can save me, is me, and from this wonderful process I have the opportunity to learn and to grow.

  43. Ingrid thank you for sharing such a personal experience with both cancer, medicine and Universal Medicine. To have felt the love and support that once again allowed you to trust and embrace western medicine for the great work they provide whilst also taking care of yourself through what Universal Medicine presents is an amazing turn around from the fact you had lost trust in the medical system.

  44. Thank you Ingrid for an honest account of the wisdom of combining conventional medicine and esoteric medicine. I totally agree and support where you say “My studies with Universal Medicine and the esoteric healing sessions have enriched my life immensely.”

  45. When we understand there is a cycle to our life, with much learning along the way and to allow ourselves to be love and be loved in return, it brings into focus that time is not the measure but the quality in which we live is.

  46. You received amazing and truly loving support Ingrid in the choices you made around your conventional treatment, being backed-up and supported all the way by Serge, Universal Medicine and Universal Medicine complementary therapies.

    1. Rosanna I completely agree it is a very different experience that many have with cancer and one that is only possible thanks to the deeply loving personal choices and then dedication of what Universal Medicine offers.

  47. It’s beautiful Ingrid to feel the loving and consistent support you have received from Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and extremely unfortunate that there are those who are choosing to undermine what humanity is so desperately in need of – the option of choosing a different way of living which if taken allows the possibility of living a life full of love and vitality with the understanding that illness and disease are merely there to show us that the way we are or have been living is not true.

  48. This is such an honest account of your original decision to avoid conventional medicine Ingrid and how the emotions driving your decision to forgo it for so long played out. I have known Serge Benhayon for a very long time now and know he has always been pro conventional medicine offering all Universal Medicine modalities as complementary.

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